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Thread: The Magus Era (巫神纪) by Xue Hong (血红)

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    Post The Magus Era (巫神纪) by Xue Hong (血红)

    Xue Hong is one of the most popular and read authors in China among writers of fantasy novels. In 2014, Xue Hong became the only Chinese author who made more than ten million in a year. His first novel was read by more than 55,000,000 people in only 4 months after it was published online. The Magus Era is the eighteenth influential work of him.

    Synopsis by xianxiaworld:
    The protagonist: Qing Long, the former strongest man in the world. He traveled through the time and space, reborn in the Fire Crow Clan, the South Wasteland; named Ji Hao. It was a complicated world. Forces from both inside and outside of the clan all wanted this young and talented boy to die. Under great pressure, Ji Hao made a trade with the mysterious man, who lived in his spiritual space and never showed the real face. He gained two blood drops of a dragon and a phoenix. After that, Ji Hao was becoming more and more powerful.

    Official Description:
    Once, there were some people, standing upon the earth with their heads held high. They never bow to any other kind because of their indomitable spirit.

    They were capable of control the wind and the lightning, conquer the dragons and the serpents. They seemed strong enough to crack the earth and shatter the stars with their fists. They traveled throughout the land and called themselves Magi. Eventually, one of them would become a Supreme Magus! These men are ancestors of human beings. Their blood is what we all are sharing today.

    Table of Contents

    Raw Source

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    The sky was gray with billowing clouds roiling steadily across it.

    The lightning flashed across the sky noiselessly.

    Qiang Liang, a demigod[1], was holding a zax[2] and standing on a gigantic serpent's head, which was beheaded by him just now. He was gazing up at the sky; he saw a wriggling purple serpent tail which almost covered the entire vault of the sky.

    Lightning hit on the serpents body from time to time and caused a horrible atmosphere, which made the giant, Meng Ming ceaselessly shiver.

    "This crazy *****s gone mad again, who enraged her this time?!"

    While Meng Ming was complaining, a mottled, ancient round tripod[3] slowly fell from the heaven and floated in the air. Dazzling lightning darted out from the tripod along with thunder coming from the inside. Soon, the serpent dissipated amidst the lightning flash.


    Dark clouds massed and the driving rain was splashing against the ground.

    A crystal pyramid was surrounded by tens of armed guards.

    Suddenly, the raindrops started to beat on the ground rhythmically, just like a beating heart. The rainfalls then intertwined into dozens of water-ropes, silently wrapping around those armed mens necks.

    The water ropes violently swung and broke their necks. Killing them instantly.

    A figure started emerging from the fog around the pyramid, walking up to the pyramid gate; every step closer, the vague figure became clearer; at last, it turned into a transparent water man, standing in front the gate.

    The water man slightly shook his body and transformed into a real person. It was Qing Long, who was tall, slim and beautiful, wearing a neat black armour.

    A few water ropes snuck into the pyramid and sharply cut off all electrical wires for security equipments, caused a large electrical fire. Only the lighting system stayed intact.

    Qing Long then pushed the three-foot-thick crystal gate open and slowly walked inside, into an exhibition hall.

    Over a hundred of crystal exhibition tables were placed in the hall in a circle. One cross-legged skeleton was placed on each of those tables. In the center of the circle, there was an exhibition case made of bulletproof glass, holding a human-head sized, multicoloured, translucent round tripod. A totem of a dragon and a phoenix was embossed on its surface.

    Qing Long moved closer and quietly observed the cross-legged skeleton.

    These skeletons had the similar structure as human skeletons; however, they were translucent and in a faint golden colour; they were also bigger and taller than human skeletons. More astonishingly, in addition to the two dark eyesockets on either side of their faces, there was a third eyesocket located in the middle of their eyebrows, which were slightly bigger than the other two.

    "Three-eyed people?" Qing Long pulled out a dagger and knocked the skeleton with it.

    The skeleton tinkled when it was knocked by the dagger, made from a special alloy as hard as diamonds. However, the dagger failed to leave any mark on the skeleton. Qing Long's facial expression became extraordinarily serious. Humanoid skeletons which were harder than diamonds, must be extremely valuable. He thought.

    "This time, I came by myselfHmm, worthy." Qing Long turned around and walked up to the exhibition case, chuckled and said: "Hey, if you dont show up, I may just take these treasures and head back

    The side door opened before he finished his talk. A team of warriors came in through the door. They were wearing long black trench coats and their bodies were wrapped by flames, lightning, hurricanes and other odd supernatural visions. The team leader was a young girl, who was slim and pretty and had blonde hair and green eyes. An odd shaped jade sword was holding in her hands.

    "Mr Qing Long, weve heard so much about you. The girl walked towards Qing Long, slightly bowed to him and said, "In recent years, you killed more than a hundred of our people, including three of my former Secret Service directors. But, this is the first time we get to see you in person."

    "Ayaya, Im not too handsome!" While Qing Long was laughing, he pressed his right hand on the bulletproof glass case, then shattered it into pieces with his palm muscles.

    Good god! People who were standing behind the girl exclaimed aloud, frighteningly took a step back. They had heard about Qing Long, who came from the Eastern country, Hua Xia, and was known as the strongest man in the world. However, they never thought that Qing Long could be so powerful!

    They had tests done a few days ago, even tank guns couldnt break the case. Did Qing Long just shatter it bare-handedly? This was beyond their imaginations was it even possible for a human to be this strong?

    Qing Long held the three-legged tripod with both of his hands which gave an extremely pleasing feeling. By holding this tripod, Qing Long felt like he was holding the entire universe.

    Qing long carefully put the tripod into his bag, which was tied around his waist, then said: "These treasures, were taken from Liang Zhu, the ancient city of my country[4]. I have to bring them back. According to our rules, the strongest man gets to make the decision. You wont disagree that I reclaim our treasures, will you?"

    The girl smilingly looked at Qing Long and said with a soft voice: "Mr Qing Long, you might wanna know some of our research resultsabout these mysterious treasures. You may not guess it but with measurements and calculations, we found that the soil layer which buried these treasures have at lest a-hundred-thousand years of history.

    Qing Long subconsciously touched his bag. Thousands of years ago? Human history was still in the its nascent stage, wasn't it? Was it even possible for those ancient people to create such a beautiful and exquisite treasure with such an inexplicable power hidden in it?

    The girl turned over her hand and showed the jade sword.

    The jade sword was three feet long and a palm wide, carved out of a whole piece of jade. Near the hilt, where there was an odd totem - a tower with an erected and scarlet eye floating over the tower top, seemingly evil and cold.

    "We have done tests, this jade sword was made of Hotan white jade. As we all know, white jade is a type of nephrite, which is very delicate. However, whether the natural diamonds or the hardest special alloy of our laboratory, this sword can cut them as easily as cutting a piece of tofu."

    The girl brandished the sword, smiled and continued: "I split a strategic bomber with this sword earlier - from a distance of two kilometers. With my strength, I could split a strategic bomber. Mr Qing Long, I truly can't imagine what would happen if this sword was holding in your hands.

    Qing Long's facial expression fleetingly changed, he didnt take the girl and her people serious at all, they were just a bunch of cannon fodder to him. But, if this sword was as powerful as she said, this may not be that easy.

    "So this is a trap then?" Qing Long said. In the meanwhile, he started to twisted his neck.

    "We always wanted to have an opportunity to negotiate with you, face to face." The girl said with a charming smile on her face: "In the past few years, you caused us too much damages. We hope, that you will be able to join us. if so, you can have my position, even my superior's position, you only need to ask."

    "Of course, in exchange, we hope that we could have your loyalty, and the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words[5] you created. The girls breath became disordered when she spoke of the last few words.

    Nine Secret Words is a powerful magic spell. It can develop the potential of human body, connect the human body with the vast and mysterious universe power.

    The "Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words is also a magic spell, created based on the Nine Secret Words by Qing Long. This spell enabled Qing Long to control the earth, the water, the fire and the wind; to communicate with the heaven, the land and the underworld; made him the most powerful human in the world.

    "For sure, this is not going to happen!" Qing Long patted the bag around his waist, quirky laughed and said: If you ever heard about me, you should heard about my personality I am famous for - never selling my ancestors!"

    Qing Longs body then suddenly transformed into countless sharp wind-knives and dashed toward the girl. Those wind-knifes soon gathered into a hazy swirl, enveloping the entire hall.

    The girl shook her head and let out a sighed: "I knew it, those damned idiot bosses, just insisting on spending so much effort in vain!"

    The girl then held out a roll of golden bamboo slip[6] and threw it upward. Along with an earthshaking thunder, blood-red light darted out from dark eyeholes of those crossed-legs skeletons.

    The red light quickly spread into a huge blood-red light cage, firmly imprisoning Qing Long inside.

    The light cage stayed motionsless when it was hit by Qing Longs wind knives. While those wind knifes were already shattered into pieces.

    Outside, Lightning flashed in the east and thunder rumbled a posthumous threat.

    People were screaming. They saw a gigantic, huge, purple serpent slithering above, behind the dense clouds.

    Inside, Qing Long knelt down embarrassedly. His blood covered all over his body, ninety-nine light spears were floating in the air silently pointing at him. At the next second, those spears punctured his body.

    "Damn! These weird stuffs are truly containing such a power! The girl excitedly caught the golden bamboo slip, which fell down from the air and shouted hoarsely: "Qing Long, have you seen that? I thought you were the most powerful human but you are just so vulnerable in front of us!"

    "These skeletons, this bamboo slip, and that tripod, they all came from the same place! They are the treasures from thousands of years ago! God, so amazing, according to what was written in the bamboo slip, we arranged these skeletons in certain orientations, and they truly released this magnificent power!" The girl seemed almost hysterical.

    "What - the - hell is this?" Qing Long gasped and looked up.

    "There are some records in this bamboo slip says this is an ancient strategy[7], as to the name sorry, our linguists havent worked that out yet. The girl shrugged and said, "But these skeletons, they are called..."

    A purple lightning suddenly fell onto the crystal pyramid.

    All the crystal glass were wiped out by the lightning instantly; the girl and her people were burned into ashes; and the round three-legged tripod started to emit a faint multicoloured light, which then wrapped Qing Longs body up. Qing Long roared and twitched his body in pain. He felt his blood, his life force and his soul were being extracted by the tripod rapidly.

    Those three-eyed skeletons raised their arms, transformed the blood-red light into a huge red dragon and rushed toward the purple lightning.

    The dragon vanished once it touched the purple lightning. After that, all of the three-eyed skeletons exploded into golden dust.

    Qing Long felt an inexhaustible power rush down from the sky, destroying everything. He then lost consciousness. The purple lightning compressed into a human-head-sized ball and dissappeared.

    The square and the pyramid were all gone with nothing left.

    Qing Long
    He has unsurpassed wisdom and extremely strong spiritual power. He created the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words based on the Nine Secret Words. He was known as the strongest human in the world. For retrieve the lost treasure - the round tripod, which was belonged to the ancient city Liang Zhu, Qing Long fell into a trap and seriously injured (or died). After that, he was impacted by an unknown power, went through an unexpected time and space travel and reborn as someone in the Fire Crow Clan, named Ji Hao.


    [1] Demigod: Half god half human.
    [2] Zax: A hatchetlike tool for cutting and punching
    [3] legs. Many cultures, including the ancient people of China and Greece, used tripods as ornaments, trophies, sacrificial altars, cooking vessels or cauldrons, and decorative ceramic pottery.
    [4] Liang Zhu: A mysterious, ancient city, located in the Eastern country Hua Xia.
    [5] Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words: is a mysterious magic spell, it can discover the deepest potential of the human body.
    [6] A bamboo slip: One of the main medias for literacy in early China.
    [7] Ancient strategy: Refers to the tactical deployment of troops coordinate with Magus sorceries.

    More Chap
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    Chapter 1 Hunter

    Chapter 1 Hunter

    The Southern Wastelands, a boundless primitive jungle.

    Poisonous miasma spiralled around the treetops of the tall, ancient trees. The miasma reflected the sunlight, created colorful rays of light that merged into a gorgeous rainbow.

    Drifting by was a floating island with a circumference of several hundred miles. Dozens of white-dragon-like waterfalls roared out from the edges of the island. A hurricane blew by, dispersed the waterfalls into a cloud of mist. Dozens of rainbows were dancing around in the mist, complementing the colorful miasma circling around the treetops.

    Ji Hao was standing on the edge of the island, gazing down at the vast Southern Wasteland jungle.

    A breeze ruffled Ji Haos hair. He had a determined and delicate face and a pair of deep and mysterious eyes glowed brightly. Whenever Ji Hao focused his gaze on a certain area, nine dark purple and golden flash marks[1] would appear around the pupils of his eyes, which seemed dignified and mysteriously, made others feel difficult to directly look at.

    A simple leather skirt wrapped around his waist. Two sharp eyebrows struck out from his temple; his nose stood tall and straight; His lips were angular and broad. From time to time, the corners of his mouth would form a faint, mocking smile. Ji Hao seemed didnt take anything to heart.

    Ji Haos looked like a pine which was firmly rooted in the rocks, no matter how fierce the wind and the rain were or how heavy the thunder and lightning went, it would stay unmovable.

    A gigantic crow with a wingspan of more than thirty feet, was standing beside Ji Hao. Its red pupils seemed faintly blazed. The crow turned its head and looked around from time to time.

    Mr Crow, were just taking a stroll. Relax. Ji Hao patted one of the its claws and said. Later, we get you a serpent to fill your stomach first, then we go to the Black Wind Valley. Lets see if we can find some Wind Dragon Plant for Abba.

    The crow cawed a few times then intimately rubbed Ji Haos head with its sharp beak.

    Ji Hao raised his head, stretched his arms. He yawned and said: Comfortable, so comfortable. No need to stay with those old granddaddies and study about those grasstree barkssnake teeth or poison sacks. So nice!

    Hey, are there really some people do not afraid of death? Dont these stinky snakes know that this jungle is belonging to us, the the Fire Crow Clan? This is the Fire Crow Clans territory! Said Ji Hao. He looked around, then widened his eyes and pointed down at the jungle.

    A group of topless, sturdy and two-meter-tall men with scars slashed all over their bodies were swaggering around in the jungle. They were carrying a variety of hunted preys on their shoulders. Ji Hao looked carefully, there were tigers, leopards and bears; each of them were tens of feet tall, like a small mountain of meat.

    Bastard! This is the Fire Crow Clans hunting grounds. Those animals are ours! These animals, even the smallest one can feed a kid for a whole year You can even trade for three young women with those furs!

    Ji Hao shouted out. He locked his fingers together[2] and cast a spell. Suddenly, the waterfall closest to him rumbled and no longer fell straight down; a mysterious power tilted the waterfall thirty degrees towards those men in the jungle.

    Those Black Water Serpent Clan warriors were happily walking in the jungle while the waterfall transformed into a heavy downpour and fell onto their heads. They saw the waterfall, laughed out loud and headed up to drink the water.

    The man who walked in the front had a ten feet long Single-Horned Serpent coiled around his waist, which was swaying its body pleasently. The sudden bath seemed make it feel incomparably joyful. The Single-Horned Serpent is the Black Water Serpent Clans special battle beast. Only elite warriors had the qualifications to have a Horned Serpent as a fighting beast.

    In the torrential rain, the water droplets suddenly turned into lines then slowly gathered into transparent water ropes then silently wrapped around those mens necks.

    EnemiesA sneak attack! The leader shouted out, his voice sounded full of fear.

    Had they just been attacked by a water magic sorcery?

    But to sneakily attack enemies in a torrential rain is one of the Black Water Serpent Clans specialties. In the South Wasteland, the Black Water Serpent Clans archenemy was the Fire Crow Clan, who were experts at fire spells. They never heard of a Fire Crow Clan Magus warrior who can cast a water spell.

    Ji Hao changed his hand gesture. Those water ropes then violently shook and sent those man flying. They heavily smashed into the trees and then fell in a faint, one after another.

    Only the leader struggled up, ripped apart the water rope around his neck and tore it into countless water drops. A water-tank-sized pit appeared on the tree trunk behind him, showed just how strong his body was.

    The coward who only dares to sneak attack, show your face! The man jerked out a long spear and growled angrily.

    The single-horned serpent uncoiled itself from the mans waist, nimbly moved around and spat out cold black smoke from time to time.

    Mr Crow! Go! Ji Hao hopped onto the crows back. The gigantic crow opened its wings and let out a sharp caw, then rushed down toward the furious man.

    The floating island was a few miles high from the ground. The crow reached the forest instantly.

    Once the Black Water Serpent Clans warrior saw the crow coming, his face went twisted in fear. He screamed out: Fire Crow! Fire Crow! The Holy Land protector!

    The Fire Crow swiped downwards with its claw, the black steel-like claw gently bumped into the mans body; the mans body then exploded into a dense blood mist. The Single-Horned Serpent turned around in fear and tried to flee; but the Fire Crow opened its beak toward the serpent and spurted out a lava-like red flame.

    The Single-Horned Serpent let out a howl, then been burned into ashes. Several ancient trees were also set ablaze by the fire.

    After that, the Fire Crow spread out its wings, landed on a branch and cawed at the sky.

    Ji Hao patted the Fire Crows head and leapt down into the woods. Not far away, there was an enormous tree with vines coiled around it. Ji Hao selected several hundred year old Dragon Vines and weaved them into a rope. He then tied those fainted men and all of those hunted animals together.

    Send these back first. Mr Crow, lets go!

    Ji Hao hopped on the Fire Crows back again, then whistled sharply. The Fire Crow picked up those captives and animals, flapped its wings and flew south. With a few flaps, the crow rushed up high into the sky. Its jet-black plumage started emitting a faint, fiery light; the crow then transformed into a streak of flames and flew far into the distance.

    Around an hour later, a mountain blocked their way. On the mountaintop, thousands of mulberry trees were standing there.

    Tens of huge bird nests could be seen on the treetops. Hundreds of colossal crows even bigger than the Fire Crow under Ji Haos feet were hovering around those trees.

    They were still a few hundred miles away from the mountain when a stream of fire shot toward them. A three meters tall muscular man was standing on the flames and growled loudly at Ji Hao: Hao! You sneaked away again? How old you think you are? Arent you afraid of being snatched away by a big bird?

    Seeing those captive and the hunted animals in the Fire Crows claws, the brawny man laughed out loud and waved his fists: You really are out big brother, Ji Xias son! Where did you catch these stinky snakes? Now were gonna have enough mining slaves!

    He paused for a second then frowned and continued: You should go back first. Brother Ji Xias distant cousin camebrought his people This guy Im afraid hes not with any good intention

    Ji Haos facial expression changed. He flapped the Fire Crows head. The crow then sped up and headed towards the valley below the massive mountain.

    [1] Dark golden and purple marks: A series of symbols which containing the mysterious power.
    [2] In mysterious Eastern culture, Magus release their powerful sorceries by lock their fingers together into certain motions and sometimes coordinate with magic spells.

    More Chap
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    Chapter 2 - Malice

    Chapter 2- Malice

    The Fire Crow transformed into a streak of flames and darted out. Ji Hao stood on the crow's head, gazed at the valley below.

    The Fire Crow cawed and folded its wings, glided through mountains. Soon, a magnificent valley appeared on Ji Haos sight.

    The lofty mountain aside, is the Gold Black Mountain, the Holy Land of the Fire Crow Clan. Fire Crows are legendary creatures, have been known as the most powerful fighting beast. The ancient three-leged Gold Fire Crow is the common ancestor of both the Fire Crow People and the Fire Crows.

    At the end of the valley, towering mulberry trees were planted for ten miles round; countless nests were built on these trees. A large group of Fire Crows were silently hovering overhead the woods.

    When Ji Hao and Mr Crow arrived, all Fire crows stopped and landed on branches, silently gazed at them. Later, those crows slowly spread out their wings and moved their chests toward branches, saluted to Mr Crow.

    Ji Hao leaped off from Mr Corw s head and whistled. Mr Crow flapped its wings and transformed into a streak of flames again then darted away.

    Numerous of young Fire Crows silently stared at Ji Hao with their red eyes. The mulberry woods was filled with a strange and solemn atmosphere.

    Ji Hao waved his hands to those young crows and walked away along a trail.

    The wind blew across branches, rustled the leaves. From a distance, the mulberry woods seemed only ten miles round; but down here it seemed broad and deep.

    Ji Hao walked for a while, then saw two towering trees, which were apart twenty meters away from each other. Branches entangled and formed an archway, which was emitting a faint, fiery glow. Ji Hao walked through the archway, he felt that the air was blazing hot. Then he saw a piece of jungle.

    At the edge of the jungle, there was a wooden dome. At the top of the dome, there was a thirty feet thick wooden pile with a wooden platform built upon it. A gigantic Gold Fire Crow skeleton was placed on the platform.

    Ji Hao sensed a strong and inexhaustible power from this Gold Fire Crow skeleton. At first glance, this skeleton seemed like a blazing sun, floating in the air.

    Astonishingly, this Gold Fire Crow skeleton had three leg bones.

    Ji Hao bowed three times to this Gold Fire Crow skeleton, had his fingers crossed and prayed for a while.

    Ji Hao then walked up to the door silently, peeked in through the crack between the door and its frame.

    The room was very broad, seemed enough to accommodate thousands of people. This was the Fire Crow Clan meeting room, only for leaders and elders to discuss the most important clan affairs.

    The floor was paved by stones. A fireplace was built in the center of the room and a bonfire was blazing. A peeled beast was grilled to golden and sizzling. Ji Hao even scented the thick smell of grilling meat.

    Tens of clay jars were placed next to the fireplace for people to use. Few scrawny elderly men and several muscular middle-aged men were taking these clay jars and filling their bowls with liquor from time to time.

    These people were sitting around the fireplace. Everyone was gulping and drinking with a serious face. The room was oddly quiet.

    When Ji Hao arrived, half of the roasting beast had already been eaten; after he looked around for few minutes, the beast bones were chopped into pieces and bone marrow were dug out and eaten. Liquor was also drunk up, without even a drop left.

    A sturdy man showed a trace of a threatening on his face. He suddenly grabbed a jar and hit onto the ground, smashed the jar and stone beneath into pieces.

    With a aloud noise, the deathly silence was broken.

    "We ate and drank enough, let's talk!" The man slowly stood up. His skin was steaming; the room was soon filled with hot air, even seemed much smaller than before.

    "Ji Xia, you're not in ten years ago, you are no longer the most powerful warrior among us! Look, how skinny you are! since a decade ago, when your Magus Caves[1] were broken, you are no longer a Senior Magus! Now you're only an ordinary person!"

    The man pointed at another man, who was facing the door. He continued: "What qualification do you have to be our leader? What makes you eligible to lead us, the guarding worriers of the Holy Land? Why are you still comfortably holding the highest power of our clan?

    The man who has been pointed at slowly stood up. His was tall and his shoulders was broad. He was even a feet taller than the provocative man. However, no muscle could be seen from his body; his skin seemed tightly attached to the bones, made him looked like a skeleton.

    He was Ji Xia, Ji Hao's father. The former strongest warrior of the Fire Crow Clan!

    However, when Ji Hao was just born, Ji Xia been sneakily attacked by their sworn enemy, the Black Water Serpent Clan. He was seriously injured for protected his son, Ji Hao. After that, Ji Xia's body shriveled year after year. Some of the Fire Clan people firmly believed that he has lost his power and strength.

    Ji Hao clenched his fists and gazed at Ji Xia. Ji Xias mind flashed back to that battle, he clearly remembered that Ji Xia fought desperately for protecting him; he blocked all enemy's attack with his body.

    Ji Hao felt his fathers blood splashed to his face, which was boiling hot.

    Ji Hao threw a side way glance at the provocative man.

    "So, Ji Hum, my brother, what do you have in mind?" Said Ji Xia, he was calm and smilingly.

    Ji Hum didnt answer. A boy jumped up abruptly, pointed at Ji Xia's nose and shouted: "you old waste! Do we need another talk here? Just take your Qing Yi Clan woman and your little bastard, get out of here! Let my father be the leader! My father will take care of our Holy Land and our people!"

    The boy gasped and continued: "The worship ceremony is comming, all leaders will come to the Holy Land and worship our ancestors! In front of all those branch clans leaders, you should get yourself out!"

    "Old waste? Qing Yi Clan woman?

    Ji Hao sneered. He then kicked the door open and rushed into the room without a second thought.

    "Little bastard, whore you talking about?" Ji Hao shouted out. His quickly locked his fingers together and spat toward the bonfire. A wisp of flame soared toward the boy.

    The unexpected fire burned the boys hair and eyebrows into a puff of smoke.


    1 Magus Cave: Internal, spiritual spaces store the internal power and energy of a Magus.

    More Chap
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    Chapter 3 - Challenge

    Chapter 3: Challenge

    The boy was unprepared for the fire.
    However, people from The Fire Crow Clan are born with the talent of flame control. The boy cursed in rage, patted his body and dissipated the flame, in a while, only a wisp of smoke left and wrapped his body.
    Ji Hao proudly looked at the boy's bald boy, said harshly: "Hah, a waste who couldn't stand even a handful of fire, who gave you the guts to clamor around here?"
    Ji Xia glanced at Ji Hao delightedly, crossed his arms and stayed silent.
    Several old men, who seem are the eldest among those people, they gladly nodded and laughed oddly.
    Among a group of muscular men was sitting in front of Ji Xia, a man who is no shorter than Ji Xia stood up. He was born in a symmetrical stature, not like other warriors, there are no muscles can be seen from his body, his skin is white and tender, doesn't seems like a tribesman who lives in the southern primitive jungle at all, his long hair been tied into a braids by three jade rings, his slender eyes showed that he is a cunning person.
    "Wu, do not humiliate our family." His voice is cold, feminine and gentle.

    The boy gave a shout, strode out and threw a punch towards Ji Hao's face. In the meanwhile, he growled: " Bastard! You only dare to attack at the back, I am Ji Wu, son of powerful Ji Shu!"
    The wind brought by Ji Wus fists blew across Ji Hao's long hair, straightened his hair backward, dragged the scalp and caused the pain.
    So powerful, Ji Hao immediately realized that Ji Wu is much stronger than him. Physically speaking, it is impossible for Ji Hao to hold against this punch.
    Ji Haos fingers changed form and locked together, his body flashed, exploded into blur shadows and fled away. Ji Wu's fist thundered in the air.

    Ji Hao whispered a spell, dozens of arm thick fiery serpents soared from the bonfire, rushed towards Ji Wu.
    Ji Xia gently breathed, smilingly looked at those fiery serpents and said: "You dear granddaddies, during these years, Hao has been learning sorceries from you, it seems he had some achievements."
    Several old men laughed and nodded triumphantly. An old man with green eyes said: "Hao has excellent talents in magus sorceries. Possibly, he will become the first supreme magus in our Fire Crow Clan for ten thousands of years. "
    Ji Xia and several worriers around him smiled, Ji Shu and Ji Hum who sitting in front of them simultaneously frowned.

    Ji Shu, the beautiful and delicate man growled: "Wu! Ji Hao is the legendary genius, you must be careful!"
    In the meanwhile, Ji Shu cast a glance of discontent to those old men. These old men are the most respected magi in the Fire Crow Clan, their favor to Ji Hao are so obvious.
    Ji Wu growled deeply, once a shield-shaped tattoo on his left arm flashed, a metal buckler appeared with flame1, sheltered the top half of his body. This bronze metal buckler is in exquisite workmanship, with a totem exquisitely inlaid on its surface - a tower straightly into the air, at the tower top, there is an erected bloody eye.
    "This shield, looks so familiar!" Ji Hao gazed at the delicate totem, suddenly shook.
    His hands subconsciously locked together, he only used thirty percent of strength before, now his all of his force erupted all out.
    Dozens of fiery serpents suddenly expanded, devoured each other, in a very short time, three hundred-feet long fiery dragons appeared, and dashed toward the shield. 

    With a loud noise, twelve fist-size twisted marks2 emerged in the edge of the shield, a cyan light ejected from the shield, the light had friction and collision with fiery dragons, caused a dull explosion. Ji Wu was hit by tremendous power, his body slightly trembled, but did not step a single step back.
    "Haha, so, you are Ji Hao? The legendary child who was able to speak right after being born, and learned how to run in a day old, capable of flame control only a month old?" Ji Wu to resisted the flames with the shield, growled loudly: "But, why are you as weak as this? You are too weak, ah, Ji Hao, you couldn't even hurt a hair of me!"

    Ji Hao laughed oddly, gave up on the control of three rapidly shrunk fiery dragons, watched Ji Wu and laughed: "hurt your hair? Do you still have any hair to hurt by me? Hey, hows been bald feel like?"
    Wu Ji stimulated by Ji Hao's words, his eyes turned into red and his body suddenly lighted up.
    In the meanwhile, Ji Hao grasped towards the wall, a spear with wooden handle and flint spearhead darted out from a wooden shelve , fell steadily into Ji Haos hands.

    With a loud growl, Ji Hao held the long spear and circled around, an intense power ran into the spear from his palms, a series of red marks on the spear lighted up, flame ejected from the flint spearhead.

    Ji Hao smashed onto Ji Wu's shield with the dragon-shape spear. Ji Hao smashed for more than a hundred times within a moment, the spear intensely pummeled the shield, blazing flame and cyan light crushed each other, made loud and piercing noise.
    After over a hundred times attacks, Ji Hao stopped and took a deep breath. Ji Wu then pushed the shield forcibly, three fiery dragons collapsed, strong force poured from the shield, a tyrannical power hit Ji Haos through his arms, which was too forceful for Ji Hao to hold off.
    The spear been knocked into the air by tremendous power, Ji Hao reeled backward.
    Ji Wu silently waved his right arm, once an ax tattoo lighted up, a dark metal ax darted out, Ji Wu held the ax, relentlessly chopped to Ji Hao's head.
    Ji Hao sensed the ferocity from Ji Wu's eyes, is this guy really want to kill him here?
    Fingers crossed, Ji Hao's body suddenly disappeared. A whirlwind appeared behind Ji Wu, Ji Hao showed inside the whirlwind, caught the fell spear and smash onto Ji Wus back with all strength.
    Ji Wu hit by the spear and slammed into the wall, dozens of weapons fell from the wooden shelve and hit on his head.

    Ji Hao left no strength with this hit, his internal power3 formed a spot of light, intensely beating between his eyebrows, all of his power suddenly flushed out.
    A soft yet blazing force, invaded Ji Wus body through his bones and muscles, shook his internal organs. Ji Wu felt the blazing force inside, like a bomb exploded in his chest, blood spurted from his mouth and quickly turned into a flame, burning on the ground.
    Ji Wu looks like a bear which been kicked in the ***. He shouted and stood up, picked up the ax and intended to continue the fight.
    "Enough!" Ji Xia stood up and growled: "Enough! Here is the place for the council meeting, not for you brats to fight."
    Ji Shu hummed coldly, said with a feminine voice: "Big Brother Ji Xia, why not let those brats finish the fight, let us see who is the winner? The two of us are competing for the chief position, let our kids finished the fight, just let everybody watch this show!"
    Ji Xia took a deep breath, said in a low voice: "Everything will follow the rule of ancestors. In the worship ceremony for ancestors in two weeks, we will decide everything with our strength."
    Ji Wu blushed with shame, smashed the shield and the ax onto the ground, pointed Ji Hao and shouted: "Ji Hao, will you fight me in the worship ceremony, just like a real man? If you lost, you will hide your balls and be a coward for your whole life!"
    Ji Hao hummed coldly, raised his right hand slowly crossed his neck, accepted the challenge from Ji Wu.

    1 This is a special sorcery which allows Magus to combine with their weapons, the weapons will show in tattoo form on their skin, and will reappear in entity under the Maguss will.
    2 This kind of marks are unique symbols which containing the mysterious power, usually connecting to certain sorceries and will appear under the Maguss will.
    3 Internal power: Different from spiritual power, the internal power is a force exist and grow in both the physical body and the spiritual world of a Magus, which can be improved through both internal and external means, and able to transform into physical force.

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    Chapter 4 - Deal

    Chapter 4 - Deal

    The night comes and shrouds the Southern Wastelands.

    It is a starry night, fist-sized stars twinkling in the night sky. The mist slowly fell from the colorful stars, nourishing all living creatures.

    On the mountaintop of the Gold Black Mountain, hundreds of gigantic Fire Crows are standing by the cliff in a line with beaks opened, silently absorbing the energy from the starlight. The Gold Black Mountain is shrouding by red starlight. A huge whirlpool was formed above the mulberry trees on the mountaintop, a mass of starlight energy flushed into those trees through the whirlpool.

    Ji Hao sitting in the roof, quietly gazing this magical night view. Hands on his stomach, fingers locked together and constantly changing motions1 to absorb the energy of starlight. His slim body exuded a faint light and seems merged into the starlight.

    Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words is a mysterious magic spell, which capable of discovering the deepest potential of the human body, ultimately leads to the unity of heaven and the human2. Since birth, Ji Hao focused on learning "Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words", with over a decade of practice, he has made a few achievements.

    His internal power3 formed a mist-like spot of light, slowly rotating in between his eyebrows.

    "Hao, get back to bed! Gazing at the sky every night, you can't fly to the sky anyway, can you?" Ji Xias good-natured voice sounded in the yard, "but fly isnt too difficult, you will be able to fly when you became the supreme Magus!"

    Ji Xia laughed.

    Everyone knows that the Fire Crow Clan has had no supreme magus appeared for thousands of years. The Fire Crow Clan could be equal with the Bi Fang Clan and the Rosefinch Clan4, however, without a supreme magus, now the Fire Crow Clan is under the administration of the Bi Fang Clan.

    Ji Xia clearly realized that his son, Ji Hao, is a genius. However, he still thinks that Ji Hao is unlikely to become the Supreme Magus. Though Ji Hao has a good talent, he is nothing but a third-level practicing magus for now. Ji Hao hasn't reached the level of junior magus yet, and after that, it will be even harder to become a senior magus. Beyond that, there is the possibility of becoming a powerful supreme magus.

    "Okay~~" JI Hao said lazily, stopped the movement of his fingers, leaped down from the roof.

    A fifty-feet-tall bear, covered with bronze-like, red and shining fur, is lying in front of the wooden gate. Ji Hao fell right on its soft belly. The snoring bear opened one of its eyes, gently rubbed Ji Hao with its gigantic paw.

    Ji Hao put an unknown fruit into the bear's mouth, the sleeping bear swallowed the fruit without any chewing.

    "Faty, sooner or later you'll be too fat to walk, and can't be Abba's mount5 anymore. Ji Hao kicked the Bear's head, the fat bear hidden its face behind its paws, it seems no matter how hard Ji Hao kicked, the bear wont wake up.

    Ji Hao shook his head and went into the room.

    Qing Fu wearing a blue linen dress and sitting in the corner. Shes holding a jade pestle, carefully ground the herbal pulp in a stone bowl. A wisp of cyan smoke spiraled down from Qing Fu's fingers through the pestle and blended into the herb pulp.

    Herbal scum gradually melted, the herbal pulp became clear and viscous, eventually turned into a piece of jade-like ointment.

    "Amma!" Ji Hao sat in front of Qing Fu, quietly looked at his mother.

    Qing Fu came from the Qing Yi Clan, a small Eastern clan which relied on the Fire Crow Clan for protection. Women from this clan are born as Druidess6, especially good at identity and refine all kinds of drugs.

    Women from the Fire Crow Clan are as strong as men. They are able to carry heavy weapons and hunt wild beasts in the jungle. Differently, women from Qing Yi Clan are slim and delicate, with white and soft skin.

    Qing Fu, Ji Hao's mother, is the most talented Druidess in Qing Yi Clan for hundreds of years, also is the most beautiful woman for a century.

    However, Qing Fu's beautiful face seems a little haggard today. She is less than thirty, but her hair already turned into gray and her lips are pale. As same as skinny Ji Xia, Qing Fu is also abnormally thin.

    Carefully ground the ointment, Qing Fu smiled and said: "Hao, I heard that you beat Ji Shu' son today? "

    Ji Hao scratched his head, looked at Qing Fu and laughed: "I took an advantage, didn't actually hurt him. If it was a real fight, I couldn't win. But if get into the jungle, I'm able to kill him for thousands of times. "

    While speaking and laughing, Ji Hao subconsciously showed a cold and cruel expression, only for a moment.

    Qing Fu looked at Ji Hao delightedly, heads down and said gently: "Ah, if so, I don't have to worry anymore. Just do not be like your father, who always trying to peacefully solve all problems ...... in the Southern Wastelands, how can you stay alive without being heartless and cruel?"

    Qing Fu finished the ointment, made an exotic fragrance. She rubbed it slowly into twelve thumb-sized, cyan and round pills, carefully put them into a jade bottle.

    "Hao, you must keep those stories I told you in mind. My Qing Yi Clan used to be a powerful and thriving clan in the East. However, one of our leaders - an old lady who was relented and fooled by enemies, the entire Clan was almost razed. To save ourselves, we had to run to this Southern Wasteland and rely on the Fire Crow Clan for protection. Qing Fu said with a cold expression, "In half a month, till the worship ceremony, if your father can survive, it will be fine. But, if he can not ......"

    Ji Hao looked down, quietly listening to Qing Fu, "If your father be killed by Ji Shu in the ceremony, I will die with him. You should then leave the Clan. When you become stronger, you will kill the whole family of Ji Shu for revenge for Abba and Amma."

    Ji Xia carried a large piece of meat and walked into the room, he looked at Qing Fu, smiled and said: "Why saying these things to Hao? I'm not going to lose the fight against Ji Shu in the worship ceremony. He wants to be the leader among our warriors, but, how easily he thinks this could be? "

    Ji Hao stayed silent. He hugged Qing Fu and walked upstairs to his room.

    In the decennial ancestor worship ceremony, all leaders of the Fire Crow Clan will come to the Holy Land in Gold Black Mountain to worship at ancestors. This is the only opportunity to make changes to the higher authority of the clan.

    Ten years ago, there was no chance for Ji Shu to win Ji Xia.

    However, at present, Ji Xia has lost his Magus Cave7 and his strength been seriously reduced. Even possibly, like what Ji Shu and his people said, that Ji Xia's power has backed to the junior level.

    Facing aggressive Ji Shu and his people, will Ji Xia be ok? What about Qing Fu? And without their protection, what would happen to Ji Hao?

    "This is not a peaceful place...... In this land, people kill." Ji Hao talked to himself. In recent years, he has seen enough of those miserable kids whos clans have been eliminated by their enemies. For now, Ji Hao is not able to survive the outside world on his own.

    Power, he has to obtain more power as soon as possible.

    Even if he couldnt help Ji Xia, he has to enhance his strength as soon as possible and prepare for what might happen in the future.

    He closed the door and opened the window, let the stars lighted up the room. Ji Hao lied down on a piece of lion's fur and closed his eyes. His internal power is way bigger than his peers, witch allows him to easily get into his spiritual space8 through a short meditation.

    "Hey, old man, I'm coming. I accept your deal, trade your Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell with my 'Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, and don't forget what you promised me." Ji Hao got into the spiritual space and said to the air.

    While Ji Hao speaking, a white mist appeared in the vast space and turned into a white and round platform, floating in front of Ji Hao.

    A tall figure sitting in the platform with his legs crossed, looked down at Ji Hao.

    Little guy, you will never lose anything or regret by making the deal with me.

    1 In mysterious Eastern culture, Magus release their powerful sorceries by lock their fingers together into certain motions and sometimes coordinate with magic spells.
    2 The unity of heaven and the human: The highest achievement and the ultimate pursue of a Magus, which means to break the limitation of the human body and obtain the tremendous power from nature and heaven.
    3 Internal power: Different from spiritual power, the internal power is a force exist and grow in both the physical body and the spiritual world of a Magus, which can be improved through both internal and external means, and able to transform into physical force.
    4 Bi Fang and Rosefinch: They both are legendary birds in ancient Eastern culture.
    5 Mount, animals to be sit and travel on.
    6 Druidesses: Female druids, who often share the magic and prominent roles of their male counterparts.
    7 Magus Cave: A internal and spiritual space stores the internal power of a Magus.
    8 Spiritual space: The spiritual space is an unique space in the form of spirit, existing each Maguss mind. Magi are able to get themselves into their spiritual space by using their internal power. When a Magus gets into his spiritual space, his body will also be in spirit form. A powerful magus can even gets into spiritual spaces of others.

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    Chapter 5 - Gain

    Chapter 5 - Gain

    "There is nothing perfect, not even the sky and the land. This magic spell will enable your faulty body to absorb energy from the nature to replenish your strength ......" the man who was sitting on the white platform started to read aloud.

    Ji Hao looked up at the vague figure. It seemed like a gigantic man, seemed even a hundred times bigger than the Gold Black Mountain. Ji Hao has noticed his existence from his birth. However, during this decade, Ji Hao tried his best and still couldnt see its appearance clearly.

    The man has dark glossy hair and long beard. They were fluttering, making him seemed miraculous and mysterious.

    He bared his upper body. A simple apron which was made from a huge blade wrapped around his waist.

    For a decade, this man has always wanted to make the deal with Ji Hao and Ji Hao always refused to do so. However, this time, Ji Hao and his family were under great pressure from Ji Shu and his son, he had to take this risk.

    Raging thunder came along with the man's voice, a large number of ancient, multicolored glowing symbols emerged and floating around the mans body. These symbols looked like birds, fishes, flowers and insects, which were inexpressibly mysterious.

    Once the man stopped reading, all colorful symbols simultaneously rushed toward Ji Hao and integrated into his body orderly.

    Meanwhile, Ji Hao sensed a shock from his soul. All of his knowledge about the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words has somehow been copied by the man. Around the man's body, nine huge gleamy light balls appeared, floating in a circle, each of them was as shining as the sun.

    Soon, those light balls merged with the man's body, his gigantic body slightly shook, bring up a rainstorm inside Ji Hao's spiritual space. The torrential rain came with lightning and thunder. Ji Hao lowered his head and shivering.

    "So amazing!" the man said, "Little guy, your Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words is capable of improving the soul and using the power of the universe. This is truly mysterious and amazing, Ive never thought that there is such a powerful magic spell existing in the world."

    He paused for a moment, lowered his voice and continued, "If I have this magic spell earlier, I would be able to understand and utilize my strength in a better way, then I wouldn't became such a loser who daren't show up

    Ji Hao felt dizzy after those colouful symbols got inside his body. He felt a huge amount of information has filled his soul and mind. He was just a Third-level Practicing Magus, his internal power was still insufficient to cope with this tremendous information in such a short time.

    Before Ji Hao could make the connection with his internal power, the "Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell" started operate automatically. All of the blood and power flushed toward his lower abdomen to his lower Dantian1.

    Ji Hao felt like his blood and strength were rotating inside his body, formed a small whirlpool. He sensed a small yet strong power from the whirlpool. Suddenly, a small colorful flame burst out, countless colorful and glowing symbols flashed in the flame then disappeared.

    This is the first stage of the "Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell", Ji Hao has realized how powerful this spell is. Since now, ninety-nine percent of life force energy in the food that ate by Ji Hao will become the nutrient of the flame, while one percent will nourish Ji Hao's internal power and became his strength.

    In another word, if Ji Hao eats one hundred dragons, he will have the strength of a dragon.

    "Hey, am I going to be a foodie?" Being surprised by this magic spell, Ji Hao complained aloud: "Old man, you want me to eat up the entire mountain? How does this work again? As long as I'm not too tired to eat, I can eat endlessly?"

    "The more you eat, the stronger you get!" The men laughed and waved his finger, two human-head-sized blood drops appeared around his body then flew toward Ji Hao.

    One blood drop was shining with a golden light, Ji Hao sensed pride and power from it, The other one was shining with a purple light, seemed mysterious and noble. Once these two blood drops appeared, Ji Hao sensed the excitement of his body, which seems that his body couldn't wait to coalesce with these blood drops.

    The man heads down and said: "Little guy, I won't take the advantage of you. This is an extra gift. A drop of dragon blood and a drop of phoenix blood, not only for now, they will also be greatly benefit to you in the future! "

    Two Blood drops exploded into golden and purple mist then was absorbed by Ji Hao's body.

    Ji Hao's body was boiling hot. He sensed a great pain, he could no longer stay in the spiritual space, the pain forced him to return to his physical body. He spent every effort to control his muscles in order to keep himself from crying painfully.

    On his shapely and slim body, pieces of muscles squirmed under his skin, his muscles and bones were splintered and reorganized, then became stronger. Dragons2 are born as the most powerful creature in the world. A new born purebred dragon can compete with the Supreme Magus with its own strength.

    A drop of dragon blood thoroughly remolded Ji Hao's body, now he has the perfect human body.

    In the meanwhile, he sensed a warm stream continuously rushed into his soul. His soul had gradually became more powerful and pure.

    Phoenix3 born with the world's purest soul. Every Phoenix is a master sorcery manipulators. One drop of Phoenix blood, purified Ji Hao's soul, laid the perfect foundation for his future practicing.

    The colorful flame was leaping in Ji Hao's Dantian, Ji Hao was greatly surprised by the improvement of his body and soul.

    Hunger, the strong sense of hunger almost made Ji Hao scream. He felt like there was a black hole in his stomach, crazily devouring his muscle and flesh. Ji Hao jumped out of the window, with his arms hung on the eaves and easily got into the lobby downstairs.

    Around the fireplace in the lobby, twenty pieces of beasts meat were hanging and roasting, a thick layer of salt mixed with oil naturally formed a layer of sauce on the surface of these meat.

    Ji Hao grabbed a leg of a saber-toothed tigers and took a bite.

    With a gentle bite, the human-waist-thick lag been broken into two, soon, Ji Hao swallowed the entire led with only a few times of chewing.

    Once Ji Hao ate the leg, he felt a powerful heat stream gushed into the flame in his lower Dantian.

    Later, a slight trace of flame was absorbed by Ji Hao's body, every inch of his body sensed a strong pleasure.

    Ji Hao ate up all twenty pieces of beasts meat quickly. Suddenly, Ji Hao heard a muffled boom from inside his body, he abruptly raised half an inch. His muscles also slightly swelled.

    A strong sense of power moved around Ji Hao's body. He said in a low voice: "Practicing Magus,the Fourth-level.

    1 Dantian: Traditionally, a dantian is considered to be a center of life force energy of the human body. The lower dantian is particularly important as the an energy center, positioned near the lower abdomen of a human body.

    2 Dragon: Legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. Dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles, fish, and imaginary creatures, but they are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. In yin and yang terminology, a dragon is yang. Chinese dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers, which are a symbol of power and strength.

    3 Phoenix: The mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. Males were originally called feng and the females huang. But such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and they are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the Phoenix can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which is traditionally deemed male.

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    Chapter 6 - Parents

    Chapter 6 - Parents

    While Ji Hao was gobbling those roasting meat,Ji Xia and Qing Fu was standing behind their bedroom door, silently looking at Ji Hao from the door slit.

    Ji Fu smiled when she saw that both of Ji Haos body and internal power seemingly had been improved.

    Ji Xia grinned, jumped out of the window and ran toward the dark jungle. He had to hunt more beasts for meat. He knew that Ji Hao would need more food. Ji Xia was strong and nimble. He dashed through the village without disturbing anyone. After he got into the deep jungle, he muttered to himself: Good goodThe more he eats, the stronger hell get. Good, he is becoming a decent man.

    Then Ji Xia paused for a second and laughed: Worthy of being my son, Ji Hao has always been mysterious since he was a little kidwhat on earth did he learn from those Magusriests1 granddaddies? No matter what, this seems a good thing, there is my good boy

    Before the sunrise, the jungle was shrouded by the morning fog. People in the Fire Crow Clan village had already gotten up, started a days work.

    On the mountain top of The Gold Black Mountain, thousands of gigantic Fire Crows flapped their fiery wings, flying toward the rosy clouds in the sky. In the mulberry woods down the valley, countless little Fire Crows were cawing and soaring from the woods, then hovering around the mountain.

    A group of Fire Crow Clan warriors were holding their weapons and riding their fighting beasts, heading for the jungle, started their hunting for a day.

    Women in the village had been busy as well. They had to peel and clean newly hunted beasts, classify metal ores mined by slaves, a large amount of plant-fiber needed to be wove. They always had so much work to do.

    The sky was getting brighter. Ji Hao stood on the roof, facing the East, breathing slowly and deeply. There were wisps of lavender smoke which seemingly came from the far away East. Ji Hao slowly and carefully breathed the lavender smoke into his body. The lavender smoke is the purest life force energy of nature, only exist at dawn.

    Ji Hao whispered the Nine Secret Words - Lin, Bing, Dou, Zhe, Jie, Zhen, Lie, Qian, Xing. His hands locked together in front of his chest, constantly changing motions. The purest life force energy had been absorbed by Ji Haos body, turned into his spiritual power2. Soon, Ji Hao began to sweat.

    Before the lastlight, JI Hao could only handle one wisp of lavender smoke, which was already difficult to cope with. However, after his body and soul were improved by the dragon blood and the phoenix blood, Ji Hao has already taken thirty-six wisps of life force energy this morning and still felt that he could continue.

    Amazing! Ji Hao was very pleased. A faint fiery light emitted from his head. The deal he made with the mysterious man in his spiritual space, for now, was a right choice.

    Hao!, Bro!

    Hundreds of younger kids passed by where Ji Hao standing. They were shouting and running. Each of them was carrying a gigantic stone, which looked like a small mountain.

    Ji Hao stopped his practicing, smiley waving to these kids.

    Those kids dashed through his sight. On the surface of their stones, there were special marks which shining with earthy-yellow lights. These marks were carved by Magusriests. With these marks, those stones were actually ten times heavier than the original weight.

    Ahyaya, these kids theyre becoming the First-Level Practicing Magus, soon they will all become decent warriors! Ji Hao looked at the kids and said.

    As a Practicing Magus, to improve the physical strength was the most important thing. A solid body is the foundation for future practicing, which is highly necessary for being a Magus warrior.

    Stones carried by those kids were made of Qingang, the hardest rock in the Southern Wasteland jungle. Each of those stones was cut into a three-square-feet cube. The stone weight was also being using to measure strength. The weight of one stone cube was one unit of strength, called one stone. A First-Level Practicing Magus had the strength of ten-thousand stones and a Second-Level Practicing Magus had the strength of twenty-thousand stones.

    Ji Hao was a Forth-Level Practicing Magus, which means that he had the strength of Forty-thousand stones.

    ButThe guy Ji Wu Ji Hao frowned.

    After the fight in the meeting hall against Ji Wu, Ji Hao clearly realized that Ji Wu was way more strengthful than him. The strong and fiery light emitted from Ji Wus body showed that he has reached the Tenth-Level, and his internal power might have already been triggered3. Only two levels further, Ji Wu could upgrade to the level of Junior Magus.

    With Ji Haos current strength and sorceries he learned from Magusreist granddaddies, it was not difficult for him to transform his body and took a few advantages. However, if to fight against Ji wu face to face, Ji Hao would not easily win. Not to mention that, even if he won, he had to face Ji Shu and his people.

    I have to eat more powerful beasts Ji Hao talked to himself, How about asking Mr. Crow for help? Mr. Crow is in the level of Senior Magus, if ask it to hunt a hundred of Junior-Magus-Level beasts for me 4

    While Ji Hao was considering this, he smelled meat.

    Qing Fu walked into the yard, waved to Ji Hao, said: Hao, come on down. Your Abba hunted you a serpent earlier this morning, come on.

    Ji Hao looked at Qing Fu, leaped down from the roof, walked to the lobby.

    The Bronze Bear, Ji Xias fighting beast, was lying on its stomach by the door, looking at the roasting serpent and drooling.

    Ji Xia glanced at the bear, then threw a human-leg-thick firewood toward the bear. The bear was hit by the firewood, howled in pain, rolling away like a ball of fur.

    Get away, you fat! Ji Xia said, The only thing you understand is eating, sooner or later youll be too fat to run, then I could eat you and find myself another fighting beast

    While Ji Xia was yelling at the bear, Ji Hao walked into the lobby, looked at the roasting beast.

    It was a serpent. Its muscles were subtransparent and its bones were metal-like, which means that this serpent was in the top level of Practicing Magus.

    There were countless beasts living in the jungle, but a beast which reached this level was very rare and was hard to hunt.

    Abba! Ji Hao walked to the fireplace and took a seat.

    Hao, Ji Xia looked at Ji Hao and smiled, You ate all of our meat last night. I was afraid that youre still hungry. Here, I got you a White Qui Serpent.

    White Qui Serpents were highly toxic, good at hiding and very difficult to hunt. Its bone marrow contained huge power.

    Qing Fu walked inside, rubbed Ji Haos head, said: Hao, you ate that much of meat yesterday, I saw your strength has been upgraded, which was a good thing. Here, you should eat more.

    Ji Xia and Qing Fu smiley looked at Ji Hao. They seemed not going to ask what happened to Ji Hao at last night at all.

    Ji Hao looked at his parents. He was deeply touched. They never questioned him, they had always been protecting and supporting him as much as they could. Yes, they were his parent, for him, they were the greatest people in the world.

    Okay, Im just a bit hungry, Abba, Amma, thanks! Ji Hao laughed. He grabbed a knife and chopped a bucket-thick serpent tail off, gobbled even without chewing,

    Once Ji Hao ate the serpent tail, he sensed that the serpents bones and muscles turned into a heat stream, rushing toward the flame in his Dantian. Soon, a slight trace of flame was absorbed by his body.

    Ji Xia and Qing Fu have noticed that Ji Haos muscles were swelling. At the same time, they heard that his bones were creaking. Ji Hao even looked slightly taller than before.

    They laughed delightedly, Ji Xia Said: Good, good, Hao, just eat whatever you want, Abba can hunt you anything!

    Qing Fu smiley rubbed Ji Haos head.

    Then, someone knocked the door. They heard a dramatic voice: Is Qing Fu, the Mguspreist home? I have some drug-making problems that would like to consult her.

    1 Magusriests: A special group of people among Magi. Magusriests are good at all kinds of sorceries and magic spells, as well as drug-making. Some of them may not be as physically strengthful as Magi, however, they usually have great spiritual power.

    2 Spiritual powers: Slightly different from the internal power, the spiritual power of a Magus can be seeing as the power of the soul. Unlike the internal power, spiritual power cannot directly turn into the physical attack. However, strong spiritual power is one of the most important foundation of Magus practicing. Strong spiritual power is also highly necessary for all kinds of sorceries.

    3 Although Magi warriors were born with internal power and spiritual power, which were naturally contained in their body and soul. However, without enough physical strength and a strong body, they neither could trigger nor manipulate their internal and spiritual power.

    4 All living creatures naturally have life force energy and internal power. They naturally learned to absorb life force energy from the nature to grow their internal power. The quality of internal power of a beast is as same as a Magus, therefore, it can be seeing as in a certain level as a Magus.

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    Chapter 7 - Defiance

    Chapter 7 - Defiance

    Ji Hao opened the door and saw Ji Wu.

    Ji Wu was standing in front of the door, shaking his body impatiently. His arms were crossed around his chest.

    Ji Hao was a lot shorter and thinner than Ji Wu.

    Hah! Ji Wu looked down at Ji Hao, said conqueringly: Ji Hao, I will kill you at the worship ceremony.

    Ji Hao looked up at Ji Wu, sneered:Kill me? Yesterday, who was nearly beaten to cry by me? Wanna you kill me? Haha, I dont think so.

    Ji Wu gnashed his teeth and stared at Ji Hao. Yesterday, in front of his own father and all those elders in the Clan, he was beaten by a Ji Hao, who was thinner, weaker, and in much lower level than himself. For him, this was his greatest humiliation.

    You bastard! Ji Wu ragingly waved his fist, attempted to punch Ji Hao.

    Then a beautiful woman walked out from behind Ji Wu, grabbed his arm. Ji Wu was tall and strong. His body completely blocked Ji Xias sight, Ji Xia didnt even know that the woman was standing there all the time.

    The woman was slim yet strengthful. With a gentle drag, Ji Wu shambled backward then fell on the ground.

    Ji Wu sat on the ground, utterly discomfited. He shouted: Amma! Im going to kill this little bastard!

    Hey, you little bastard, what are you talking about? Ji Xia crossed his arms, looked at the woman and laughed.

    Ji Wu opened his mouth, attempted to say something else. But the woman scolded him loudly, Ji Wu fearfully shut his mouth.

    The woman narrowed her eyes and looked at Ji Hao for a while, then said with a sneer:Such a pretty boy, as pretty as your AmmaBut youre just so thin and so weak, even a rabbit could break your leg.

    Ji Hao looked back at this woman. She was a bit taller than Qing Fu. Compared to Qing Fu, who was gentle and mild in manner, this woman seemingly had a terrible temper. This was a beautiful and sexy woman, with bright red lips and piercing dark brown eyes. She seemed charming yet dangerous.

    I dont believe that there is such a rabbit existed which could break my leg. Ji Hao gazed at the womans abundant breasts and said, But Appa1, youre the one who should really be careful. Those stinky snakes from The Black Water Serpent Clan often came and harassed recently. Appa, imagine, if you been kidnaped by these guys, there will be at least a hundred of stinky snakes come into your bed every night.

    The womans expression suddenly turned darker. Appa? Does she looked like those ugly old women in the village? Not to mention what Ji Hao said about those stinky snakes.

    You son of a *****! Ji Wu growled, How dare you talk to Amma like this! His tattoos glowed, a shield and an ax ejected from his arms, been held in Ji Wus hands.

    Ji Wu was just going to attack Ji Hao, a huge bear suddenly showed up. The Bronze Bear stood up behind Ji Hao, seemed like a small mountain. The bear stared at Ji Wu and drooled as if it was staring at a piece of roasting meat.

    DaDamn! The shock of seeing the bear rooted Ji Wu to the spot.

    Despite the bear was fat and lazy, it was Ji Xias fighting beast. The bears strength has nearly reached the level of Junior Magus. How a practicing Magus like Ji Wu could face the Bronze Bear and not been frightened.

    The woman waved her finger in the air, the scary atmosphere created by the bear soonly gone. She looked at Ji Hao with a cold expression and said: You brat, how old you think you are? Do you know about what adults do? Hah, Qing Fu, I came here to talk to you, are you going to let this little bastard keep talking nonsense here?

    hehe The woman sneered, waved her arm. A gray mist sprayed from her sleeve toward Ji Haos face.

    Ji Hao sensed a terrible smell. He recognized seven different highly toxic herbs from the smell. Included Bone Etcher Plant and Duan Chang Grass.

    Ji Hao quickly stepped back. The Bronze Bear howled and stood up again. A gale wind blown from its gigantic mouth, blocked the mist for one second. The woman flicked her finger, the mist turned into two wisps of smoke, dashed toward the bears nostrils.

    Jiang Yao, you should know that I only know how to make drugs that save livesI know nothing about your toxicants. Qing Fu sighed. A green mist sprayed from the window of Ji Haos family house, wrapped the gray smoke. The gray smoke and the green mist quickly devoured each other, turned into a white smoke and dissipated in the air.

    Jiang Yao, the beautiful womans expression suddenly changed, coldly said: Qing Fu, Im surprised that after they broken your Magus Cave and dropped you to the Junior Level, you actually made some improvement on drug-making.

    Qing Fu stayed silent. Ji Hao stood behind the fat bear, dragged its short tail to keep it from attacking Jiang Yao. Ji Hao sneered and said: Indeed, my Amma dropped from the Senior level, but she still is a genius on drag-making. She has always been concentrating on healing and detoxifying our people in needs with her drug-making knowledge. She should be making improvements.

    Jiang Yao sneered again and yelled: Ji Xia, the Big Brother. I came all the way to visit you and youre not going to show your face?

    Ji Xia stayed silent. Qin Fu said: Jiang Yao, are you visiting us or challenging us? If you what to talk, we will talk at the worship ceremony. If you want to compete against me in drug-making, we will do that at the worship ceremony too.

    Jiang Yao laughed and glared at Ji Hao. She said in a soft yet dramatic voice: Okay. We shall do what you said. You and me we have a lot of catch up to do at the ceremony. After all, Ji Shu, my husband, is going to become the leader among the Fire Crow Clan worries!

    Ji Hao coughed and said: Hey! My Abba, Ji Xia, is the only leader of the Fire Crow Clan!

    Jiang Yao smiled maliciously, suddenly raised her arm and tried to scratch Ji Hao with her dark-green fingernails.

    Jiang Yaos fingernails brought up a sharp wind and scratched Ji Haos face. The wind had a pungent smell, which mans that there were something highly toxic on Ji Yaos fingernails.

    Jiang Yao yelled: You little rat. This is how you speak to elders?

    Ji Yao was a Senior-Level Magusreist, very good at the use of poison. Ji Hao stepped backward and couldnt even keep his eyes open.

    Qing Fu abruptly showed up in front of Ji Hao. She opened her mouth, spouted a thumb-sized, white jade pearl, which was shining with a faint white light. The jade pearl heavily hit on Jiang Yaos palm.

    Jiang Yao screamed, quickly drew back her hand as if she had touched a flame. She greedily looked at the jade pearl and said: Mu Sheng Pearl, such a treasureIts a shame that Qing fu, your Magus Cave had been broken. Now, youre such a waste. You don't deserve a treasure like this! Ill be expecting you at the ceremony.

    Jiang Yao finished her words and put her right hand in Ji Wus shoulder. Suddenly, their body exploded into streams of fiery lights and then disappeared.

    Qing Fu put the Mu Sheng Pearl back into her mouth. Her slim body tottered, nearly fell on the ground. Ji Hao opened his eyes, he noticed that there was a wisp of blood in the corner of Qing Fus month.

    Ji Haos eyeballs suddenly turned into blood-red and went back to normal after only a moment.

    Ji Xias voice came from the room: Hao, come on in, you havent finished your meal.

    Ji Xia paused for a second and said in a lower voice: How dare they show up here and treat us like that? Do they really think that Im a waste man?

    Ji Hao silently walked back to the lobby, grabbed a piece of meat and gobbled.

    1 Appa: Old ladies. In China, children sometimes call their grandmas as Appa.

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    Chapter 8 - Different Races

    Chapter 8 - Different Races

    The serpent kind have tremendous physical strength. White Qui Serpent are especially strengthful. A White Qui Serpent at the top-level of Practising Magus has the physical strength ten times better than a Tenth-Level Practicing Magus.

    Ji Hao had eaten an entire White Qui Serpent, which improved his physical strength to another level. He stretched his body in the yard and cast a shout to the sky. He sensed great power from his bones and muscles.

    Yesterday, Ji Hao had become a Forth-Level Practicing Magus. Now he has gained another Forty-Thousand Stones of strength by ate an entire White Qui Serpent.

    Ji Hao laughed aloud pleasantly. If he could eat ten more beasts like this White Qui Serpent before the worship ceremony, Ji Wu would no longer be a threaten to him.

    Ji Hao exercised in the yard for a while, then took a deep breath. He shrilly whistled toward the Gold Black Mountain.

    From a towering mulberry tree in the Gold Black Mountain, a gigantic Fire Crow flew up. The crow hovered around the tree and flew toward Ji Hao. The Fire Crows feathers were emitting a faint fiery light.

    The Crow folded its wings, transformed into a beam of light then showed up over the yard in the span of a few breaths.

    Ji Xia stood by the door, sincerely nodded to the Fire Crow and said: Mr. Crow, thanks for always keeping an eye on Ji Hao.

    The Fire Crow was floating in front of Ji Xia. It narrowed its eyes and tilted its head, cawed to Ji Xia. Ji Hao hopped on the crows head, laughed and said: Mr. Crow! Lets go somewhere further today! Do you remember where we found a nest of Golden-Wing Bee? Lets go!

    With a long whistle, the Fire Crow soared straight up into the sky, then flicked its wings and transformed into a light stream, soon disappeared in the clouds.

    Qing Fu slowly walked to the door, looked where Ji Hao and the crow disappeared, frowned and said to Ji Xia: Jiang Yao came to our place and tried to attack Hao todayXia, these people really want us dead.

    Ji Xia nodded, got on the Bronze Bears back and left. He didnt say a word, but a faint flame appeared around his head.

    The bear roared and dashed to the jungle. Ji Xia whistled a few times, then a group of muscular warriors came out from nearby cabins. They rode different fighting beasts and followed Ji Xia.

    Qing Fu leaned against the door frame, still frowned and gazed at the sky. A wisp of dark-green smoke appeared between his eyebrows only for a moment.

    Jiang Yao she whispered.

    Up in the air, the crow was flying toward the South West. Ji Hao abruptly flapped the crow on the head. The Crow immediately stooped flying forward and floating in the air. The Crow turned round its head, looked at Ji Hao and cawed. It seemed very much puzzled.

    Mr. Crow! I know that we have our ancestors rules to obey, so I cant ask you to deal with Ji Shu and his people for me But if I do it myself, no matter what you see, you wont tell anybody, right? Ji Hao smirked and rubbed the crows head.

    The Crow blinked its eyes and cawed loudly, showed a cunning look to Ji Hao.

    Good! Good! What are we were bros! You know me since I was a baby, now therere some people want me and Abba, Amma die, you wouldnt let them, will you? Ji Hao stood up, looked back at the Gold Black Mountain, muttered: An eye for an eye, I dont want to wait till tomorrow.

    Ji Hao pointed a direction, the crow opened its wings and swerved in the air, slowly and silently flew to where Ji Hao pointed.

    After a quarter of an hour, the crow quietly landed in a mountain hundreds of miles away from the Gold Black Mountain. Ji Hao leaped down from the crows head, dragged off a pile of vines. An entrance to a cave showed up in front of them.

    It was a cave hidden behind the pile of vines, which was nearly a hundred meters in radius. Dozen of big clay vats1 were placed in the cave orderly. Every one of these vats was sealed with clay. Ji Hao checked them one by one, then choose one and carefully carried on his shoulder.

    Ji Hao carried the vat out of the cave, then covered the entrance with vines. He held the vat in his arms and hopped on the crows head. The crow flapped its wing, silently rose to the sky. In few minutes, the crow landed in a valley which was few miles aways from the cave.

    The valley was quiet and clean, white cobblestones were everywhere.

    Ji Hao seemed very familiar with this place. He walked to a gigantic stone in the centre of the valley and forcibly kicked it.

    The entire valley slightly shook. With a thundering noise, this gigantic stone moved and floated in the air. Nearby cobblestones converged toward this gigantic stone and eventually formed a pure-white stone giant in the span of few breaths.

    The stone giant started to creaking its body. Stones on his body began to moving inward fastly and his body was constantly compressing. Soon, this stone giant was as short as Ji Hao, its face and body became human-like.

    HaoYou naughty kid! Youlooking for me? The stone man has a rough yet clear face. He popped his eyes and looked at Ji Hao. Suddenly, its eyeballs moved and locked onto the clay vat which was held in Ji Haos arm.

    Boozebooze! Gogood! Whwhat youwant me to do for you this time? Shieldyou again? The stone man smacking his lips and tensely shaking his's head.

    Lasttime, I allall most killed by the oldold tree! I want twovats, or Im out!

    Hay, Stone! Where did you learn how to bargain? Who taught you this? Ji Hao surprisingly looked at the stone man, hand over the vat to him and continued, Okay! Ill get you another one tomorrow. Here, this is yours, and you only need to do me a small favor.

    The stone man smashed the seal-clay impatiently. It was fruit wine contained in that vat, which was in bright-orange color and smelled wonderful, with some fruit pieces mixed in it. The stone man opened its mouth, delightfully drank up the fruit wine in only one breath. He then smashed the vat into pieces, satisfyingly yawned.

    AllrightTo dowhat? The stone man beat his own chest and said, Are we going toto chop the old trees branches? Oror steal the mean womans egg? Oror something else?

    JI Hao narrowed his eyes and smirked: No. Were not playing these kids games this time. Some people want me, and Abba and Amma dead. Im going to kill them first, and you will shield me. Thats it.

    Ji Hao paused for a second, slapped the stone mans shoulder and said: Stone! We need two more helpers. Wheres the mean woman?


    The Fire Crow was quietly preening beside Ji Hao. It shivered and cawed aloud when heard Ji Hao talked about mean women.

    1 A vat: a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids

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    Chapter 9 - Calculation

    Chapter 9 - Calculation

    In a clearing of a dense jungle, a natural hot spring pool was bubbling.

    The spring water was so clear that one could see down to the bottom. There was a layer of white sand in the bottom of the pool. Near the mouth of the spring1, a black flagstone been set aside by the pool. The spring water was constantly gushing out of the pool, flowing through few traces on the stone surface and seeping into the ground.

    Ji Wu was comfortably sitting in the warm water, eyes closing and with a smile on his face. His skin emitted a faint fiery light from time to time.

    Jiang Yao was holding a three-meter-long, red serpent, circling around the pool and whispering a weird, ancient spell. Her voice gradually grew louder. Suddenly, she sliced the serpents neck with a black jade knife in her hand. Hot blood poured onto the stone and formed a dozen of strange spell-symbols2 on the stone surface.

    Seven big and muscular woman were standing around the pool, throwing drug packages made of all kinds of herbs into the water. In addition to drug packages, they sometimes throwing odd stuff, such as a human-arm-long beast teeth, poison sacs of unknown animals and a variety of insects bodies or carapaces3into the pool.

    Along with Jiang Yaos voice, the clear spring water gradually changed colour, turned into a pool of blood-red and thick liquid. Wisps of red smoke started drilling into Ji Wus skin. Ji Wu then began to twitching his body. His peaceful facial expression also has become twisted.

    A few miles away, Ji Hao was standing on a treetop and smiley watching Jiang Yao and Ji Wu.

    The Stoneman was wandering under the tree. He felt so annoying that his body was too heavy for him to climb up any tree. Yet he was very curious about what they saw up there. The only thing he could do was frequently looked up at Ji Hao and hoped that he would tell a few words.

    Next to Stone, there was an old tree. This tree had human-limbs-like branches and a mouth-like big tree hole which was sipping fruit wine from a vat that coiled by its branches.

    Every time when Stone walked near the old tree, the tree would lash his butt with branches. However, Stone could not sense any pain with its body made up of stones.

    Sitting next to Ji Hao on the treetop, was a breathtakingly beautiful girl. Leafs and vines decorated her body, made her looked like a fairy in the woods. She was holding a longbow and a charming smile on her delicate face. Her facial expression was changing at every moment. Sometimes she frowned and pondered seriously, suddenly she raised her eyebrows and then giggled.

    The girl was riding a leopard which had a fire-red fur with silver spots on it. This
    thirty-feet-long leopard was standing on a kid-fist-thick branch, but the branch didnt even swaying. The beast seemed as light as a phantom and as graceful as a prince.

    The stone man is a Stonemlin. The Stonemlin once was an ancient stone down in the valley. Somehow, the stone had learned to absorb the life force energy from nature. Year by year, it started to grow a human-like spirit and eventually learned how to turn itself into a human shape.

    The old tree is a Treefolk. Slightly different from Stone, this old tree was born from seeds and grow into a mundane tree. However, this ordinary yet special tree was born with a strong spiritual power. One day it had unexpectedly awakened into sentient. Since then, it has always known how to enhance itself with the natural life force energy. After years of practicing, the old tree became a mobile Treefolk with human-like limbs.

    The girl named Heng Luo by Ji Hao, is a minor girl and a nature deity. She is a Nymph, a magical creature. Hong Luo born by the gathering of natural life force energy and spiritual power, with the talent of control the beasts, identify all kinds of plants and communicate with all living creatures. She is tightly associated with nature, she is the one who animating this jungle.

    Ji Hao never liked to hang around with kids in the village. Ever since he learned to walk, he spent nearly all his time in this jungle. These years, Stone, the Treefolk, Heng luo, and few other special creatures were his true friends.

    Mr. Crow was also stood on the treetop by Ji Hao and Heng Luo. It turned aside its head and cawed to them.

    Heng Luo nodded. she touched a branch near her with her slim finger. Suddenly, a green shoot on that branch started to grow rapidly, soon turned into a big flower. An intense aroma came along with the voices of Ji Wu and Jiang Yao from the flower.

    In the jungle, every plant could become the eyes and ears of Heng Luo.

    Ji Hao hunkered down next to Heng Luo, quietly listened to what Jiang Yao said to his son.

    Jiang Yao walked fastly around the hot spring pool and constantly threw things into the water. Meanwhile, she harshly talked to Ji Wu.

    Wu, youre the son of mine. Your grandfather is the Master Magusreist and a powerful leader in the Bi Fang Clan4. You have the noble blood, which is far better than people from this humble Fire Crow Clan. How could you lose your fight against a kid four years younger than you?

    Amma! Ji Wu grimaced in pain then said. He Attacked me in the back! The little bastardI won't let him have another chance at the ceremony. I will split him! Ji Wu waved his arms in the air excitedly.

    Thats right. My son, you belong to our Bi Fang Clan, you should be way better than those crows people. You should kill the little bastard at the ceremonyYoure my son, you can never lose to a boy of a Qing Yi Clan woman! Qing Yi Clanthose dogs Jiang Yao said in a cold voice.

    Qing Yi Clan woman? Heng Luo curiously looked at Ji Hao and asked, Is that your Amma? Hao, I like your Amma, I like her smell.

    Ji Hao listened to the sound from the flowers, slowly answered: I like Amma too, but it seems some people dont

    But Wu No, do not kill him. You will make the blood oath5 with Ji Hao at the worship ceremony. If one of you lost the fight, he will become a slave of the other one.

    You will enslave the little bastard! you understand? Jiang Yao showed a lag then continued.

    I have enough slaves! Abba eliminated dozens of small Clans these years, I have hundreds of slaves! I don't want him to be my slave. I want to kill him! Amma! Ji Wu yelled when he heard what Jiang Yao said.

    You silly boy. You will enslave him. Jiang Yao narrowed her eyes and said viciously. Enslave him If I couldn't kill Qing Fu at the ceremony, we will trade two of her treasures with Ji Haos life!

    Ji Hao heard what she said from the flower, raised his eyebrows and applauded to this perfect plan.

    WonderfulHer husband wants to replace Abba and be the leader; she wants Ammas treasures; and her son, wants to kill me! What a nice family!

    While laughing, Ji Hao pointed the spring pool.

    The Treefolk largely opened his mouth, swallowed the vat and slowly walked toward the pool.

    1 The mouth of the spring: A hole where the spring water comes out from underground.
    2 The spell symbols: Symbols appeared when a certain magic-force been triggered. Usually, the magic-force will be trigger when a Magus read a certain magic spell.
    3 Carapaces: Hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles.
    4 Bi Fang Clan: Another thriving and historical clan.
    5 Blood oath: A blood oath is when one would shed their own blood and offer it onto an altar or whatever they believed right and swore to uphold a certain task, no matter what. Also it was when a person would shed blood, usually, they'd cut their hand and then shake hands in agreement with a task they swear to uphold.

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    Chapter 10 - Kill

    Chapter 10 - Kill

    Inside the hot spring pool, the blood-red water suddenly turned pulpy. A dozen of twisted spell symbols emerged from the water.

    The strong efficacy of Jiang Yaos magic spell and drugs caused a great pain to Ji Wu. Ji Wu felt like that countless sharp knives had been plunged into his body. He couldn't stop twitching and crying in pain. He almost jumped out for many times but always been pushed back by Jiang Yao.

    Jiang Yaos hands were slim and slender, yet strangely powerful. She pressed her hand against Ji Wus shoulder and Ji Wu couldn't move an inch no matter how hard he struggled.

    Amma! Amma! It hurts! It really hurts! Burning! Its Burning! Amma! Ji Wu let out a sharp cry, followed by waves of wailing. His nose was running, his upper lip hot with a rivulet of mucus, tears around his ears and neck.

    Hang on! Wu! Hang on! Jiang Yao said with an ice cold expression on her beautiful face. She gnashed her teeth and continued, You must let everyone know that my boy is better than Qing Fus son! You must beat him at the ceremony!

    Im helping you to trigger your internal power and upgrade to the Eleventh-Level of Novice Magus. This is the only way to make sure you win! Jiang Yao growled, That little bastard, Ji Hao. I heard that he has been Novice Magusreist sorceries, he cant be that easy to beat. You have to upgrade!

    A sound of flame came from inside Ji Wus body. Soon, a small flame spurted from between his eyebrows. Fiery light beams appeared from inside the flame and slowly spread to the rest of his body, eventually wrapped the whole body of Ji Wu.

    Jiang Yao proudly raised her eyebrows, laughed in great delight. Those muscular women stood aside also laughed aloud and started to talk about how talented Ji Wu was. They said that Ji Wu was a genius, who could upgrade to the Eleventh Level in such a young age. This was truly rare even in the Bi Fang Clan.

    Jiang Yao held her head high when she heard their words.

    Ji Wu was still twitching. His muscles began to swell and bones started to creak. His body was slowly growing bigger. After a few seconds, Ji Wu lost his consciousness under great pain.

    To forcibly upgrade by drugs and magic spells instead of daily practice, which can be extremely painful. Because the body is not yet strong enough to handle such tremendous power.

    Wu! Youre my son, you have to win! Jiang Yao gave her face a brutal expression. This is not only about your Abba, but also about my reputation!

    While she was speaking, the sound of heavy footsteps came from the jungle.The seven strong women picked up swords and axes, lined up in front of Jiang Yao to protect her.

    Near Jiang Yao and her people, a towering tree swayed and cracked. The Treefolk walked out from behind that tree.

    The Treefolk opened its mouth, sprayed a cold mist to Jiang Yao and her people, then started to roar. The Treefolks roaring caused a great gust of wind, which blew the fallen leaves into the sky. A dozen of green spell symbols appeared in his tree trunk. Once those symbols appeared, the gale blew even harder.

    Jiang Yao looked at the Treefolk and made an odd gesture to him. Seemingly she used a certain magic-spell to the Treefolk.

    Treefolk, the guard of the jungle. I am Jiang Yao, the daughter of the Master Magusriest of the Bi Fang Clan. Let us obey the agreements between my ancestor and the god of nature. You shall just leave. Do not enrage me! Jiang Yao said. Her spell seemed didn't work at all.

    The Treefolk took a big step forward and said with his grating voice: The Bi FangClan? This jungle belongs toThe FireCrow! This is myjungle!

    My jungle! He pointed to the hot spring pool with a long branch and emphasized.

    Jiang Yao frowningly glanced at the bubbling red water in the pool. Ji Wu was lying in the water unconsciously and his body was wrapping by a faint fiery light. In maybe a few hours, Ji Wus body would absorb enough power from the water and upgrade to the next level, then his internal power could be triggered. Till then, he could diffidently win Ji Hao.

    But if Ji Wu got out of the pool now, he might not be able to upgrade by himself. Additionally, The magic-spell and the drug she used were strongly effective, which could not be used to upgrade Ji Wu again, not until a year later.

    Furthermore, Ji Wu was injured by Ji Hao yesterday, which could make Ji Wu lose his fight again. If so, all her efforts would be in vain.

    Is this your jungle? I am Jiang Yao. Now I need this place. She pointed to the pool and said coldly, Name your price.

    The Treefolk stayed silent for a while, then slowly walked to the seven women in front of Jiang Yao. More green spell symbols emerged from his tree trunk, two green flames blazed up above his mouth-like tree hole. He has opened his eyes.

    The Treefolk let out a roar. A large cold mist spouted out from his mouth. The seven women have been suddenly frozen by the mist. Then the Treefolk waved his arm-like branches and lashed those frozen woman away.

    The Treefolk was, at least, a thousand years old. His body was as solid as steel and extremely strengthful. Those strong women been lashed and smashed on the ground. Their bones were even exposed in the air and blood was everywhere.

    You bastard! I will chop you and burn you as firewoods! Jiang Yao shouted and stepped back flutteringly.

    Jiang Yao was a powerful Senior Magusreist. However, She was good at all kinds of sorceries; but as for close combat, she was no better even than her son, Ji Wu.

    The Treefolk roared and walked toward Jiang Yao in big steps.

    Jiang Yao staggered backward. Her lips turned white with fear. She even forgot to use her Magusreist sorceries, only crazily waved her arms. A large multicoloured smoke spurted out from her sleeves and quickly wrapped the Treefolks trunk.

    The multicoloured smoke was made of a variety of highly poisonous herbs, a single breath of it could poison a hundred people to death. However, all kinds of poison from the jungle were ineffective to the Treefolk.

    Treefolk quickly walked to Jiang Yao, jerked out a branch and pierced her chest.

    Jiang Yao screamed and oddly twisted her boy. Her body suddenly changed into a doll hung in the branch, which was carved out of wood and looked exactly like Jiang Yao.

    The Treefolk stared at the doll, the doll suddenly started to burn. In the flame, a slender birds eye quickly appeared and disappeared.

    Along with a loud noise, the doll exploded. The explosion stirred the atmosphere tempestuously and blew the Treefolk a mile away. His bark was shattered and the green wood inside was exposed in the air. A large amount of sap pouring out as if he was blooding.

    The Treefolk howled in pain. Ragingly raised an arm and growled: Ouch! It Hurts!Ten!BoozeTen!

    Jiang Yao stood up from behind a plant near the spring pool. She was constantly coughing blood. She grabbed Ji Wu and intended to flee.

    From inside the jungle, Ji Hao silently ran out at full speed and quickly approached Jiang Yao.

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    Chapter 11 - Trick

    Chapter 11 - Trick

    Ji Hao was wearing a leather armour with his faced painted black. The leather armour was made of serpent skin, which was only used by the Black Water Serpent Clan warriors.

    Ji Hao silently and windingly rushed through the jungle, which was also the special attacking method of the Black Water Serpent Clan warriors.

    Soon, Ji Hao quietly appeared in behind Jiang Yao, who was still spitting blood. He waved his arms forward. Triggered the force of the Nice Secret Words. The steam of red spring water suddenly frozen, turned into dozens of black ice-knives and stabbed toward Jiang Yaos back.

    Fire Crow womanDie! Ji Haos voice was hoarse and old, like a ninety-year-old man.

    The Nice Secret Words allowed Ji Hao to precisely control any part of his body. He just slightly twisted his vocal cords with his internal power and changed his voice.

    Ji Wu was just dragged out from the pool by Jiang Yao. He hasn't completely wake up from unconsciousness until he saw Ji Hao murderously rushing towards him like a black serpent.

    Ji Wu was deeply shocked by Ji Hao. He difficultly opened his mouth yet couldn't make any sound. Until those black ice-knives were about to pierce Jiang Yaos body, Ji Wu frighteningly screamed out loud.


    Jiang Yao shivered her body and turned around subconsciously. A dozen of blacked, sharp ice-knives were shining with a cold light. The nearest knife-tip was nearly touched her skin.

    Jiang Yaos pupils shrank into pinhead-size. She subconsciously pulled Ji Wu up, shielded herself from the attack. Ji Wu began to screaming and trembling with fear immediately. All of the ice-knives accurately plunged into his body.

    Those ice-knives quickly melted in his body, a large amount of blood spurted out from his chest and belly. He even forgot to take a look at Ji Haos face. Instead, he turned around his head painfully and puzzledly, screamed Amma! again.

    Even Ji Hao was astonished by Jiang Yao. He glanced at her face.

    This Woman, shields herself with her own son!

    Which reminded Ji Hao the battle ten years ago, at the Gold Black Mountain. Assassins from the Black Water Serpent Clan was attempted to kill Ji Hao. Qing Fu and Ji Xia blocked all attacks with their own bodies and saved his young life.

    In comparison, this Jiang Yao was unbelievably selfish.

    WomanYou surprised me Ji Hao laughed oddly. A blacked snake was ejected from around Ji Haos waist and flew toward Ji Wus throat with its big mouth opened.

    Ji Wu was a Tenth-Level Novice Magus, far more strong and harder to kill than ordinary people. Though he has been stabbed by a dozen of ice-knives, the knives missed his heart and weren't enough to kill him.

    But with this snake, a Three-Step Viper, which was extremely poisonous. Any ordinary Novice Magus couldn't make three steps further and would die immediately after been bitten by a Three-Step Viper.

    Amma! Amma! Help! When he saw the snake which was flying towards him, Ji Wu cried hopelessly with blood all over his body.

    Jiang Yao was dragging Ji Wu and running like hell. She waved her arm and left a dense black mist behind her. The viper rushed into the mist and been corroded into a pool of blood only in a trice.

    Ji Hao was frightened when he saw the viper died only in a second. He let go with a sudden yell, nearly exposed his real voice. He quickly moved his body and avoided the black mist.

    What a cruel woman. But I like youBeautiful MagusreistYou could worth a fortune! Ji Hao oddly laughed aloud. Meanwhile, he pulled out a long sword which was in a strange shape and stabbed toward Ji Wus heart.

    This sword was a booty. Ji Hao gained it when hunted the Black Water Serpent warriors in the jungle with Mr Crow. The Fire Crow warriors prefer heavy and gigantic weapons. Light weapons like this, only belong to sneaky fighters of the Black Water Serpent Clan.

    Ji Hao flicked his wrist, the withy sword suddenly reached Ji Wus chest.

    Amma! Help! Ji Wu screamed again with a terrible smell came along. He looked at the sword which was about to penetrate into his chest, had got so scared it caused him to pee on himself.

    Jiang Yao shook her body and she almost doubled her speed. She waved her arm backwards again, more poisonous power had been thrown to Ji Hao. In the meanwhile, a dozen of black and winged scorpions rushed out from Ji Yaos clothing, flew toward Ji Hao with a loud buzzing sound.

    Black Ghost Scorpion? Ji Hao said coldly. Woman, youre quite talented But not gonna work!

    Though Ji Hao intentionally said in a relaxing voice, he still drew back subconsciously and tried to avoid these scorpions. Black Ghost Scorpion is also highly poisonous. Different from Three-Step Viper, this kind of scorpion doesnt kill enemies immediately. Instead, the venom of Black Ghost Scorpion will make enemies suffer from extreme pain. People been beaten by Black Ghost Scorpions will eventually die in great pain. Even Senior Magi cannot stand a single bite from Black Ghost Scorpion.

    Ji Hao waved the sword and split these scorpions into pieces.

    Jiang Yao didn't stop fleeing. Meanwhile, she turned her head and shouted: Black Water Serpent Clan? I, Jiang Yao, I remembered you! You old bastard, I remembered your voice!

    Inside the jungle, Stone was hiding behind a tree. He grabbed a Dark Bronze Vine, which was growing for at least five hundred years and harder than steel. A dozen of white spell symbols was sparkling on Stones body.

    Jiang Yao ran into the jungle with Ji Wu grabbed in her hand.

    Booze! Stone cast a roar. Lashed Jiang Yao with the Dark Bronze Vine.

    The vine hit right on her chest. Jiang Yao and Ji Wu been thrown away by the tremendous power and flew toward the spring pool. Followed by the sound of breaking bones.

    Nearly a mile away, on the treetop of a tree, Heng Luo kneeled on a branch and pulled her bow. She aimed at Jiang Yaos throat and took a deep breath. Then a Human-face Ghost Spider been accurately shot toward Jiang Yaos neck.

    Jiang Yao quickly noticed the spider. She cast a curse then jerked out a palm-size, red bone from her sleeve and crumbled it. Once she crumbled the bone, a huge flame spurted out along with a thundering noise. Soon, the flame wrapped Jiang Yao and Ji Wu, turned into a fire-red, single-leg Bi Fang bird. The bird rushed into the sky as a beam of fiery light then disappeared without a trace.

    Damn! Ji Hao has just split the last scorpion. He angrily looked at where the Bi Fang Bird disappeared.

    Jiang Yao! This isnt over!

    Ji Hao yelled toward the sky. He then threw a few leather armour pieces and the sword on the ground. After that, he sharply whistled and quickly drew back to the dense jungle.

    Since Ji Hao and his friends failed to kill Jiang Yao and his son, he had to leave some traces and let them suspect the Black Water Serpent Clan of attack. This attack seemingly had nothing to do with Ji Hao at all.

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    Chapter 12 - Snoop

    Chapter 12 - Snoop

    There were wisps of sunset cloud in the sky, and soon the night came quite down.

    A floating island was drifting in the air overhead the Gold Black Mountain. Three gigantic Fire Crows were lazily suspended over the mountaintop and yawned occasionally. Their feathers were emitting a faint fiery light, lightening the entire mountain. With this faint fiery light, no enemies could possibly sneak attack at night.

    In Ji Haos home, Qing Fu and Ji Hao were sitting around the fireplace. The bonfire was blazing, half a peeled and cleaned Four-Armed Beargorilla was grilling. The oil of the meat constantly dropped into the fire. The smell of meat made the fat bear slobbered, which was lying on its own stomach outside the door and deeply asleep.

    In the day time, Ji Hao brought some honey from the Gold-Wing Bees nest. He spread the honey on the grilled meat. The rich sweet smell of honey was very pleasant. Ji Hao took a bite of the meat then happily closed his eyes.

    Hmm, this is so good. Ji Hao then handed the meat to Qing Fu.

    Amma, the Gold-Wing Bees honey. Its really helpful for you. Ji Hao said with a cheery smile on his face.

    The Gold-Wing Bees are no weaker than any beast in the jungle. They attack huge beasts, collect the essences of their bones and make honey. Therefore, the Gold-Wing Bees honey contained a lot of internal power from those beasts. For Magusreists like Qing Fu, the Gold-Wing Bees honey can largely enhance their spiritual power.

    Qing Fu took a small bite of the meat. She narrowed her eyes, glanced askance at Ji Hao.

    Hao, did you really went for the honey today? I thought

    What? Ji Hao calmly chopped a piece of meat off and started to gobble. The meat quickly absorbed by the flame in his Dantian, turned into his strength.

    Haha. Ji Hao laughed, took a sip of cassava wine and said, I heard that Jiang Yao and Ji Wu have been attacked. Amma, you don't think it was me who attacked them, do you? Im not capable of thatJi Wu, maybeBut, Jiang Yao, no, shes too powerful and I definitely wouldn't challenge her.

    Qiang Fu showed a cunning smile and also took a sip of wine from the little jar carved out of stone. She said: Hao, indeed, you couldn't possibly beat Jiang Yao. But, who knowsYou never hung around with kids in the village, you must have many friends out there in the jungle

    Ah..Haha.. Ji Hao paused for a second and laughed out loud intentionally. After that, he did not say another word. Half of a Four-Armed Beargorilla was eaten up by Ji Hao within an hour.

    Ji Hao patted his belly and wiped his mouth satisfyingly, then went back to his room upstairs.

    Amma! Im going to bed. Abba didn't say when to come home. You don't have to wait for him tonight.

    Qing Fu smiled, slowly stood up and rubbed her own waist. She picked up those Four-Armed Beargorilla bones which been threw all over the floor by Ji Hao, carefully put them in the corner. The Four-Armed Beargorilla was in the level of Junior Magi. Its bones were perfect materials for making all kinds of Magusreist tools.

    While picking those bones, Qing Fu muttered: It cant be Hao..Hmm, can't beBut, even better if it was him.

    In the attic, Ji Hao was lying on the ground and staring at the faint fiery light which wrapped the entire Gold Black Mountain through the window. After a quarter of an hour, he heard that Qing Fu has put out the fire and shut the light, went into her bedroom.

    Ji Xia wasnt home this night. He was visiting a few Master Magusriests and elder Magi who always took a neutral attitude to affairs of the clan.

    Ji Hao waited until he heard the peaceful breathing of Qing Fus from her room and made sure she fell asleep. Ji Hao then stood up, carefully and quietly took out a red crow feather from a dark corner of the attic.

    Ji Hao bit his own finger and drew three ancient spell symbols on the feather with his blood, then started to read the spell. The feather quietly blazed up and soon turned into a palm-size black crow. The crow flapped its wings and flew out of the window.

    Ji Hao sat down on the ground with his leg crossed. His eyes were glowing bright red. The feather was came from Mr Crows wing. With Ji Haos magic spell, now Ji Hao could see everything the small black crow saw. Ji Hao controlled the black crow flying toward Ji Shus camping site with his spiritual power.

    In another side of the valley, Ji Shu and his people built a camping site near the entrance. Nearly a hundred of tents were built of logs and animal skins. The little black crow perfectly blended in the dark sky, silently landed on top of the biggest tent.

    This camping site was only for temporary rest, tents were roughly covered by animal skins. The black crow peeped down through the gap between two pieces of sewed skins.

    Two huge clay vats were placed on the ground. On of the vat contained a bubbling red liquid surrounded by a blazing flame. Ji Wu was sitting in the vat and boiling by the hot liquid.

    His face was twisted with pain. He largely opened his mouth but couldn't make any sound.

    Another vat contained a green liquid. Countless poisonous insects were rolling over in the liquid. Jiang Yao was sitting in that vat and gnashing her teeth. Wisps of black smoke came out of her ears and nose.

    In the attic, Ji Hao sneered. This green drug-liquid was pretty effective, witch turned the extravasated blood inside Jiang Yaos body into smoke and excreted.

    Unlike Ji Wu, who had nearly fainted. Jiang Yao cursed with a note of venom in her voice: Its Ji Xias people! Ji Xia and the Black Water Serpent Clan! They were working together! This is the Gold Black Mountain, how could those stinky snakes get here?

    Ji Shu! If youre a man, you should kill Ji Xia at the worship ceremony! And I, I will kill Ji Hao and Qing Fu by myself! She ferociously growled. Ji Xia ganged up with your enemies, sneaked into your Holy Land and tried to kill me!

    Ji Shu was standing aside, didn't say a word. His arms crossed around his chest. His face remained expressionless.

    There were two other men, who were also standing around. One of them was tall and strong, has the face which was similar with Ji Shus face. Another man was also tall, he has a delicate face with a long beard nearly reached the ground. He had the exact same eyes as Jiang Yao.

    The bearded man heard Jiang Yaos curse, violently slapped her face. Jiang Yao then spat out some blood. The blood mixed with the green drug-liquid, seemed very disgusting.

    Stupid! The man said coldly, How could I have such a stupid daughter?

    Ji Shu, It seems that among those Master Magusreists and elder Magi, there are some people who do not want us to take Ji Xias position. Said the man who looked alike Ji Shu.

    The Man sighed and continued: In the ceremony, you should just seize the sceptre, but do not kill him.

    He showed a lag, then said with a really dark face: After the ceremony, we will find a way to kill them all.

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    Chapter 13 - Frighten

    Chapter 13 - Frighten

    Abba! Jiang Yao looked at the bearded man trepidly.

    Jiang Yaos father? The Master Magusreist of the Bi Fang Clan, Jiang Bo? Ji Hao was concentrating on their talk.

    Youre just so stupid. Thats why you could only marry Ji Shu. Your sister, she was much wiser than you, so she deserves to marry that lord. Jiang Bo yelled at his daughter in front of Ji Shu and the other man.

    The corners of Ji Shus mouth suddenly twitched downward when he heard what Jiang Bo said. Though Ji Bo was talk to Jiang Yao, from his words, it was easy to tell that Ji Shu wasnt a big deal to Jiang Bo. His stupid daughter, Jiang Yao married him,but Jiang Yaos sister, who was a lot cleverer than her, was engaged to a man who was much more important than Ji Shu.

    Ji Shu was hurt by Jiang Bos words, but he didn't say anything. After all, the Bi Fang Clan was incredibly powerful, which was dominated the South Wasteland. Jiang Bo was their Master Magureist, Ji Shu wouldn't dare to offend him.

    The other man glanced at Jiang Yao with a look of dissatisfaction on his face. He slightly stretched his body, a loud noises came from inside his body. His bone sounded as hard as iron, which could make the sound as same as a hammer knocked on an iron ingot with joints clicked.

    My people checked the place where they had been attacked. We used seven kinds of sharp-nosed Magrimals[1], but couldnt find any trace of the attackers. The man said in a low voice. In the Gold Black Mountain, only those few old bastard could do this.

    Jiang Bo said coldly: So, those old men from your clan are still want Ji Xia to be the leader. Which means even if you could beat Ji Xia at the ceremony, you couldn't kill him. Or itll be hard to earn loyalty from your people.

    The strong man signed and shook his head, said: Not only that, we cant let people know that Jiang Yao and Ji Wu have been attacked either. Even though we know it wasn't the Black Water Serpent Clan, we cant do anything about it.

    What? Jiang Yao screamed when she heard what the man said. She seemed forgot that she just been slapped by her own father.

    Abba! So, are you not gonna revenge for me? She paused for a second, then popped up her eyes and shouted in an astonished tone: What? It wasn't the Black Water Serpent who attacked me? Did the Fire Crow people attack me? I thought

    Jiang Bo didn't even let her finish her words then slapped her again harder than the last time. Jiang Yao felt like her face was almost smashed. She coughed out some blood, then passed out.

    I, Jiang Bo. How could I have such a stupid daughter? Jiang Bo shook his head and said. The worship ceremony is coming. Ji Shu is going to be the leader of your Fire Crow warriors. If people find out that his wife and son had been attacked and seriously injured under his protection, how could your people be convinced to follow him.

    Ji Shu stomped the ground and nodded to Jiang Bo. I will find out who did this after the ceremony. Said Ji Shu.

    Jiang Bo nodded and maintained a cold face, he said: For now, the most important thing is that you have to become the leader of your Fire Crow warriors.

    Back in the attic, Ji Hao chuckled. Ji Shu and Jiang Bo, how perfect their plan was.

    Ji Hao locked her fingers together, lightning flashed through his eyes. In the meanwhile, on the top of the tent, lightning appeared on the black crows feathers. Its body quickly turned into a flame ball, merged with the lighting. Soon, the small crow transformed into a palm-sized ball of flame and lighting.

    Ji Hao gathered all of his internal power and somehow send the power to the flame-lighting ball. The ball absorbed Ji Haos power, swelled into the head size then quietly fell into the tent. The flame-lightning ball dropped into Jiang Yaos vat, splashed a lot of thick green drug-liquid out then quickly sank to the bottom.

    People in that tent were all shocked. Jiang Bo subconsciously transformed into a beam of fiery light, rushed out and growled: Who was is?

    Ji Shu stepped back at first and paused for a second. Then he dashed to the vat and put his hand into the liquid, tried to take the ball out of the vat. The strong man stood beside him was a lot quicker than him, he has already grasped the flame-lighting ball in his hand when Ji Shu moved.

    Wu Guan Pi Li, Tie Jia Fei Xiong, Ji Ji Ru Lu Ling. The man held the ball on his hand and cast a spell.

    Ji Hao sneered with his eyes closed. He flicked his fingers and the lighting-flame ball which, gathered all his internal power exploded in the mans hand, followed by a thundering noise.

    The man hummed and staggered backward. His entire body was wrapped by flame and lighting. He tightly held his hand in front of his chest to keep the flame-lightning ball from blast out and hurt the rest of the people.

    The man was so strong. Ji Hao couldn't tell exactly how strong he was. Ji Hao has used all his power and created a flame-lighting bomb, which only caused a few burns on his skin.

    Jiang Yao and Ji Wus vats exploded at the same time. The thick drug-liquid splashed everywhere. Both of them were already badly injured, now been hurt by the vat pieces again made them spat out even more blood. Especially Ji Wu, who fell on the ground with blood spurted out from those penetrated wounds on his belly and chest.

    Wu!Ji Shu dashed to Ji Wus side and pressed his hands on Ji Wus wounds, tried to stop the blood. He didnt even took a glance at Jiang Yao, who was also lying on the ground and constantly coughing blood.

    Jiang Bo came back inside the tent with a long face.

    Who did this? Who attacked us from the dark? Jiang Bo roared in a fury. Meanwhile, his delicate face showed a trace of frightening. As the Master Magureist of the Bi Fang Clan, he had been attacked without any sign, which was driving him crazy.

    Ji Shus people heard the bomb, quietly came out of their tents and alerted to what was happening around.

    Ji Haos attack haven't disturbed any of the Fire Crow Clan people, but Ji Shu and his people will diffidently have an uneasy sleep tonight.

    Ji Hao proudly laughed in the attic.

    These Magi, indeed, they have tremendous of physical power. Nevertheless, without practice their spiritual power, they couldnt understand those magic sorceries such as the one Ji Hao just cast. Even a Senior Magus like Ji Shu was not that hard to beat. Ji Hao thought.

    He lied on the bed with a smile on his face, silently absorbed the energy of the starlight to replenish his internal power.

    [1]Magrimals: Animals been raise and train by Magi as helpers.

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    Chapter 14 - The Day

    Chapter 14 - The Day

    Nothing special happened in the next few days before the Ancestors Worship Ceremony. Ji Shu, Jiang Bo and their people kept their mouth shut, didn't let anyone know about the attacking.

    People in Gold Black Mountain have started their busiest time of this decade, prepared for the ceremony. Leaders of every branch clans have come to the Holy Land in the Gold Black Mountain with their people. The smell of grilling meat and strong liquor filled the entire valley every day and night.

    The Fire Crow Clan used to be a powerful and thriving clan. There were legendary Magi such as the Monarch Magus and the Divine Magus[1] among their ancestors. Even though none of the Fire Crow Clan Magi went beyond the senior level for a thousand years, the large clan was remained. The Holy Land in the Gold Black Mountain was the centre of the Fire Crow Clan, which surrounded by nearly a thousand of branch clans.

    The largest branch clan had a population of around a million, while the smallest one had a population of at least ten thousand. Each of these branch clans was controlling a batch of small clans, which were relatively weaker, had to depend on other clans for protection. Theses days, leaders of nearly a thousand branch clans arrived the Holy Land one after another, which kept Ji Xia very busy.

    However, though Ji Xia was extremely busy, he hasn't forgotten about Ji Hao. He hunted a lot of beasts to fill Ji Haos appetite.

    Four-Armed Beargorilla, Single-Horned Pixiu, Gold-Head Baboon, Winged Black Tiger, Soul-Eater Leopard All kinds of hunted beasts been constantly sent back home and eaten up by Ji Hao. Added with Qing Fus special drug which could largely enhance both his internal and spiritual power.

    Its been only half a month. Ji Hao have absorbed abundant of physical strength and life force energy from nearly fifty beastss bodies, with the special power he gained from the Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell. A couple of those beasts were in the level of Junior Magi. The small multicoloured flame in his Dantian has grown into a blazing fire. His body has grown a foot taller and became much stronger.

    The day has come.

    Before the sun rises, more than a thousand of gigantic Fire Crows raised from those towering mulberry trees on top of the Gold Black Mountain.

    Bright fiery light emitted from their feathers, made them looked like a thousand of small suns which even dissipated the clouds in the sky. A dozen of floating mountains was drifting through the Gold Blank Mountain,suddenly been burned up by those fiery crows and turned into wisps of smoke.

    Those Fire Crows started to caw. The thundering sounds even shook the entire Gold Black Mountain. Down in the valley, countless black crows raised from the mulberry woods, seemed as a floating black river, hovering around the Gold Black Mountain.

    Black and red feathers were falling from the sky along with the earsplitting sounds.

    Ji Hao was stood in the yard, whispered the Nine Secret Words. His hands locked together and constantly changed motions. He then started to walk in a particular pace. He just eaten a Double-Head Serpent, which was in the level of Junior Magi and about to transform into a flood dragon[2]. The multicoloured flame in Ji Haos Dantian quickly turned the serpents body into power and energy. Ji Hao triggered his internal power, absorbed the strength from the flame.

    His internal power formed a mist-like purple light ball, appeared in between his eyebrows. After he absorbed this much of physical strength and spiritual power from the flame, the light ball started to expand and contract. Meanwhile, it was becoming solid and gold.

    Ji Hao was ravished with joy when he noticed this change.

    After he reborn in this world as Ji Hao, he has been learning and practicing on the "Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, which created by himself in his previous life. With the Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell and the strong life force energy of this world, he made the achievement which cost him thirty years in his previous life.

    More astonishingly, though his internal power light ball hasnt completely turned solid and gold yet, he could sensed that his internal power was at least a hundred times stronger than it was in the previous life, also a lot purer. After all, his internal power was mainly gained from those powerful beasts living in the jungle.

    Soon, the serpents power and strength been fully absorbed by Ji Haos body. He took a deep breath, slowly opened his mouth and breathed out a blast of hot air. His breath was like hot high pressure steam, suddenly filled the air and raised the temperature in the yard. The fat bear, which was snoring aside the wooden door instantly jumped up and roared to Ji Hao.

    Ji Hao laughed out loud. He never felt better. It has been only half a month, what he gained through the Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell was far more than ten years of practise.

    Hey old man, thanks! He got in to his spiritual space and shouted to the air.

    Dong!! Dong! Dong'!

    Ji Hao heard the Fire Crows were cawing and drums were beating. A thousand of war drums were beaten at the same time down in the valley, caused the thundering reecho and shook the ground.

    Whuu, Whuu

    The Dragon-Bone Horns were blowing. One of Fire Crow Clans ancestors used to slaughter a dragon. After that, they made a set of Dragon-Bone Horns of the dragons throat bones, which were considered as one of the most important treasures of the clan.

    Today is the day of the worship ceremony. Ten of the most powerful Magusreists were playing the Dragon-Bone Horns. Along with the sharp sounds, wisps of white smoke soared into the sky and formed few mist-like gigantic dragons, hovered around mountain.

    Hao, lets go to the Mother Temple in the Holy Land. Qing Fu walked out from the door and said to Ji Hao. She was wearing a long dress, which made of self-woven linen. Her beautiful long hair was coiled into a bun and locked by nine wooden hair pins.

    Ji Hao gazed at those wooden hair pins. These hair pins are in the shape of needles, but longer and bigger. These wooden hair pins are in three different colours, which are black, white and cyan. If look carefully, some smoke-like marks and tiny spell symbols were rolling over inside those wooden hair pins.

    These hair pins were brought from Qing Yi Clan by Qing Fu when she married Ji Xia. They are famous and powerful Magureist tools named the Thorns of Life and Death, had been passed to a few generations before Qing Fu. The Thorns of Life and Deathare capable of both saving and killing people. Ji Hao once saw Qing Fu cured badly injured warriors with the white and cyan thorns, but this was the first time he saw Qing Fu took the three black thorns with her.

    Amma, I heard that Jiang Yao was injured quite bad, she may not gonna show up today. Ji Hao said to Qing Fu, who had a real serious look on her face. A strange but pleasant smell of herbs came from her sleeves.

    Hao, youre too young to know about woman. Qing Fu smiled and said. Today is the day of Ancestors Worship Ceremony. As long as Jiang Yao is alive, she will show up and will diffidently challenge me.

    Ji Hao herd her words and stayed silent. He took over a leather armour from Qing Fus hand. Two of them then walked out with the fat bear.

    Countless Fire Crow Clan people gathered and lined up in the valley. Hundreds of Mgusreist and elder Magus were walking in front of the line and blowing the horns, leading their people walking toward the Gold Black Mountain.

    [1] Monarch Magus and Divine Magus: Bothe are Magi levels. Monarch Magus and Divine Magus are beyond the Senior Magus but not yet reach the Supreme Magus.
    [2] Flood Dragon: Flood Dragon is a mysterious creature capable of many forms. Most often it was regarded as a kind of dragon. In Chinese old legend, serpent kind and fish kind are capable of transform into flood dragons by practising their own spiritual power and life force energy. Once they successfully transformed, they will gain a supernatural power and will be immortal.

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    Chapter 15 - The Ancestors Worship Ceremony

    Chapter 15 - The Ancestors Worship Ceremony

    When the sunlight warmed up the Gold Black Mountain, all the Fire Crow Clan people have arrived the Mother Temple, waited outside.

    Under the sunshine, gigantic crows were cawing and hovering overhead the temple. A couple of old crows lazily leaned their heads and looked down from their nesting tree.

    Ji Hao was also standing outside of the Mother Temple with a group of children.

    The Mother Temple of the Fire Crow Clan wasn't exactly looked like a Temple. It was built on the mountainside, below a sheer cliff. It is more like a cave. Ji Hao and other Fire Crow people were standing in front of a square entrance. From the entrance, Walk through a thousand feet long hallway, there is the holiest place which buried the ancestors of the Fire Crow Clan people.

    People were standing there orderly and quietly, with the serious look on their face.

    A dozen of Elder Magus and Magureists were standing in front of the crowd, carrying trays which were carved out of jade and held gold, precious stones and other treasures.

    Ji Hao hasn't even heard about some of those treasures. He could sense a strong spiritual energy from those sparkling precious stones. The mysterious energy even caused a splendid, multicoloured sunglow in the sky.

    After the sun peaked over the horizon spreading its light and giving life to everything it touches, the Master Magureist of the Fire Crow Clan, Ji Kui came forth from the crowd. He was wearing a cloak made of dragon skin, a helmet made of dragon skull and a string of sharp beast teeth. He was holding a blood-jade dagger and walking toward the entrance of the temple. Then, he turned around and waved to the crowd.

    After that, all the Magusreists came from thousands of branch clans walked out, lined up and kneeled behind Ji Kui, began to read an ancient and obscure magic-spell.

    Ji Hao shivered and looked around. He sensed a weirdly cold air which was pervading around him along with those Magusreistss voices, as if he was surrounded by ghosts. Both his body and soul felt as cold as ice.

    Then Ji Hao heard the screaming and wailing. Ji Xia and a thousand of sturdyai warriors brought thousands of slaves from the back of the mountain. Those slaves were skinny, wounds all over their bodies and their eyes were filled with frightening and hopelessness.

    You bastard! Fire Crow Clan, We, the Black Water Serpent Clan, We will prey on you until the last one of us die!

    NoYou cant kill meMy fatherMy father he is the elder Magus of Black Water Serpent Clan!

    My great ancestor, please take my soul now, please don't let the evil have my soul!

    However, no matter how hard those slaves were shouting and struggling, they could get rid of Ji Xia and his peoples control.

    Soon, the man who claimed that his father was the elder Magus of the Black Water Serpent Clan been pinned to the ground in front of Ji Kui.

    Son of the Black Water Serpent Clans elder Magus. Our ancestors, would love to have your soul! Ji Kui said coldly and pressed his hand to the slaves chest. The slave was around a foot taller than Ji Kui. However, he painfully screamed when Ji Kuis hand touched him, then his body quickly went limp. Ji Kui then drove the Blood-Jade dagger deeply into his chest, pierced his heart. In the meanwhile, Ji Hao noticed a few spell-symbols on the dagger surface started to shine, a blast of hot air came out from the dagger.

    The slave began to twitch uncontrollably. His muscular body rapidly shriveled and turned into a wisp of black smoke, at last, puffed away by the wind. All his bones, muscles, blood and force of life had been sucked into the dagger.

    Other slaves saw this mans death, started to struggle harder than before. Some of them even cried out in fear.

    Ji Kui remained cold. He killed thousands of slaves one after another. The dagger became blood-red, those mysterious spell-symbols were shining with a bright light. The air was turning hotter and hotter. People started to sweat.

    Suddenly, a whirlwind came out from the entrance of the Mother Temple, blew through the feet of every Fire Crow People.

    Ji Hao was very nervous. He clenched his fists and gazed at Ji Kui.

    This was only a decennial worship ceremony. Ji Hao heard that at the centennial worship ceremony, the Master Magusreist would, at least, kill ten thousands of slaves.

    However, the dagger has already become truly miraculous after Ji Kui took thousands of peoples lives with it. It was floating in front of Ji Kui and shining with a bright fiery light, seemed as a blood-red sun. The light constantly grew and shrank, just like the heart beating. Ji Hao sensed a strong force of life from the fiery light.

    Magureists who kneeled behind Ji Kui were reading the magic spell louder and louder with excitement on their face.

    Though this was Ji Haos first Ancestors Worship Ceremony, he had heard a lot about the standard procedure before. Firstly the Master Magusreist will kill slaves in front of the entrance, let the dagger absorb the life force and souls from those human sacrifices. Then he will send these souls and life forces along with other oblations into the temple, offer them to the ancestors.

    The mysterious being inside the temple is, might be souls of Fire Crow peoples ancestors, or other unknown things. They will devour the oblations and give gifts to the Fire Crow people.

    People who receive the gifts will be randomly chosen from the Fire Crow people.

    In the history of the Fire Crow Clan, there was a newborn child who got all of the gifts from a worship ceremony. The gifts allowed him to opened up a hundred of magus caves②, made him as strengthful as a Senior Magus. The child was the last Divine Magus of the Fire Crow Clan.

    Ji Kui was about to walk into the Temple. Ji Shu walked out and said something aloud.

    My Master Mgusreist, I have something to say and I want to say it in front of our ancestors. He said.

    The corner of Ji Kuis mouth twitched. He looked at Ji Shu and said in a very cold tone: According to the rule of our ancestors, anybody could talk about anything at the ceremony. But, Ji Shu, if youre planning to say something not important, you should be ready to take the punishment from our ancestors. Are you aware that?

    Ji Shu bowed to Ji Kui, smiled and answered: Of course it is important. Im on behalf of the entire clan. Someone should let others have the important position if he is no longer qualified for it.

    Ji Shu then raised his arms and yelled: Ji Xia, my brother[1]! Youre the leader of the Holy Land warriors, which means you are the leader of a thousand of branch clans warriors! But, do you think you still deserve this position?

    Ji Shu waved his arm and growled: Let us obey the rule of our ancestors. Ji Xia, my brother. Im now challenging you! Do not blame me, this is for all of us.

    Ji Xia snorted. He calmly went up to Ji Shu with his spear.

    Abba! Hold! Ji Shu, my dear uncle, have you forgot that your son still has a fight against me? Ji Haos voice broke the silence.

    In front of our ancestors and all our people, we have a fight!

    ①People in a large clan or tribe usually call each other brothers and sisters, even if they werent born to the same parents.
    ②Magus caves:In previous chapters we explained that magus caves are internal and spiritual spaces stores the internal power of a Magus. Now we know that a Magus can have more than one magus caves. The more magus caves a Magus has, the more powerful he/she will be. The amount of magus caves a Magus has will depend on his/her talent and practice. In later chapters, we will see how these magus caves actually look like.

    More Chap
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    Chapter 16 - Bloodline

    Ji Hao provokingly crooked his finger to Ji Shu.

    Haha! This is my son! Hey, this is my boy! Ji Xia proudly laughed out loud, took two steps back and talked to other people.

    Ji Shus face twitched. He also took few steps back then shook his head with a sneer on his face.

    Xia, my brother. Do you understand why I challenged you in front of our ancestors? Thats because Im stronger than you, from every aspect. I, even my son is stronger than you. I shall be the leader.

    He then turned around, faced to the crowd. He raised his arms again and said loudly: This is the rule of the South Wasteland! Stronger people get to lead! Do we need another word here

    Thousands of Fire Crow Clan people were standing there and remaining silent. The Fire Crow Clan people are honest and simple, you can see what is going on in their mind just from their faces.

    Some people had the face of anger. They were Ji Xias people or who were close to him.

    Some people nodded and whispered to each other. These people might didn't know Ji Xia well, but had a not bad relationship with Ji Shu and his branch clan. Simply judged from the natural rule of the South Wasteland, Ji Shus words seemed no wrong.

    Some people seemed careless to this fight. They were neutral, neither related to Ji Shu nor Ji Xia. Their own branch clans were neither too powerful nor too weak. This power struggle had nothing to do with them.

    And there were another group of people, who seemed too nervous even to breathe. Obviously, they were Ji Shus people.

    Ji Hao glanced at all these people, laughed aloud and interrupted Ji Shus talk. He said: Ji Shu, my dear uncle. If my Abbas magus caves hadn't been broken, I doubt you even dare to think like that. Cut the crap! Ji Wu! Come out!

    Ji Shus facial expression changed, subconsciously shut his mouth.

    Ji Wu held his shield and axe, walked out along with a metal strike sound.

    He seemed well prepared for this fight. Beside of his shield and axe, he was wearing a steel armour. The same totem carved on the surface of the armour - A tower with a blood-red eye floating on top of it.

    Additionally, he was also wearing a pair of long steel boots, which were even covered his knees. The heavy steel boots clashed the rocks and ignited sparks when he was walking.

    This pair of boots was in a strange shape. Two of heliciform metal spearheads were welded on the kneecaps, which seemed could leave puncture wounds anywhere on human bodies.

    Haha, Ji Hao. Today is the day! Prepare to die! Ji Wu yelled at Ji Hao. Have you seen my armour and boots? How you plan to fight against me with the crap youre wearing?

    Meanwhile, Ji Wus armour and boots started to emit a faint light. Ji hao sensed a great power from his body.

    A hubbub was started in the crowd. Some people whistled sharply to express their attitude.

    Compared with Ji Wu, who armed to the teeth, Ji Hao was only wearing a simple leather armour. This leather armour was made of lion skin hunted by Ji Hao himself in the jungle. Qing Fu sewed this armour, she also attached a few spell symbols on it.

    This kind of leather armour is standard equipment of the Fire Crow Clan Warriors. For Thousands of years, they fought and showered blood with their leather armours, finally built a homeland in this jungle.

    The steel armour which was wearing by Ji Wu was too good for the Fire Crow Clan craftsmen to make. To fight against one of their own at the worship ceremony with an armour made by some outsiders, which enraged those frank Fire Crow Clan warriors. A couple of of them even started to yell at Ji Wu.

    Hey, son of Ji Shu! Don't humiliate your old man! Take off that iron shell!

    Son of Ji Shu! Show us what you really got, the iron shell doesn't count!

    Ji Wu, his name, right? Such a good name, but such a coward! Haos few years younger than himWhy on earth he needs those to fight against HaoWhat a coward

    Ji Wu was ashamed into anger. His face turned red and couldn't let a word out.

    Ji Shu was utterly discomfited, he turned around his head, angrily glanced at his people. Jiang Yao was standing among those people and glaring at Ji Hao. It was Jiang Yao who gave the armour and the boots to his son, to ensure the win.

    However, she never thought about the good equipment could make Ji Wu been despised by others. She thought Ji Wu had the bloodline of the Bi Fang Clan, which was much nobler than the Fire Crow Clans bloodline. And her husband, Ji Wus father, Ji Shu was going to become the leader of the Holy Land warriors. Ji Wu deserved the better equipment. Such things were so normal in the Bi Fang Clan.

    Jiang Yao was just going to say something for Ji Wu. Ji Wu cast a growl and waved the axe then dashed toward Ji Hao. Ji Hao gazed at Ji Wu, can't help but exclaimed silently.

    Ji Wu had been badly injured only two weeks ago, but now he didn't show even a trail of that. Ji Wu seemed like recovered perfectly. Only Jiang Bo could cure Ji Wu in such a short time.

    Not only that, Ji Hao has been sensed a great power from Ji Wus body. The bright fiery light emitted from Ji Wus body clearly showed that Ji Wu has upgraded to the Eleventh-Level of Novice Magus and has triggered his internal power. A Tenth-Level Novice Magus has the strength of A Hundred-Thousand Stones. Once he or she triggered the internal power, at least Fifty-Thousand stone of strength will be added to him or her.

    The first time when Jiang Yao was trying to upgrade Ji Wu, they were interrupted and injured again by Ji Hao and his friends. Now, Ji Wu was successfully upgraded, which couldn't be Jiang Yaos work. It has to be Jiang Bo.

    Ji Wu, my brother. You surprised me! I saw you have triggered the internal power contained in your bloodline[1].

    Ji Hao gazed at the fiery light wrapped Ji Wus body. That was a pure blood-red fiery light. But, how could this happen? Ji Shu, whats wrong with you and your family?

    Little guy, get away! Or youll be killed! A voice came from Ji Haos spiritual space. It was the mysterious man who made a deal with him.

    Ji Hao turned around, faced to the crowd and said aloud: This is the Ancestors Worship Ceremony of our Fire Crow Clan. How could an outsider, who has triggered the internal power of the Bi Fang Clan bloodline fight me here, at the ceremony?

    Ji Haos words brought up waves of angry shouts from the crowd. Thousands of Magusreists popped up their eyes and glared at Ji Wu.

    Ji Wu suddenly froze when his axe was about to reach Ji Haos head.

    Ji Hao laughed aloud and suddenly moved, punched on Ji Wus face with all his strength. Ji Wu felt like his skull was smashed by Ji Hao's punch. Few teeth flew out from Ji Wus mouth. Ji Wu heavily fell on the ground, spat out blood and couldn't move an inch.

    [1] The internal power of a Magus was passed on along with his/her bloodlines. A magus needs to practice and upgrade to a certain level to trigger his/her internal power. With different bloodlines, the internal power turns out somehow different.

    More Chap
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    Chapter 17 - The Senior Magus

    Ji Hao laughed aloud. He rushed up to Ji Wu, who was lying on the ground and moaning in pain.

    The blood-red light still wrapped Ji Wus body, which was so special and powerful. Ji Hao has been studied about all kinds of mysterious sorceries from a few Magusreist granddaddies since he was a little kid. He was very familiar with the internal power of few different bloodlines.

    What he saw from Ji Wus body, the pure and bright blood-red light was definitely come from the Bi Fang Clans bloodline! Ji Wu was the Fire Crow Clans offspring, how could he trigger the internal power of the Bi Fang Clans bloodline? Without a doubt, he betrayed his ancestors, betrayed his clan. Especially when this happened at the worship ceremony.

    Ji Hao snickered when he tried to imagine what were those elder Magusreists thinking at the moment.

    Stop! Ji Shu cast a shout when Ji Hao was about to hit Ji Wu again. Ji Shu raised his arm and pushed his hand toward Ji Hao from a distance.

    Ji Hao instantly felt a great power came toward him. The air temperature was suddenly raised by the power. Ji Hao groaned in pain then smelled the scent of burning hair.

    A big fire blazed up from the air, quickly wrapped Ji Haos body. At that moment, spell-symbols on Ji Haos leather armour suddenly lit up, countless finger-thick, green vines grew from the ground, rapidly developed into a green cocoon, shielded Ji Hao from the fire.

    The vine-cocoon downed the temperature to normal and put out the fire on his hair. This was the Green Guard magic spell, a secret sorcery which could only be cast by Magusreists from the Qing Yi Clan. The spell would automatically trigger when its owner suffered from a life-threatening situation. Once it was triggered, the spell would quickly absorb the life force energy from the jungle then grow into a vine-cocoon to protect its owner.

    Qing Fus Green Guard magic spell just saved Ji Haos life. Ji Hao breathed heavily and took few steps back, dragged the cocoon back along with him.

    Ji Shus body was glowing with a fiery light. On his skin, three fist-sized red light balls were shining near his heart, chest and lower belly. Around these light balls, more than twenty light spots were also brightly shining on his skin. These are Ji Shus magus caves. The magus caves existing inside the bodies of Magi when they were born. However, it requires tremendous of practice and internal power to wake these magus caves, each of wakens magus caves could store abundant of power and energy. Once a Senior Magus started to use his or her power, their magus caves will be triggered and appeared on their skin as light spots or light balls.

    Ji Shu had an embarrassed expression on his face. He gazed at Ji Hao, didn't say a word.

    Ji Xia took a step forward, waved a big axe and brought up a hot wind. The fire which was still burning around the vine-cocoon been blown out by the wind. Ji Xia walked up to Ji Hao and guarded Ji Hao behind him, glared at Ji Shu.

    Ji Shu, my brother. Don't you ashamed? Said by Ji Xia.

    Ji Hao sighed with relief. He tapped a vine near his hand, the cocoon quickly shrunk, turned into countless green light spots and disappeared.

    A half of Ji Haos hair were burned, wisps of black smoke came out from his hair and skin. His arms and legs, which werent covered by the armour were burned to blister.

    Ji Shu only slightly used his power to attack Ji Hao. Ji Hao was nearly been burned into ashes. If not protected by the Green Guard magic spell, which cast by Qing Fu with all of her power, Ji Hao would certainly be killed.

    People in the crowd saw Ji Haos burning wounds.

    You shameless one! How could a Senior Magus attack a kid?

    Ji Shu, you humiliated our ancestor!

    What a loserJi ShuYoure a loser and your sonHe is a traitor! He triggered the Bi Fang Clans Bloodline!

    Is our bloodline not as good as the Bi Fang Clans Bloodline? You married one of their women, which is fine. But your sonyour son abandoned our bloodline! You bastard! Are you even one of us?

    Hundreds of Fire Crow people started to yell at Ji Shu. Although the stronger one always wins, which is the law of the jungle In the South Wasteland, among the clan people, no one could tolerate such things as a Senior Magus attack a kid.

    Ji Shu was a powerful Senior Magus while Ji Hao was only a Novice Magus, who was also a kid. Ji Shu used his power to attack Ji Hao, which could even disgrace the entire Fire Crow Clan.

    And more, his son has triggered the Bi Fang Clans Bloodline!

    In the South Wasteland, clans are attached great importance to the inheritance of their bloodlines. A kid who triggered another bloodline appeared at the Ancestor Worship Ceremony, which, to the Fire Crow Clan people, was not any better than betrayed the entire clan.

    Thousands of warriors jerked out their weapons, glared at Ji Shu and his people. Some of Ji Shus people even took few steps away from Ji Shu.

    Jiang Bo was blended in the crowd of Ji Shus people, dressed as a warrior. He was apoplectic with ?rage when he realized what just happened. He ragingly glanced at Jiang Yao, wished that he could beat her to death right now. Ji Wu triggered the Bi Fang Clans Bloodline, who could make him do such a stupid thing but his stupid mother?

    How should Jiang Bo deal with this? Seriously speaking, what Ji Wu did could be seen as the Bi Fang Clan challenge the Fire Crow Clan at their worship ceremony, which even could start a war.

    Among the subordinate clans of the Bi Fang Clan, the Fire Crow Clan was the most powerful one. If Ji Wu accidentally start a war between the Bi Fang Clan and the Fire Crow Clan, as the Master Magureist of the Bi Fang Clan and Ji Wus grandfather, he had to take the blame. Till then, he possibly lose his position and all his power.

    Jiang Bo frowned, slightly moved his lips. Meanwhile, Ji Shu heard someone whispered something in his ear.

    He showed a lag, then suddenly raised his foot, heavily stamped on Ji Wus head.

    Wu! Jiang Yao saw this, screamed and soon passed out. Everybody stopped shouting and talking, the atmosphere became spooky quiet. People stunningly looked at Ji Wus body. Ji Wus head was exploded. His body was still twitching, blood spurted out from his broken neck, mixed with the white brains.

    Dear Master Mgusreist, and other elders Magus. This was my fault. I haven't taught my son well. Ji Shu gnashed his teeth, said word by word. He betrayed our ancestors bloodline, he is damned. Now he died.

    Ji Shu then took a deep breath, tore his own wrist with his fingernail. Warm blood poured out from his wound and seeped into the ground.

    I swear on my blood and my soul, I didn't betray our clan. The traitor is dead, now Im still challenging Ji Xia.

    Ji Kui and other Magusriests glanced at Ji Wus body, nodded at the same time.

    Ji Kui touched the dagger floating in front of him, slowly said: In front of our ancestor, any of the Fire Crow Clan people is qualified to challenge another. Weather for the leaders position, or my position, you are qualified to fight for it only if you're one of us.

    Ji Kui raised his arm and pointed at Ji Xia, said: Xia, take it. You used to beat your own father and became our leader. Now let us know if youre still qualified to lead our warriors!

    Yes. Ji Xia answered loudly. He then shook his body, a golden-red fire spurted out from his skin, turned him into a blazing fiery man.

    A head-sized light ball was brightly shining in his lower belly, along with forty-two bright red light spots which were symmetrically distributed in his arms and legs.

    Ji Hao surprisingly opened his mouth and subconsciously stepped back.

    Abba, I thought you fell from the senior levelNowYou are still a Senior Magus?

    Ji Xia looked at Ji Hao and smiled. He then turned to Ji Shu, whose face took on a ghastly expression.

    Ji Shu, my brother. Lets do this! Indeed, my magus caves were broken by enemies, but I gave up on those broken caves. During this decade, I have woken another forty-nine magus caves.

    After a deadly silence, thousands of Holy Land warriors raised their arms and weapons, shouting and cheering for Ji Xia.

    More Chap
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    Chapter 18 - Violence

    Haha! Ha! Hahaha! Ji Hao raising his arms and shouting. His eyeballs suddenly turned into red.

    Ji Hao was deeply astonished by his father, who was so talented and powerful.

    He clearly remembered, ten years ago, back in that battle against the Blackwater Serpent Clan in the Mother Temple, Gold Black Mountain. Ji Xia and Qing Fu been sneakily attacked by assassins. Ji Xia only had around twenty wakened magus caves at that time, every one of them was punctured by poisonous weapons.

    If this happened to any other Senior Magus in the Fire Crow Clan, it would be impossible for him or her to recover from such a damage. Normally speaking, to break even the tiniest magus cave could disable a Senior Magus.

    However, it only took Ji Xia a decade to wake another forty-eight of magus caves, he gave up on those damaged caves, found his way to woke those inconspicuous magus caves in his arms and legs. Not only he didn't fall from the Senior Level, he became much powerful than ten years ago!

    No wonder those elders and Magureists in the Black Water Serpent Clan called Ji Xia as the most horrible enemy for a thousand years. He raised again after all of his magus caves were broken, and even became more and more powerful!

    Xia! My brother! Youre the strongest warrior in our Fire Crow Clan!

    Hey! Xia! Youre our leader! Only Xia is qualified to leading us!

    Beat him! Xia! Beat him to death! Break his neck! Tear him apart!

    As same as Ji Hao, countless Holy Land warriors waving their arms and weapons, growling half cheeringly and half ragingly. Their faces were turned red, some of them even triggered their internal power, been wrapped in fiery lights and cawed like crows.

    Ba-Bastard! Ji Shus voice was trembling. He just stamped his own son to death, now he saw Ji Xia showed his power, which nearly broke him down. He felt waves of scorching hotness inside his chest, he shivered and almost coughed blood.

    Ji Xia! Your magus caves were brokenHow could you.You Said Ji Shu, who could barely stand. Ji Xia now had forty-nine woken magus caves, while himself only had thirty-two of them, which means that Ji Xia must be much powerful than him.

    He was so confident about beat Ji Xia and take the leaders position only in a while ago. Now he felt like this was almost a joke.

    Our bloodline granted us power! Ji Xia was breathing stably, his skin was glowing as magma. Feel the power inside our bloodline, listen to the voice of our ancestors. As long as were alive, we are protected by our bloodline, then there is always a hope!

    Good! Xia! Sid Ji Kui, who was standing near the entrance of the Mother Temple. Ji Kui nodded appreciatively toward Ji Xia and continued, The power of the bloodline is the most precious gift we have from out ancestors. Only if our bloodline continues, everything will be possible!

    Ji Hao popped up his eyes, stared at Ji Xia. Is this the magic power of the bloodline?

    According to Ji Haos knowledge from his previous life, even injure the tendons and vessels could disable a Senior Magus, not to mention destroy all of his or her magus caves. However, in this world, the magic power of the bloodline enabled Ji Xia to completely recover from the truculent injury within only a decade!

    The power of the bloodline Ji Hao muttered. He then felt his internal power started to surge, and his physical strength started to increase; he felt like his body has become a black hole, constantly attracting and absorbing power, strength and life force energy from everywhere.

    Ji Hao sensed the multicoloured flame in his Dantian has quickly grown a time bigger. The flame acquired all those power and strength, then turned into beams of lights, moved along his body, into his muscles, his blood, his bones. Ji Hao heard a clear dragon-howling from inside his body, then he noticed that his muscles began to swell,

    Cut the crap! Lets fight! Ji Shu madly shouted out. His body transformed into a beam of dazzling fiery light and shoot across the sky. Later, he landed in a woods which was tens miles away from the temple and the crowd.

    Fight! Ji Xia laughed aloud and leaped up, flew to the woods. Before Ji Xia landed steady, Ji Shu shouted out, bursted his body into flames and dashed toward Ji Xia.

    Four strong arms heavily dashed against each other. They then cast hundreds of hits to each other in the flowing moment.

    The earth severely shook; the jungle in miles around been blazed up; towering ancient trees been burned into ashes instantly; the mountain started to crack; rocks been burned into lava, which was splashing around by the impact waves send by their hits. Some of the lava even been splashed to miles away.

    Ji Xia and Ji Shu were madly hitting each other with their bare fists, without any trick or dodge. A thundering noise lingered in peoples ears.

    This is how warriors fight in the South Wasteland. They will show no fear to their enemies; they do not dodge or flee; they use their strength to fight against their enemies, to smash and kill their enemies!

    Ji Xias face has been ripped off, blood spurted out of his wounds and teeth exploded out from his month. But, new teeth were constantly growing back and wounds were constantly healing themselves.

    Ji Shus skull was cracked and his face was even hollowed. Ji Xias punches were much heavier than his. Bone-chips flew out from his wounds on the face. However, Senior Magi have tremendous of life force energy contained in their internal powers, which allowing the self-healing.

    Both of Ji Xia and Ji Shu have triggered the internal power of the Fire Crow Clans bloodline. Their bodies been wrapped by a bright gold-fiery light, which dazzled the eyes of those who were relatively weaker, many in the crowd could only see a sweeping fire and light.

    Along with an abrupt and almighty bang, Ji Xia took a deep breath then heavily punched Ji Shu for over a hundred times.

    Ji Shus chest was exploded, ribs were cracked and broken into pieces. He flew backwards like a cannonball.

    The mountain shook again, Ji Shus body heavily smashed into a hill miles way from the woods. The hill was blast away and quickly burned into lava. Ji Shu lied in the lava, vomited blood and couldn't move an inch.

    The woods has already became a twenty miles around lava lake. Ji Xia was stepping on a fiery light ball and floating over the lake, coldly looking at Ji Shu.

    Ji Shu, my brother, you are not my rivals. The leaders position seemed still is mine!

    A fire was blazing under Ji Xiss foot, the wounds on his face quickly healed.

    Ji Xia, My brother, I have to give a try, haven't I? Said Ji Shu. He laughed wildly, a fiery light beamed out from his left arm, an odd shaped wooden stick appeared in Ji Shus hands. The stick was circled by flames.

    I happened to get a new inherited magus treasure My brother, try to catch this!

    Ji Shu raised from the magma lake, his wounds also quickly healed themselves.

    More Chap
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