Trying to find the name of a movie from late 80s/ early 90s with ghost/spirits theme. There were a bunch of little kids in a school setting learning about spell casting. They did a lot of those couplet stanza spell chanting in the school that focused on transformation of objects and people. I think maybe they were ghost/spirits themselves? The female lead is this independent girl in white searching for a family member (I think a little brother?). She has some ability to control the spirit world around her and prevent ghosts/spirits from bullying innocents. The kids call her 秋月姐. Iím trying to remember more but itís very vague. There wasnít much of a romance theme in the series, just comedy and a little suspense. Also not sure of the country but Iím thinking Taiwan. The girlís appearance reminded me a bit of Wang Yuyan from Demi God Semi Devil Taiwan version in 1991.

Thanks in advance! =)