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Thread: DGSD (first edition) - 'The Last Chapter (Chapter 50)

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    ----------- page 34

    What had just happened outside Gan Bun Koan (YAN MEN GUAN) was soon manipulated by the Military General of that fort by sending a brief report to the capital in which he claimed that he led his own troops and fought bravely for many days against hundred thousands of formidable Liao army, and because of the blessing from Thian (Tian - Heaven) and the Emperor (of Song), as well as because of the patriotic spirit of the song soldiers, military officers, and leaders, therefore they were finally able to kill the Lam Ih Tay Ong (PRINCE OF THE SOUTHERN REGION) by the name of Siau Hong (XIAO FENG) and Yalu Hungki (YE LUI HONG JI), the Emperor of Liao Kingdom, had retreated back to his territory because of the absolute defeat.

    The Song Emperor was impressed when he heard this news, therefore he immediately put out a mandate, which prounonced the Song soldiers, military officers, and leaders with the highest honor there were, and everyone of them was given higher positions and ranks along with the extravagant wealth. The high-ranking officials in the central government were obviously not being overlooked in celebrating the colossal victory.

    In the mean time, Toan Ki (DUAN YU) had bid his farewell to Hi Tiok (XU ZHU) along the way. Together with Bok Wan Djing (MU WANQING), Tjiong Ling (ZHONG LING), Hoan Hwa (FAN HUA), Pah Thian Sik (pin yin) and others, they continued their journey home to Tayli (DA LI).

    As soon as they arrived within DALI teritorry, the designated candidate for a Queen, Ong Giok Yan (WANG YU YAN) and other officials had been waiting and greeted them from afar. When Toan Ki was describing the tragedy that just happened to Siau Hong (XIAO FENG) and A Tji (AH ZI), Giok Yan (YU YAN) felt sorrow and started crying. Everyone was mourning for them.

    Their party then continued their journey to the South, because Toan Ki did not want to surprise the common people and they also did not wear lavish official wardrobes, they had succesfully disguised themselves as a group of merchants and travellers.

    Nothing really happened along the way, and they had finally arrived very close to the capital city of Dali. Toan Ki wanted to stop by at Thian Liong Si (The Heavenly Dragon Temple) first to pay his respect to Koh-Eng Taysu (Leader of Tian Long Shi) and his uncle, Toan Tjing Bing (DUAN ZEN MING).

    Because at this time it was almost passed the sunset, the day had begun to get dark. When they were passing through the woods near the Thian Liong Si, suddenly there was a voice from a little kid could heard from inside the woods "My Lord, My Honorable Your Majesty, Well… I have bowed to you, why don't you give me any candies ?"

    Toan Ki and the others were surprised. Why could even a small kid was able to see through their disguise even in such a remote place like this ?

    Without thinking twice, their group had followed the direction where the voice was coming from inside the woods, to see who the little kid really was. But suddenly, they heard a voice of another person saying "You guys still have to say: Long Live ! Long Live ! Long Live the king ! Then after that, I will give you candies."

    That voice was indeed a very familiar voice to their eyes. It was the voice of Bujung Hok (MURONG FU).

    Toan Ki and Giok Yan were dumbfounded, immediately they held hands and hid behind the tree while looking at the direction of where the voice was coming from. Then they saw Bujung Hok was sitting on top of grave, he was wearing a fake emperor's crown made from paper and his action was majestic.

    In front of him, there were about seven or eight villager's little kids kneeling down on him and together they said "Long Live, Long Live, Long Live the King!"

    While yelling uncontrollably trying to copy what Bujung Hok had taught them previously and at the same time, bowing unstoppably, even strecthing their hand while saying "Where's my candy ? Where's my candy ?"

    ------------- end of page 34
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    ---------- page 35

    Bujung Hok (MURONG FU) then answered them "My loyal statesmen, please rise. From now on, I have resurrected our kingdom of Yan and I have acceded into the throne, therefore it goes without saying that all my loyal followers will get their reward in accordance to their individual merit."

    Then he pulled out a handful of candies and distributed them among the group of little kids.

    Those little kids were dancing in rejoice while running away, and they all yelled "We will come back and ask for more candies tomorrow !"

    Giok Yan (YU YAN) then realized that her Piau Ko (Biao Ke, COUSIN) was no longer a sane person because he was obsessed about honor and he had dreamt about becoming an Emperor, but none was fulfiled. The sorrow in her heart was indescribable beyond words.

    Slowly Toan Ki pulled her sweetheart's hand, and gave a hand signal to everyone to get out from that woods secretively.

    Bujung Hok could still be seen sitting on top of that grave and his mouth looked like he was uttering words nonstop. Who knew what he was saying………

    end of chapter 50


    ---------- end of page 35


    In the second edition of DGSD, Ah Bi was seen together with MurongFu and she was the one who distributed all the candies to the children, while in this original edition, it was MurongFu alone that was seen in the woods.

    Hope you all enjoy this last chapter of TLBB
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    The 2nd edition also had DY wanting to bring MRF back to the palace to take care of him. But WYY said it was better to leave him as he had some sort of contentment in his insanity.

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