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Thread: Remember the wuxia project ?

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    Default Remember the wuxia project ?

    I hope some of you still do Anyway, just an update to say that I haven't let it die. I've been working on the backbone of that one and have learnt and mastered (except the last level) the system that it will be based on. I can launch the site anytime now. Atm there are a few things I need help with:

    - Name of the site: I'm calling it wuxiakb, meaning Wuxia Knowledgebase. The name fits nicely with the URL naming rule (easy to remember, straight to the point, <= 7 characters). If you have any other suggestion, please state it here.

    - Data organisation: What structure should we use to organise the data (i.e articles) ?

    - Data type: What kind of data (articles) we need ? Translations, Bio, Arts (music, painting, calligraphy etc.), Martial arts... ?

    - Design: what kinds of navigation would be best ? Logo design ? Menu with special effects ? Wuxia theme (colours, pictures, buttons, icons) ? <- this can always be changed later so I'm not too fussed about it atm.

    Suggestions are welcomed. Atm I mainly want to get the data types and data organisations done first, hopefully before November. I can then launch the sample site and anyone who wants to contribute can have a look and testdrive it. You'll need to contact me for an Editor/Contributor account first though.
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    I still remember about your project. I'll help out with the contents esp. with the articles about eunuch in general and in chinese history. Currently busy with my final year exams.

    Han Solo

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    Yup, I also remember that one. I bumped the thread a few times back then, remember?

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    Default can i help too?

    i can contribute china history. i like china history. i also like to relate china history to wuxia novels.

    can i have a suggestion? can we have a single folder on hsds? as u know, there are so many threads on hsds in this web-site. thks.

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