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Thread: Wallace Huo (霍建華)

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    Yes very beautiful. Hope Wallace see and read the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilovewuxia View Post
    Seasons greetings to you too, Miiii.

    There were so many birthday greetings (pictures and videos) for Wallace on weibo. International Huomis created a short vid by Cassie (and mind you being a first timer, she did very well). Below is her video. I will post other birthday vids in due course created by Huomis from China. These vids were fantastic and incredibly well made, and I would like to share with those of you who are interested to watch.

    Thanks for sharing, Ilovewuxia!

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    Happy New Year 2017 to everyone. This fanvid is created by ivywan for Wallace. It shows his face from 2yo to 37yo.

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    I love this birthday fanvid very much. A collection of quotes from his dramas but they all closely reflect his own personal beliefs, philosophies and attitude towards life.

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