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    I was a bit disappointed in this series. I rented it after reading the reviews and because it was short, but I guess I was expecting a bit more, or maybe these types of humor just didn't appeal to me. I tried to watch it just for fun, but the plot was too unrealistic, and a lot of the humor was dry. It was too unbelievable for me to find it amusing (i.e. the conversations with heaven). Also, the plot is a bit stale, nothing intriguing IMO.

    However, I agree that Roger did an excellent job. I never thought he could act so despicable! He's usually so sweet.

    I've never seen Joey acted, but I agree she was very cute. Although when she was ugly her acting wasn't convincing. I'm usually partial to these unfortunately characters, but she didn't touch me. Maybe it's the obvious prostetics

    I 100% agree that Victoria Jolly was annoying!!! She's soooo expressionless except for the chronic smile she plasters on her face for e-ver-y single scenes. She's was pure torture to watch, even though I sort of like her character.

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    I loved the series, I thought it was reallly funny and i've watched it a few times, as you notice extra funny bits.

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