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    Default Dragon Fire

    At the start of 2014 , I will tried to translate a kungfu-story (Bara Naga / Dragon-Fire) from Indonesian to English ........
    The story of the ups and downs of the Yellow Dragon Siang Cin in defense of truth, with
    his best friend Pau Seh-hoa to save An-Lip from the clutches of Siang-gi-pang .
    and later many fights with Seebun Tio Bu and Jin Jin struggling to help the Bu Siang-pay against Hek Jiu-tong.

    Including the story of romance with childhood playmates, women prettiest in TiangAn city's Sim Kun-ti
    ,filled with joy and sorrow.
    It's Yin Yong works ,translate to Indonesian by Gan K.L (Hokians way to name )
    Now I tried to translate that to English .....Await for comment from readers....

    Book 1 ,Proloque

    The black mountain, stone mountain shaped odd and colour in black, flower and
    grass growing in between the two stones are black too.
    Everything was black,all are dark,even the atmosphere grew dark and cold ....

    The mountain was not high, but the atmosphere here makes the neck-hair stand and
    creeps with a heart beat .....
    Pine trees that lined six in the bud mountain is also black, is there a sixth pine
    branch stuck branches that span like six giant hand about to pounce prey.

    The weather was damp, overcast clouds floating low and thick.
    At this time autumn, the wind blowing hard, voices like people crying,
    it's voice adds to it's mysterious surroundings.

    Suddenly blood clot spurt from behind the black stone there, wind blown that spurt
    and spilling into everywhere, a large high man by stagger step like a drunken man
    rotates continuously and falling bounced twice, his head shell was already crushed,
    blood and brain mixed melted out, the situation is looks horrific.

    "Wut", the shadowy figure soared upward like a big pole that was launched into the
    air with a loud pounding the wall mount, then also bounced back, hit the rocks black
    rocks behind it's voice "pletak" from broken bones sounds obvious until far away,

    Black mountain stone cold and mossy now covered with blood fluid,
    Quickly that stone mountain has absorbed it,make the color become more hideously

    Mountain wind like a raging wind that the sixth pine at the top of the mountain
    danced louder like an angry giant, more horrific and terrible, the atmosphere
    became tense nature of the mountains.

    Behind the rocks big rocks there, in the middle of a field that is not so wide,
    seven black-robed men, all aged middle-aged,their faces stiff cold and cruel, they
    stand half-round, their eyeball glared and emits cold light,
    is like the beasts over the target prey,that is a shadow man in the light yellow.

    This guy was standing right in the middle of the circle, yellow-colored loose robe
    fluttering in the wind,
    His pupils clear bright and light emitting ,sharp nose, thick lips red like chili,
    color yellow robe worn looks very harmonious, calm and steady, this yellow swans
    such as light emitting grandeur, based on his skin white smooth with a gallant and
    courageous attitude.

    The eight men stood face to face and eye to eye, while there is no movement,
    two men who had perished earlier such has nothing to do with them.

    Slowly the black-clad man standing far left began to move slightly,
    the young man in yellow robes with a smile that seemed to such relaxed, both
    long arms folded across his chest,
    that men in black looks very frightened,the rough skin on their faces looked tense
    ,sweaty and rather pale.

    Single eye man in black on the right looks glared so big ,with his nose voice
    sniffed once, then man in black in the left immediately with gritted teeth,like a
    bolt of lightning, he quickly jumped forward, the shadow of the palms of the hand
    into the air like a net tightly, lightly and quickly lunged toward the yellow robes

    Along with the man movement in the left ,the six others men lunge forward in unison
    ,each one with different attack,as stormiest wind palms or blows immediately, black
    silhouette snapped grabbing each other.

    The event just an instant, at the blink of an eye wink,
    it looks a shadow person as a loss balance body ,like a piece of stone thrown into
    the air, like the two men who preceded earlier,without the slightest powered
    ,sliding fall to tapered grinding stone mountain.

    "Bluk", it's voice piercing the ear, the state of calm quickly returned to normal
    once, in a half-ring around the yellow robe youth, only number of herds of black men
    now live six people.

    Does not seem the slightest feeling of change in the face of the young man in yellow
    robes,calm and steady, calm as a pond surface water, even the end of the world
    do not make it nervous and worried.

    Both parties quiet in a long silence,suddenly men shadow brewed each other back and
    flashed interplay,and looks like a man shadow thrown away by almighty power and
    slammed down aloud, quickly the quiet once things got back to its original position,
    is certainly men in black who stood half-ring is now only five remain.

    The possible black-man leader is the single middle-aged man's eyes,
    gaunt face looked thin, protruding cheekbones, sparse eyebrows, every time he
    grinned, two fangs protruding out,his single eye is increasingly glaring, white eyes
    already red-hot,
    The face expressions of his four friends, tense and frightened, but desperate, their
    face was soaked through by sweat, their eyes begin to show their hearts shakiness
    that is not peaceful again.

    The single eye man sweeping glances toward his friends, if the game continued with
    the previous method, so now comes the turn of the number one calculated from there
    which should act first,
    the man in middle aged,stocky stature, beards, but these burly man seem to bite
    lips,saliva swallowed up and down his neck, his eyes radiate
    anxiety and fear.
    Indeed, for a normal man who know the soul endowed by the father-mother would
    disappear in an instant, then no matter how big his heart will surely find it hard
    to leave this life.

    The yellow robe young man looked at his calm ,upward his corners mouth like a laugh
    but do not laugh, he took a deep breath, light eyes immediately turned cold
    brilliantly cruel,This cruel cold eyes glared precisely at beard man cynically.

    Beard man growled suddenly furious, he suddenly jumped forward,
    spinning and swerving several times, with the odd movements and funny way he

    The young man yellow robe laughed,fast he moves, when his fourth enemy
    others joined in unison to attack and had not yet reached a position that could hurt
    him,in the midst of the shadow of enemy hands dancing up and down, his both
    palms as sharp cleaver has cutted with fast motion that difficult to be followed by
    the naked eye, at the end the beard man screamed in horror,as his friends who
    preceded him, his body high recoils, in a moment that,the enemy palms accurately had
    nested sixteen times in his body,but only he knows,he also can not tell his
    suffering to anyone as well.

    Back to normal position,the remaining four men's in black is not possible
    to locked with a circular opponent again, now they stood into one row, the whole
    body sweat until their black clothes attached tightly on the body,their breath
    snorting them combined tension ,let out their feelings started to panic, fear and
    despair, death and life soon will determine their fate.

    With a calm and beautiful movement the young yellow man shook his sleeve ,yellow hue
    of his robe displays clean and pure, he looked up at the sky, his attitude is like a
    schoolboy who gentle and friendly, as he was enjoying the beautiful panorama.

    That's when he looked up, flashed light sheen, a shadow man suddenly bumped into
    him, at the same time three shadows men from three different directions
    simultaneously also attacked three direction which may be possible to dodge away.

    But the young man did not move, did not flinch, almost hard to see by the naked eye,
    his hands moving, dazzling movement, because this movement was so bizarre and
    unbelievable, so cruel and vile,
    at the same time the enemy arrived and collided with a bounce hit hard,his hand
    moves with great power.
    This young yellow was still excessive for the attack, also to the arrived three
    enemies from three directions.

    Two shadows with four palms clashed with each other, amid clashes that instant,
    matters worse, a man collapse on his back, woe to his friend that his Lwekang(power)
    not as strong as he was, had he realized the situation was not favorable, the young
    man's right hand dagger-sharp arrived and cutting his neck, just lightly movement,
    but the result really fatal,his skull-head flying away recoils somewhere.

    The action happens in a flash and end up in a glance anyway,
    The yellow robe young man's hand holding ,looks with fixed head up,
    with inhaled breath seemed natural light as since he was just enjoying the panorama
    and was never bothered by any and everyone.
    Only God knows,in that instant motion,two souls have drifted taken by death.

    Now only two more, both of them stood up tacking like a statue,
    their eyes were dim glow like light spot that has begun to fade,the rest of the
    light is almost extinguished,how great was the fear,revenge and hate their hearts.

    Cold and tasteless view of the yellow robe young man watched the two men in front
    of him,his face does not show a sense of satisfaction and pleasure because of
    winning, no sense fortunate,his attitude that feels more like a boon indeed deserve
    the victory of the end of a battle.

    Both the black men have an instant eye contact,
    the single eye man glared fierce and savage before ,now very low in guts,
    The left one friend who lived is high fat and big boned,This giant man's face very
    ugly,his face full of meat hanging as sheet over his face,under his chin there is a
    large black mole, this mole end is growing three coarse hairs that sway shaking,
    because so ugly face ,it's not obvious how great his expression changes,
    by three of motion this hairs ,it can be seen that giant man is starting to falter
    his courage.

    Since the beginning until this moment the yellow robe young man had never spoken a
    little too ,but the eyes and his face displays his Kungfu as a mighty supreme ,
    As he was sure the end of the heavy fighting,His attitude and charisma that haunted
    displays also a force unchallenged by anyone.

    Hardly be felt by anyone,slowly and very slowly,
    eventually, the two men's black shirt quietly step back backward.
    This is an automatic movement from fear,never imagined in their minds that their
    ordinary life with all their glory for this,now everything will gone away.

    The yellow robe young man looked away there, he calmly looked at the sixth
    bristlecone pine in the back of the all black, spruce branches
    still moving up and down like it was dancing in the breeze, clouds
    moves in space adds to the atmosphere becomes more and more hideous.

    Slowly the yellow robe youth sigh,
    suddenly he cried out and reverberated like a distant voices coming from all place:
    "Nay-ho san is really quiet, lush and creepy!"

    Silently both black men shudder,
    without realizing they are an instant eye contact each other,
    Slowly the yellow robe turned back, his eyes looking far down the dark mountain
    there and muttering anyway:
    "Life on earth is continuously rotating,there is life there is also death,
    day and night changed everday,unceasing exchange,nothing in this earthly life is
    Time for growing flowers and for withered, man is born and will grow old,
    seasons change,day change to night, the day's events certainly differ from tomorrow,
    the flowers will wilt and fall, although eventually bloom again, but it was not the
    original flower. Similarly man, once he died,forever he will not return to its
    original state despite the incarnation
    and now .........

    His eyes clear and sharp toward both black men.
    "Today is going ahead, it will never be repeated again,
    dusk is beautiful like a picture in a poem that depicts a late nan immortal,
    when a man died in this twilight,he will bring a reverent memories, new and
    calm. "

    It was pitiful, in circumstances such as this is certainly both black men
    no interest in listening to young man poems, unconsciously they step back backwards,
    their three eyeballs do not dare blink looked at the young man.

    Laughing tasteless young yellow robe and said again:
    "The name of this mountain is not good,he called Nay-ho ("what can make"), you must
    also know, in hell there is also a bridge called Nay-ho-kio? "

    Up and down the seed neck of the single eye man,
    after groaned angrily,he said hoarsely:
    "Siang Cin, you are very cruel ...."

    "No," teaching young men in yellow robes,
    "I'm not cruel, humans live in this world can not always overwhelmed with distress,
    when life is too pressing anguish, better to forget,
    is certainly not easy to forget the pain of sorrow,
    but I had a best way,if you can not forget revenge today, even this an inner
    anguish,I'll use it the best way to eliminate your suffering, the attitude and
    actions is not very wise, hm?"

    The fat man suddenly slams his feet, he growled angrily ,shouted:
    "Koko (big brother),Anyway what are we waiting for? Are you worried after we die no
    one will revenge for our dead ? "
    "There is," said the youth yellow robe "When your fate are lucky, you will not
    die in vain here. "

    The single eye man bulging his eyes wildly,his breathing becomes more rapidly,
    the yellow robe youth uphold his brow,suddenly he flashed forward, since the
    fighting began earlier,this is the first time he acted first to attack the enemy.
    Flashed like a light yellow color and, as the one eye and the fat guy startled
    ,suddenly a shadow man already in front of them,

    Immediately they both jumped to the left and right, their four hands simultaneously
    slashing skewed, but they attack the empty places, such as attacking a mere shadow,
    not yet they had time to pull out and replace their attacks, suddenly fat guy,
    squealed loudly like a cow slashed his neck, his mouth spitting fresh blood ,he
    staggered and fell down.

    The heart of the single eye man froze to hear the cries of the fat guy ,at the near
    end of his life.
    Without pay much attention to him, speedily his hands poking, kicking both legs
    following in sequence.
    But unfortunately,in a strange movement, yellow robes youth have arrested his two
    legs instead, such as a weight thrower athlete, the body of one eye rotated once, as
    revealing revenge, he threw his body very hard. The struggling single eye in the
    middle of the air, as wanted to break away from the power that will be hard glide
    claimed his soul.
    But he failed, when his hands and legs struggle in the air, the time has made
    remorse and revenge are timeless, his back crushing hard and hit the black walls,
    the collision thrust it makes body bounce back into the opposite direction as far as
    seven feet.

    Calmly the yellow robe witnessed the horror scene, a moment he was silent,
    then slowly approached the single eye struggled to breath ,waiting to die,
    the front of the eye at a glance look funny and odd,
    wrinkle-like facial skin dried animal skins that do not resemble a human face again,
    his mouth wide open, two fangs sticking out,
    sparse brows look shaky following the snorting breath stay one two,
    Blood smeared his face as wide,blood stained all over his body,
    eye ball as almost out of it's place ,glared to the yellow robe youth.

    Calm the yellow robe stare at him,he said calmly:
    "Ko Kuh, if you're suffering, then the suffering will soon be over."
    Creaked the esophagus of the single eye,his eye ball reverse and graying,
    with difficulty his mouth moved:
    "Siang...... Siang Cin ...... ......
    You. . . . . you deserve. . . . . . The be dubbed.....the wicked. "
    The yellow robe, he named Siang Cin ,with tasteless overseeing Ko Kuh,
    his voice was plain:
    "The strong win the weak dead, it's the law of nature."

    "Ko Kuh, perhaps there will come when I will be toppled somewhere,
    indeed our conditions and circumstances are different, but the end will be the same,
    sooner or later we will surely meet at Nay-kio-ho. "

    Ko Kuh eyeball flipped, his eyes had faded, his body seemed to convulse, as hard he
    "Waiting ..... we Kian-pau-kiuliong. . . . . . . . entirely be expecting you."
    That voice discordant ago still resonates in the wind, but the soul of the speaker
    has been hovering after tremble strongly several times.

    Siang Cin stretch out, his eyes sweeping the treetops sixth giant black spruce and
    muttering: "The season is almost falling out later, the weather began to
    cold. . . . . . "-
    Slowly he turned the body continues down the mountain, like a cloud of yellow,
    floating lightly,float and fly as quickly disappeared.

    Nay-ho-san towering sky remained standing as calmly wrapped mega giant deep sleep, a
    state-lit, the atmosphere began to cool tense, as if not aware of the meaning of
    life, he does not know life miserable and charitable man in this life struggle,
    clear he just knows that everything that happens is "what can make".

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    Can you give any background on what to expect from Indonesian martial arts stories? Are they like the traditional wuxia type stories, or do they contain elements of magic and fantasy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tape View Post

    Can you give any background on what to expect from Indonesian martial arts stories? Are they like the traditional wuxia type stories, or do they contain elements of magic and fantasy?
    From the intro I believe it is "Jin Yong's" work, translated into Indonesian and now to English.
    Good effort, tho the names feel a bit strange as the characters do not appear to be the traditional 'Chinese' anymore

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    The translation is really good and the story sounds pretty interesting.

    However, just out of curiousity, which one of Jin Yong work is this?
    Jin Yong only wrote 15 pieces. And this story doesn't seem to match up with any of the 15 below.

    Below is the list of the 15 pieces that Jin Yong wrote that I grabbed from Wiki.

    The Book and the Sword (書劍恩仇錄) (first published on The New Evening Post from 19556)
    Sword Stained with Royal Blood (碧血劍) (first published on Hong Kong Commercial Daily in 1956)
    The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射鵰英雄傳) (first published on Hong Kong Commercial Daily in 1957-9)
    Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飛狐) (first instalment appeared on the first issue of Ming Pao in 1959)
    The Return of the Condor Heroes (神鵰俠侶) (Ming Pao, 195961)
    Other Tales of the Flying Fox (飛狐外傳) (Wuxia and History, 1960-1)
    Swordswoman Riding West on White Horse (白馬嘯西風) (first published on Ming Pao in 1961)
    Blade-dance of the Two Lovers (鴛鴦刀) (first published on Ming Pao in 1961)
    The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記) (first published on Ming Pao in 1961)
    A Deadly Secret (連城訣) (first published on Southeast Asia Weekly 《東南亞周刊》in 1963)
    Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部) (Ming Pao and Singapore's Nanyang Siang Pau, 1963-6)
    Ode to Gallantry (俠客行) (Ming Pao, 1966-7)
    The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖) (first published on Ming Pao in 1967-9)
    The Deer and the Cauldron (鹿鼎記) (Ming Pao, 19691972)
    Sword of the Yue Maiden (越女劍) (Ming Pao evening supplement, 1970)
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    Greetings to all readers....
    Can you give any background on what to expect from Indonesian martial arts stories? Are they like the traditional wuxia type stories, or do they contain elements of magic and fantasy?

    ....They are still traditional Wuxia type ,such Lwekang (power), acu-point, etc ,there is no magic or fantasy......

    which one of Jin Yong work is this?
    Jin Yong only wrote 15 pieces.

    ....Really I don't know from which one of Yin Yong work is Gan KL (Indonesian translator) get this one....
    .... I just tried to translate this for our readers fun and entertainment ,no commercial tendency whatever....

    Thanks for the response and comments....
    Await further also.....

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    Sorry I was not trying to threadcrap..i was more curious about which Jin Yong's novel it possibly is since I did not recognize it.

    from this URL: http://www.cersilanda.com/cersil/chapter4.php
    It look like this might be a work from Gu Long or Liang Yusheng and not Jin Yong.
    But I am not familiar enough with the other 2 authors' work to know for sure or not.

    The story itself starts out very good so I am interested to see how it goes.

    thanks for the translation.
    Check out WXFS translated comic of Tian Long Ba Bu
    Last updated: 02/04/2008

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    for the information the translator like gan k.l and the others from indonesia after translated the story the translator and publisher used to take the famous author like jin yong and gu long as the author but in fact the author is the other person for example the continuation story of dragon sabre and heaven sword in indonesian name anak naga or dragon son it's the creation of another author base on jin yong story but the publisher and translator still take jin yong name as the author.. this is often happen with the book publish between 70 to early 90 books but at late 90 the publisher begin to use the original author names

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    Thanks for the tidbit, dragonsense. Like wandering, I was scratching my head as well...

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    Book 1 part 1

    A breeze wind broke through the delicate yellow robes waving,
    Siang Cin moved in during the middle of a fairly extensive dry land on the slopes of the mountains,
    bordering the kapok tree branches along the way to stay dry.
    An air stream meanders through in the front of fir woods,
    bald cypress trees that started it continued to grow in the autumn is almost over.

    Siang Cin eyebrows looks stretched wide,calm and steady pace,
    finally leading to the riverbank and sits quietly,
    He oversees water flowing dreamy silence,so solemn, so serene,
    as though he were waiting and want to catch something in the middle of the rush of the water,
    who knows what desire,have already past or to come.

    Suddenly it's heard a chaotic tramp,nervous and irregular steps,
    without seeing it will know that the people who ran it were being hounded by a sense of confusion, fear and pain.

    Siang Cin ogling glance there,
    at the streets there appeared a shadow of a man staggered,
    this man beard,black skin with bushy eyebrows and large eyes, but now the situation is indeed very tragic,
    blood smeared all over his body, hair messed up, his face showing incredible suffering,
    his eyes were bulging pointed indignation his heart,
    his mouth gasping, foam poured out of his mouth, the situation is indeed very sad.

    Suddenly this large man was slammed to the ground, he quickly crawl up on all fours, but again fell down to the ground,
    in the middle of this sound of the whip on the air, it immediately whip the backs to be decorated with bloody cross of scars lashes.

    When Siang Cin looked behind the man,
    presumably a few pike on the other side there is a man dressed in a white gown student,
    tall body with his left hand holding a leather whip round nine feet,
    cool calm demeanor as being release tired after eating, as if just beat a dog who has stolen his pet chicken,
    that big man as his whip toy, also this big man had struck battered along the way.

    The big man snorting breath ,like a stretched animal life on the brink of slaughter,
    apparently he had endured all suffering untold torment it.
    inevitably complain mouth still stuck as well, as hard he tried to get up while trying to avoid creeping whip people,
    torment so great misery, but that young student is without compassion feeling, still quiver tip plied whip his back.

    The chunk clothes of large man wet by a liquid such as blood splattered as butterfly flying, his eyes glaring angrily,
    his teeth biting his lips tight to bloody, blood spurted which carried away in whip lash,
    but as hard he can ,this big man's gritted teeth, he never give the slightest moan and ask for forgiveness.

    The youth student were sneering, he lifted up his eyes, swung his whip circular in the air. "Tar",
    suddenly the tip whip twisted on the man's neck ,he pulls right away so that a large body of men were carried and slammed hard recoils. Fall down flat on the ground and tremble strongly is the man body,
    his legs floundering, wounds all over the body becomes dirty mixed blood caked dust and sand,
    sweat clothes torn, but his eyes still bulging, keep glaring stare to young student without blinking,his eyes showing unspeakable revenge fired.

    Youth students stared back calmly and triumphantly,he said coldly:
    "An Lip, road mileage you're not far away, you will eventually arrive at the place,
    in that there will come a commensurate reward you. "
    Several times the big man tremble strongly, lifting her head as hard and let out a dry laugh,
    his voice hoarse: "People she Gui, no .... you arrogant, I .. . . An Lip. . . . do not. . . . not willing. . . . ask mercy to you. ".

    Student youth ("she")Gui snorted indignantly, he said, violent:
    "Have mercy also useless, Lip An decades you've become a member of our Pang,
    not suspect you forget yourself and treacherous, silently you do something askew with Pangcu dear mistress.
    An Lip, really I will come ashamed of your dirty actions ,
    do not guess at Siang-liong-gi-pang may appear a person like you. "

    The big man named Lip displays a bland taste and poignant,
    with a sense of mourning he close his eyes, his throat give hard voices,
    as hard he can he swallowed his saliva, but he did not deny or defend himself on charges of people.
    As if in a situation like this, and denied a defense for the cleanliness of his personal name would remain mere vanity.

    With the handle in his hand whip snake skin, young student she Gui scratched his cheek, he said coldly:
    "I'm Gui Ih since becoming head of the red flags Siang Gi Pang,
    should be quite familiar to you, surely you know enough my temperament,
    I hate humans and all evil sex pervert and who makes round hard now is the one who should punish according law applicable in our Pang precisely is you "

    An Lip looks tremble strongly once again, but he remained silent,
    the student, Gui Ih,said again, his voice in a little bargaining:
    "I can not help you to free up this suffering, because I have to run the command,
    my loyalty to Siang Gi-Pang is not affected by my friendship with you,
    you're the one who forced to be patient along this road, after arriving at the destination,
    the same Pangcu mistresses will be burned with you,
    then you do not suffer anymore, that was quick and everything will be calm and peaceful. "-

    Suddenly he pulled away, his voice turned stern and screeching: "Now, you're up!"

    An Lip gritted teeth, he crept slowly got up, a new two-step he acted stagger,
    without another word Gui Ih swinging his whip lash lines adorn two bloody on his back anyway,
    tip of the whip issued a loud voice,when tearing An lip skin loin .
    An immediately Lip staggered forward a few steps,but he did not fall, stagger like a drunken man and half-running steps forward, now he has almost approached the place where Siang Cin lounging by the river.

    As cotton blown wind ,Gui Ih stepped behind him, coiled leather whip swung back to the right and left,
    without the slightest pity he continue to beat the big man alias An Lip are staggered fore it,
    his eyes glanced glimpse Siang Cin with watchful gaze.

    Hard whip lash beat the back of An Lip head, Immediately An Lip clutching his head and muffled scream,
    he fell fell forward, whole body seemed to convulse,chattering teeth biting in front of the sandy soil,
    His ten fingers clawing into the ground ,was bared so unspeakable pain.

    Gui Ih approach, with the sound of a cold she snapped crossly: "An Lip, stand up."

    With the rest of his energy trying to crawl Lip An awake,
    but unfortunately inadequate power desires, three times he repeated his efforts, but still not able to way up,
    Gui Ih face getting very stern, once again swinging his whip coiled and bring strong winds roar
    "Tar, tar, tar".
    dozens of times An lip back he beat until rolled up, flounder accomplice entire body stiffened.

    Suddenly calm steady voice reverberate ,contains satire:
    "Of course you know, the discipline of the whip that such to body would cause untold suffering, true or not ?"

    Gui Ih swiftly pulled his hand as he jumped backwards, his eyes sharply swept toward the sound,
    on the riverbank, beside the road there, in place a curved down, watching him ,
    Siang Cin with a view cute, his lips were pouting contain cynical scorn.

    Ih Gui instinctively sensed a serious threat, be felt faint arrival of a stranger is very strange and unexpected,
    his tone was not friendly at all.
    Slightly tilt the body, Gui Ih looked up, hands clenched with style up and down in front of the chest.
    Here's Siang Gi-pang style specifically intended to outsiders, so that people will know the origin and position in Pang.

    With a cold attitude Siang Cin ,raising his eyebrows, he snorted:
    "I understand, you're a friend of Siang-gi-pang."

    Gui Ih instantly give attractive face,
    he said: "Of course, also as a same party ,Siang-Gi Pang is punishing members who violate the rules,
    mister is a man who can a good think, please step aside and not interfere in our affairs. "

    Siang Cin oversee An Lip who is still floundering in pain on the ground, he said quietly:
    "I think, you must set him free."

    Great change on Gui Ih countenance ,he ruthlessly stare at the man
    ,he said curtly: "Kang-ouw (JiangHu) rules is no longer you can ignore,mister?
    Dare you interfere in other people's families? Know that Sianggi-pang was not a weak Pang ,that may be play in the game. "

    Strange eye-cast by Siang Cin, he said slowly as he approached:
    "Now, will you try to prove your words just now."

    Somehow, without noticeably Gui Ih step backward, as hard he hold his temper,cried cruelly:
    "Stop friend, maybe you did not know what are the consequences of negligent to this? "
    Siang Cin did not stop because of the threat, he still wiggle over closer,
    he said quietly: "I know, even better than you know yourself."

    While gritted teeth, suddenly Gui Ih ranged semi-circular,upper body move lightly,
    while leather whip in his right hand suddenly accuse rigid plate like pole, stab to the gut opponent.

    As if not seeing, as no movement, but the reality has been shift Siang Cin three feet away,
    difficult to see how he moves, as if he'd been had been standing there,
    the tip of the Gui lh whip snake hissing tight piercing empty space.

    Gui Ih heart nearly jumped out of his chest cavity,
    Gui Ih instantly felt his head a little dizzy as stimulated blood boiling
    no time to think about the next step,his body arched like a bow suddenly soared to the top one more spear length,
    That's when the floating body, whip snake skin ,like heavy rain beat the enemy.

    It is difficult to believe, it's amazing,
    Siang Cin with graceful yellow color robe turned to dodged whip strikes which came heavy and tight,
    with smooth motion and dashing its dazzling.

    While somersault in the air, Gui Ih whip back circular sweep as roaring winds arrive.
    Siang Cin stand as solid as a mountain, slightly tilting the body, he suddenly lunged reply.

    Gui Ih became nervous and immediately jumped out of the way, but the fight that goes as fast as a winks,
    Suddenly whip in his hand has moved into the hands of an opponent, his eyes briefly glanced at a glance,
    only seen a hand with delicate white fingers tapped his left shoulder,he had no time to think,
    it had white palms touching his body, a kind of powerful force instantly make him bounce a few spears away, keeps pitch-roll .....

    As the head of the red flags Siang-gi-pang, how high and Kung Fu and Gui Ih Lwekang (power) ,
    so the body touching the ground, swiftly once he wanted skyrocketed wake up,
    but an unexpected foot with yellow shoe touches him to fall on the ground anyway, the right foot stepped on his back.

    The sound remains fresh and cold, said:
    "Gui Ih, go home and report to the your master Sam bak siu su Tam Kip, tell him ,it's me who carries your man. "

    Gui Ih painstakingly turned his head upward, his face covered in mud as wide, he growled angrily:
    "Monkey, leave your name"!

    His backs suddenly feels light, the legs that stepping on his back had shifted,
    a voice echoed in the distance sounds obvious to him:
    "The waves rolled, mega-lined, rain storm, the wind roaring, everything is like a wisp of smoke passed ...."

    Gui Ih whole body shiver and tremble suddenly, his eyes glaring, his lips quivering,
    afraid he muttered:
    "Ui Liong Siang Cin ... Oh, Thian (God), he was Siang Cin the Yellow Dragon. . . . "

    In an instant, the punishing man had been lost, of course, he was taken away by Siang Cin the Yellow Dragon.
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    Book 1 Part 2

    It was late at night, no moonlight, just blips on the rare star horizon,
    autumn wind was slicing the skin, the silence of the night was haunt the
    conscience of people.

    That is a small house built with pine wood frame and rafters yellow bamboo,
    a small house was surrounded by kapok trees at the edge of a river ,
    flowing quiet clear, in front and behind the house full sprinkle chrysanthemum
    plants, even at night, colorful chrysanthemums striking with a fragrant scent smells
    very comforting feeling. a bridge of three bamboo grooves penetrate to the
    back adds small houses style building look more artistic.

    Night is getting dark, a shadow flashed with remarkable speed,
    so lightly like cotton despite dragging a people also,but still agile and
    nimble movements, only three jumps he has exceeded the bamboo bridge and landed silently in
    front of the court house.

    This man was wearing a yellow robe swan, his eyes seemed to glow in the dark
    He is the Yellow Dragon Siang Cin, he quietly lay a large man who had been in
    his help,then he knocked on the door.

    Following the sound of a loud melodious chirping canaries tub echoed from
    inside the house:
    "Who is it?"
    Siang Cin wink,he said under his breath: "Dragon king returned to the palace
    with his greatness."

    Then heard giggling in the house, laughter containing flavor comforted and
    relieved, the door that made of yellow bamboo creaked open slowly,
    with a slender shadow carrying a lamp oil stood at threshold,so the lamp
    lifted, her eyes looking toward Siang Cin,immediately voiced her mouth in surprise,
    she said later: "Cin, you make trouble again? "

    Siang Cin grinning silently, carried the big man into the room,
    under a lamp lighting the oil lamp holder-one face looks pretty attractive,
    beautiful as an angel in a painting.

    In a room that is not so great there is a set of bamboo table chair,
    bamboo blinds painting looks hanging on the wall, fragrant incense smoke
    billowing from little hiolo on the prayer table under the window there,

    a harp lies above the table, on side of the harp is a sword,
    a beautiful embroidered linens colorful coats the surface of the bamboo couch,
    in front of the couch there is a beautiful winds carved doors ,
    serene paced atmosphere, clean of dust, impressively beautiful.

    After putting a lamp on the table slowly the holder-one turned around and
    walked toward Siang Cin ,who hold the man being sit in a bamboo chair,
    The big both round eyes that seemed observant luminous, more tenderly sweet
    she asked in a soft voice:
    "Who is this Congsu, Cin?"

    Siang Cin wet his lips with his tongue, he said:
    "He called An Lip, the Siang gi-pang man, because playing with Pangcu
    mistress, he was convicted severe punishment and will eventually be burned
    alive, when I saw he was beaten so such by law enforcement Siang gi-pang."

    Manicured eyebrows like the crescent moon in above the beautiful eye looks
    wrinkled,her words thoughtfully: "Ouch sorry. . . . . . . .is he fainted? "
    Siang Cin give a sigh, he said after sitting in a chair next to:
    "His wounds I've washed and given medication,he got beat so badly,but he was a
    true man,never ask for mercy, has never complained, expressed gratitude to me also
    before fainted then,
    I thought after this morning light,his condition will be better. "

    The beautiful eyeball that like translucent jellies looked at Siang Cin, she
    said softly:
    "You're certainly very tired also Cin, I brewed a cup of tea, then I make food ......."

    "Ci, do not bother," said Siang Cin with a laugh.
    " Aunt Ciu right there? let her. . . . . "

    The pretty nose looks sharp wince,she spoiled:
    "Hui, are you, when it's gone, no sooner than 10 days or a month or a half
    month before go home,if come home is definitely in the middle of the night,
    What do Ciu aunt should always expecting you, except I'm your stupid sister's . . . . "

    Siang Cin rubbing his face with the palm of the hand, he blinked and squinted his eyes,
    he said:
    "Yes, I know you're always waiting my return, then I will not bother you bear
    to make. . . . "

    The beautiful eye-light of the pretty becomes dim, with bashful she divert her
    she said sad:
    "I know myself .... bro, I'm not going to demand too much, you good enough to me .... "

    Siang Cin stand,he asked quietly:
    "Ci ,please don't talk about the past, that problem has been passed,
    right now are we alright ? "

    The beautiful one moved and said, with shaking her head moved vulnerable:
    "Life is peaceful it will not be long as we enjoy, Cin, you're time has come to settle down,
    later when you have to marry your wife, I, myself being your sister's what counted anyway. "

    Slowly and gently Siang Cin pull the cold delicate hands,he said slowly:
    "Ci ,in your heart you know that I'm not the man like that,
    although we are not siblings, but this time I looked at you as my sister own blood. . . . "

    Vibrating body, slowly the beautiful-one lift the head with sucking smile,
    even though she knows it contains a bitter smile sense of unrest, bland and lost.
    She said then: "Cin, I'm glad to hear this talk, really, my heart is very entertained. . . ."

    As she spoke she quickly swivel. Moved her body into the room, she said
    rather nervously: "Cin, you rest for a minute, let me brewed tea for you."

    Siang Cin clearly felt the beautiful tone of words that contain the sobs
    restrained, indications of how her melancholy and vulnerable heart,
    He oversee the slender shadow-one disappeared behind the door, finally he sighed.

    The wind was blowing outside the window, the night went, the thicker the fog,
    sparks lamp on the table was elongated and shrink and lit ablaze as well.

    Siang Cin minds difficult to withstand the unrest turmoil,
    he understands where this unrest comes from , that of his adopted sister,
    the most beautiful woman in Tiang-an city's - Kun Sim-ti.

    Slowly Siang Cin breathed a long sigh ,
    still fresh in his memory on six years ago just how reckless Kun Sim-ti with strong decision
    to reject the father will to marry her out .
    His father is an elderly Kun Keh-boh ,a poet who earned the highest government officials ,
    with violence has hit her with a rod and dragged her up to the stretcher , carried her to the Oh family home ,
    one well-known nobleman in Tiang-An city's to be married with the youngest son .

    Later he got the news ,once after entered in her in-law house ,Kun Sim-ti strike not to eat and drink ,
    all day never say a word ,but her husband ,Oh Hian ,precisely have partying with many gorgeous women on
    the outside ,every night when he come home after getting drunk ,he molest and hurt her.

    There has not been a year since the wedding ,Oh Hian was found dead in his room with unknown cause ,
    then the Oh family accuse Kun Sim-ti as a husband killer ,
    her fate then plunged into a more pathetic world ,
    since then she has lived in the darkness that never see sunlight (in prison ?)
    ,does not know what it is to live happily or merry with laughter ,
    until one day Siang Cin has helped her .
    That happened three years ago.

    A thousand more days feel passed quickly,
    Past events takes place like the day before yesterday.
    In a short time previously Siang Cin who is still green rookie has been a
    martial expert who has taste the full of life and twists in Bu-lim (WuLin).
    Unnoticedly Siang Cin suck the bland smile,
    the true is,long time he have counted as martial expert,only few people know
    that he has incredible Kungfu.

    Finally Siang Cin shake his head ,his heart just now realized why Kun Sim-ti
    willing to die rather than married the youth who she is not loved,
    because she has been in love with Siang Cin,so pure and holy, and so much love
    with sacrifices.

    His eyes is rather vague, Siang Cin bite his lip while in musely,
    imagined when Kun Sim-ti tell the occurrence of event with sobbing,
    as if the sound of thunder in broad daylight,he was confused and stood rigidly.
    His family is familiar with Kun Sim-ti family,their parents too are step-brothers.

    Usually when in spare time, he often wandered into the Kun family house.
    He likes to hang out with this adoptive gentle and compassionate sister ,
    how much he enjoyed the look on her face that blooms suck sweet smile with
    great grace in every movement of her holy gesture as beautiful painting,
    but never imagined in his mind about "love",
    more even never in his mind that the adoptive four years older sister really
    so in love with him.

    That time Siang Cin was just a sigh,
    It's understand that time he was only fifteen,
    but he's not usually like to exalt themselves knowledgeable and experience and wide enough?
    What is really much that he knew?
    No, sometimes he likes to daydream,often to fantasy grandiose,
    funny and ridiculous delusion. . . . . . .

    Suddenly it heard a soft voice ,resuscitate his thoughts:
    "Cin, what were you thinking?".

    At that time Kun Sim-ti was standing next to him,
    her beautiful face was pale, her eyes red from crying, her hands carrying a
    black tray, a porcelain cup that is engraved beautifully situated on a tray,
    water in a cup of tea steaming,smell delicious fragrant tea.

    Rushedly Siang Cin is standing to receive the cup, he said slowly:
    "Ci, will you sit."

    Kun Sim-ti looked at him quizzically, she sat beside slowly,

    While Siang Cin is sipping his tea had a sip,
    he praised "." Well, good fragrant. "

    "This is the stuff that you brought the other day ....."

    Looking up at the gentle face, Siang Cin said quietly.
    "Such tea I drink it often also in the outcome, but I always felt that I drink
    tea at home is much more delicious and refreshing, I also long enough to
    think, finally I realized why .. "

    Kun Sim ti winking her observant eye, she asked: "For what?"

    Siang Cin laughing happily, he said:
    "The reason is because the people who brew this tea different. "

    With embarrassed red face Kun Sim ti, she muttered:" Ah, you did a lot of
    behavior,little brother, as naughty as your childhood acts.. "

    Suddenly Siang Cin looked her with amazed, plain stare and bring a sense of
    warmth that raises holy mind without thinking indecent thing, although
    essentially Siang Cin have been long holding his fiery-desires that volatile
    in the heart.

    Indeed, her body trembling slightly ,but without blinking ,without shame and
    fear KunSim-ti stared him intently ,her thin lips like ruby red chapped as if challenging ,
    indeed a sense of upset along this always jammed in her heart ,
    make her mind moody when she was alone ,she was always full of hope ,
    expectations based on the desire that flared almost in crazy ,
    hopefully Siang Cin someday be able to give something to her ,
    even if something is too small means .

    They are also used to stand face to face with each other ,
    but they both know and be able to dive into each mind ,
    as if there is an invisible wall that makes impenetrable,
    they know in addition to a sense of annoyance, is still a lot of reasons
    anyway and why.

    As usual , quietly Siang Cin finally shifted his eyes ,with heavy feeling
    he spent that cup of tea that is still hot.
    Then Kun Sim-ti then know that this time she will not gain nothing again.

    However she is a woman that had a smooth feeling ,woman who have to take care of self-esteem,
    Really she did not dare lowered herself to ask that to Siang Cin,
    she only prayed that onced Siang Cin will provide an opportunity, to give her
    a chance to bestow her feelings that had been buried in her heart.

    Indeed,she was hated as well, she understands without necessarily stating her
    heart Siang Cin also already know ....
    but why his attitude has been fixed so cold,less aggressive, although his
    attitude was always cordial affection, but quickly melts when his state is
    nearing freezing point.

    Siang Cin sat back in the chair, after he took a deep breath ,straighten the
    legs and arms, he said blandly:

    "Ci, would you still remember the sandalwood tree in the garden behind your
    house? "

    Silently Kun Sim ti wiped away her tears, she nodded slowly,
    though Siang Cin looking up at the middle of the sky ,but the slightest
    movement was not out of his sight, he would understand what causes people act
    this way,
    calmly continued:
    "Now it's harvest time breed cinnamon,
    I so love the sweet smell fragrant,
    when I suck in a deep breath, closing my eyes,
    fall as wallowing in piles of flowers in the middle of a cloud,
    quite comfortably fresh.
    I remember, one day brother Seng from the next door neighbor's ever forced us
    into the bridal couple and...... "

    Kun Sim-ti laugh pronely ,she said bitterly :
    "That time I did accept his compulsion ,but you do not have the courage , like
    the scene a few years later when I was forced to marry , you will- does not
    have the courage to accept me ...... "

    Siang Cin heart twitched ,he quickly cough softly to cover his pierced
    feelings ,
    he said : "When I was a kid ,Ci ,really,I do not know that you were very happy
    with the game .... "

    Kun Sim-ti bow her head ,with soft and silky smooth voice she said :
    " Finally, you know as well , but it was too late .... "

    Siang Cin have a thrilled feeling ,lifted the cup and gulped it until become
    empty cup ,only he himself knows the buried love so deep in his heart ,
    but is his love really already too late ?

    " Ci .... " he wet his lips with the tip of his tongue ,with the lower voice :
    "Please you go to rest, let me rest in here."

    Kun Sim-ti look at him ,long and long stare ,finally she sighed,
    then rotate her body and enter into the room.

    The layout of the house is far outside the city,
    here there is no time of signature gong,
    but of feeling and experience Siang Cin can fingered when it was approaching
    the fourth gong, soon the dawn will dawn.

    Slowly he stood, a large man who was seriously injured was suddenly tilted
    writhing on a chair and issued a complaint softly, Siang Cin is watching,
    his eyelids slowly began to move,
    then remembered Siang Cin, that his eyeballs are bulging as the bulls-eye this
    Presumably An Lip eyelid, this big man,weighing thousands of catty taste,
    as he tried hard to open his eyes, but sleepiness is in power to grip him,
    he heard a soft voice ringing in his ears bargaining:
    "It's been awake?"

    With all his might An Lip move his head,he slowly opened the petals glimmer
    his eyes, a handsome face looked ghostly white smooth face flared ,
    this handsome as ever seen somewhere, it feels like a long time ago.

    Siang Cin stand before him, he carefully watched the hue face,
    he said later with a laugh:
    "The red ball flush eyes had faded, friends,
    really a hefty torture indeed to you. "

    Whole body twitched and trembled An lip, he immediately pictured the hideous
    and painful scene ,anyway he immediately thought of his own state now,
    as hard he struggled to get up and scream emotion:

    "Inkong, Inkong (help-master), please accept my respect worship ...."

    Quickly Siang Cin supported him, he said friendly:
    "If you want to thank me, I will be happy to accept it, then you do not need a
    lot of custom anymore."

    An Lip sigh of relief, he said, with tears:
    "Inkong if not Inkong help, An Lip soul is certainly already dead since

    Inkong. . ..? "

    Siang Cin eyebrows drew together, his voice low weight:
    "My name Siang Cin."

    "Siang Cin", the name is like a poisonous snake suddenly bites An Lip
    heartburn,surprised until his body shaking, he gawked and his tongue
    outstretched, he stammered for a moment:
    "Siang...., Siang Cin .... dragon .... Yellow Dragon?"

    Siang Cin mouth chuckled once,and said:
    "Why are you is rather tense ? Friend,this both hands of Siang Cin ,it was
    smeared with blood, but still can distinguish between good and evil. ".

    Despite heavy beard but An lip red face is still visible,
    his attitude seemed embarrassed, he said:
    "No Inkong, not so I mean, do not misunderstand .... your big name very famous ...."

    "My name is famous?" Siang Cin grinning, "The truth is already several times
    on the moment my life turned out to be dead I pulled back alive."
    You know, people whoever do not want to die, would not you? "

    An Lip confused for a moment, then nodded,

    Siang Cin rubbed noses with two fingers, he said also:
    "Why Siang-gi-pang torment you so much, umh ?"

    Briefly confused An Lip and head down, this big man turned out to shed tears,

    Siang Cin looked away slightly, he said then:
    "They say you play affair with their Pangcu mistress?"

    Abruptly An Lip lift head , wrinkled skin of his face , cried uncontrollably
    :"Play affair ? He is who take my future wife ,destroying my happy future
    ,every day I have to bow in front of the grinning muzzle like the devil laugh
    , always take a glance of cold and embarrassing derision from my future wife ,
    but I have to keep pretending puffed as a brave man ......

    Oooo, Thian(God) , a forced smile , a beautiful face withered ,
    I was forced to just watch her, she fell into the arms of another man , who
    can do just pray ,swallowing saliva ,I have cursed myself as a human being a
    coward , she has become a reality Pangcu mistress . . . . "

    Talk got talk , a stocky man who got beat without complaining it turns out
    came the sobs in tears.

    Siang Cin draw a bamboo chair and sat in front of him ,
    while with uphold his chin,let him alone release the tears and his sorrow.
    Of course Siang Cin himself can also permeates how great sadness and
    resentment of people ,though not his experience ,but he can feel well enough
    this kind of suffering ,

    Sometimes a lot of problems in this world difficult to felt and impregnated
    himself ,but as long as you can think wisely , then you will be able to fathom
    the deepness.

    Along time also recently An Lip stop crying,
    he seemed very tired and exhausted,especially after bestows a sense of grief
    and revenge,his body becomes limp.

    Without speaking Siang Cin handed a sheet of yellow silk handkerchief,
    wiping away tears, said Lip An embarrassed with red eyes:
    "Inkong, An Lip could not control the feelings, please forgive. . . . . "

    "Not your fault," said Siang Cin laugh, since ancient times is the word love
    like a torture to man. "

    An Lip head bowed, tears still streaming down ,he then quickly wipe it off
    with a handkerchief. Similarly Siang Cin said:

    "Brother, actually your Pangcu have got how many wives and concubines? "

    "There were seven mistresses." said An Lip exasperated.

    Siang Cin laughing again, he said:
    "What did you just say really the whole truth?"

    An Lip eyeball that bulging as cows eyes anyway, he said, pointing
    the heavens and the earth, vowing:
    "Inkong, An Lip soul has Inkong please, so An Lip dare not to lie before
    Inkong ? If one of my word is not true, should Inkong cut off my head."

    Siang Cin nodded and said:
    "Then the future wife was already raped by other man ,are you still willing to
    marry her? Umh, I mean, of course, if she still want to come to you."

    An Lip confused for a moment, suddenly he shouted:
    "Even if she be a cheap ***** also ,forever I will not forget her.

    Siang Cin suddenly felt his head become dizzy.
    That man few words tasted spicy piercing his heart.
    With his sharp face,he stare the rough man,
    he asked in low voiced:

    "Why ?"

    An Lip swallow saliva, and breath a little stuttering, without hesitation he said:

    "When you love someone wholeheartedly, pure and holy love certainly does not
    fade, no matter what ever happens do not need to be reconsidered."

    After so long time Siang Cin perplexed,later he said softly:
    "Ok brother, I will help you take back your future wife."

    It was so touched and excited, with An lip trembling body ,mouth opened,
    he said: "Yes? But .... but Inkong, it means you must be on the brink and
    hostile to Siang Gi pang. . . . . "
    Siang Cin laugh in smug ,he said: "Why,is the Yellow Dragon Siang Cin unable
    to cope with the dwarves Siang-gi-pang ? Then how your misconception? "

    An Lip quickly shake his head, he said confused:
    "No Inkong, not so mean, I just thought for the sake of my problem .....
    whether it is necessary to cause a big trouble. . . . . "

    Siang Cin take a breath, he said bargaining:
    "If I think needs to be, then it must quite weighty. "

    Turbulent blood move in An lip chest cavity ,he wish uttered a thousand
    words, heart meanings infinitely he want to tell, but too many and wide, too
    thick to melted in an instant, except by tears he could poured out his heart.

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    Book 1 part 3 (end of book 1)

    The lamps lit on the table shaking, flickering light at blinking ,to feel spooky,
    The shadow of this two persons in the home look on the side-walls extending to the ground.
    They don't open their voice again, let it this deep silence gripped the state, but
    in this silence, they feel the sincerity and mutual understanding between friends.

    Siang Cin blinking, he said: "If you are tired you should rest just above the seat,
    I will looked out the situation."
    An Lip startled, he said watchedful: "Situation? Inkong (help-Master),
    As if there is something wrong? Situation around was calm and serene. . . . . "

    As he stood Siang Cin shaking his head, he said: "Indeed, it's feels unsafe,
    I heard the sound of clothing waving in the wind and dry leaves are trampled legs ,
    there are a few people were running hither .It is quite a lot ."

    An instantaneous swash An Lip heart ,he strained :
    "Could it be ,could it be Siang-gi-pang men hunt here ?"

    For a moment think, Siang Cin replied:
    "It's possible, but it does not matter."

    An Lip collect his possible energy and take a breath,
    he was about to blow extinguished the lamp on the table,
    but quickly Siang Cin prevent that:
    "Leave the lights on, brother, I'm happy to light the lamps that lit the silence."

    With a sense of wonder turned An Lip ,watching Siang Cin,
    he really can not understand and difficult to explore why this respected martial man now perform actions that violate Kangouw(JiangHu) habits generally,
    but instantly, when he heard the wind whistling and turning ,left him alone in the house.
    Not through the door, also not through the half-open window,
    but Siang Cin has soared to the roof, on the roof there is a bamboo basket
    that can slide and move freely, from a hole in the roof-house ,by the basket he bust out.

    Toward dawn,the weather feel bone-chilling cold .
    When go out and reach the top of the roof,Siang Cin crouch then motionless.
    In darkness,deep silence,only the sound of the leaves rustle in the wind,
    when the night is almost dawn, darkness seemed to be darker,people generally sleep more soundly even in these night.
    A faint shadow appeared flashed, agile as a cat, as swallow bird he leaped lightly and perch on bamboo fence on the bridge,behind the person are two shadows too ,both the shadow then dispersed on the side of the house,
    a lamp in a house stays on, the light was calm, the atmosphere was steady.

    Except three persons who came flashed with hidden gestures ,
    also come following the wiggle one as a lead one ,straight to the top of the bamboo bridge ,
    and looks behind to another soft shadow one,with gentle step and courteous followed.

    The first shadow person who proud in gestures ,flipped back ,he saluted politely to the soft shadows ,Faintly seem the soft shadows is a polite young man in his twenties ,his robes all blue ,elegant face,more like the son of a nobleman.

    The young man seemed to give a nod to the person in front of him , then that person went anyway to move forward ,and he have the large head ,when measured definitely not smaller than the head of a donkey ,
    arrived at the end of the bridge ,open his mouth immediately ,to let out hoarse voices like a drum loudly :

    "Long calculation in Sia-mo-nia should be finished , (she)Siang person ,
    Sin-losu(I am Sin) is really difficult looking for you."

    His voice hoarse discordant, and difficult accent to understand,
    voices like the sound of falling out sand and ear piercing,
    his hands on his hips, on fat belly like a pig belly.

    Siang Cin ,who is crouching above the roof, puckered forehead, he sighed quietly,
    silently he drifted down from the roof of the house like a shadow demon,
    slowly float down to the front of the fat man.

    Once the shadow appears, wind up like carrying the stench of blood,
    this huge head one that has sleepy eyes,suddenly his arrogant demeanor had disappeared, unconsciously he was retreating backward three steps, so the bamboo bridge under his feet to creak out, nearly broken.

    Siang Cin mouth tip gives it's mocking bizarre smile,with shook out his yellow longish arms ,
    he said in a tone of such ordinary bargaining :
    "Sin-suya (Mr Sin), the world is apparently as little as the leaves,
    I do not presume that we meet here anyway."

    Sin-suya pig face was pale lesions ,his cheek meat skin seemed to tighten ,
    Similar eyes as eyes turtles are bulging ,with embarrassed he adjusted his robes to wrap his fat body ,he said with a big grin :
    "(she)Siang person ,you are so insolent ,really I had no enmity with you ,
    my concern with Kik Cu hong of Tay hian pay on Siau - mo - nia, has nothing to do with you ,
    but you have interfered with it , not just destroy my two foster brothers KungFu ,
    you made me no place again to rest on Siau-mo-nia ,(she)Siang ,
    this calculation is accounted to you to finish that to me ."

    Such as remembering Siang Cin is looking up ,he said later :
    " With Kik Cuhiong of Tay - hian -pay ,there is an intimate relationship with me ,
    One time his teacher ever side by side with me for repelling eighteen red gauze Lama at Tibetan border ,
    it's impossible for me to folded hand when I see Sin-suya with three of them gang up him ,
    it's forced me to help him necessarily."

    So angrily Sin-suya until his body-meat seemed to vibrate ,he roared :
    " Helping necessaryly ? What do your mom tell you ,to kill completedly the souls of my two-brothers ?"

    The beam eyes of Siang Cin initially clear,suddenly turns cold and sharp,his voice in threatening tone:
    "Sin-losu, among Kangouw(JiangHu) you have obtain Tho-sin-san title,so many years across the Kangouw,
    should you also understand the consequences when you dare act in front of the Yellow Dragon. "

    As hit by iron rod ,Sin-losu recede backwards, just as his mouth open,try to talk,
    the young man who had been standing across the bridge ,give a big laugh, he interrupted:
    "Watching your dashing and cocky attitude, then I know that you are certainly the Yellow Dragon Siang Cin indeed. "

    With raised eyebrows ,Siang Cin, his voice in tasteless:
    "How dare, after I saw your attitude is, I will then know that you're Jade-mo-cu (demon jade) Keh Kisin. "

    Young man dressed in tight dark blue color is true Jade-mo-cu Keh Ki -sin,
    emerging in the annual three at Thian-lam.He is student of Singkok-bun at Thian-lam ,
    later he studied also at the number one master at Hunlam border ,Hoan-jit Kiam - Khek Han Siau-kan,
    After graduating,he adopted a step-brother with It Tiau-tay -Mo Kim ,Cengcu from Gih-tay-ceng that famous in Bu-lim (WuLin) ,even Kim's sister who is a virgin ,Mo Hun-cu was making love with Jade-mo-cu ,which reportedly been knocked down Tiam-jong-ngo-eng (Five eagle of Tiam - jong -pay ) ,
    according to news that spread among Kangouw ,since graduated and traveled in Bu-lim ,Jade Mo-cu've never yet found a rival .

    Jade-mo-cu Keh Ki-sin laughed aloud ,he said :
    " The view is sharp, Yellow Dragon nick-named was not empty . "

    Siang Cin snort ,he said :
    " Sin-suya ,this dark night ,at the cold, Suya've gone far to attacked here ,
    do you even want to count me for calculations at Siau mo-nia past matter? "

    Sin-suya mouth chuckled ,his eyes glanced to Jade-mo-cu Keh Ki-sin ,without daring to give comments ,
    then Jade-mo-cu laugh ,he said calmly :
    "It so in my opinion."

    Suddenly Siang Cin laughed as well ,he told Keh Ki -sin :
    "Brother ,you've came to help Sin-suya ? "

    Jade mo-cu face issued a friendly smile ,he nodded :
    "Yes ,same as when you helped Kik Cu-hong of Tay hian -pay at Sian-mo-nia that day."

    By indifferently Sang Cin shook his sleeve ,he said :
    " Mr. Keh ,do you know ,for three years ,is not easy for you to chased and raised up the prestige name ?"

    "Of course I know , "said Koh Ki -sin to laugh .

    Siang Cin in thoughtfully a while ,looking up for a moment ,
    he said : "You know what the result of this proud attitude ? "

    "Of course," said Koh Ki-sin while nodded .

    "Okay ,here my last warning ,as a clever one ,I hope you do not do something stupid ,
    now if you still want to resign,I gave you a chance ..... "

    Big smile that decorate the face Keh Ki -sin instantly vanished ,
    he hissed :
    "Siang Cin ,from today ,there will be no further foothold in Bu-lim for you ,
    say your sermons to your wife at home !"

    Sin-suya chuckled amusely ,he exclaimed :
    "(she)Siang ,let powder not your face (means "lift-up yourself"),
    I'll cut off your head and made as the ball to kick."

    Silently Siang Cin ,with his eyes roaming the four corners ,he said :
    " Sin-suya ,remember ,to act on should be fast ,like a meteor crossed the sky . "

    Like in stung by bee, Sin-Suya stop his laughter ,quickly he moved ,
    he pulled out the Siang-jin-jan(two face hoe) that two feet long,
    his narrow eyes seemed glaring watchful at Siang Cin ,

    While one step back SiangCin said:
    "The fall (autumn)season is the season the leaves fall off the trees ....
    the words " fall " echoed in the air ,before the echo-sound disappear,
    shadow palms suddenly come toward Sin-suya ,as fast as lightning .

    Growled loudly like a mad bull ,Sin-suya deftly dodged ,although having fat-body ,he's as slippery as an eel arrived
    between five feet away, his shiny hoe spinning like a long light ,as chain throw forward ,
    but the opponent shadow palms suddenly shrank ,
    as devilish,slipped into the middle of the circle hoe that played tightly.

    Jade-mo-cu Keh Ki sin in cold laughed,suddenly he lunge forward ,obviously he saw goose yellow shadow in front of him ,but before he can attacked ,the wind palm monstrous now already attacked his throat with a quick and sharp as a machete blade.
    The both hands of Keh Ki -sin flipping ,he launched a bizarre blow ,but his ears could hear the sound of "bret" , the sound of fabric tearing clothes ,
    accompanied with Sin - losu screams : "Irreverence monkey ,you are vile .... "

    Before Sin-suya roar shattered ,shadow of the palms blow out already through the cheek Keh Ki -sin ,strike as sharp wind slicing Keh Ki -sin cheek seven times .
    Of course with thumping heart ,silently Keh Ki sin cursed ,what is this moved ?
    What palms that can blow this anyway ? Why so fast ?
    Could human achieve this exceptional fast motion ?

    Keh Ki-sin gritted his teeth ,suddenly he jumped out of the way ,but after he's out of the way ,
    he quickly jumped in again ,his act is done almost at the same time ,

    Right away a sharp sword that emits light colors ,like a rainbow that panned down from the middle of the sky ,quickly stab straight at Siang Cin.

    Yellow color shadow looks flashed to rotate and slice toward a colorful sharp sword ,
    before Keh Ki -sin resume the second moves ,the shadow palms were already sticking at his clothes ,
    Shockingly he quickly fall his back as hard as he can ,but staggered two steps backward by the opponent's punch power .
    Two-face hoe of Sin-suya immediately attacked from the side ,the sharp eyes of his hoe sheen ,cool , Sin-suya state who left sleeves has ripped ,it very messy ,funny and ridiculous situation ,with exasperation he desire to swallow his opponent to satisfied his revenge.

    In dark color of Siang Cin face,his both hands clapped once ,and rocked to left-right to dodged two passes of the hoe ,while one hand at the same time hit Sin-losu chest ,that full of loose oily flesh .
    With loud shrill at Sin-losu startled scream ,he tried hard to roll to side ,but his right shoulder skin cutted like
    cutted by a sharp dagger ,blood spurted out of the skin that is peeled open.

    Quickly at once Siang Cin dodged at the colourful light sword that roll arrived ,too ,
    and even had time to throw ridicule Sin-losu : "Suya ,resist not your patience."

    In the midst of saying that ,he give outstandingly seventeen times palms-blow over short paces,
    at a glance he moves his hands only once ,patted the back sword of Keh Ki -sin ,
    but in fact Keh Ki -sin felt his blade vibrating seventeen times until his arm was stiff ,
    while the last hand of palm blow from the opponent ,suddenly barge,pounding his skull .
    Faced with this lightning acts ,rapidly Jade mo cu use the tip of his sword hit-pointed to the ground ,
    so his body moved backwardly.

    He heard Sin losu middle shouted :
    "Come on comrades ,advanced all ,crush this wicked one ! "

    Along with his mark, a shadow from under the bridge suddenly jumps out ,agile as a cat pounced immediately ,
    with weapons named Ci-kim-to (thick saber) on hand ,to bring inline cold light and immediately slashed .

    But yellow shadow flashed back is less clear how it would be the moved,
    " Trang " ,suddenly Ci-kim-to recoils into the air , while the shadow of the body
    like to race pace ,accompanied by heart-wrenching screams recoiled and flew into the air ,
    blood gushes profusely from his mouth .

    Of the two sides of the house ,crashing out two shadow people ,almost in the same time also of air across the bamboo bridge also dozens of people who appear full-armed ,sparkle colorful light swords came roaring back ,

    Siang Cin brain works quickly ,he soared to the front of the house ,
    where he heard Sin-suya shouted :
    " Sin-losu swore to my mother-father ,if I can not unfurl this time (she) Siang roots ,we will not dabbling again in
    Kangouw .Let's go hit ,burn his house too ! "

    In the dark ,light colors sword come flashy ,sharp sword aura was scattered , Siang Cin dodging nine consecutive times ,like it or not -he would have to praise the greatness of the opponent :
    " Mr. Keh , Han Siau kan really teach you his-swordplay . "
    Siang Cin knowed that Jade-mo-cu Keh Ki-sin has now revealed his best swordplay skills ,Hoan Kiam-jit-Hoat .

    Forty shadows ones like the ocean waves come to attacks ,precedes with the coming of five men who were middle-aged high thin-boned like a pole ,
    by overview Siang Cin then greet them with a hearty laugh :
    "Ngo-heng-Ciok-cu ,our hostility seems difficult to reconciled ."

    "Cuah!" bearded front man short spit,
    rod in his hand dancing filled the air,
    he exclaimed: "Siang Cin, today you just admit defeat."
    Siang Cin did not respond, he quickly rushed out of colorful light sword that trailed his movements,
    but three-four shadow people,without time to scream,suddenly been turned upside down a few feet.

    Weapons seem deviate from each other with the light sparkle odd.
    Shadows and pounces for each person was brewed,
    in that instant, again seven, eight souls snatched away by death .

    Suddenly, a red beam array towered up,
    accompanied by a fairly loud explosion accompanied spark that continued to flare lick whatever is easy burning.

    On once smack,Siang Cin makes a man with the black head dead slammed with a broken head,
    wile glanced at there, he saw his favorite tiny bamboo houses ,had licked up by fire,
    High smoke billowing more fiery, so the surroundings dark becomed lit up.

    Buttoned his lips, he quickly ramped up the body, he slid forward into the house,
    but colorful light sword it still continues to haunt him.

    When Siang Cin arrived in front of his home ,the heat ,it's enough to make shortness of the man-breath,
    a shadow person ,who has already in there ,from languishing ,he suddenly jumped forward, swinging a Liang-gin-kau (silver hook) to Siang Cin belly.

    --------------end book one

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    Book 2 Part 1

    Siang Cin attention is intended to extinguish the fire,
    trapped in a state without a standby, there was no chance for him to dodged,
    if it means dodging a waste of time, as his left hand already gripping the end of
    the silver hook opponent, he's dragging this ambush-man,his mouth give a grave
    grin: "To Ciok-cu, leave your soul."

    This ambush-man with a silver hook is indeed one of the five high skinny men
    nicknamed Ngo heng ciok-cu ,he's number four of the five Ngo-heng that
    To-ciok cu title Phoa Lik, was so shocked and scared, he is just about to throw
    his weapon,suddenly his soul had floated, his skull have broken-beaten by Siang

    Just Siang Cin about to break into the house ,
    the air of colorful sword was strike again to his whole body ,
    His situation is now quite clear,if he faced back to Hoan Kiam Cit Hoat Keh Kisin
    ,it means he will be suspended and a waste of time ,
    But if he don't go immediately into a house that already licked by fire ,
    consequently it will injure his cici (big sister).

    His mind works quickly ,Siang Cin soon take a decision ,
    his movement remained fast and did not stop,kept sliding forward ,
    shortly before his plunge into the flames ,when his body still floating and pulled
    out that,he felt pain under his arm ,
    but with some moves have also been hurled punches in a short time , he also felt
    his hands landed on something hard ,he had not noticed ,but he knows that he has a
    good result.

    This built bamboo hut that were simple and tiny,now has been swallowed up in the
    flames ,billowing smoke and flames licked the bamboo sound with crackled on fire,
    Cause confusion at Siang Cin who could not open his eyes because of the thick and
    pungent smoke.

    Two rounds of Siang Cin run to and fro on the sea fire,shouting
    like madman :
    " Cici(big-sister) .... .... Aunt Ciu .....An Lip .... "
    The answer is that the sound of bamboo tableware that flames licked ,
    sound the hut roof began to collapse ,
    while outside men shouted and reviled bitterly .

    Since across the Kangouw Siang Cin never knowed nervous or restless,
    never felt tense and anxious ,
    the reaction in a large battle scene that cause bloodshed ,
    in the middle of the night in a deserted creepy-graveyard
    ,in the middle of enemy covered by multiple sieges, he never felt tensed ,or
    nervous and anxious ,but now ,in an instant,he had permeated ,
    he know - how bitter bitter experience like this .

    " Cici .... oh .... cici .... " like a madman he crashed into the back ,
    where is a Kun Sim-ti bedroom ,the pole has licked by fire ,accidentally collapsed
    on his head , he hit once to make it recoils break through the roof pillar ,
    without care of this spreading fire ,ignoring fire that started to lick his body ,
    such as memory-loss he kept crashing in,to saw Kun Sim-ti has fall on the floor,
    her clean clothes that are now in blood ,the scorched-wall that has raged on fire
    collapsed nearly ,almost to crush her body.

    Already with smoldering eyes ,like hunted by the devil ,he bumped hard forward ,
    so fast that is difficult to describe the movement ,just before the bamboo wall
    collapsed ,almost crushing on Kun Sim-ti , with his back to hold the burning
    bamboo-wall ,he caught a glimpse on An lip that has licked by fire ,rolling on the
    floor ,this burly men strangling a large man dressed in white ,men's white shirt with bulging eyes and his tongue lolling out ,his hair have started in fire flames, while his dagger penetrate below the chest bone of An
    Lip shoulders .

    The whole house had flames licked ,Siang Cin gritted his teeth ,with the right
    hand hugging Kun Sim ti ,slightly tilt the body ,his left hand grabbed the An Lip
    collar ,his eyes roam the surrounding circumstances ,under a blazing fire lighting
    ,the air in the house has reached the highest temperature ,
    he saw a pair of black shoes sticking out over there .

    " Aunt ciu .... " he shouted .

    Siang Cin voice faltered, that nurturing mother who raised him since childhood ,
    so many years of wandering in Kangouw ,armed with intelligence and unequaled
    KungFu ,was unable to protect her nurturing mother.

    It was poignant and melted his heart . Finally he took the decision ,
    with both hands tucked two person, like a shooting-arrows ,he exploits the roof
    space which on fire,to jumped out, seven spears height he eased away from the high
    flames that fluttering in the wind .

    It was not yet daylight, the weather was still dark,
    Siang Cin body are still blazing to became clear view of the target, then a shower
    of arrows was poured into him from various quarters, so taut, and countless
    Slightly tilted and suddenly, quickly overwhelming the body Cin dropped down to
    the bottom, still approximately three spears from the ground, he immediately
    ranges like rotor blades so that the body sloping inclined to it and slid down to
    the river,


    the flames that licked their bodies instantly extinguished and vanished in the
    wind, in the middle crying out and surprise the crowds, suddenly, with
    drenched body Siang Cin slide and jumping out of the water to the mainland,
    before landed on the ground, both feet kicked the chest of two men
    who swung machete blades at the edge of the river.

    Skinny tall shadowy figure suddenly appeared, Kim-kung-tui (gold ball) as big as
    baby's head roaring arrived, with hair that has been a mess, Siang Cin
    dodge to the side, the gold ball in the second pass grazed through,
    at this second moment,Siang Cin left elbow poke the side of the attacker.
    "Ngek", blood spurted and spurted fly, lowering his body
    Siang Cin other leg swung anyway,four men who stormed arrived ,on his sweep fell
    head over heels with the feet "broken, everything is screaming in pain
    and rolled on the ground.

    Although both hands tucked the two person, Siang Cin movements still fielding,
    agile and nimble like a whirlwind, in the blink of an eye, six men lying dead
    returned, if not dumped broke his head, definitely kicked crushed his chest.

    Shadow people seem flashed and continuely coming,
    the victims' blood to flow more and more, human bodies lied spreading without life
    ,but they do not feel hesitant, as if they did not see and hear,
    if one collapsed, the two collided arrived, this is the real painting of hell,
    where ongoing human slaughter are happened.

    Sin-losu tensed and frightened his eyes wide opened, were never
    imagined that the Yellow Dragon has the power really
    incredibly and hiddenly mighty ,his fighting so persistent in determination and
    never quenched of.

    Jade-mo-cu Keh Ki-sin was sitting under a tree, his face pale,
    breath gasping for breath both hands clutching his chest, the cold sweat granules
    profusely, with a weak voice hoarse he asked:

    "Su .... Suko (Brother), what's happen ahead there?

    Sin-losu spookyly shudder, his voice stammered:
    "Siang Cin really did not run away ......."

    With sparkling eyes Giok mo cu,cried : " He's dead ? "

    Sin-losu swallow saliva ,he said blandly :
    "No .... he .... he stormed back and many are dead . . . . . ."

    " Huuuaaah , "
    the blood spilled from Keh Ki -sin mouth ,his body immediately becomes limp ,

    Sin-losu come quickly , at a glance of his darting eyes ,then he slammed his feet
    hateful ,suddenly he flashed into the darkness ,carried Keh Ki sin ....

    When this Sin-losu run . . . At the moment .... that is ,
    one of Ngo heng Ciok cu fly back upside down as far as two spears away.

    Suddenly a shrill scream of some one : " Where Sin-suya ? Where is Keh-kongcu ?
    They run away . "

    "Running away ? **** ,we left here ....fight our souls "
    scornly sound who pitched upset each other immediately echoed .

    In the moment ,quickly Siang Cin had avoid Hou thau-to stab ,
    once prodded with his elbow make the male attackers bounced with vomitting of

    Right away,the noise reverberated and shadows people disappear to run away to the
    darkness ,hurrily everyone is running ,scared.

    With staggered steps Siang Cin trying to straightened up his body,
    at the glimpse of his eyes roam around,immediately he ran ahead and dashed high to
    perch at the top of tall banyan tree dense .

    Not long after the dawn was breaking ,the golden sunlight are radiating bright ,
    sunny morning weather,cool weather ,but the circumstances here are really

    Relying upon the limb of lush banyan tree ,with caution and slowly Siang Cin
    settles AnLip ,this burly man suffered severe injuries ,
    fortunately the dagger that pierced through the chest upward sloping ,so that his
    wounds are not fatal .

    Siang Cin revoke the dagger out ,because it does not carry the drug ,to prevent
    too much blood out his wounds,he bandaged it with strips of cloth clothes ,now An
    Lip on deep sleep ,otherwise would have howled in pain and fell unconscious when
    the dagger was lifted out of his chest .

    Siang Cin understand that his own wounds are not light ,but in the meantime he
    could not take care of himself,
    Kun Sim-ti has soundly in his arms ,her face as beautiful angel now has red watery
    blisters ,not only in her cheek ,also in the shoulders ,arms and whole body on
    fire .

    Siang Cin feel gratitude that his help just in time,
    he knows if treated and rest for a long time ,Kun Sim-ti face will not
    defects at all, but if he's half step too late,this lovely face is definitely
    damaged, consequently Siang Cin really dare not to imagine .

    In addition to burn injuries Kun Sim-ti shoulder also cutt by saber, her wound
    are deep enough,the blood had stopped, frozen black was blue, more in viewed Siang
    Cin feeling increasingly became poignant as in slice.

    The tiny bamboo house, in rubble now stayed, the rest are still burning bamboo
    steaming, the garden in her front yard is now a messy one, dead bodies lying there
    and blood that spilled are appeared everywhere, plus a variety of weapons
    scattered, this scenery really very terrible.

    Siang Cin took a deep breath, under his right armpit there inline wound long, but
    now the skin surrounding the meat feel a stiff, just burns backs that are still
    tormented him, it felt like a thousand needles stabbed, or thousands of ants bite.

    Siang Cin become losing his mind, for severe injuries should speedily be help, but
    how he could drag the two person that seriously injured and looking for a
    physician, it could be dangerous if enemies get caught his footsteps?

    Siang Cin know, over the past few years, the enemies which he make during involved
    in Kangouw ,are far more than the friend he knew.

    When he think hard over it,there's a hooves that gallop rapidly coming faintly
    from a distance, a hooves that sounded chaotic and fast pace,

    Siang Cin instinct immediately feel the unfavorable signed will arrived.

    Shortly thereafter,the hoofbeats stopped outside the forest,
    quickly twenties people with tight grey uniforms appeared from behind the trees,
    all of them are men who have face of violent and evil, their movements with
    agility to spread itself,after that came also fifties people with
    the same uniforms flocking into the forest, without given mark, they direct
    themselves into a circle, with bows in hand they are directed to the arena as
    being the face of spooky scenery.

    Just as the eighties completed their position,here come also two dozens of people
    with diverse makeup, sliding arriving from various over the forest, and there are
    also a man in his thirties,red lips and white teeth,
    with fancy robes are embroidered on the chest the letters "GI",
    four stern-faced man followed behind him, behind all four there is also a man,
    he is not another but Gui Ih the man that beat An lip with his whip yesterday,
    Gui Ih is the legal executor of red flag section in Siang-gi-pang.

    Siang Cin grinned bitterly, really coincidental,that in these circumstances,
    Siang-gi-pang had came also to make calculations with him.


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    Book 2 Part 2

    The man in gray robes with the letter who is embroidered "Gi" on the front chest
    became transfixed watching the scene in front of the eyes,
    his handsome face frowned,with scar on his forehead, currrently the scar look red-
    flushed, he glanced and sweep a view of the surrounding, and said with a stern
    "Gui-Angki, for sixteen hours, with a range of power efforts and mobilize dozens of
    new reliable energy we managed to find the Yellow Dragon address, but now we only
    found debris with corpse ,who were not able to speak again. ".

    So Gui Ih also stunned when he mouthed, he said later:
    "That burning hut it was obvious as the abode of (she)Siang one,
    the boy was too much in binding enemies, maybe his enemy had
    preceded us to destruct this place. . . . "

    The gray clad hand stroking the letter "Gi" in front of his chest,
    he snorts with less happy voice:
    "According to your investigation, how many Siang Cin people stayed with him? "
    Thinking briefly Gui Ih replied in a low voice:
    "Except a host mother,it seems there is no other person lives with him,
    he always crisscrossed alone. . . . "

    With bulging eyes the gray clad said loudly,
    "There are dozens of dead bodies lying on the here,
    it'shard to believe that with a himself he can slaughter as many people as this,
    moreover they are all armed. "-

    At this point he turned to the right and said to old man with short bearded :
    "Jing-sim-tong Cui tongcu,you led some people, searched around there."

    The old man bowed as he said yes, then jump forward,
    tens of his men immediately come running behind, they began to examine
    all the bodies one by one, from a distance the old man suddenly screamed:
    "Huh, is not this Ciok Cui-cu Ong Bu, the third of Ngo-heng-Ciok cu." -
    Before his voice echoes back he screamed again:
    "Heh, this Bok-Ciok-cu Phoa-lat. Ah.this's Tio Wijiang.Cong-thau-bak of the Thian-
    king-you, Whow, Cap-ji-hwi-so of Lam-bu-san also flop entirely.
    It Nyo Cayseng, teacher trainer from Ban-keh po. Ai, it Liang Tam, Hupangcu of Ui-
    hong pang in Toa-ih-ho. . . "

    Every time hearing the cry of an old man,
    the gray clad face turned increasingly dark,
    he finally could not stand anymore, he exclaimed:
    "Cui tongcu, please look for the body of (she)Siang one."

    Here up he glared ,also towards Gui Ih with red-blushing face,
    quickly Gui Ih ran there ,to come for helping ,his attention is focused at Siang Cin corpse alone .

    A moment later ,with blood smeared hands Cui-tongcu came back ,
    he said while shaking his head :
    " Report Pangcu , a total of thirty- two bodies ,
    everyones are good at martial art champions who has a name in the three northern
    provinces , at least they were well respected by the martial arts fellow ,
    in recent years we 've been hanging out in kangouw wide enough ,
    among the 32 bodies here are more than twenties that familier to me . . . . "

    after he sighed ,continued:
    "For instance Nyo Cay-seng ,Nyo-lote ,two days ago he still drank wine with me ,
    unsuspectly today I had to bury his body in here . "

    The gray robe silently glares , not long after Gui Ih has also came back ,
    he said with a doubtful : " Under the rubble , there are two bodies that have
    become charcoals ,one male and one female ,
    from the woman 's clothes is clearly a host mother . . . . ."

    The gray robe is stomping hid feet,he asked angrily :
    " And the men ? "

    Gus Ih hesitate ,he said later :
    " It is became ashes and difficult to recognise again ,only the clothing it's worn
    seems not a yellow color ..... "

    " Hayo , searched all over ! " cried the gray robe with bulging eyes .

    Eighty peoples simultaneously affirm then they disperse to tear
    apart everywhere that seem can be used to hide .

    Cui-tongcu Jing sim tong that seems have high position ,
    he was standing in front of the gray robe, with a heavy tone he said :
    " Pangcu , speaking frankly ,how high Kungfu of Yellow Dragon Sinag Cin has never
    been seen ,well at least we've heard , the view in front of our eyes is real proof
    ,in my opinion if Pangcu like to be patient ,let just quits this matter . . . . . "

    Scar on the forehead of gray clad appears more in red,
    wherever possible he pressed his anger ,with less happy he said :
    "Cui - tongcu , these events concerning the name and
    authority of our Siang-gi-pang ,if we must do nothing toward this person nagging
    without giving a little chastened to him ,does Siang -gi-pang still have
    authority to perch among Kangouw , how we can lead our men ,so many men ? "

    Cui tongcu stroked his beard , he said calmly :
    " Pangcu speech is not wrong ,but we also have to weigh , prestige and authority
    that we will maintain we must seize ,but if on the contrary , I think this is not a
    good way."

    In glared eyes,the gray clad ,with cold voice :
    "Cui tongcu ,it has become our Pang-decision that should not be altered ,
    Whatever great the sacrifice to be at stake ,still we must demand this offense. "

    Cui tongcu ,with no voices again ,silently he resigned to the side .

    Siang Cin at the tops of banyan tree, can watch all this and also heard clearly ,
    with a bitter smile he watched Siang gi-pang that searched fro and fro .

    Quickly once the sun rose higher ,the gray robe can not waited any longer ,
    while folding his hands ,he is waiting and moving around impatiently,
    four burly men stood in a row behind him with the outstretched hand .

    Siang Cin know these four men are Su-Koay-Cu that renown from Siang-gipang ,
    they are personal bodyguard of Sam-bak-siu-su Tan Sin ,Pangcu of Siang-gipang.

    The gray clad Sam -bak siu-su Tan Sin , suddenly swing upward his arm ,
    he cried indignantly :
    "Done ,stop ! Everyone is coming home ! I can not believe that (she)Siang one was
    able to fly to the sky or diving into the earth , "

    Cui-tongcu quickly clapped his hands ,he exclaimed :
    "In Pangcu command ,the search be off. "

    People who are already spread into the woods immediately turn around and
    gathered in the same place,before they had formed that circle formation,
    from outside of the forest suddenly heard the sound of "Pletak-Pletok",
    voice of clashing wooden board .....

    Tan Sin Just turned with wonder view,
    his men that outside the forest have barked: "Stop brother that up there,Siang-gi-
    pang was in case here. Our flag fluttering there, Do you not see it? "

    Voice "pletak-pletok" heard no more, replaced pitched sound strange shrill:
    "Uh,**** your mom, in this daylight is there a robbery in here?
    Little rogues definitely must see a place and time ,when to act,
    These *******s are from where that could not see the situation ?
    Fortunately,your big master just bring a skullcap that perched on this neck tock,
    no coins can you squeeze out of my body, What do you want to do anything to me ? "

    Outside rebuke resounding again :
    " Good brother,of course you have full engaged in Kangouw ,do not act and acting as
    a stupid one in front of us ,if you know the situation ,go away quickly. "

    Strange sound like a sissy was shouting too :
    " Oh weird ,me Master is usually wandering around the house and break through into
    the woods ,to the sky to fly ,to the earth to enter, where I should like to go as I
    please , no one dared not to disturb the tip of my hair ,
    Why do you guys still confronts me in the middle of the road and do not want to get
    away ? "

    Tan Sin attract his face , with taunted:
    "This bastard obviously deliberately looking for trouble ,tell them to let him come
    here ,I will see where he wants to go . "

    A gray shirt man immediately ran out of the forest ,shortly afterwards ,the sound
    " pletak - pletok " wood as knocking of noodle seller echoed anyway

    And he was moved here ,heading towards these people.

    Siang Cin that are at the top of the tree ,become restless ,
    he knows this person who like knocking pieces of wood when in walking
    is his best-life and death friend ,strange warrior who nickname is Liang-kui pan
    from Hou-keh-can ,his name is Pau Seh-hoa.

    Funny and bizarre his behavior is ,virtuous and generous ,he is now wearing pants
    long faded blue , his belt is the hemp rope looks shiny because of dirty greasy ,
    leg wear grass worn shoes with holes in its base ,also messed up hair like a
    chicken nest over his head , narrow eyes like lack of sleep to grow in under the
    broad forehead ,large nose ,wide mouth with yellow teeth crooked ,
    his mouth always accompany the sounds and pletak- pletok voices from two pieces of
    wood which relies on the back of his *** ,black wood boards made of walnuts wood

    With sharp Tan Sin met this uninvited guest ,Pau Seh - hoa
    who show of a funny laughter to this Pangcu with his crooked teeth ,
    his eyes suddenly at glance and his wide mouth at shrink right away ,
    he says - " The house has been burned ? "

    Tan Sin cold gaze ,he said : "Why ? "

    Pau Seh hoa frowned his nose ,as laughter as not laughing he said :
    " You do it ? "

    Tan Sin looked up ,with taunted : "If yes ,what do you want? "

    Pau Seh-hoa view around ,suddenly changed his attitude ,
    his voice is not only in cold and stiff , he said curtly : " And what about my brother Siang Cin ? "

    Tan Sin taunted : " Precisely I wanted to ask you about him ."

    Overview surprised ,suddenly Pau Seh-hoa laugh-out aloud .
    " Sloot " , he blew his nose ,then tilt the head and said ,pointing to Tan Sin :
    "Yes ,yes ,I know friends ,armed with this ability you are incapable to do this
    ,proved with the victim that is now lying ,on the turned you ask your big master
    Hahaha ,hohoho -Siang Lote(=brother), O ,Siang-lote ,you did great ,you're really
    great . . . "

    When his laughter echoes still buzzing ,suddenly, from over there clicking sound of
    thunder rebuke ,a man with green shirt and rough beard swinging his
    large blade to him, slashed his machete to the face of Pau Seh - hoa .

    " Hait , less-taught ! Do not know the rules .... " so exclaimed Pau Seh - hoa ,
    but without not move at all , even his head did not appear to be moving ,somehow ,
    suddenly his hands moving ,
    " Pletak " , " Klontang " ,a large machete attacker suddenly fly up there,
    while the male attacker was thrown back, sat down with with furious anger.

    Pau Seh-hoa hand seemed to move two pieces flipped of wood from somehow
    when to know that is now in his hands and being thrown up and down for toys , while
    shaking his head back and raving eccentric tones:
    " Son of a ***** ,who does not know the customs ,today I just beat you in order
    further to know manners. .. "

    Babbling with his mouth ,his attitude was indifferent ,even seem arrogant ,
    but Pau Seh hoa clearly see how great changes in Tan Sin's face ,
    his face icy and very green ,Siang-gi-pang men around in unison holding the handle
    of a weapon ,arrows mounted on the bows ready in waiting for an attack sign,
    the atmosphere is quite tensed .

    Cui-tongcu who have that bearded goat in coughs, he said curtly:
    "Brother is presumably a fame one, who is right and who is wrong facts will prove,
    now please tell me your name first. "

    Pau Seh hoa slanted eyes wide opened ,his tongue licking his lips and protruded
    from the left to the right end ,now changed his voice being in cold and harsh. "Hm.
    Siang gi-pang counted as what fart association ? Pau-loya(=master) enough to be
    friendly, but you precisely want to play dirty. And attack recklessly,
    Are Pau-loya turtle-kid ? Listen carefully, "the two pieces of wood of Pau-Seh-hoa
    is the person who is standing in front of you, guys. "

    Person have a name,tree have a shade , this proverb is right.
    Immediately Cui tongcu is beating heart to hear this person introduce himself, he
    briefly stunned.

    Pau Seh-hoa ignored not his attitudes ,with sound-clicks in his mouth he said,
    like as laugh and not at laugh:
    "How? Tan-toapangcu presumably still curious? "

    Sam bak-sin-su Tan Sin is not senile ,of course ,he knew what kind of character
    "two pieces of wood " from Hou keh-san ,
    a few years ago with two pieces of wood is Pau Seh hoa ever wiped out the bully
    Toa-lo-cian ,hongpian and "Sam wi tui of Sam jay seng that in ruling at Kwan tang.

    Also who would dare disturbed Hou-eng (tiger-eagles)that is waiting Ui-ji-eng ,
    a kind of grass that can destroy hundreds of powerful poisons on Hian - busan ?
    By himself with two pieces of wood weapons ,Pau - siansing has killed the ferocious
    eagles ,has destroyed dozens of eagles ,in happiness Pau Sehhoa
    bring down Ui ji - eng form the mountain with a resounding victory .

    New incident from a year ago ,frontman It tia liong ,Liu to Ce Seng-sek invited Pau
    Seh hoa for fighting to death ,and in the seventeen moves this (she)Pau has knocked
    and crushed his head .Ce Seng sek name is well respected in the north of the river
    large ,even crying little boys immediately stopped crying in scared when they
    heared his name .

    Thus ,Tan Sin face was blurred ,he said while holding anger :
    "Oh , that you ..... Pau....Pau tayhiap of Hou - keh - san . "

    Pau Seh-hoa hearty laughed ,he said :
    " Ah , do not be so shy ,does what kind of Tayhiap character?
    Robs the rich to help the poor ,support the weak crush the evil ,
    he must have dignity and valor, a name of greatness to shake the mountain ,
    blood that heat can melt the enemies ,soulless steel and iron balls ,
    someone as my Siang lote could be called Tayhiap .If me (she)Pau person is ,
    I'm just a bum in Kangouw really ."

    Watching the debris on the front there ,Tan Sin asked in a low voice :
    "What is a relationship between the master and with (she)Siang one ? "

    Pau Seh-hoa show his crooked yellow teeth ,he said :
    "Life-death friend ."

    Tan Sin body trembled ,cried : " So the master would bear his rotten deeds ? "

    In flashing Pau seh hoa slanted eyes like a drunk , his taunted :
    "Had Siang-gi-pang have been hostile to Siang-Loten,you can make the calculations
    with me (she)Pau one. "

    Tan Sin recede slowly one step back,looking at the change in his face ,
    he quietly counts his own strength and to consider the ability of the enemy ,
    when the strength clashed each other and how this is also consequently .

    In fad Pau Seh hoa plays acrobaticly the wood pieces ,the wood pieces was dancing
    up and down and spun miraculously ,his large nose moving also as mocking and adding
    fun the game .

    The situation of being frozen, Siang gi pang has many people and was a great
    strength ,but they also understand the enemy they faced was a magic snake
    ,poisonous ,venomous snakes are good at laughing .

    Quickly Cui tongcu moved forward to Tan Sin side and whispered in his ear ,
    apparently Tan Sin changed the face hue repeatedly and looking increasingly ugly ,
    but he witheld his anger .Slowly ,Tan Sin stepped out of the forest with a
    disgruntled face ,five - six steps later suddenly he turned back ,he said :

    "Brother Pau ! "

    " Well , what is it , I've attach my ears ? "

    Tan Sin breathed ,he said : "This day we will always remember and will make later
    calculations . "

    Pau Seh-hoa giggles ,his voice colder :
    "Of course ,we can not forget,yeah anyway ? "

    Tan Sin silently waved a hand again , he quickly backed away and bring the whole of
    his men ,Gui Ih walked at rearmost, before exiting the woods
    he turned back as he glared toward Pau Seh - hoa .

    PauSeh hoa mouth in clicking sounds . " Pletak " he fights the two pieces of wood
    while mocked in a high voice : "Look out your skull , cushion . "

    Upset but do not know what it means in person speech ,Gui ih just glared wrath . it
    is instead bring laughter at Pau Seh - hoa ,he exclaimed : "Is wrong pillow ?
    Uh , embroider ! "

    With a look of hatred , quickly Gui Ih walked away .

    Forest back into tensed and eerie silence .The sun still shining ,the temperature
    more heat the drying blood that dots splattered ,its fishy smell blood that
    quickly the wind whooshed past .

    Bodies were strewn ,there is with bulging eyes,there are stretches of the mouth ,
    and another one is different but the same terrible ,indeed, this is the life of
    human beings engaged in Kangouw ,does not know friendship, does not know same human
    beings ,once hostile ,death is the end of the dispute .

    Pau Seh hoa eyes are slanted ,it displays a bland taste that is difficult to be
    touched ,he looks like see the weather , then slowly sat cross-legged on the ground
    , he finally looked up in front of the banyan tree there ,
    where Siang Cin hidden behind lush foliage .

    He said :
    " Listen ,Siang-tayhiap , the dragon in space ,please you hurry down ,if not bad
    swinged on a swaying tree limb ? "

    Siang Cin who is hidden behind foliage laughing ,he finally uncovers leaves
    and looked out , he said :

    "Lo Pau ,your arrival is very coincidentally ,right on time is your presence. "

    Pau Seh - hoa big nose sniff , he said : "You hurt ? "

    Siang Cin laugh ,he said : "Not too bad ,even Kun-cici and a friend
    that hurt pretty badly . "

    Stand fast and directly Pau Seh-hoa skyrocketed to the top of the tree ,
    the tree branches rustled so long , he finally jumped out carrying An lip .

    With attentive and careful SiangCin also brought Kun Sim -ti to float down ,
    while Pau Seh hoa already give the drug and bandaged An Lip wounds,
    he said in a low voice :

    " Big head condition is quite good ,quite in fortune ,if the blade
    was slightly skewed to the bottom ,he was forced to dribble back to the birth
    that will come . "

    With lip biting Siang Cin stare Kun Sim- ti face that charred
    ,really painful his heart ,while PauSeh hoa was cleaning blood stains on An Lip
    shoulders ,without turning he said :

    "Lote(=brother), in my waist depend a rattan box ,inside there are three cans of
    powder ,the red-color for outside drug,the green color may be drunk ,being white
    else you can use to annotate your own wounds."

    Without speaking Siang Cin approached to pick up that box,
    carrying Kun Sim ti to the more sheltered under a tree ,with carefully he laid her
    ,washed clean her wounds and sprinkle medicine ,his motion in mild and gentle .

    A moment of silence ,finally Siang Cin open the question :
    " Lo Pau ,your medicine blended from what material ? "
    Pau Seh-hoa laughed ,his scorn : "Why ? does it not work?"

    In laughter echo, Siang Cin ,he said :
    " No, in fact outright, it feels cozy and winter permeated the meat skin . "

    Pau Seh - hoa in force-feeding a bottle of liquid medicine into An lip mouth , said
    bargaining :
    " Ui ji-eng , sacred grass of Hian-bu-san ,tiger eagles beast in guard ,
    they also know the efficacy of this grass ,let alone a human ? "

    With lightly step Siang Cin emerged from behind a tree ,his handsome face is
    emited bright light ,also has bandaged his wound pretty neat .

    " Lo Pau , before you could work on two pieces of wood I can give you
    twice slaps percent to your mouth as a punishment for the rambling mouth
    incoherently before, you believe ? "

    Pau Seh-hoa quickly shake his hands , he exclaimed :
    " Believe , believe , thousand times believe .
    (she)Pau person never afraid to face anyone ,but to your slaps I most afraid of .
    Well , I'll never forget the demonstration once you show them at my home in the
    middle of the river Hwi -yang kang ago ,before stone that weighing fifty catty that
    you threw into the air fell down , with both hands at the same time you can slap
    fell one hundred thirty seven sparrows . . . . . . . "

    With heartyly laugh Siang Cin , he said : " You see in your Hou-keh-san home
    ,it was no more of sparrows ,if not ,in a short time I can hit more sparrows to
    fall . "

    " Crot " ,Pau Seh-hoa spit ,his eyes bulging ,he exclaimed : "Ha ,have praised then
    you want to eat liver ? you're arrogant . "

    "Lo Pau , "said Siang Cin ,rubbing his nose ,

    " by the way, since now Sianggi Pang probably will not folded their hand against
    you. "

    Pau She-hoa squirmed ,he said : "Yes ,Kongcu(young man) ,all is your gift for me ?"

    With light radiated cold eyes at Siang Cin ,he said quietly :
    " I hope not because of this issue Siang - gi pang will collapsed . "

    " As what's matter ? " asked Pau Seh-hoa .

    Briefly Siang Cin tell about An Lip experience .

    Pau Seh-hoa silent for a moment, then said : " Lote(young brother) ,you are indeed
    outrageous ,this is not your brother chatty ,you liked flowers , clouds ,
    grass , poems , paintings , and all the beauty ,but all of this are sucked for me .
    You've throwing away the energy just for this waste issue ,I guess not accordingly
    ,not only for woman . . . . "

    Siang Cin gaze in sharp ,his clear eyes emit light soft and genuine , but Pau Seh
    hoa who is in staring become clumsy , he exclaimed :
    "Hey , why do you stare at me so much ? "

    Siang Cin smile ,he said in a low voice : " Do not be too eccentric Lo Pau ,the
    woman that you loved twelve years ago is not guilty ,it's you're own fault .
    Also inappropriate because she left you then you vented your hatred to every woman
    ,if this world without women ,our life will feel savorless and has no meaning . "

    "Come Lote , do not talk about it anymore , " said Pau Seh - hoa ,
    "this woman , hm ,does not have liangsim (consciense), if she had a feeling she
    should not go away,if she can discovered, if not I skinned her alive do not call me
    (she)Pau . "

    Siang Cin laughed ,he said : "Who told you to make love with other woman
    than her ? It's called you're not loyal to your girlfriend . "

    " Not loyal ? " Pau Seh - hoa screaming . " Busyet , it 's just a fun .
    Which man never do this for fun ? Indeed its a lowly case,why she gone and runned
    away? When I do not talk about it ,anyway I am not angry ,but when mention of the
    woman, I want to chop and burn her to ashes .... "

    Siang Cin shake his head and did not speak again ,he approached Kun Sim-ti ,

    Pau Sehhoa see that with confused feeling ,feeling empty like losing something .

    Suddenly he called Siang Cin ,he wants to talk , but in doubted ,eventually he
    changed subject: " Lote , this dead bodies , can you explained what going on ? "

    Siang Cin smile ,he said : " Because of the problems in Siau mo-nia ago ,
    Sin-suya attack here . Do you remember that incident ago ? "

    "They attacked here , "Pau Seh-hoa muttered, looked around ,
    "but leaving many dead bodies . . . . "

    Behind that tree slowly Siang Cin squat and stare Kun Sim-ti face that wrapped her
    up ,just leave a pair of eyes are still visible , both her eyes closed ,but her
    long curved eyelashes look beautiful and beautiful .

    Suddenly Kun Sim-ti body make a little flinch ,quickly Siang Cin, call with
    smooth voice " Cici (big sister) ... "

    Her eyelids slowly in moving ,her eyes still glazed to imagine
    the scary scene last night ,she saw Siang Cin ,stared long without blinking , her
    eyes began to wet at the tip end :

    Siang Cin try hard to smile ,he said softly " Ci , are you good ? Everything is
    past now.... "

    Kun Sim-ti closed her eyes briefly then open anyway ,her eyes containing anxiety
    and concern ,Siang Cin understand ,he quickly whispered : "I'm fine,just slightly burn-injured . "

    Sense of relief and entertained apparent in her eyes , it can be feeled by Siang Cin ,
    after swallowing saliva he said : "Do you not hungry ?
    Let me told Aunt Ciu . . ..told Aunt Ciu to make breakfast for you . . . . "

    Kun Sim-ti slowly shook her head ,her eyes finally dripping water droplets on the
    fabric bandages ,quickly Siang Cin wiped it off and said : " You're exhausted ,
    please sleep again ,I'm always waiting on your side . Oh ,yes , Pau-toako (brother)
    also came , still seem like the old , still beggar-headed ."

    Smiling faces are prone to her melancholy face ,Kun Sim-ti close her eyes ,
    not because she wanted to pursue a dream , but she wants to save this warm feeling
    on her hollow heart.

    Spring is nearly over ,sunlight began to burn on the skin,with gently caressed

    Siang Cin make Kun Sim-ti asleeped in her sleep , then he came out
    as he carried her ,at the outside An lip was awake , he was talking with Pau Seh hoa .

    Seeing Siang Cin ,at rushing An Lip want to rise up , but Pau Seh - hoa quickly
    prevent , he said : " Uh , you're the beard ,why is so stubborn ? with whole body
    injured are still a lot of behavior ? Kongcuya come , a respectful attitude is
    enough given to him ."

    Siang Cin see the bearded man's face was pale and weak ,he said :
    "You've already acquainted each other ? "

    An Lip nod , he said : " Thanks to Pau-cianpwe(master) humility , he don't refused
    to introduced his great name ....... "
    " **** ! " muttered exclamation Pau Seh - hoa "you are the same guys that like
    playing good sentences . . . . . . "

    Siang Cin deem to hear not this people chatter,he said :
    " Lo Pau , let us find another place to rest , tonight I still have business . "

    Pau Seh-hoa just standing , he said in astonishment : " There is a business ,
    Are your body in muscular and bony iron wire ? With wound as that bad , you still
    want take care what else ? "

    Siang Cin laugh , he said : "Tonight, I'm going to help that An Lip-lover. "

    In shining eye An Lip , but he was worried , he said :
    "Do not ..... please don't do it immediately ,the Inkong wound itself does not
    light .... "

    Siang Cin eye blink , he said : " Indeed , if I did not need to be in a hurry ,
    but as Tan Sin seem very curious ,was so irritated and upset him
    maybe he 'll take it's anger to your future's wife . . . . "

    At shuddering An Lip ,his mouth gaping and unable to speak ,for he knew it could
    happened , he quite knew how Tan Sin character, when it concerns to this case, then
    the benefits which he had risked before becoming useless .

    Pau Seh - hoa licked his lips , he said :
    " It's past noon , we did must find a place to shelter and find food for the
    stomach contents , if we fixed to stay here , anyone can be hurted. "

    Siang Cin nodded ,he muttered,while gazing around him , then precede to moved out
    of the forest ,Pau Seh - hoa then crouched down , do not think this skinny body
    can do,soon he was carrying An Lip big body , that make An Lip embarrassed,
    he shouted nervously : " Do not , do not Cianpwe, let me have my own way . "

    Without ignoring the person cry Pau Seh-hoa immediately set off to follow Siang Cin

    After the exit of the forest , such as foot races he raced like the wind with Siang
    Cin , despite upholding the people,their steps turned out to be no less strong than
    horses run .

    Siang Cin choose the path that twists and turns that penetrates to the top of the
    mountain , its direction to the east , a thick mist floating on the slopes , things
    were lit and difficult to determine the direction .

    They ran paraled , Pau Seh - hoa shouted : " Young man , Where do you like to go ?
    Are you able to resist your wounds ? "

    Without loosening his run Siang Cin replied in a loud voice as well :
    " Two tens of li from here there is a beautiful place , we are temporarily settled
    there just for a few days .My wound is not light , but after medicated
    effectual yours , is now much better ....... "

    Pau Seh-hoa laugh in proudly ,he run faster pace , he cried :
    " Two tens li later , where is it? "

    Siang Cin wiping the sweat off his face , he said with a laugh :
    "A beautiful scenic , you will felt at home and it's hard to leave the place ".

    Both men had to climb the mountain slopes that high enough anyway ,
    now they started up down the mountain roads and continues to into the dense forest

    Pau Seh hoa spit viscous-spit ,fuming :
    " Dirodok ,did not in half a year to see ,once meet you to race and play puzzle
    again ,at mountain shrub like this, where is a beautiful place of all . . .. ... "

    Siang Cin smile, they go directly to the forest , the climate is lit ,
    thick leaves almost entirely cover the sun light ,so the situation here becomes
    darker ,silence anyway , the sounds that swish leaves in the wind .

    Siang Cin step start to slowed down in a pile of dry leaves thus issued a rustling
    sound ,

    Pau Seh - hoa attentively watching him , he asked : "Do you not feel tired . "

    Siang Cin wipe his sweat, after a burst of breath he said :
    "The pain in my wound like wrenched my nerves ....... "

    " Just rest for a while ? " said Pau Seh hoa .

    Siang Cin shook his head and replied with a laugh :
    "No ,of course we rest on arrival place ,is not far away . "

    Knowing Siang Cin tough character and great determination ,
    then Pau Sehhoa give not many words again ,they kept running silently in the woods.

    Shortly thereafter ,in the distance there is seen different landscape on
    circumstances beyond the woods there .

    A mountain with armature deliberately obstructed like it there , so austere
    and looked mighty once , that peak as clawed the high sky as swallowed in there ,
    at the waist of the mountain , there are twelve lines waterfalls that pour water
    like strings of silver chain . Above the waist of the mountain, the scene around
    in the thick mist , incidentally the wind blew away the thick fog to dispersed
    ,seen a cliff that juts out above the waist of the mountain , located by chance
    is above the waterfall track lane , all-round green color .

    It can be imagined how happy and fun when settled in up there ,at morning
    watching the sunrise in the eastern horizon ,and see at the evening sun goes down
    behind the mountain air is cool like this , who are not feeling at home here .

    Pau Seh - hoa amazed , he cried praised :
    " Kongcu , this place is beyond ordinary , beautiful scenic , I really could not
    understand how you can found this place . "

    Looked up to the top up there ,Siang Cin attitude seemed relieved , he said with
    calm : "Is not very poetic atmosphere in here . "

    Pau Seh hoa chuckled , saying,
    "I like living in this place , but it's just too deserted place . . . . "

    Without speaking again Siang Cin began to climb up , keep fast pace as fly ,

    Pau Seh-hoa still follow up , he cried : " Rise from where ,Lote ? "

    Siang Cin turned his head while signaling hand gestures ,he turned into an
    indentation like a mountain ditch ,the ditch leading upward to white road that by
    little bare white stones ,people thought this artificial but indeed the true nature
    of creation , so this weird circular road winding and climbed higher up ,like a
    giant snake wrapped around the mountain .

    Walking on uneven stone pedestal proved that it's not eat strength at all ,Pau Seh
    - hoa then shouted in wonder :
    " Kongcu ,are you told the angels make this mountain road ? "

    Siang Cin slacken his steps and tighten belts , said :
    " Not so ,but the angel knows that I will stay up here ,then the thousands of years
    ago when it created the scenic nature ,they make this mountain road . "

    Pau Seh hoa amused in laughter , while enjoying the scenery on both sides of the
    road ,rock strewn , dry branches hung together , it is also dries fungus as swift
    flowing water mark here ,

    In the rain ,this mountain road indeed as small ditch that drains water down the
    mountain .

    After spun so long around the mountain , eventually they steps on the straight road
    leading into the mountain valleys ,Siang Cin choose to the right path ,where there
    is a row of Siong trees that lined up towering into the sky,in here Siang Cin stop
    his steps ,he said over his shoulder :

    " I name the little valley Lak-Kok-kui (Memories valley ) ,how do you think of this name ? "

    "Memories Valley ,what do you mean ? " asked Pau Seh-hoa.

    "Living here is it does not have to think about matters clutter again .
    But human must live in a society ,right ?"

    Pau Seh-hoa nodded ,with Siang Cin he continued along the row of trees
    turning to the left ,the scenery here change one hundred eighty degrees ,
    chrysanthemums flower blooming as bath rug in the landscape ,stretches by the
    blowing wind of mountain ,fragrant smell like welcome you with a smile on it's

    There is no human being who plant and care for her ,but wild flowers here alive
    in fertile and fresh blooms .
    At the end of chrysanthemums clumps there, there is a small pond that is located
    back to the cliff , the water source flows from the top of a cliff ,the pond made
    entirely of white stone ,the water is clear , anyone would want to drink the water
    that cold and cool .

    On the side of the pool there is a large transverse flat wall , behind the walls of
    this mountain there is a small house built with wood of fir trees ,wooden fence
    surrounding the house ,everything is dark red .

    Behind a long wall in front yard of this small house that's lies that cliff with

    This shows clearly in the cliff side ,there flourished a bud of flamboyant tree
    with bloom flowers again ,this blossoms are yellowish red colored flying in the
    mountain wind.

    Standing on a cliff ,to look at the peak of the mountain peaks in the distance
    as variety of odd-shaped and strange form ,as hands outstretched to touch the
    floating and vicious clouds, tasted like living in the sky, although the weather in
    here is rather cool , but the life in this scenic like god living in heaven .

    " I lived here alone ," said Siang Cin ,while staring around this place,
    " I mean come here oftenly , so it is not continues to live here .
    Here, between the heaven and the earth that feels connecting ,human being live
    like gods , life in here can contemplate many issues that can not get that in the
    crowd in the middle of the city life ,right or not Lo Pau . "

    Pau Seh hoa chuckled ,he said : " Kongcuya ,(she) Pau is not a person that
    proficient like you in using grandiose terms . Now it is important to quickly find
    food to fill this stomach that already growling . "

    An Lip who was in carrying ,then an awkwardly said :
    " Pau cianpwe , now you can lower down Cayhe(me) ."

    Pau Seh hoa affirm ,slowly he lower down An lip and he asked :
    " Way up and down mountains ,there is a great vibration , does not your wound
    relapse ? "

    "No, no , " said An Lip laughing ,while shaking his head with a red face .
    " It much better ...... "

    Overview Pau Seh -hoa glanced him with a smile at the mouth ,and then he turned
    about to talk to Siang Cin ,but look at Siang Cin face, he swallowed his words
    that was almost out of his mouth .

    Siang Cin looked pensive ,like dreamy but also as central focus , his eyes fixed on
    the house, his eyes looked odd .

    Pan Seh hoa secretly approached and whispered : " Why, Lote ,there are signs that
    do not OK ? "

    Siang Cin eyes do not move on , he said under his breath : " In the house ,there is
    people . "

    Pau Seh-hoa startled, he asked nervously : " How do you know ? "

    One step back ,Siang Cin said :
    " Fungus on the steps in front of the door ,seem there is footprints on it ,the
    door handles are hanging down , picket fence looks are open by force . "


    On Saduran Gan KL Non Serial
    Bara Naga (Ta Sak Sou)

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    Dragon Fire refers to ability of dragon to exhale fire, or any of several things which allude to this power.

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