This is basically a request for help from people who have watched Treasure Venture or just happens to know it very well.

I have just recently re watched Treasure Venture, it one of my fav ourite series and I'm in the mood to do a review on it. There's already lots of good reviews written with episode summaries so this would sort of be analysing the bits I liked and why I think its so good etc...

Does someone have a list of the COMPLETE (or as much as possible) credits for Treasure Venture that they could e-mail me? You know the cast, director, who plays who and who sings the songs etc as much info as possible because apart from Vicki Zhao and Nicky Wu I don't no who anyone else is. It would be much appreciated and I will give you complete credit for this in the review

My e-mail is [email protected]

Okay, thanks !!