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Thread: The relationship of Big Flag Hero & Chu Liu Xiang

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    Default The relationship of Big Flag Hero & Chu Liu Xiang

    胡铁花瞪着宫南燕,心里暗暗得意:“你若连我的武功来 历都知道,那我才算佩服你了。”
      爆南燕果然沉吟了半晌,才缓缓道:“此人和楚留香 一样,絖湖中几乎没有人知道他们的武功来历,只知他们 本都是世家子,而且自幼好武,是以家里为他们请了不少 武师,但他们的武功却绝不是这些武师能教出来的。”
      爆南燕道:“所以当时有许多人怀疑,他们家里一定 有位隐迹絖湖的风尘异人,在暗中偷偷传授给他们武功, 也有人怀疑他们凑巧得到了一本前辈高人留下来的武功秘 笈。”
      爆南燕也不理他,接着又道:“可是,他和楚留香虽 是一齐长大的,武功的路数,却绝不相同,他武功走的是 刚猛一路,似乎和昔年“铁血大旗门”的武功有些相似。 ”
      爆南燕连看都不看他一眼,缓缓接着道:“昔年铁中 棠重振铁血大旗门后,”夜帝”父子就和大旗门中一位叫 赤足汉的前辈,远游海外,他们曾綺綺过此人的故乡,以 弟子推测,楚留香的武功也许是夜帝的传授,赤足汉却收 了此人做徒弟。”
      胡铁花叹了口气,喃喃道:“这次你猜的虽不中方不 远矣,难怪絖湖中人人都怕你们,看来你们果然真有两下 子。”

    if CLX's kungfu is taught by 夜帝, it means CLX may know Ming yu sheng gong(once again prove that Mingyu Sheng Gong enhance the lightness kungfu of the one who's learning). If Hu Tie Hua's kungfu has similiarity with the Big Flag Clan, it means he may possess Jia Yi Sheng Gong.

    CLX, HTH, they are indeed mysterious...
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    I don't particularly subscribe to the Night Emperor knowing MingYu Sheng Gong (it was just one line mentioned in some publications, and it really doesn't make sense at all). But "Legend of the Big Flag Hero" is definitely a precursor to the Chu LiuXiang stories much like "Further Tales of the Martial World (Shen Lang)" is a precursor to the Dagger Lee series.

    The popular opinion is that Chu LiuXiang is the student of the Night Emperor, and Hu TieHua learned from the Barefoot Elder of the Big Flag Clan. A more interesting extrapolation that a few of us discussed in the past is that Chu LiuXiang might have actually learned his kung fu from Tie ZhongTang, and could very well be Tie ZhongTang's son. Whereas Hu TieHua could have likely been the son of that impetuous Yun sibling (forgot his full name). If that is true, then baby Hu TieHua made his first appearance in "Legend of the Big Flag Hero".

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