Hello everyone, I am a new member

First of all, Moin, I cannot thank you enough for your tremendous effort and awesome translation. I was lingering happily in the world of Lu Xiao Feng, totally mesmerised.

Even though I have finished reading the whole story, I still don't get a few points. I am slow so forgive me if I am asking an obvious thing. Those of you who haven't read the book, don't read any further as there are spoilers.

The night that Monk Sheng Tong brought Lu Xiao Feng to a hiding place of Ye Gu Cheng, Sheng Tong mentioned that Ye Gu Cheng was seriously hurt and needed hot water to clean his wound and smell came from the wound etc. Lu Xiao Feng himself met with Ye Gu Cheng and noticed that he was ill and then they exchanged heartfelt words and recognised each other as friends.

But at the end of the book, it seemed that Ye Gu Cheng was never hurt. The first round of dual, Ximen Chui Xue left the dual because Ye Gu Cheng was bleeding and coughing. Does that mean that from the very beginning, the fake Ye Gu Cheng was hit by the poison not the real Ye Gu Cheng? Does that mean that night at Sheng Tong's place, Lu Xiao Feng met fake wounded Ye Gu Cheng?

I am a confused.com