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Thread: Seventeen Swords (風雲十七劍) - Huang Ying

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    Default Seventeen Swords (風雲十七劍) - Huang Ying

    Seventeen Swords

    by Huang Ying

    translated by JohnD

    Table of Contents
    Ch.1: Under Cover of Smoke, the Hitman Escapes Without a Trace: 1 |

    This is a short novel (one volume, about 230 pages) by Huang Ying (not Huang Yi), a Hong Kong wuxia writer from Beijing, born in 1956. He once ghostwrote for Gu Long. Unfortunately, he died in 1991 at age 35 due to a cerebral hemorrhage. One rumor is that it was because he was short of cash for filming (he later opened his one film production company) and took out a loan and couldn't pay it back, and was subsequently beaten death. He was active during the 70s and 80s.

    Seventeen Swords is a short novel, only eight chapters in one volume, so it should be completed relatively quick. But this translation will not affect my Magic Sword translation, which has priority, so this translation will still be a bit slow. Below is a picture of the cover of the novel:

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    Default Ch.1 Part 1

    Thanks for reading everyone. Here is a small tease of this novel. More to follow, but this translation will be a bit slower than the Magic Sword translation, which is has priority.

    Chapter 1:
    Under Cover of Smoke, the Hitman Escapes Without a Trace
    Part 1

    High noon.

    No sunlight, black clouds covered the sky, galloping like a horse from the southwest to the northeast, the strong wind chopping the sky full of dried leaves like a sharp knife.

    Duan Tianwang braved the dried leaves falling like raindrops against the wind, hurrying from the northeast toward the southwest, his two eyes remaining open the whole time.

    The knife-like wind made surprise attacks at his eyes constantly, but even though it really cut like a knife at his eyes, he would not shut his eyes.

    A killer for ten years, his eyes were already tempered like the Ghost Chopping Sabre that hung from his saddle.

    The blade was three foot four inches, four foot three including the handle, half a foot wide, more than an inch thick, weighing some fifty-five catties[1]. With one chop it cut split stone and crack rock. Although it was named Ghost Chopping, up to now it had only chopped people.

    All the people who had died at this blade had died during a strong wind, during a fierce snowfall or torrential rain. He liked killing people during a fierce snowfall or torrential rain because only those conditions were enough to make him feel pleased.

    He stood nine feet tall[2], eyes like a copper bell, eyebrows like a lacquer brush, his two arms had the strength of a thousand catties, so only he could use such a heavy Ghost Chopping Sabre.

    One time, he only held his sabre level and shouted and the person he had come to kill was terror-stricken and gave up his life on the spot from fright. The vast majority of people he came to kill were already in half when facing him, kneeling on the ground begging for mercy. But his blade still chopped down. Up to now he had never pardoned anyone, no matter how weak or pitiful the person was.

    Killing like that was really distasteful, but he didn't have any leeway. Not killing was not an option.

    Because he was a hitman.

    Getting people money, warding off disasters, this was the hitman's most rudimentary prerequisite.


    [1] A catty, or jin 斤, is about 1/2 a kilogram.
    [2] A chinese foot 尺 is not the same as an Imperial/US foot.
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    Keep it coming. Tq.

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    In the way how this is written, it feels Gu Long-ish.

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