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Thread: Two Freaks vs. two 1 Deng students (non-martial arts)

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    Default Two Freaks vs. two 1 Deng students (non-martial arts)

    Gong Nam Freak # 2, Chu Chung, was a scholar. South Emperor Deun Chi Hing/1 Deng the Monk's eldest disciple, Chu Tze Lau, was also a scholar (and also, interestingly, had the surname "Chu"). I'm almost certain that Chu Tze Lau would win any martial arts competition, but if Chu Tze Lau and Chu Chung had a competition in scholastic ability, who would win?

    Gong Nam Freak # 4, Nam Hei Yan, was an expert woodcutter in his civilian vocation. One of 1 Deng's other students was also a woodcutter. What if the two were to have a woodcutting competition?

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    If it is calligraphy competition, I have no idea who will win between the GJ's 2nd Master and 1D's student Chu. But if it is pickpocketing competition, I'll put my bet on GJ's 2nd Master, of course

    A woodcutting competition between GJ's 4th Master and 1D's student Wu? I'd give the advantage to student Wu, he most likely had more inner power thus he might be able to cut faster.

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    I'll give Yi Deng's wood cutter diciple an advantage on strength too. And I probably give Chu Tze Lau an edge too. He demonstrated great calligraphy skill when battling HD.
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