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Thread: Translation of Meteor, Butterfly, Sword

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    Thanks for the update.

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    Sorry for the late update, and thank you to those who are still reading! For the rest of this month I may not update much if at all, but after the semester ends in May I'll be back to my once-a-week schedule.

    Chapter 11 Continued

    He finally relaxed, but clenched his fists even tighter, and said, “Now speak, is that child yours or not?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “He’s not.” He took a long sigh and continued, “But I wish he was; I would be willing to sacrifice everything to be that child’s father.”

    Laobo hissed through his teeth, “That animal, that bastard...”

    Ye Xiang asked, “Why do you insult that child? The child has done nothing wrong; he already doesn’t have a father and is pitiful enough. The grandfather should exceptionally dote on him.”

    Laobo asked, “Who’s his grandfather?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “You, you are his grandfather.” He also raised his voice and said loudly, “It won’t do even if you don’t want to admit it because he’s the blood of your blood, flesh of your flesh.”

    He hadn’t finished speaking when Laobo had already pounced over, brandishing his fist and striking his face painfully.
    He didn’t dodge because he was absolutely incapable of dodging.
    Laobo’s fist was like lightning, yet was faster than lightning.
    Ye Xiang didn’t even see his fist; he only saw darkness in front of his eyes, just as if heaven fell and earth cracked.
    He hadn’t actually fainted, because Laobo’s other fist had already struck his abdomen.
    Pain made him clear-headed, so clear-headed that it was intolerable.
    His body twisted and fell down, his hands covered his abdomen, and he was bent over on the ground in spasms. He choked, blood and sour bile vomited out together, and he felt it was fishy and sour and bitter.

    Meng Xinghun felt as if he had split into fragments.
    He couldn’t bear it, couldn’t endure it.
    He nearly couldn’t help but recklessly take action.
    But he had to watch and endure, or else he would also die.
    Then all that Ye Xiang had sacrificed for him would become worthless, and he would not be able to even die contently.
    He couldn’t bear that even more.
    Ye Xiang was still in spasms and vomiting; Laobo’s fist was like the world’s most lethal poison, and made him taste great suffering that no one had ever tasted.
    Laobo looked at him, his anger already dissipated; he gradually became tranquil, and was only lightly gasping for breath.
    Suddenly, the Ye Xiang who had fallen jumped up again.
    The string of bells in his hand suddenly emitted more than ten cold stars, cold stars that were even more rapid than meteors.
    His right hand had already taken out a short sword; his body and the sword seemed to have already melded into one.
    The flash of the sword was like a flying rainbow, and it flew out amidst the cold stars, even more rapid than the cold stars.
    The cold stars and flying rainbow had already blocked all of Laobo’s exits.
    The power of this strike could not be resisted by anyone, could not be dodged by anyone.
    Meng Xinghun certainly knew how formidable of an assassin Ye Xiang was, but he had never seen it with his own eyes before.
    Now he saw it.
    Recently he had already gradually begun to doubt, to even not believe that so many people had died at Ye Xiang’s hands in the past.
    Now he believed it.
    Ye Xiang had not only chosen the most unexpected opportunity, but he was also fast beyond imagination.
    The most unexpected opportunity was also the most proper opportunity.
    So long as he took action, he would absolutely not leave his opponent with any way out. Vicious, accurate, and fast.
    These were the most fundamental requirements of killing, and were also the most important.
    These three requirements combined equaled “death.”
    People who had recently seen Ye Xiang would never have believed that he could still send out such a frightful strike. It seemed like he had already resumed his former peak of power; for the sake of his friendship towards Meng Xinghun, his love towards Xiao Die, he sent out his final strike.
    This was already his last strike.
    No one could evade this strike. No one else but Laobo.

    The short sword flew out towards the sky; when it fell, it had already split into two.
    Ye Xiang’s body soared; when he fell, his right wrist had already been snapped.
    Laobo was still standing there, standing there unmoving like a god. Although he had used his sleeves to fend off the more than ten cold stars, Meng Xinghun could see that a few cold stars had struck his chest.
    At least four or five.
    Meng Xinghun saw them very clearly and was positive that he had made no mistake.
    He also knew very clearly the formidable power of those concealed weapons, because it was also those concealed weapons that he had prepared to kill Laobo with.
    No matter who, once struck with these concealed weapons, he would immediately collapse and then die.
    Laobo hadn’t collapsed or died.
    The concealed weapons that struck his body seemed to have struck an iron man’s body, and had even let out a “ding” sound.
    Although Laobo could perhaps be considered a superhuman or a giant, no matter what he was not an iron man.
    Meng Xinghun finally discovered that on top of the ordinary and old-fashioned cloth robe that Laobo wore, he definitely wore unordinary clothes.
    Although he didn’t know whether those clothes were made from gold silk, he already knew that there were absolutely no concealed weapons in the world that could penetrate it.
    If he tried to use those concealed weapons to kill Laobo, then he would die!
    This was the lesson that Meng Xinghun had learned.
    Yet this lesson had not been obtained from his own suffering and experience, but rather had been exchanged for Ye Xiang’s life.

    Ye Xiang struggled to climb up, then heavily fell down, gasping for breath like a dog. Suddenly he laughed heartily and said, “I wasn’t wrong, sure enough I wasn’t wrong.” His laughter was wild and shrill, and he continued, “Sure enough I can’t kill you, sure enough no one can kill you.”

    Laobo said, “But there are many people who can kill you.”

    After saying this, he suddenly turned around and left.
    He didn’t glance at Ye Xiang again, but instead looked at Lü Xiangchuan.
    Lü Xiangchuan understood his meaning.
    Laobo wanted this person to die, yet was unwilling to kill a person who had already fallen.
    What Laobo wasn’t willing to do, Lü Xiangchuan had to do.

    Lü Xiangchuan coldly looked at Ye Xiang struggling on the ground, looked at him for a very long time. His gaze suddenly changed to Meng Xinghun and he asked, “Where is your knife?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I don’t have a knife.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “When you kill, you don’t use a knife?”

    Meng Xinghun answered, “I do, I use other people’s. I can use all the weapons in other people’s hands.”

    Indeed he could already talk, could already use his voice.
    But he felt as if he were listening to someone else talk; this voice sounded unfamiliar and distant.

    Lü Xiangchuan looked at him. His eyes showed satisfaction, and he suddenly picked up the short sword on the ground and asked, “Can you use this short sword to kill?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I can.”

    Lü Xiangchuan smiled and said, “You still haven’t killed for Laobo; this is your opportunity.” His smile was very odd, and he continued slowly, “I’ve said before, you don’t need to worry; this kind of opportunity will arrive at any time. Now you ought to believe it.”

    Meng Xinghun didn’t even hear what he said.
    The sword was very short to begin with; after breaking, it seemed even more awkward and ugly.
    Meng Xinghun received the sword and turned to face Ye Xiang.
    He didn’t even know what he was doing.
    His ears were buzzing, his head was spinning, he couldn’t hear anything, and he couldn’t see anything.
    But he knew Ye Xiang’s intention; it wouldn’t do even if he pretended not to know.
    For this moment, Ye Xiang had prepared for a very long time, waited for a very long time.
    When he arrived, he had already not planned on returning alive, because he lived without meaning, without hope. He only hoped for Meng Xinghun to continue living on his behalf.
    He had already regarded Meng Xinghun as his shadow, had already transferred his own life and love to Meng Xinghun.
    Meng Xinghun was his life’s continuation.
    Perhaps very few people could understand this kind of feeling, but Meng Xinghun understood very clearly. He knew that by doing this, Ye Xiang was willing to die at his hands. But he couldn’t bear to do it.
    He would rather die than do it.
    The white silk wrapped around the sword hilt was drenched with the cold sweat dripping from his palm.

    He suddenly threw down the sword and said, “I cannot kill this person.”

    Lü Xiangchuan stared at him; only after a very long time did he ask indifferently, “Why? Is he your friend?”

    Meng Xinghun replied coldly, “I can kill a friend, but I cannot kill a person who has already fallen down.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “Even for Laobo you are not willing to make an exception?”

    Lü Xiangchuan looked at him, neither angry nor amazed, neither intimidating nor coercing.
    He didn’t even say another word, only calmly waited as Meng Xinghun left.
    Meng Xinghun also didn’t turn around.
    He hadn’t walked far when he already heard Ye Xiang briefly let out a wretched cry.
    He hadn’t turned around, even hadn’t shed tears.
    Although it wasn’t the middle of the night, there was no one around.


    Meng Xinghun lay on his bed, his tears drenching his pillow.
    “Xiao Die is Laobo’s daughter.”
    “You can’t kill Laobo.”
    Ye Xiang had sacrificed his life just to tell him these two things.
    Ye Xiang wanted him to continue living, wanted him to live well with Xiao Die.
    This was what Ye Xiang couldn’t accomplish.
    “Can I accomplish this?”
    Meng Xinghun clenched his fists and vowed to himself that no matter what, he would accomplish it.
    This was the only way he could repay Ye Xiang.
    Although he still owed Gao Laoda a lot, he could use other methods to repay her in the future.
    It was necessary for him to abandon this matter; now he had to leave this place.
    Could he leave?

    To be continued...
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    Thanks Xaari.

    So sad to see Ye Xiang gone!

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    thank you. very good translation.
    poor Ye Xiang(even though he was an assassin)...
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    Sorry I have not been around to offer encouragement. A lot of overtime and work travel lately. It will take me a long time to catch up on all I have missed, but I am looking forward to it.

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    Hey guys, here's the rest of Chapter 11! Thanks for the encouragement. It makes me super happy.

    Chapter 11 Continued


    There were many tombs outside the garden; buried in the tombs were all of Laobo’s “friends.”
    “No matter who enters our organization, don’t ever think of leaving, dead or alive.”
    “But no matter if you’re dead or alive, Laobo will take care of you well.”
    This was what Lü Xiangchuan told Meng Xinghun as they passed those tombs.
    When he said these words, it seemed as if his heart was very moved.
    Meng Xinghun didn’t know if Lü Xiangchuan was really moved, or if he was warning him.
    He always felt that Lü Xiangchuan’s attitude towards him was very unusual. His attitude a moment ago was particularly unusual, as if he already knew his relationship with Ye Xiang, knew his secret.
    Yet he didn’t force him to do anything.
    “Perhaps Lü Xiangchuan may let me go, but what about Lu Mantian?”
    Just as the agitation in Meng Xinghun’s heart began to calm a little, he began to think of even more.
    “If even Ye Xiang knew that Laobo can’t be killed, then how could Lu Mantian not know?”
    “Lu Mantian’s relationship with Laobo is closer than that of anyone else; naturally his understanding of Laobo is greater than that of other people.”
    “Since he knew that I don’t have the ability to kill Laobo, then why did he order me to do that?”
    Meng Xinghun’s tears ceased, yet his palms were emitting cold sweat.
    He suddenly discovered that Lu Mantian’s plan was far more frightful than he had imagined.
    The objective of the plan was not to have him really kill Laobo, but rather to use him as a ladder. Lu Mantian first needed to step over this ladder in order to reach his goal. The mourning in Meng Xinghun’s heart had already turned into anger.
    No one is willing to become someone else’s ladder and let someone else step over his own head.

    Meng Xinghun wiped dry his tears and sat up, waiting.
    Waiting for Lu Mantian.
    He knew that Lu Mantian would definitely not allow him to leave, would definitely come find him.
    Lu Mantian arrived even earlier than Meng Xinghun had anticipated.
    Lü Xiangchuan hadn’t returned yet and it seemed like no one else was in the house, so it was extremely quiet. Thus, Meng Xinghun heard Lu Mantian’s footsteps the moment he opened the door and walked in.
    His footsteps were steady and slow, just as if he were returning to his own home. Clearly he was fully confident about everything.
    His expression was even calmer; no matter what, he did not seem like a traitor who concealed evil intentions.
    Anyone who wanted to betray Laobo would feel a little bit nervous and uneasy, but he didn’t at all.
    His face actually carried a smile, a smile that would make other people regard him as a fool.

    Meng Xinghun forced himself to suppress the anger in his heart and asked coldly, “Why are you here?”

    Lu Mantian smiled and replied, “It’s nothing; I just wanted to see if you’ve prepared yourself. It’s almost time.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “I haven’t prepared.”

    Lu Mantian frowned and said, “Haven’t prepared? No matter how experienced you are, you still need to prepare before killing.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I haven’t prepared to kill.”

    Lu Mantian said, “But you must kill.”

    Meng Xinghun suddenly smiled coldly and said, “If I had to kill, I wouldn’t kill Laobo, but rather you.”

    Lu Mantian seemed extremely startled and asked, “Kill me? Why?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Because I don’t like it when someone steps over my head, and I don’t like to be treated as a ladder.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “Ladder? What ladder?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “You wanted me to come not because you wanted me to assassinate Laobo, because you’ve known long ago that I don’t have a chance to succeed.”

    Lu Mantian’s face didn’t show any expressions, but his pupils had already begun to shrink. He asked, “Then why would I want you to come?”

    Meng Xinghun answered, “Perhaps you already have plans to assassinate Laobo, and moreover you are positive that you will succeed.”

    Lu Mantian said, “Then I wouldn’t need you to come.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “But you don’t want to undertake the criminal charge of assassinating Laobo because you’re afraid that other people will avenge Laobo, and you’re even more afraid that other people will be unwilling to let you take over Laobo’s position. Thus, you want me to undertake this criminal charge in your place.”

    Lu Mantian said, “Continue.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “You wanted me to wait in that burrow to assassinate Laobo, but perhaps I wouldn’t even have the chance to take action, and perhaps I would be discovered first.”

    Lu Mantian said, “And then?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “From the beginning you expressed distrust towards me, so of course Laobo definitely wouldn’t suspect that this plan had been arranged by you. You would catch the assassin for him, so of course he would trust you even more.”

    Lu Mantian said, “And then?”

    Meng Xinghun said, “You would then take action at the time when he trusts you the most.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “Do you think I can kill him?”

    Meng Xinghun smiled and replied, “You’re his friend of many years, and moreover his best friend. Of course you’re more aware of his weaknesses than other people are. Besides, you planned carefully long ago, and yet he is completely unguarded against you.”

    Lu Mantian said, “So you think that I have a large chance.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “If there is only one person on earth who can kill Laobo, that person would be you.”

    Lu Mantian suddenly smiled, but his smile was very unusual. “Thank you. You seem to regard me very highly.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “After you kill him, you can announce to other people that you have already caught the assassin who killed Laobo and that you have already avenged Laobo. Naturally other people wouldn't suspect you, so it’s only to be expected that you take over Laobo’s position.” He smiled coldly and continued, “So this is your plan. You plan to not only betray Laobo, but also me.”

    Lu Mantian said coldly, “But you also have a mouth, and you can also speak.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Who would believe me? Besides, perhaps you wouldn’t even give me a chance to speak.”

    After a long time, Lu Mantian suddenly smiled and said, “It’s unexpected that you’re extremely intelligent. Assassins shouldn’t be this intelligent.” He smiled, as if he were explaining to Meng Xinghun, and continued, “Because taking risks to kill people is already stupid, and killing people for other people is even more stupid. Intelligent people never do this.”

    Meng Xinghun’s eyes showed pain, because he knew that Lu Mantian hadn’t actually said anything wrong. These words had already touched his hidden suffering.

    Lu Mantian was enjoying his pain. With a satisfied expression in his eyes, he said leisurely, “But intelligent people usually have one problem: all intelligent people fear death.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “People who are afraid of death wouldn’t do this.”

    Lu Mantian said, “That’s only because you were formerly not intelligent enough. But now you clearly already understand that living is a good thing. No matter what, living is always better than dying.” He suddenly smiled again and asked, “Do you know that the person who had come just now is named Ye Xiang?”

    Meng Xinghun clenched his teeth.

    Lu Mantian said, “Of course you know, because he was your best friend, yet you watched him being killed in front of you, and you didn’t even react. Why is that?” He smiled and continued, “That’s because you’ve already become intelligent, and were unwilling to die with him. Even if you have other reasons, you are definitely deceiving yourself.”

    Meng Xinghun’s heart felt a stab of pain.
    Indeed he had watched Ye Xiang die. All along he had explained to himself that he did this only because he couldn’t bear that Ye Xiang’s sacrifice would become worthless, only because Ye Xiang wanted him to continue living.
    But now, Lu Mantian’s words seemed like a needle.
    He suddenly discovered that he wasn’t actually as great as he had imagined. Perhaps he had truly done that only because he feared death.
    Indeed, he was unwilling to die at present.

    Lu Mantian said slowly, “What you said was correct; up until now, still no one suspects me. I can uncover your identity and make you die at any time.” He gazed at Meng Xinghun like a cat watching the mouse in its claws. Smiling, he continued, “So if you want to continue living, then you must do as I say, because you have no other path to take.”

    Meng Xinghun clenched his fists and snorted, “Even if I do it, wouldn’t my outcome still be death?”

    Lu Mantian said, “If you do it well, perhaps I will let you live. I can find someone else to take your place in death, and I can smash that person’s head and make other people believe that he’s you. That way you can escape to a faraway place, and continue living in a place where no one recognizes you. As long as you don’t trouble me, then no one else will trouble you.” He smiled and continued, “I can even give you an extremely large reward and let you live comfortably. If a person can live comfortably, even if he doesn’t live gloriously, it's still worth it.”

    End of Chapter 11.
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    Please continue! What a great long project!

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    Great work! Thank You!

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    Oh, no - another 'dead' end!
    I watched both Michelle Yeoh's version and Killer Clan (SB).
    There are so different from each other. Killer Clan seems to be more in line with the book, at least until this part...

    Hope someone can continue this. The intrigues is fantastic - enemies amongst trusted friends!

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    ok since it seems that it has been a super looooooooong time since anyone has taken up the project of this book....i think that it's time it continued. Ok so just to tell you all, i read minimal chinese so most of it will be translated via translator. please bear with me and give me lots of advice on my various errors whenever you see fit. Thanks
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    ok finally i have some translation. Hopefully my next update will be longer but i'm moving at a snail's pace with all the back to school stuff.

    chapter twelve
    He smiled beautifully, and said more eloquently.

    Meng XinHun hesitated, and said "How can I believe what you just said?"

    Lu Mantian said " What you believe is not available because this is your only chance, you have no room for selections. "Lu Mantian walked out of the room. “Why don’t you prepare properly, don’t let them play anymore tricks that will draw attention to you.” Of course he didn’t trust Meng XinHun, but knows that there is no way that Meng XinHun can escape from his net.

    I really have no other choice?”

    Even if he really had no other choice he would not choose this.

    I can not kill Sun YuBo , I can’t kill Xiao Die’s father.

    He knew in any case Lu ManTian would not let him live.

    "Well, I can only die?"

    Dying, sometimes is a really good release.

    A long time ago, Mengxing Hun once thought sooner or later to use this method to escape.

    He long ago tired of death, not only for him there is no difficulty, nor pain. But what about now?
    Autumn’s evenings seemed to come very early, very quickly, very soon.

    In his garden, chrysanthemums have gradually begun to wither in the twilight, however, they are still so beautiful, but now, his ideas seemed to have gradually changed.

    He has gradually found that there is value to another person, that he is not alone in his life.

    "Don't tell me this is the mood of the elderly? do I have really have to be old yet? " Lao Bo gently sighed, looked up and can see Meng XingHun came to him, Meng XingHun’s face was heavy, but held the vigorous light of soul. In Twilight his eyes are still light. His skin still smooth, close muscles are still full of elasticity, he is remains crisp and young.

    Lao Bo looked at the young man. His heart suddenly felt a sense of envy, perhaps more than envy.

    Originally only Sun Jian is his only consolation, is only a continuation of his life, but now Sun Jian is dead.

    Why do so many old people in the world not die, why does death have to find Sun Jain?

    Meng XingHun came and stood in front of him.

    Lao Bo suddenly said "Lu XiangChuan didn’t tell you? Don't you know it's time to eat?"

    Meng XingHun said " I know. "

    His is very ugly, and "do you know why I chose this time to come out for a walk?"

    Meng XingHun nodded.

    Meng XingHun suddenly smiled, and said "where I should have been was back in, you would surprised. "

    Lao Bo asked" where were you supposed to be? "

    Meng XingHun said "here"

    He suddenly put up one of Lao Bo’s chrysanthemums, exposing the caves under the flowers. Lost in thought Lao Bo stared at this point, and after a long, time said, " What you should have been doing here?"

    Meng XingHun said " to kill you"

    The Lao Bo suddenly looked up and stared at him, but did not look up with a surprised look on his face,but instead stared coldly at him, like he saw through Meng XingHun’s heart.

    Meng XingHun says "I came here for this, to kill you. "Lao Bo was silent for a long time, then suddenly laughed, and said" you think I don't know? " Lao Bo went on “You aren’t Qin ZhongTing”

    Meng XingHun was startled “How did you know?
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    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    Lao Bo said “ You have never seen the sunlight, so therefore you could not have come from the sea.”
    Meng XingHun was pale, and he certainly knew what color his face was.

    This plan appeared to have no flaws at all, he was surprised that their ingenious policy formulated with high levels of the boss's planning would go wrong.

    He has underestimated Lao Bo.

    Lao Bo should not be underestimated by anyone.

    Meng Xing Hun couldn’t help but to express his admiration and sighed "you know that I have come to kill you, but I am still alive.” Lao Bo nodded.

    Meng Xing Hun asked “ Because you know I can not kill you? "

    Lao Bo laughed "if that was the only reason you would now be dead .” Meng Xing Hun said "what else? "

    Lao Bo said "because I need someone like you, others you can kill for me, for me to kill other people, of course. "He smiled, then said " I dare you to kill, what you can't kill, to kill you must have courage, and not many people have genuine courage.

    "Meng Xing Hun " Do you want to buy me? "

    Lao Bo said "It someone else can buy you then I can, my price was higher than the others ...

    Meng Xing Hun said "You know who wanted me to kill you?"

    Lao Bo said "I know of him at least more than you think. '

    Meng Xing Hun said "Since you know, why do you let the traitor stay alive? "

    Lao Bo "He's more useful alive than dead. "

    Meng Xing Hun said "What's the use? he betrayed you. "

    Lao Bo said “If he could betray me, he can also betray others. "

    He then said slowly, with a cruel smile "Just about everyone has a value." Meng Xing Hun rose and said " Who do you want him to betray? "

    Lao Bo said "He did not dare to do such things, he does not have the skill or the guts. "

    Meng Xing Hun said " Do you think he has an accomplice? "

    Lao Bo nodded.

    Meng Xing Hun “Do you want him to say who they are?"

    Lao Bo said "No, I have always seen sooner or later who those people are. "

    Meng Xing Hun gazed off into the distance he suddenly sighed and said " I now finally believe one thing.”

    Lao Bo said" What? "

    Meng Xing Hun "You do not have luck, for others it might be, but for you to stay alive until today, it's not luck."

    Lao Bo smiled "So if you follow me, you will never suffer, at least you can learn a lot of things, and you can at least have a long life, your choice is very clever. "

    Meng Xing Hun said" You think that I want to join you? "
    Lao Bo was shocked “You don’t? "

    "I don’t. " Meng Xing Hun replied.

    Lao Bo only felt that he had somehow heard wrong and said, "Then what do you want?"

    Meng Xing Hun "I want you to let me go. "

    Sun YuBo laughed again, and said "You think so naively, what makes you think I would let you go? If I cannot take advantage of you, why should I let other people take advantage of you?"

    Meng Xing Hun said “You should let me go because of your daughter"

    Sun YuBo’s smile suddenly condenses, "I had no daughter”

    Meng Xing Hun said," I don't know why you refuse to admit that she is your daughter, I just know, no matter what you think she’s done, she is your daughter and blood is thicker than water. "

    He stare at Lao Bo, although Lao Bo’s scowl is terrible, he is not afraid, and said ," There are some things cannot be changed no matter who you are you cannot change it. "

    Lao Bo grabbed Meng Xing Hun with both hands, and said "What do you have to do with her?"

    Meng Xing Hun said "I am willing to be her husband. "
    The Sun YuBo suddenly shook him, and said with an angry shout "Then you will die here for her!"

    Meng Xing Hun said "I don't want to die, because I live for her and she lives for me. If you kill me you will definitely regret it."

    Lao Bo became so angry that the vein on the back of his neck became exposed, "Regret? I never regret killing someone!"

    Meng Xing Hun’s eyes are sincere and without fear, maybe it is because he is sincere so he can be so fearless. "Your son has died. She is your only flesh and blood."

    Lao Bo raged" How dare you say these things in front of me? "

    Meng Xing Hun said "because I know you're a reasonable person, so I am not lying to you. "

    Lao Bo said "Have you known her for a long time? "

    Meng Xing Hun "No long. "

    Lao Bo said “Is she the right kind of person?”

    Meng Xing Hun said “It’s all the same whatever kind of person she is. "

    Lao Bo said “she already...... "
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    Ok I hope my translatings skills start improving soon. That and my pace because the stuff that is spewed out of translators online are getting really odd. at least I can read a bit more chinese than I will work on it. but I won't be very fast.
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    Thank you. We had been waiting for 3 months. Keep translating.

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    I'm Sorry but my internet is now broken i don't know when i will be able to continue......sorry but i will try i am currently using a school computer.
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    finally the internet is fixed. Time to translate more. I'm sorry I'm very slow. I can speak chinese but I cannot read it. so it takes a while. Hopefully my reading skills will improve with this........
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    This is my next part. Sorry that it's so short and chopped up but I think I will be finnished with chapter twelve by next update. If you want me to be faster all you have to do is ask.

    Meng Xing Hun had previously stopped talking but he couldn’t bear to hear the next words so he said “She has previously suffered misery, this sort of thing is best left in the past.”

    Lao Bo’s hands suddenly let go, his anger also disappeared.

    Lao Bo seems to hurt a lot, and said sadly "You're right. I had no sons left she is my only flesh and blood...”

    Meng Xing Hun said , "So you should let them have a good life both her and her child”

    Lao Bo clenched his teeth, “Do you know who the father of the child is? "

    Meng Xing Hun said, "I don't know,and I don't care. "

    Lao Bo said" You really don't care? "

    Meng Xing Hun said "I will be her husband and also her son's father,”
    He watched Lao Bo very carefully " Even I can forgive her, why can't you? "

    Sun YuBo looked down and whispered,"I only want to know who the boy’s father is, but she will not tell me. Why won’t she tell me?"

    Meng Xing Hun said "Everyone has a web of difficulties, not to mention, it is her sorrow, perhaps she doesn’t even want to think about it. You are her father, why do you want to force her to tell you?"

    Lao Bo was silent for a long time, and suddenly said, "How is she now?"

    Meng Xing Hun said "she is alive, perhaps because she is your daughter, and thus was able to support herself up to now. "

    Lao Bo said" You will help her live? "

    Meng Xing Hun "I will do my best to do it. "

    After a long sigh,Lao Bo looked up and said sadly "Perhaps I am truly getting old, an old man's heart is always more and more soft. "He looked at Meng Xing Hun and his eyes gradually become warm.

    He can see Meng Xing Hun is a trustworthy man, and if he can say it, he can also do it.

    He could see in Meng Xing Hun a final glimmer of hope. “I still have a daughter and a next generation.”

    He suddenly took hold of Meng Xing Hun’s hands and said, "If you really want her, she is yours." Meng Xing Hun could only feel shocked,it was a long time before he could choke out," I won't let you regret it. "

    Lao Bo asked him:"Is there anything else that you want? "

    Meng Xing Hun said "with her I am satisfied. "

    Lao bo said with a warm smile, "Where are you going to take her?" Meng Xing Hun did not have time to speak before he continued "I want both of you to go as far away as possible because.-/he suddenly did not look so happy any more, and continued " it has become increasingly dangerous here, I don't want both of your involved here too. "

    Meng Xing Hun looked at the old man with the wrinkles on his face. It was a face full of many worries. His suddenly felt a grattitude that he could not say or express for now he was not alone. Suddenly Meng Xing Hun felt that they had suddenly began to care for each other, to share a mutual interest.

    Because Meng Xing Hun was his daughter's husband.

    Meng Xing soul can't help but say "Can you manage?"

    Lao Bo smiled,and said, "You don't have to worry about me, I have had to deal with this for a long time, and it always ended well." Meng Xing Hun was still worried and said:" This time is different, previously, you have friends now...... " Lao Bo said: I am a gambler, a true gambler, I have never truly lost, even when people think that I have lost everything, I still remain the same and I still want to rise up again.”

    Meng Xing Hun smiled, and said “as long as you do not lose everything, opportunities will come from time to time. "Lao Bo spoke slowly " even if I have gone, there will be the next person, the real gamblers, and at anytime you can find the sort of situation I am in now. "He smiled and patted Meng Xing Hun’s shoulder and said "But unfortunately you can't gamble with me. " Meng Xing Hun asked " why? "

    Lao Bo laughingly answered "because you are my son-in-law, no one is willing to bet his son-in-law." Son-in-law, this word contains such an amazing feeling.

    Is there anything else more amazing?

    Meng Xing Hun wondered how on earth he could be worthy of being Lao Bo’s son-in-law.

    It was already late in the night, and the wind was very cold. Yet Meng Xing Hun was filled with warmth, life was not as cold as it used to be.

    Lao Bo asked “Is she waiting for you? "

    Meng Xing Hun nodded, "someone is waiting" it felt wonderful, he felt as if his throat was stuck and there was no way that he could talk.

    Lao Bo said, "then you should go quickly, I will send you out. "He suddenly smiled, and said, "No matter where you two go, I just want you to promise me one thing. "Meng Xing Hun said" you. " You said. "

    Lao Bo grabbed his hand and said, "wait till you have your own son, then take her back to see this place.Lao Bo looking Meng Xing Hun walking away, thinks of his daughter, could not help but sigh softly "they still have such a long way to go. "

    He could only hope that they don’t lose their way.

    Although he had many thoughts and feelings, he did not think too long, because he also has a long way to go, and his road is far more dangerous than their hardship.

    When he turned his body had already moved 3 zhang away . Lamps were lit in the distance as he passed over the flowers and then the bridge.

    In Lu ManTian’s room the lights are on, but the window is open.

    In the light cast by the yellow paper of the window the figure seems to be waiting for a person.

    Was he still waiting for Meng Xing Hun’s good news?

    Lao Bo did not knock.

    He was determined and in thirty years he has never given the opponent the advantage of being the first to make a move. He knows that whoever makes the first move has the advantage.

    He often likes to go the most direct way.

    "Peng", Windows were shattered inward by the force of his blow.

    And then he was inside the room..

    Lu ManTian was not standing; he was hanging.

    The stool he had used to hang himself had been kicked a distance away from him. Lao Bo’s hand probed his chest, it was completely cold, as if he had been made of iron. there was a piece of paper neatly pinned to the table : You Didn’t Die, So I did. There was nothing else, just these 6 simple words.

    He would not surrender, because although he planned well, he forgot the feelings that could go between people..

    Because he forgot this, he failed.

    A person’s emotions are unable to be calculated neatly into equations, one decision can change everything. That is why so many plots have gone awry. Lao Bo looked up at Lu ManTian’s face and sighed, unfortunately he would not be able to tell him anything about the person behind the plot..
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    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    Alinda, thanks for the update. YES, WE WANT FASTER AND FASTER UPDATE PLEASE..................................GOGOGOGO..
    the above update feel like an appetizer, I am still feeling hungry for more.

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    i'm an extremely slow translator. but i finally figured out how to get pinyin! which is awesome since i can read pinyin! yay! anyway i will work on it and i hope i'm faster soon
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

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    Thank you for your hard work! I really appreciate it. Love this story.

    Shaw Bro movie was so bad compared to book.

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