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Thread: Little Li's Dagger Translation

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    Chapter 5: Chase on a Snowy Night

    Li Xun Huan picked up the wine bottle, finishing the rest of the wine, then just kept coughing and coughing, pale white face showing a blood-red color. His hand holding his chest, talking to himself, “Xiao Yun, ShiYin. I would never blame you two. No matter what others say, I still do not blame you, because you did nothing wrong, all the mistakes were made by myself alone.”

    Suddenly, the wooden door slammed open.

    A person crawled into the room, he’s like a meatball, full of fat on his body. His hair and mustache look horrible, as if he hasn’t bathed in years. One can smell his stink from miles away.

    He crawled into the room, because his legs are broken.

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows, saying, “If you’re here to beg for food, you’ve come at a bad time.”

    This person didn’t hear him. The person might be handicapped, but his movement is still very fast, one quick roll and he arrived in front of the fireplace.

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Are you also here for the Golden Thread Vest?”

    This person’s hand gave a push, and he arrived at the corpse. Of course, the vest is on this corpse.

    Li Xun Huan said coldly, “The dagger in my hand is quite capable of killing. If you do not stop, I’m afraid there will be an extra corpse in this room.”

    This person still did not listen, proceeded to take off the Golden Thread Vest. It only looks like a gold-colored vest, without any mysteriousness to it.

    Only to see this person holding the vest tightly, laughing out loud. “When snipe and oyster fight, the fisherman gets the award*. I can’t believe this treasure is in my hands now.”

    *[The above saying means that when two powerful parties fight each other over something, it’s the third party that wins by coming in after the first two parties are both deeply wounded from fighting each other. Or something like that...]

    Li Xun Huan said coldly, “My dagger is still here. I’m afraid your words might’ve spoken too soon.”

    This person again bounced with his hands like a toad towards Li Xun Huan, smiling as he looked at Li Xun Huan. His teeth all yellow.

    He chuckled as he spoke, “Since you have the dagger, why don’t you kill me? Little Li’s Flying Dagger never misses. If you simply use your dagger, there’s no way I, a handicap, can possibly dodge it.”

    Li Xun Huan also smiled, saying, “I think you’re interesting, so I can’t bring myself to kill you.”

    This strange person laughed a few times, then said, “If you don’t want to say the truth, I’ll say it for you.”

    He then continued while laughing, “Everyone else might think you weren’t poisoned, but I know you were. Except you’re very calm, so you were able to fool everyone else.”

    Li Xun Huan still did not change his expression. “Really?”

    This strange person said, “But you can’t possibly fool me, because I know that the poison in the wine has no color nor taste. Even if your nose can smell better than a dog’s, you still can’t smell the poison.”

    Li Xun Huan looked at him for a long time, then showed a faint smile. “Are you really this clear on the whole matter?”

    This strange person chuckled again. “Of course I’m sure, because I put the poison into the wine. I can obviously tell whether you’ve been poisoned or not. You can fool everyone else, but not me.”

    Li Xun Huan’s expression still did not change. But the muscles around his eyes are already starting to move, after a long time, he let out a sigh, saying, “It’s been less than a day, yet I already met six seven big events. Looks like my luck is pretty good.”

    This strange person said, “You mean you don’t want to know whose hands you’ll die under?”

    Li Xun Huan answered, “I was just about to ask.”

    This strange man said, “You’re so knowledgeable, so you should know that there are 7 most devious people in the martial world.”

    Li Xun Huan shockingly said, “Seven Ingenious People”

    This strange person said, “Correct. These seven people really are treacherous to the extreme. Their kung fu might not be top notch, but when it comes to poison, stealing, scheming and lying, their skills have no equal.”

    Li Xun Huan lit up his eyes. “So are you one of the Seven Ingenious People?

    This strange person said, “The most devious of the Seven Ingenious People is...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Flower Bee Ingenious Gentleman.”

    This strange person said, “Almost right. His full name is the ‘Black Heart Ingenious Gentleman’. This person’s abilities are quite limited. He’s a coward, even afraid to do much stealing and womanizing. Yet when it comes to poisons, even that famous 5-Poison Kid has to call him Grandfather sometimes.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You sure know a lot about this person.”

    That strange person answered, “Of course. Because he is me, and I am him.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed, shutting up.

    Flower Bee[I swear to God this name doesn’t sound this stupid in Chinese] laughed, “Are you so surprised that an Ingenious Gentleman is a chubby meatball?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If you are capable on seducing woman, then those woman must be blind.”

    Flower Bee said, “You’re wrong again. Not only are they not blind, their eyes are also very pretty. Except if a person has been locked up, with his feet broken, with only fatty food everyday for years, then they have to become meatballs.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I take it this is the work of Sun Kui couple.”

    Flower Bee thought for a while, then smiled. “Sun Kui told you a story earlier. I’ll tell you another story. Except mine is a lot more interesting.”


    Flower Bee continued, “That year I had some really bad luck. I was so into woman at the time that I seduced Big Beard’s wife [Ms. Qiang Wei from the previous chapter], and even had a child. So she had to run away with me.”

    Li Xun Huan’s shocked. “So the person he said was you? He’s the one who paid for your mistake?”

    Flower Bee said, “He lied a little bit. I did not steal her treasures. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. She’s too cunning for me to do so. However, we really were being chased by Big Beard. I’ve always been a coward, so I persuaded her to find someone to take my place for a moment. She hesitated at first, saying Sun Kui’s face isn’t white enough. But later agreed.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So you two planed the whole thing.”

    Flower Bee continued, “If I had really left her then, everything would’ve been ok. But I really couldn’t give up her treasures, so I said that once everything’s calm again, we’d kill him and get back together. Who would’ve thought that she fell in love with him. And they end up breaking my feet, then jailed me like this for almost twenty years.”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Why didn’t she kill you?”

    Flower Bee said, “If I knew how a woman thinks, then I wouldn’t be in this state. You know, I used to think I knew women’s hearts. That’s why I ended up like this. If a man thinks he understands women, then he should accept whatever problems that might cause him.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This is indeed a great story.”

    “But you haven’t heard the most interesting thing yet.”

    “What would that be?”

    Flower Bee said, “After you’ve been poisoned, not only can you not use your flying dagger, you can’t even live for more than six hours. That’s why I won’t kill you now, since I want you to know how it feels to wait for your death.”

    Li Xun Huan calmly said, “This really isn’t necessary. I’ve waited for my death many times.”

    Flower Bee laughed, “But I can promise this is the last time.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed a bit too. “If that’s the case, then I have nothing more to say. Except there’s much wind and snow outside, so how are you going to travel?”

    Flower Bee said, “You don’t have to worry about this. My legs might be broken, but I can still ride a horse.”

    “In that case, travel safely. I’m sorry I can’t see you out the door.”

    But by that time, the sound of the horse steps is starting to disappear.”

    Li Xun Huan sat there and smelled the wine. “It really does have no smell and no taste. His poison skills really are quite good.”

    He drank another cup, then closed his eyes. “But this wine really is good. I’ll die from one cup. I’ll also die from one bottle. Why not drink the whole thing?”

    So he drank the whole bottle of poisonous wine.

    He then started to speak to himself. “Oh, Li Xun Huan. You should’ve been dead a long time ago. What’s wrong with dying? But you really should not die in a kitchen, with these corpses.”

    So he got up, and wobbly made his way towards the door.

    The footprints on the snow crossed each other, heading southeast.

    Li Xun Huan picked the cleanest part of the field, sat down, then took out that unfinished human figure.

    The figure just stared at Li Xun Huan.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed, saying, “Why do you still look at me? I’m just a hopeless loafer, drunk. You did the right thing by marrying Xiao Yun. Only I’m wrong.”

    He tried to use his dagger to finish the figure.

    But he doesn’t have the energy anymore.

    Li Xun Huan kept coughing and coughing. Each cough seems to yell

    “Shi Yin, Shi Yin.”

    Can Shi Yin hear him?

    There’s no chance for Shi Yin to hear him. However, someone else heard him.

    The driver carried Li Xun Huan on his back, furiously running through the woods.

    “If we can find a broken-foot man who look like a meatball in 2 hours, I might have a chance to live. Because the person who applied the poison must also have the antidote.”

    This is the last sentence Li Xun Huan has the energy to say.

    The driver used every ounce of his energy, his tears became ice, welcoming the dagger-like wind.

    Suddenly, a sound came from afar.

    The driver hesitated, then started to run towards the sound. He first found a horse by the road. He did not see Flower Bee. Because he only saw Flower Bee’s corpse.

    On his body were countless hidden weapons of all sorts. The driver could not help but feel bad for him. But then he remembered the matter at hand.

    He quickly asked, “Is this the person?” He’s still hoping against hope that this corpse is not the person Li Xuan Huan needs to see.

    Li Xun Huan replied, “Correct.”

    The driver bit his teeth, took off his coat and put by a tree. Then he sat Li Xun Huan down. “The antidote maybe on him. Let me check.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Be careful. Don’t get scraped by the hidden weapons.”

    Even when his own life is in jeopardy, he still thinks of others first.

    The driver felt hot blood rising from his stomach, then forced himself to hold down the tears, trying his best to look for the antidote on the body.

    After a long time, he finally stood up again.

    Li Xun Huan said, “No antidote.”

    By this time, the driver is tongue-tied, unable to speak.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Actually, I should’ve known that after all these years of imprisonment, he can’t possibly have any antidote on him.”

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    good job, meh. <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0">

    Li seems to be a sadder guy than chu liu heun or luk siu feng. Interesting chapters and exciting plot so far.

    BTW, who or what is bai xiu cheng's weapon list?
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
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    Kenny might do the edit for you. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/idea.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/catroar.gif" border="0">
    OOps.. <IMG SRC="smilies/redface.gif" border="0"> I mean Ken Cheng, the English professor. <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">

    [ June 29, 2002: Message edited by: Goofy ]
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    The driver tightened his fist. Then started to hit his own head, saying, “If only I knew who killed him... Maybe that person took the antidote.”

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, his face very heavy, “Maybe... maybe not.”

    The driver said, “Unfortunately, these hidden weapons are very common. Many people can use them.’


    The driver added, “He has so many hidden weapons on him, meaning that more than one person is involved.”


    His breathing slowed, as if he’s asleep. He worries so much for others’ safety, yet care so little for his own life.

    The driver continues to hit his hand, suddenly jumped up. “Yes! I know who killed him!”


    The driver ran to Li Xun Huan’s side. “Only person killed him. One person fired all thirteen types of hidden weapons.”


    The driver continued, “There are thirteen types of hidden weapons on him. Any single one could’ve taken his life. For a person to be this vicious and mad, you can’t find a second person on this Earth.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “You’re right. There’s only one. Thousand Hand Luo Cha [Sorry I can’t find a way to translate ‘lou cha’. The person’s not important anyway]. Looks like Flower Bee still died in the hands of a woman.”

    The driver added, “Other than her, no one else can fire thirteen different hidden weapons at the same time.”

    He suddenly stopped, then said. “You should’ve figured it all out a long time ago.”

    Li Xun Huan’s lips showed a hint of a bitter smile, saying, “What does it matter if I noticed or not? Thousand Hand Luo Cha travels mysteriously, she’s long gone by now. No reason to go after her.”

    The driver said, “But we must find her no matter what.”

    Li Xun Huan shook his head, saying. “Don’t bother. If you can just find me some wine, let me die drunk, and I’ll forever thank you. I’m so very, very tired. I really just want to rest peacefully.”

    The driver kneeled onto the ground, no longer able to hold his tears, “Young master, I know you’re tired. In all these years, you’ve never been happy, sadness and hardship, really does make tire a person easily.”

    He suddenly started to hold Li Xun Huan’s face, saying out loud, “But young master you cannot die, you must gather your energy. If you die with everyone thinking you’re really a loafer, a drunk, old master[Li Xun Huan’s dad] would not rest peacefully in the underworld.

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes tightly, tears already becoming ice.

    Yet he’s still smiling, saying, “Loafer, alcoholic, they’re not so bad. At least better than those fake gentleman, right?”

    The driver’s face is still full of tears, saying, “But... but young master you should have the best reputation in the world. Your kindness no one can compare. Why do you torture yourself? Is it worth it for that Lin Shi Yin woman?”

    Light suddenly shot out of Li Xun Huan’s eyes, angrily said, “Quiet. You have the guts to say her her name?”

    The driver lowered his head again, saying, “I’m sorry.”

    Li Xun Huan stared at him for a while, then closed his eyes again. “Alright. If you want to find her, we’ll go look. The world is so big, and we have so little time. Where should we go?”

    The driver immediately stood up again. “The Heavens help those with bitter heart, we’ll certainly find her.”

    Just as he’s about to carry Li Xun Huan on his back, a snow fell from the tree, falling on him. When he tried to get it off, he found blood on it.

    There’s actually a person on the tree.

    A dead person. A dead woman.

    She was stuck on the trunk, her body already frozen. With a short sword stuck to her chest, nailing her to the tree.

    The two people only noticed the corpse on the ground, but did not see the corpse on the tree. The driver, like an eagle, went up to bring her back to the ground.

    Only to see her face covered with ice, so people cannot tell her age. But can tell that she was very pretty before death.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed. “I guess Heaven really did sort of helped us find her.”

    The driver tightened his fists, saying harshly, “I heard that Thousand Hand Luo Cha is extremely vicious, yet after this person killed her, why did he take off her clothes?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Probably because her clothing are worth so much.”

    The driver’s eyes suddenly brightened. “You’re right. Rumor has it that she really cared about her clothing. Her clothes are made of gold, plus it’s full of expensive jewelry.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed bitterly. “If deer horns weren’t so valuable, and if deers didn’t have horns, then they wouldn’t be killed by hunters.”

    “Yet this person came for this priceless Golden Thread Vest, but still could not pass over a far less valuable clothing. There’s only one person this greedy.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right. I also think there’s only one.”

    This driver hurriedly chimed in. “Hands in Casket, ‘Die for Money’.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Take out that sword.”

    This sword is quite intricate, plus it has some jade designs.

    Li Xun Huan added, “Yao Xian views money as life, so how could he possibly leave such a precious weapon here?”

    The driver thought a moment, then said, “There aren’t many such precious weapons in the world, could this be the work of Fan Xiao An?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Yes. They worked together.”

    The driver said, “One person views money as his life, the other views money as dirt, the two have totally different personalities. So how could they get together?”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “Mr. Fan is famous for being extravagant at everything, clothing, food, living, traveling. Yao Xian following him can get endless benefits, why not?”

    The driver’s face suddenly lit up, saying proudly, “This is great. In this horrible weather, Fan Xiao An would not ride a horse, and definitely won’t walk. He must be in a carriage. If he’s in a carriage, then we can catch him.”

    There really are wheel marks outside on the road. They really are traveling by carriage.

    This type of carriage is quite comfortable, but not fast.

    The driver ran with all his might. Even with a person on the back, he still moves fluidly and quickly. No one would believe that a person with such great lightness kung fu would be servant. Plus, a person with such lightness kung fu must be quite famous.

    After a while, he suddenly found that the tracks ended. The lack of marks showed that no one had traveled through here for at least four to six hours.

    He then noticed a side road. He did not think much of this side road before, as it seems to lead to a grave of a very rich person.

    He followed this side road. It is indeed a dead end.

    The carriage is in front of the grave. The horses are gone. Three people with sheepskin coats lie on the ground. In the cart is a person wearing neat clothes, white-faced, looks about forty, yet still shaved cleanly.

    Just looking at his incredibly expensive ring showed that he must be Fan Xiao An.

    There are two women by his side, all died the same way, their fatal pressure point heavily sealed.

    Who did this?

    The driver said, “Could this be the work of Yao Xian?”

    Before he finished this sentence, another body appeared from the grave. His head bald, face facing the ground. Only his two hands are holding... like he was trying to hold something before death, but didn’t succeed.

    This is Yao Xian. However, he’ll never be able to take any more things from caskets.

    Li Xun Huan said, “It doesn’t matter if a person gambles or visit brothels, but he really should not make friends with the wrong people. Or they’d and up like Fan Xiao An, not even knowing who kill him before dying.”


    Li Xun Huan continued, “Other than Fan Xiao An, everyone else are astonished. They wouldn’t believe Yao Xian could possibly do this. Especially these two women, who might’ve even had some intricate relationship with Yao Xian before death. So they really could not believe this.”

    The driver suddenly said, “I heard that Yao Xian’s finger technique was number one in the Shan Xi province, used to be called ‘One Finger Chase Soul’. Looks like this really is his work. But...”

    Li Xun Huan then added. “Yao Xian’s probably been with Fan Xiao An for quite a while now. This time Fan Xiao An wants the Golden Thread Vest, Yao Xian wants to continue leech off of Fan Xiao An, so he went along with it. Who would’ve thought that the vest can be so alluring. Yao Xian stopped caring about friendship and killed them.”

    “But he’s dead too.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “Maybe when he’s killing, someone nosy was watching from this grave. Yao Xian saw him and wants to kill him to close his mouth. Who would’ve figured that he couldn’t close that person’s mouth, but instead got killed.”

    “But Yao Xian’s kung fu is quite good, who can possibly kill him?”

    He moved closer to the grave, then found that there’s no wound on the body. Only his throat has added a hole.

    Li Xun Huan’s still on the driver’s shoulder. Two people looked for a moment, then both sighed, yet the corner of their mouth showed hint of a smile. Both said together, “Looks like its him.”

    The driver laughed, “Master Fei’s sword is faster than flying, no wonder Yao Xian couldn’t defend himself.”

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, smiling. “Very good. Very good. The vest has finally found a proper owner with him. Now the Plum Flower Bandit should be caught.”

    The driver then said, “Let’s look for Master Fei. He couldn’t possibly be gone long.”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Why bother?”

    “To find the antidote.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If Flower Bee really had the antidote, and has been taken away, then Yao Xian must still have it. Ah Fei would never take another person’s item. He took away the Golden Thread Vest, but only because he thinks the vest belongs to me.”

    The driver looked at all the jewelry on Fan Xiao An and those two women, then sighed. “You’re right. Even if ground is filled with gold, Master Fei would still not pick them up.”

    “That’s why if Yao Xian doesn’t have it, then its useless to look for Ah Fei.”

    So the driver picked up the body. This is really his last chance.

    He then noticed words on the wall.

    “I helped you get revenge,

    I rode your horse.”

    Li Xun Huan burst out laughing. “I originally figured it was him. Now I’m certain. Only Ah Fei would not even let a dead person owe him.”

    He continued with a bright smile. “This child really is lovely. Unfortunately I...”

    He did not finish the sentence, yet the driver know what he wanted to say, looks like the antidote is not here either.

    It’s unfortunate that he’ll never see this lovely kid ever again.

    The driver no longer has any more energy left. He’s almost about to fall.

    Li Xun Huan is still smiling, though. “You don’t have to worry about me. Death is not as bad as you think. Now that I have no energy, I feel rather peaceful, just wanting to have some wine.”

    End of Chapter 5

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    Goofy: This book definitely carries a darker tone than the likes of LSF or CLH. But at least its better than Xiao Shi Yi Lang. At least it has a good ending for all. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    As for Bai Xiao Sheng's weapon list, its like a reference guide on the top fighters in the world. Anyway, the book will explain it in detail later.

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    actually I like this Little Li than xiao guy from Becky Tai's translation.

    I have never seen the series, only heard about him through forums and such.

    Keep on. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/catroar.gif" border="0">
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    and can't wait to see how Li get out of this situation. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    GL used a lot of casts. <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    Ok. Sorry I haven't been translating as much the past two days. I got hooked on a serial my mom's watching. It's a Qiong Yao serial(the 3rd one I've ever seen, after the two HZGG series) called Cang Tian Yuo Lei(roughly translated to 'Heaven has Tears'). I don't know how famous it is, but I like it a lot. Damn Qiong Yao's good at making people cry!

    It's funny, I first only wanted to watch a bit due to Athena Chu, yet I didn't really like her that much. On the other hand, I've never been a big fan of Shui Ling(I've seen her in Stormriders and CTHD). But I absolutely love her here. She also looks really, really pretty in this series. Now I can see why people think she'd be pretty enough for Xiao Long Nu.

    Anyway, enough of my newly-found fascination with Shui Ling and my rant on a Qiong Yao series(of all things). I don't think people are here to read my reviews. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Here's chapter 6.

    Chapter 6: Savior at Drunken Homeland

    The driver suddenly jumped up, took off his shirt, then welcomed the snow and wind with his bare chest.

    Like a horse he started to pull the carriage.

    Li Xun Huan did not stop him, because he knows that the driver needs a place to vent his frustrations. But as the carriage door closed, Li Xun Huan still could not help but shed a tear.

    After an hour, they arrived at Cow village [the same village Guo Jing/Yang Kang’s parents lived at <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Ok, not really, but...].

    Cow village is a very tight little town. It’s not dark yet, but the snow has stopped. Every household is trying to shove away the snow in their front yard.

    But when they saw the driver pulling the carriage running into town, they were astonished. Some even got scared and ran back to their homes.

    Of course there’s a wine store in this town.

    The people here have never seen anyone with such strength. So as the driver walked up to the wine store, most of the customers got scared andleft.

    The driver put three chairs together. Then put a clean cloth on the chairs. Then carried Li Xun Huan into the store, so he can sit comfortably.

    Li Xun Huan looks as if he has no blood left on his face. So everyone can see that he is seriously ill. The store has opened for twenty years, yet has never seen a person about to die to come drink wine. Everyone just stared at him.

    The driver hit the table hard, yelling loudly, “Get me some wine. Your very best! If you watered it down just a little bit, I’ll take your heads.”

    Li Xun Huan looked at him, then smiled. “You know, for the past twenty years, only today did you show the character of ‘Iron Armor Golden Steel’.”

    The driver’s body flinched, as if he was shocked by this title. Yet he still managed to laugh loudly. “I can’t believe young master you still remember this name. I already forgot.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You... you should break your resolution and have a drink today.”

    The driver said, “Alright! Today however much young master drink, I’ll match.”

    Li Xun Huan also laughed along loudly. “The fact thatI can make you drink again means that I didn’t live this life in vain.”

    Others, seeing at them laugh so happily, couldn’t help but look their way. No one can figure out how a near-death person can be so happy.

    The wine isn’t the best, but at least its not watered down.

    The driver said, “Young master, allow me to be so bold, I wish to propose a toast to you.”

    Li Xun Huan was about to drink to it, but he couldn’t hold his cup firmly, wine spilled out. As he coughs, he also tried to get the wine off his shirt, yet still laughing, “I’ve never spilled wine before, but today...”

    He laughed again, “This shirt has been with me for so many years, I really should reward it with some wine. Come, brother shirt, thank you for providing me with warmth all these years, I give you a toast.”

    He then poured the rest of the wine on his own shirt.

    The manager and the workers looked at him, saying to themselves, “This person’s not only ill, he’s also crazy.”

    The two kept on drinking and drinking, with Li Xun Huan must use both hands to hold the cup firmly.

    The driver then hit the table again. “Life is so unfair. If only I would never awaken from being drunk. Unfortunately, unfortunately...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “you should be happy today. What’s all this ‘unfair’, ‘never awaken’ stuff? One should just live life the fullest [Excuse me for not really translating this proverb. I don’t even understand it fully myself.]”

    The driver laughed once more. “You’re Right, Right!” Then his face hit the table with a thud.

    Li Xun Huan’s face is filled with gratitude, saying to himself, “These twenty years, if it weren’t for you, I... I probably would not have survived. Although I know your reasons, but doing this really is beneath you. Hopefully you can reclaim your status and fame of old. If so, although I...”

    The driver suddenly jumped up again, saying, “Young master you should not say such unpleasant words, ruining the mood.”

    They suddenly laugh and suddenly cry, both cry and laugh.

    The manager and the workers looked at each other. “Looks like they’re both crazy.”

    At this instant, they heard person rushing in, “Wine. Wine. Get me some wine quickly.”

    From his look, it seems that he’d die if not drink immediately.

    The manager said to himself, “Looks like another crazy person.”

    Only to see this person wear a blue shirt that’s been washed to the point its now white. His nails filled with dirt. Although wearing a scholarly hat, his hair is all messed up. His face looks both yellow and thin. A look of a poor scholar.

    The worker brought a bottle of wine.

    Who’d have thought that this poor scholar would not use a cup, instead holding the bottle and already drank over half of it, but then blew it back out again, yelling, “You call this wine? This is vinegar, plus it’s watered down vinegar...”

    That worker said, “Its not that we don’t have good wine, but...”

    That poor scholar said, “You think I don’t have money? Here, take this.”

    He just waved his hand, and gave 50 teals of silver.

    Every customer and worker are incredibly shocked. So this time they brought out the best wine.

    Again, the poor scholar did not bother with cups, and drank the whole bottle in one gulp. Then just sat there without moving. Everyone else figured he must’ve drank too fast and something happened. But Li Xun Huan knows that he’s just savoring the taste.

    After a while, he finally let out a breath. His eyes and face bright now. “Although the wine sucks, at a place like this, I guess I can’t expect anything better.”

    The manager laughed along, saying, “I’ve been saving that bottle for over ten years now.”

    The scholar suddenly hit the table, saying, “No wonder the taste is not thick [I’ve always thought wine tastes thicker as it ages, or does it not? I’m confused], give me some newer wine, only fermented three levels, then bring some food to go with the wine.”

    “What kind of food do you want?”

    “I know that in a crappy place like this, you can’t bring out anything good. Just get me a Wind Chicken and spicy fried crow intestine [yuck!], make sure the intestine’s very spicy and there’s no feather on the chicken.”

    This person looks really poor, yet he really knows how to eat and drink. Li Xun Huan couldn’t help but find him really interesting. Under normal circumstances, he would at least ask this person to drink with him. But now, he might fall at any time. So he doesn’t want to meet any more people.

    That person just kept drinking alone, drinking very fast.

    It seems that other than wine, nothing else matters to him.

    At this time, the sound of horses came, and stopped in front of the store. This person’s face suddenly changed a bit.

    He got up ready to leave. Then looked at the wine on the table, then sat down again. Drinking three more cups while savoring the intestines.

    Only to hear someone say, “What a drunkard, where do you think you’re going?”

    Another person said, “I told you we can find him in a wine store.”

    At this time, five six people came in, surrounding the poor scholar. They all look like they have pretty good kung fu.

    A tall, thin man with a horse whip pointed at the poor scholar’s nose saying, “You took our gold, yet you won’t cure illness for us, escaped to here to drink, what the hell’s going on?”

    The poor scholar smile, “So you don’t understand what’s going on? It’s just that I needed a drink. You should know that when Mr. Mei Er* needs a drink, he doesn’t even care if the sky falls, much less someone’s illness.”

    *[The word ‘Er’ here is the number 2. So Mr. Mei Er means his last name is ‘Mei’, and he’s the second child in the family.]

    A dot-faced guy said, “Big brother Zhao, did you here? We already know this drunkard is a horrible person. Once the money’s on his hand, he no longer cares about others.”

    The first man said, “Who doesn’t know this drunkard’s personality? But he must cure the fourth brother’s illness. We needed to find a doctor, so what else could we have done?”

    Li Xun Huan originally figured these people came for revenge, now after hearing their conversation, knows that this Mei Er is a doctor who just takes money but doesn’t cure patients.

    While these people kept yelling, he still kept sitting very still. Simply kept drinking.

    Zhao threw out his whip, hitting the wine bottles and cups, yelling, “Stop procrastinating, since we found you, you better come with us to help the patient. If the fourth brother gets well again, I’m guarantee you’ll have plenty of wine to drink”

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    That Mr. Mei Er just looked at the broken wine cups, took a deep sigh, then said, “Since you know about my temper, you should know that I won’t treat three types of people.”

    “Which three?”

    “Number one, I don’t treat those who don’t pay up front. If they pay a penny less, I won’t cure them.”

    One of the man said, “We gave you plenty of money!”

    Mr. Mei Er continued, “Number two, I don’t treat those who are rude to me. Number three, I most certainly don’t treat thugs, thieves, and killers.”

    He then sighed, shaking his head. “You broke the last two rules, yet still expect me to treat him? You’re dreaming.”

    Those people said, “If you don’t treat him, then we’ll kill you.”

    “Even if you kill me I still won’t treat him!”

    The dot-faced guy went up and hit him, sending him flying into the air, blood coming out of his mouth.

    Li Xun Huan originally figured this doctor was hiding his skills. Now he knows that the doctor might have a tough mouth, but not a tough body.

    Big brother Zhao took out his knife, saying, “If you say the ‘no’ word half more time, I’ll first cut off an arm before talking again.”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “When I say no I meant no. Why would I be afraid of little thugs like you guys?”

    Big brother Zhao wanted to go forward, but the driver suddenly hit the table, speaking loudly, “This is a place to drink wine, if you’re not here to drink, leave immediately!”

    This sound was loud as thunder, scaring even Zhao. “Who the hell are you? You dare to butt in on my business?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Having them just leave is no fun. Ask them to crawl out.”

    “Young master asked you people to crawl out. Heard him?”

    Big brother Zhao saw that this person is ill and has no energy, plus extremely drunk, so he got up the courage to say, “Since you guys are so bold, let me cut you open.”

    His saber glowed, slicing towards Li Xun Huan.

    The driver immediately extended his arms, trying to intercept the saber. Yet he’s already drunk, looking as if he’s trying to catch the saber with his arm.

    The manager got scared, thinking his arm would get chopped off. Who would’ve thought that while the arm stayed, the saber went into midair. Even Zhao was shocked big time, saying, “This person’s kung fu can actually make him impenetrable by weapons, looks like we met a ghost.”

    The dot-faced guy also got scared, forcing a laugh while saying, “Please tell us your name, my friend. Looks like we need to fight to meet. Let’s be friends from now on.”

    The driver said coldly, “You’re not worthy of being my friend. Get out!”

    Zhao jumped up, saying, “You should not be so rude. It’s not good to make an enemy of us, if...”

    Before he can finish, the dot-faced guy suddenly side something into Zhao’s ear, looking at Li Xun Huan’s dagger at the same time.

    Zhao’s face turned even whiter, saying, “It can’t possibly be him.”

    “Who else can it be? I heard half a month ago from Old Turtle that he came back from the borders. Old Turtle remember him from a long time ago. He can’t be wrong.”

    Zhao said, “But this drunkard...”

    “This person’s very into eating, drinking, women, and gambling, plus his health has never been good. But his dagger...”

    When he got to saying this dagger, his voice changed. “There’s no need to make enemy with someone like him.”

    Zhao laughed, “If I knew he was here, even if someone put a knife on my neck, I still wouldn’t come in here.”

    He then coughed twice and bowed while laughing. “Little me really has eyes but no eyeballs, didn’t recognize old man you. Sorry to intrude on old man your [you can tell I’m getting really lazy with all these ‘literal’ translations, eh? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">] drinking. Little man me really deserve to die. Now I’ll scram.”

    It’s not clear whether or not Li Xun Huan heard him. He just kept drinking, kept coughing, as if nothing had happened.

    Those men who came in like tigers, now had left quietly as dogs. It’s only now that Mr. Mei Er got up, yet he didn’t thank Li Xun Huan. Instead got up on the chair while yelling. “Wine! Give me some wine.”

    The worker just looked confused, not believing that this was the person that just got whacked.

    The other customers had already left by now, leaving only those three people. All drank continuously, not talking at all.

    Li Xun Huan looked outside the window, suddenly smiling.”This wine thing is really peculiar. The more you want to stay awake, the quicker you become drunk. The more you want to be drunk, the more you can’t get drunk.”

    Mr. Mei Er suddenly also chuckled, saying, “Getting drunk solves thousands of problems, It’s best to be drunk til death. But unfortunately, heaven would not let them die so peacefully.”

    The driver raised his eyebrows as Mei Er walked wobbly towards their table, looking at Li Xun Huan. “Do you know how much longer you live?”

    “Not long.”

    “If you know that you can’t live long, why don’t you take care the things necessary before death, instead coming here to drink?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Why should such unimportant things such as life and death get in the way of drinking?”

    Mei Er clapped his hands, laughing.”Right. Right. Life and death is a small matter. Drinking is a major matter. Your words really fit my tastes.”

    He then suddenly opened his eyes, saying, “I guess you know who I am now, right?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “Not yet.”

    “You really don’t know me?”

    The driver suddenly cut in. “If he says he doesn’t know then he really doesn’t know. Why so repetitive?”

    Mr. Mei Er still stared at Li Xun Huan saying, “Looks like you didn’t save me to cure your illness.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “If you want to drink some wine, we can drink together. If you’re here to treat an illness, then I suggest you leave. Don’t waste my drinking time.”

    Mr. Mei Er continued to stare at Li Xun Huan for a long time, then said. “So lucky. So lucky. You know, you’re so lucky you met me.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I have no money to pay. Plus I’m not much different from robbers and thieves. You can leave now.”

    Who would’ve thought that Mei Er would shake his head saying, “No No No. It’s okay for me not to treat others’ illnesses. But I have to treat yours. If you don’t let me treat you, you have to kill me first.”

    The driver suddenly lit up his eyes. “You really can cure him?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “Other than Mei Er, no one else in the world can treat him.”

    The driver got up and tugged his shirt, asking, “Do you know what illness he has?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “If I don’t know then who would know? You really think Sixth brother Flower really can come up with that ‘Cold Chicken Powder’?”

    “Cold Chicken Powder? The poison is Cold Chicken Powder?”

    Mr. Mei Er chuckled. “Other than the Mei family ‘Cold Chicken Powder’, what other poison can possibly kill Li Xun Huan?”

    The driver’s shocked and rejoiced. “You mean, Flower Bee’s poison was made by you?”

    Mei Er laughed out loud. “Other than ‘Ingenious Middle Man’ Mr. Mei Er, who could possibly mix this poison? Looks like you are not knowledgeable at all, not knowing even this.”

    The driver’s now happy beyond belief. “So the poison was made by him! Young master, you’re saved!”

    Li Xun Huan just laughed bitterly. “Looks like while it’s hard for a person to live, it’s also hard for him to peacefully die.”

    They’re on the carriage again. The driver’s now taking care of Li Xun Huan but also keeping note of Mr. Mei Er.

    He’s still not satisfied, asking, “If you can cure his poison, then why do you need to find someone else?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “I’m not looking for another person, just my big brother. He’s near. Don’t worry. If I say I would treat a person, then there’s no way that person can possibly die.”

    “Why do you need to find him?”

    “Because he has the antidote. Are you satisfied now?”

    This time he really did shut up.

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    Mr. Mei Er shook his head laughing. “I can’t believe someone would practice a type of kung fu this stupid. Other than against some street thugs, its useless.”

    The driver coldly replied, “Stupid kung fu is better than no kung fu.”

    Oddly enough, Mr. Mei Er is not mad at all. He continued to smile. “I heard that to practice this kung fu, one must be a virgin. Don’t you think that this sacrifice might be a tad to much?”


    Mei Er continued. “I heard that in the past fifty years, only one person was stupid enough to learn this kung fu. This person’s ‘Iron Armor Golden Steel’ Tie Zhuan Jia. But twenty years ago someone threw him over the cliffs, and no one knew from that point whether he’s alive or not. Maybe he didn’t die. Maybe he can still drink wine.”

    It’s as if the driver’s mouth has been shut. No matter what Mei Er says or asks, he can’t respond.

    Mr. Mei Er could only close his eyes, recovering some strength.

    After a while, the driver opened his mouth again. “I heard that the ‘Seven Ingenious People’ all don’t care much for their faces [here it means reputation]. Yet you don’t look so.”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “I took those people’s gold, then won’t agree to cure him. You think that’s not bad enough?”

    “If you actually agreed to cure him, then you’ve really lost your face. Taking money can treating the patient are two different things. There’s no reason not to take money from those people.”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “Looks like you’re not totally stupid.”

    The driver then said, “Those that everyone thinks are devious might not all be devious. Yet of those people say are gentleman, how many really are gentleman?”

    Li Xun Huan just sat on the chair smiling. As if he’s listening to the conversation, yet also seems to be wandering elsewhere.

    Looking outside, the snow has turned everything white.

    If one can stay alive, then it’s still a good thing.

    Another person’s image suddenly appeared in Li Xun Huan’s head.

    She’s wearing a purple dress. Plus she has a light purple cape over her shoulders. Standing in the pure white background, she looks like a pretty purple Luo Lan [I can’t find this word in the dictionary. It seems to be the name of a flower, though.].

    He remembers that she loves snow the most. Every time there’s snow, she would pull him to the garden, hit him with a snowball, then dare him to catch her.

    He remembers that day he took Long Xiao Yun home, it also snowed. She was sitting in the pavilion of the plum garden, looking at the snow on the plum trees.

    He remembers that the columns are red. Yet as she’s sitting by the columns, both the columns and the plum trees all lost their color.

    He did not see Long Xiao Yun’s reaction at that time. But later he can imagine, Long Xiao Yun’s heart must’ve already been broken.

    Now, is that pavilion still the same? Does she still sit there often, counting the plum flowers?

    Li Xun Huan raised his and smiled towards Mr. Mei Er. “There’s wine in the carriage. Let’s have a drink.”

    Snow, fall sometimes stop sometimes.

    Under the guidance of Mei Er, the carriage turned onto a small road, up to a small bridge. Then can’t cross over.

    The driver carried Li Xun Huan over the bridge, only to see a shack within the plum forest. A sound suddenly came from the forest, as they got closer, a properly dressed man is telling two kids to pour water on the snow filled trees.

    The driver said quietly, “This is Mr. Mei Da*?”

    *[‘Da’ means ‘big’. In this case, it shows that he’s the eldest child of the family.]

    Mei Er replied. “Other than this idiot, who would use water to clean off the ice and snow on trees?”

    The driver could not help but laugh. “You mean he doesn’t know that he by pouring the water, snow will still remain the tree, while the water will become ice?”

    Me Er sighed, laughing bitterly. “He can tell the authenticity of any artwork by one look. He can instantly mix the most potent poison and the most potent antidote. Yet he can’t figure out some of the most basic logics.”

    As they speak, Mei Da turned his head to look at them, as if looking at a bunch of annoying kids, instantly losing the color on his face. Saying, “Hurry! Hurry up and hide all the precious paintings. Don’t let him see it, then go trade it for some wine.”

    Mei Er smiled. “Big brother. Don’t worry. I already had my wine today. I just came to bring two friends...”

    Before he can finish, Mei Da already covered his eyes, saying, “I don’t want to see your friends. Your friends are all terrible. If I see one, I’ll be destined to have three years of bad luck.”

    Mei Er also became annoyed, saying, “Fine. You look down at me. You don’t think I can possibly find any nice friend. Come, Li Tan Hua, let’s leave.”

    The driver suddenly said, “Where’s the antidote? How can we leave now?”

    Who would’ve thought that Mei Da’s expression suddenly changed. “You mean that family with seven members to pass the imperial examinations, father-son three people [the third person implies Li Xun Huan’s brother] all became Tan Hua, THAT Li Tan Hua?”

    Mei Er said coldly. “You know of another Li Tan Hua?”

    Mei Da looked at Li Xun Huan. “This one?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Yes. I am the one.”

    Mei Da looked over him up and down, suddenly held his hand, laughing loudly. “Famous for twenty years, I can’t believe I finally get to meet you. Brother Li.”

    He actually became extremely nice after knowing who the guest is.

    Mei Da then said, “Mr. Li, please excuse my rude remarks earlier. It’s just that much brother is so terrible. Two years ago, he led two people to my house, saying they’re art afficionados. Who’d have thought that when I showed them my precious paintings, they exchanged two with blank papers! I was so pissed I couldn’t sleep for three months.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed too. “Mr. Mei Da should not blame him. When one’s drinking urges start to come out, yet don’t have money for wine, that’s also a very nasty feeling.”

    Mr. Mei Da said with a smile. “Looks like brother Li is also this type of person.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled along. “Drinking can make people be in heaven [this is a really bad translation of a proverb].”

    Mei Da said, “Great. Qi He, stop with cleaning the tree. Go in and take that twenty yr old Zhu Ye Qing [A type of wine, roughly translated as ‘green bamboo leaf’]. Let brother Li here taste it. This wine’s been in there for all these years, the purpose is to keep someone as famous as brother Li here.”

    Mei Er said, “This is actually quite true. When other guests come, not only does he not bring out wine, he doesn’t even bring out vinegar. However, brother Li is not here to drink wine.”

    Mei Da just needed to take one look at Li Xun Huan, then said, “The poison is a small problem. Brother Li just don’t worry and drink. I know how to take care of the other things.”

    After three rounds, Mei Da suddenly asked, “I heard that the extremely rare ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’ [must be a famous painting, but I’ve never heard of it] is in your mansion. Is this true?”

    Now Li Xun Huan knows why he’s so eager to greet them. “It is true.”

    Mei Da became happy beyond belief. “So can you bring it over sometime for me to look at?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “If Mr. Mei Da wanted to see it, I really should not refuse. But alas, I gave the painting, as well as the rest of my property, to someone else.”

    Mr. Mei Da looked as if someone hit him on the head with a stick. Just kept mumbling, “so unfortunate... so unfortunate...”

    Then he said, “Qi He, put away the rest of the wine. Li Tan Hua here is done drinking.”

    Mei Er said, “So without ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’, there’s no wine?”

    Mei Da said coldly, “My wine’s not here for people to drink.”

    Not only is Li Xun Huan not mad, he actually smiled. He feels that while this person is extremely fickle, he’s also quite innocent, at least better than those fake gentlemen.

    But the driver couldn’t hold his thoughts, yelling loudly, “So if there’s no ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’, there’s no antidote?”

    Mei Da said, “If there’s no wine, where does the antidote come from?”

    The driver became very angry, wanting to run towards him.

    But Li Xun Huan held him back, saying, “Mei Da and we are strangers, so he has no obligation to give us the antidote. We already owe him some great wine. How can we still be so rude?”

    “But young master you... you...”

    Li Xun Huan waved his hand and smiled. “I think it’s time for us to leave now.”

    Who’d have thought Mei Da would ask, “You don’t want the antidote?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “We each have our own things. I never like to force people.”

    Mei Da said, “You do realize that without the antidote, you’re dead.”

    “Life and death are decided by the heavens. I personally never cared much for it.”

    Mei Da then stared at him again, saying, “Right. Right. If one can even give ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’ to someone else, why would he care for his own life? People like this really are rare, Really are rare...”

    He then yelled, “Qi He, bring out the wine again.”

    The driver instantly became happy again. “So what about the antidote?”

    Mei Da looked at him for a second, then coldly said, “Now that there’s wine, you’re afraid there would be no antidote?”

    End of Chapter 6

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    Great job, Meh!!!!
    back w/ a vengeance ^_^

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    good job, Meh.

    <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/catroar.gif" border="0">
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    Meh, are all these 89 chapters one whole book or divided into different volumes like chu liu heung or luk siu feng's?
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    Wow.. I only been offline for a couple of days and somebody has already started translating another novel! What a great surprise! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Go Meh! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Meh: I seen Cang Tian You Lei (Tears of Heaven) also! I totally agree that Shui Ling (I think her name was still Jiang Qing Qing back then?) was excellent. Her crying skills are really good! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> I read on the news somewhere that it was really hard for both Shui Ling and Athena Chu to act in this serial because Athena Chu spoke Cantonese while acting. But both of them still did good <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> Anyways I don't think this series is particularly popular since it came out right after HZGG1... so it was overshadowed.. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0">

    Anyways, keep on with the wonderful translation. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I like how you translate really fast so you don't keep us all waiting! <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> By the way SC, you should save this and add it to Gu Long translations!

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    Chapter 7: Accidently Hurting Friend’s Son

    After Li Xun Huan drank the wine, the antidote worked even faster. After twelve hours, Li Xun finds his energy gradually recovering.

    By now it’s almost dawn again. The driver did not sleep at all, but he’s still in high spirits, except he drank way too much, so his head hurts a bit.

    Mr. Mei Er starts to hit his own head. “Damn. Damn. It’s morning already.”

    “What’s wrong with morning?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “The thing I hate the most when I drink is dawn. If it’s not bright outside, I can drink forever, but once I see the light, I just can’t drink anymore.”

    Li Xun Huan was originally resting, but just now smiled. “It’s not just you. Probably every alcoholic has this problem.”

    Me Er said, “In that case, before it gets too bright, lets hurry up and drink some more.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “At the speed you and I are drinking, I’m afraid your brother would be annoyed.”

    Mei Er said, “That’s why he already went to sleep. If he doesn’t see it happening, he won’t get restless.”

    As Li Xun Huan was about to drink again, he started to cough.

    Mei Er stared at him, suddenly asked, “How long have you had this cough?”

    “I think over ten years.”

    Mei Er though for a moment, then said, “If that’s the case, you should not drink anymore. Too much coughing hurts your liver, if you keep drinking...”

    Li Xun Huan said with a laugh. “Hurt my liver? How? My liver is already wasted.”

    He suddenly stopped talking, his eyes moving around, then said quietly, “Someone’s coming.”

    Me Er said, “Anyone who comes at this hour cannot be my brother’s customers. They’re probably here for me.”

    Actually he only heard the sounds now. And there’s more than one person. All their footsteps are very light.

    Only to hear someone speak loudly, “Is this the Mei family’s clinic?”

    After a while, they heard Mei Da’s voice. “To come at this time of the night, are you robbers or thieves?”

    That person answered, “We’re here to visit. Not only are we not here to rob or steal, we even have a present.”

    Mei Da laughed coldly. “To present a gift at this hour? You people can’t have any good intentions. Please leave now.”

    That person laughed, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid I’ll have to take this Wang Muo Jie’s painting back too.”

    Before he finished, the door opened.

    Mei Er raised his eyebrows, saying, “These people checked out my brother’s temper before coming. They obviously want something. Let’s see what they’re up to.”

    He didn’t leave the room, instead just opened the door slightly to see who came.

    He saw three people. The first looks to be around thirty. He looks short and mean. His eyes very bright. His hand holding a long box.

    The second person’s face look like a prune. His beard so long it reached his stomach. Wearing a purple overcoat. Looks very proud. Seems like someone with great leadership qualities.

    Yet the third person is just a ten year old kid. Round face, round eyes, wearing a bright red shirt, his collars filled with rabbit fur, like a dressed up little red child.

    Other than him, the other two both looked very worried and impatient.

    That mean-looking person held the box, bowing in front of Mei Da saying, “This painting is bought by my master with thousands of taels of gold. It’s been authenticated. Definitely real. Please take a look.”

    Mei Da’s eyes had already been staring at the box for a long time now. Yet he just said, “You obviously aren’t giving it to me for free. What do you want?”

    That person smiled. “We just want the location of Mr. Mei Er.”

    Mei Da immediately let out a sigh of relief, saying, “This is easy.”

    He immediately snatched the box away from that person. Then yelled, “Second brother, come out. Someone wants to see you.”

    Mei Er sighed, shaking his head saying, “Bastard. Now that you have the painting, you don’t even care for your brother.”

    The old man in purple and the mean-looking guy immediately saw Mei Er. Both let out looks of joy. Only that kid kept shaking his head, asking, “Look at this guy, does he look like he can cure illnesses?”

    Mei Er responded, “Can’t treat serious illnesses, won’t kill those slightly ill. I’m halfway decent.”

    The old man in purple seems afraid that this kid would say something wrong again, immediately cut int, “I’ve long known that you have the ‘hands that can return Spring’, so I came here wishing that you may travel with me a bit. No matter how much money you ask for, I can pay immediately up front.”

    Mei Er laughed. “Looks like you’re really familiar with my habits. Yet you’re not afraid that I might run away?”

    The old man in purple stopped talking, as if saying that Mei Er can’t possibly escape.

    That short guy then forced a laugh, saying, “If Mr. Mei Er would go, we have something extra to go along with the gold and silver.”

    Mei Er said, “Other than payment, you do realize that I have another habit? Robbers I won’t cure. Thieves I won’t cure.”

    That short guy smiled while saying, “My name is Ba Ying, although I am a nobody, this person Qin Xiao Yi Master Qin is quite famous in the martial world. Mr. Mei Er should’ve at least heard of him, right?”

    Mei Er said, “Qin Xiao Yi? You’re ‘Iron Courage Spread in Eight Directions’ Qin Xiao Yi?”

    Ba Ying said, “Right. That’s my master.”

    Mei Er nodded his head, saying, “Looks like you’re fairly famous. Fine. Come back a few days later and I might go with you.”

    Before he finished, the red kid already jumped up, yelling, “I can’t believe this person’s so arrogant. Hey, why are we wasting our breath talking to him? Just kidnap him and problem solved.”

    Ba Ying immediately tugged at the kid’s shirt, forcing another smile. “If the illness is not so severe, then it would be ok to wait a few days. But forget a few days, we can’t even wait a few more hours.”

    Mei Er said, “So your patient is important? But my patient is not important?”

    Ba Ying said, “You mean Mr. Mei Er you have a patient here?”

    “That’s correct. Before I finish curing him, I can’t leave.”

    Ba Ying stuttered, “But... but my patient is Master Qin’s eldest son. He’s also one of Shaolin’s best disciples.”

    Mei Er also jumped up, saying, “So what if he’s Qin Xiao Yi’s son. So what if he’s a Shaolin student. Are you saying his patient is more important than mine?”

    By now Qin Xiao Yi’s just full of anger, but can’t say a word.

    But that red kid’s eyes rolled, suddenly said, “What if your patient is dead?”

    Mei Er laughed coldly. “If he’s dead, then I obviously no longer need to tend to him. Unfortunately, there’s no way he can possibly die.”

    The red kid giggled, then said, “Don’t be so sure.”

    He suddenly dashed into the inner room, quick as lightning. Even the driver was quite shocked. Ba Ying and Qin Xiao Yi looked at each other, but did not stop him.

    When he entered the room, the red kid immediately looked at Li Xun Huan, saying loudly, “So you’re the patient?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Little brother, you really want me to die quickly?”

    The red kid said, “Correct. If you’re dead, then that old geezer will treat brother Qin.”

    As he’s speaking, three extremely small arrows shot out of his sleeves, aimed at Li Xun Huan’s forehead and throat. It’s speed and power are both very amazing.

    No one would’ve thought that this ten year old kid would be this venomous. If the person here is not Li Xun Huan, then he probably would be dead by now.

    But Li Xun Huan just casually waved his arms, catching the arrows. Then said, “You’re still a kid and already so venomous, I can’t believe what you’d become when you grow up.”

    The red kid laughed coldly. “You think that just because have some decent arrow-catching skills, that you can lecture me?”

    He suddenly turned his body as he takes out a short sword. Before he finished the sentence, he already made seven strikes at Li Xun Huan.

    Not only is this child fast and swift, he’s also very venomous. Most experienced fighters would not be as good. He acts as if the other person is a mortal enemy, and would like nothing better than to poke a hole through Li Xun Huan with a sword.

    Li Xun Huan said, “Looks like this kid would grow up to be another Yin Wu Ji*.”

    *[‘Yin’ means dark. ‘Wu Ji’ sort of means no match.]

    The driver said, “Although Yin Wu Ji has the ‘Blood Sword’ nickname, at least he has never killed an innocent. But this child...”

    The red kid smiled deviously. “What about Yin Wu Ji. I’ve been killing since I was seven. What about him?”

    Yet he saw that Li Xun Huan’s still sitting there. So he varied his moves even more. He also became even deadlier.

    Li Xun Huan smiled bitterly. “You’re right. Even Yin Wu Ji probably was not this venomous when he was your age.”

    The driver’s face became heavy. “If he were to grow up, he’d definitely be harmful to society. Maybe...”

    The red kid has already made over a hundred moves yet still cannot win. Finally figured out that he has met a very powerful person in the martial world. He became so angry his eyes red. Biting his teeth, he said, “Do you know who my parents are? If you harm me, they’ll cut you into a million pieces.”

    Li Xun Huan became very angry, saying, “In another words, only you can harm others. But they cannot harm you?”

    The red kid said, “As long as you have the guts, you can go ahead and kill me.”

    Li Xun Huan hesitated for a moment. Then said, “I still don’t want to kill you yet, because you’re still young. With good upbringing you can still become a good person. Go now. Before I change my mind.”

    The red kid also knows that he probably can’t win this time. Taking back his sword, he asked, “Your kung fu is really good. I wonder who you are? How come I’ve never seen you before?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You ask for my name. So you can get revenge?”

    The red kid’s face suddenly showed an incredibly innocent smile, saying, “You did not take my life, why would I seek revenge? I simply really respect you. I used one hundred and seven moves, yet you didn’t even move.”

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes suddenly brightened, asking, “Do you want to learn?”

    The red kid became very happy, asking, “You really would let me be your disciple?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “If I can help your parents watch over you, then you have a chance in the future.”

    Before he can finish, the red kid kneeled before him, saying, “Mentor above me, please allow your student a bow.”

    As the word ‘bow’ left his mouth, three bright light left his shirt’s back.

    This kid’s whole body is filled with hidden weapons.

    It’s only now that Li Xun Huan totally became shocked. If he weren’t so experienced, his reflexes quick as lightning, he probably would’ve died in this kid’s hands by now.

    The red kid saw that he still did not die, went up to Li Xun Huan again, yelling, “Who the hell do you think you are. You think you’re worthy of watching over me for my parents? Worthy of taking me as your disciple?”

    The driver’s face became cold as ice, saying, “For a person with such a venomous heart, he can’t be allowed to live!”

    Li Xun Huan also sighed. His palm turned and shot out.

    Qin Xiao Yi and Ba Ying both know perfectly well that the red kid is in there to kill someone. Yet they did not move a single inch.

    Mei Da just stared blindly at the new painting, not caring about anything else in the world.

    Mei Er on the other hand said, “The kid you brought here is now trying to commit murder. Yet you don’t care?”

    Ba Ying held out his hands and smiled. “To tell the truth, even if we wanted to, we can’t control him.”

    Mei Er smiled coldly, “But if he were to die today, would you care?”

    Ba Ying won’t answer, just kept smiling.

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    Mei Er said, “Looking at your expressions, I can see that you must feel his skills are quite good. So only he can kill others. Others can’t possibly kill him, right?”

    Ba Ying could not hold down a laugh. “To tell the truth, his kung fu really is pretty good. Many experienced experts has died in his hands. Besides, he has a great dad and a great mom. Even if someone else got screwed, they can’t do anything about it.”

    “You mean his parents won’t control him?”

    “A kid this intelligent, his parent obviously don’t want to watch over too tightly.”

    Mei Er said. “You’re right. When his parents see him kill people, they might scold him a bit on the surface, but deep inside, they’re actually happier than anyone else. Unfortunately, he met my patient today. This is his bad luck.”

    Mei Er continued, “All my patient has to do is wave his hand, and the child’s life is gone.”

    Ba Ying laughed, “Just wave his hand and kill him? I don’t think I believe you. You mean your patient can be like Li Tuan Hua, Flying dagger takes life, never miss?

    Mei Er sighed. “To tell the truth, my patient really is Li Xun Huan.”

    When this sentence came out, Ba Ying’s face became pure white. But still had a dry laugh. “Why do you... make such a joke?”

    Mei Er said, “If you don’t believe me, just go see for yourself.”

    Ba Ying suddenly dashed inside, yelling, “Hero Li, Li Tuan Hua, please spare his life!”

    Mei Er sighed. “Looks like these self-proclaimed heroes aren’t really anything after all. Only their kids’ lives are valuable. Everyone else’s lives are worth nothing. Only they can kill others. Others can’t kill them.”

    Qin Xiao Yi’s stern face suddenly seemed to show a flicker of smile.

    He did his best to keep the smile down. Instead said, “If Li Xun Huan really did kill that child, then he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.”

    As Li Xun Huan’s palm shot out, it appears to have no strange movement.

    Although this red kid’s still small, he’s still very experienced. Even after seeing the palm, he still does not evade or block, thinking the opponent is using a decoy. That the real killer move is the next one. So he just kept on slicing with his sword.

    Although his palms has no movement, the sword can change moves midway. Even if the palm hits, the kid’s sword can also hit Li Xun Huan.

    His sword moves really are excellent. Very few people can match his speed, power, precision, and timing. It’s not that he had a great mentor. But rather he’s naturally very talented.

    Unfortunately, his opponent is Li Xun Huan.

    Although this palm has no movement, but it’s simply way too fast. Its speed beyond comprehension.

    So no matter how many tricks the red kid has, he can’t apply them. Before his sword reached Li Xun Huan, the palm already hit his chest.

    Yet the little kid did not feel any pain. He just felt a strange sensation spreading across his body. As if he just drank some hot wine.

    Only now did someone came from outside the door yelling, “Hero Li. Please do not hurt him!”

    But by this time, the red kid is already on the ground. As if awakening from a stupor. His body so soft he can’t move.

    Ba Ying asked, “Young Master Yun, how are you feeling?”

    The red kid also realizes things aren’t going well, his eyes red. “I... I’ve probably been deeply wounded by this person. Hurry. Go tell my dad to seek revenge for me.”

    Before he finished, he started to cry loudly.

    Ba Ying doesn’t know what to do. Sweat poured down from his forehead.

    The driver said coldly. “This child’s kung fu has been wasted, but at least he’s still alive. But only because my young master is so kind-hearted. If it were me...”

    Ba Ying acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

    “If you want revenge, go ahead.”

    Ba Ying did not speak, but instead kneeled in front of Li Xun Huan.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly became shocked, asking, “What’s your relationship with this child?”

    Ba Ying said, “My name is Ba Ying. Li Tan Hua obviously does not know me. But I know Li Tan Hua.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “It’s best that you know me. If this child’s parents want revenge, just tell them to come see me.”

    The red kid continued to cry loudly, yelling, “You’re so mean! You dare to waste my kung fu. I don’t want to live anymore... don’t want to live anymore.”

    The driver spoke loudly. This is just to teach you not to hurt others later. If so, then you might live a bit longer. Otherwise, you’ll probably die very quickly.”

    Only to hear a person say coldly, “If that’s the case, then the cold-blooded Li Tan Hua, why haven’t you died yet?”

    “Who is it?”

    Only to see an old man with a purple coat come in. “It’s been ten years. You mean Li Tan Hua doesn’t recognize me anymore?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Oh, so it’s ‘Iron Courage spread in Eight Directions’ Mr. Qin. No wonder this kid can kill without hesitation. With you along, who can’t he kill?”

    Qin Xiao Yi said coldly, “I’m afraid I’ve killed less than half of brother Li.”

    Li Xun Huan said. “Mr. Qin should not be so modest. Except, when I kill, it’s because I’m a cold-hearted killer. When you kill, it’s for the justice of the world!”

    He snickered, then continued, “If this kid were to kill me, and words later spread. Obviously it won’t be that he killed fighting over a doctor. It would instead be he and Hero Qin fighting evil together, right?”

    Although Qin Xiao Yi is experienced and knows to keep a straight face, one can still see red coming out.

    The red kid originally was listening intently. Now he started to cry again, yelling, “Uncle Qin. Why aren’t you going to kill him as revenge?”

    Qin Xiao Yi smiled coldly. “If someone else injured you, obviously someone would get you your revenge. But since this person hurt you, then you can’t do a single thing about it.”

    The red kid said, “W...Why?”

    Qin Xiao Yi looked at Li Xun Huan, then asked the red kid, “Do you know who he is?”

    The red kid shook his head, saying, “I just know he’s a ruthless thug!”

    An evil smile appeared on Qin Xiao Yi’s face. “He’s the world famous ‘Number one Saber Under Heaven’ [a dagger is not a regular saber, but still classified as a one] Li Xun Huan. He’s also your father’s life and death sworn brother!”

    When these words came out. The red kid was obviously shocked, but Li Xun Huan was even more shocked. “Who’s his dad?”

    Ba Ying sighed, saying, “He’s Long Xiao Yun Fourth Master Long’s eldest child, Long Xiao Yun!”

    [Ok. This pisses me off. The father and son has the EXACT same pinyin. Well, their tones are different. The father is of fourth tone, Xiao(4). His son has the third tone, Xiao(3). But still... Anyway, from now on, I’ll write a number after the word Xiao to indicate who I’m talking about. If anyone has a better idea, feel free to tell me. It’s annoying having to type a number with the words. But I have no imagination, so can’t think of anything better.]

    At that moment, Li Xun Huan’s soul seemed to have left him for a moment. His eyes kept moving. Tears started to fall.

    The driver also changed his expression. Sweat came pouring out.

    He knows the most about the Long Xiao4 Yun & Lin Shi Yin couple’s relationship. Now Li Xun Huan actually hurt their child, it’s clear how badly he feels.

    Ba Ying said, “I really didn’t expect this. It all started when Master Qin’s son wanted to capture the Plum Flower Bandit. Unfortunately he got hurt from the encounter. With our best medicines, we managed to extend his life. But he still needs more help to live. We know that ‘Ingenious Doctor’ Mr. Mei Er is the number one wound doctor in the world, especially when it comes to wounds from hidden weapons. That’s why master came here. Who would’ve thought that this would happen.”

    He’s just speaking to himself, with no one else listening.

    Mei Er also seems to have noticed the pain on Li Xun Huan’s face. He looked at the red kid’s wound. Then stood up. “I promise this child not only is not is not in danger, he can do anything a normal person can do in the future.”

    “What about martial arts?”

    Mei Er responded coldly, “Why does he need kung fu? Does he still want to kill more people?”

    Ba Ying said, “Mr. Mei Er you don’t understand. It’s just that Fourth Master Long only has this one child, plus he’s incredible material for learning kung fu. The couple both had high hopes for him. Thinking he would make bring honor to the family. If they find out that the child can no longer practice kung fu, they’d be heartbroken.”

    Mei Er laughed coldly. “One can only blame it on their horrible upbringing. Letting their son be so evil. It’s no one else’s fault!”

    Li Xun Huan did not catch a single word of their conversation.

    For some reason, at this moment, he suddenly fell deeply into the past. Many memories that should not be re-awakened all suddenly came back.

    He remembered that was the seventh day of the beginning of the year. He had some important business to do, so he was forced to leave home before finish celebrating the new year.

    That day was also snowing. Lin Shi Yin specifically made some dishes for complementing wine. She also accompanied his drinking and watching the snow.

    Lin Shi Yin grew up in his house. Her dad is Li Xun Huan’s dad’s wife’s brother [which seems to imply that this wife is not Li Xun Huan’s mom. So there’s no blood relationship.] Even before they died, they talked about their marriage.

    Yet Li Xun Huan and Lin Shi Yin aren’t like most young rich children, who tend to keep their distances. They weren’t just lovers, they were also best friends.

    Although it’s been ten years, Li Xun Huan still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

    On that day the plum flowers were so pretty. Her half drunken smile was even prettier than the plum flowers. That innocence was filled with happiness and joy.

    But... tragedy soon came.

    As he was out, his enemy hooked up with a powerful local mafia to kill him. Although he was able to kill nineteen enemies, he also got injured. They capture and then hung him in a basket.

    At this time, Long Xiao4 Yun came.

    With a silver spear he took down the basket, saving his life. Then he spend a long time healing his injuries. Then escorted Li Xun Huan home.

    From then on, they became best friends.

    Yet later Long Xiao4 Yun became seriously ill. Such a strong person, yet in half a month became gravely ill. Very thin.

    Only after much asking did Li Xun Huan realize that he fell sick because of Lin Shi Yin. His love for her is to a point of madness..

    He didn’t know that Lin Shi Yin was already Li Xun Huan’s fiancee. So he asked Li Xun Huan to let his ‘cousin’ be his wife. He promised that he would take excellent care of her.

    How could Li Xun Huan answer him?

    Yet how could he look on as his savior and best friend die in front of him?

    Plus he couldn’t possibly ask Lin Shi Yin to marry someone else. Lin Shi Yin would never agree.

    His heart full of sorrow, full of denial. He can only find saving grace with wine. After five days of drinking, he finally made a decision. That was the most painful decision of his life.

    He decided that he will let Lin Shi Yin herself leave him.

    So he must provide chances for Lin Shi Yin and Long Xiao4 Yun to meet.

    Even as Lin Shi Yin begged him to reconsider, he would laugh it off. He then actually brought home two famous prostitutes.

    After two years, Lin Shi Yin’s heart finally broke. All her hopes dashed.

    She finally chose the one who was so faithful to her, Long Xiao Yun.

    Li Xun Huan’s plan finally worked. Yet his triumph is filled with sadness, with pain. How could he possibly stay there and continue to look at the plum flowers?

    Therefore he gave his whole home and property as present for the marriage. Then went away alone. He made up his mind to never see her ever again.

    Yet now, he injured their only child.

    Li Xun Huan swallowed this bitter memory, swallowed his tears. Got up and said, “Where’s Fourth Master Long? I’ll go with you to see him.”

    The old ‘Li’s Garden’ plaque has now changed to ‘Happy Cloud Mansion’. Yet the two set of words on the side still exist.

    ‘One family with seven passing the examinations’

    ‘Father son three people all becoming Tan Hua.’

    Li Xun Huan looked at these words as if someone kicked him in the stomach.

    Ba Ying had already carried the red kid inside. Qin Xiao Yi also pulled Mei Er with him. Yet everyone kept starring at Li Xun Huan.

    They’re all wondering why is this stranger staring at this place?

    End of Chapter 7

    Thanks for the compliments, people.

    Goofy: It's one continuous story. Not seperated.

    PinePine: That's kind of sad it's not popular. I can't believe QY would make so two serials in such a short time. I mean, doesn't actually oversee these productions? That's quite a bit of energy for an old granny.

    I should be translating at this pace for maybe another months or so. Then you'll likely see a major drop in speed.

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    I like the intrigue way of GL's but some explanations just don't make much sense. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    Fast space story though.

    Hmm, so Mr. Long is probably the hypocrite, I think?

    does this have the sad ending or the happy ending?

    Also, is there a novel focusing on Ah Fei? He seems to be an interesting character.
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    The title of this novel does refer to Ah Fei, so technically, I guess he is the lead character. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> But the story mainly centers around Lee Cham Foon. This is the only Gu Long novel where Ah Fei plays a big part though.

    Believe it or not, there is a happy ending to all this.

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    Chapter 8: The Past Cannot be Changed

    This used to be Li Xun Huan’s own garden. He grew up here. Here, he had a very happy and a very memorable childhood. However, it was also here that he carried the remains of his parents and elder brother to their graves.

    Who could believe that he would be a stranger here at this moment?

    Li Xun Huan smiled, a song seems to have brushed by his ear, “Seeing him building the house. Seeing him hosting guests. Seeing his house collapse.”

    He deeply felt the intricacies of these words. Understood life’s meeting and parting, life’s gloomy song.

    The driver* quietly said, “Young master, let’s go in.”

    *[I should mention that GL actually described the ‘driver’ as ‘qiu ran da han’ or badly translated as ‘A dragon-horn-like muscular man’ ever since the middle of chapter 1. I couldn’t think of a suitable translation, one that’s short and accurate. So I just kept him as the ‘driver’. But I really should point out that GL had a different name. I would’ve done so sooner if I knew he was going to be in the book for such a long time. I really didn’t remember him being this important.]

    Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, laughing bitterly while saying, “Since we’re here, we have to go in sooner or later, right?”

    Who would’ve thought that just as he arrived at the front door, a man suddenly yelled, “Who are you? How dare you enter Fourth Master Long’s place?”

    A person freckled man, with a sheepskin coat, carrying a birdcage, came and blocked Li Xun Huan’s path.

    Li Xun Huan said, “You are...”

    The freckled man put his hand on his waist, yelling loudly, “I am the governor of this estate. My daughter is Lady Long’s foster sister. What do you want?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Well... If that’s the case, I’ll just wait here.”

    The freckled man laughed coldly, saying, “I won’t let you wait here. Do you think Master Long’s front door is a place for everyone to stand at?”

    Although the driver is really pissed, he could only control his anger.

    Who would figure that the freckled man would yell again, “I told you scram, are you pretending to be dead?”

    While Li Xun Huan can still hold his temper, the driver could no longer do so.

    Just as he’s about to show the freckled man some manners, someone inside started to yell, “Xun Huan, Xun Huan, is that really you?”

    A upright, properly-dressed, handsome middle-aged man came out, his face full of joy and excitement. As he saw Li Xun Huan, he embraced him tightly, saying, “I’m right. It really is you... really is you...”

    Even before he finished, tears filled his face.

    Of course, how could Li Xun not possibly feel the same way, saying, “Big brother...”

    When that freckled man saw this, he could only stand there looking like an idiot.

    Only to hear Long Xiao4 Yun keep saying, “Brother, I’ve thinking of you all these years... thinking of you...”

    No one knows how many times he said this, but he suddenly laughed again, saying, “Us brothers meeting again is a happy occasion. Why are we crying here like old ladies...”

    He laughed while taking Li Xun Huan with him inside. Then he yelled, “Go get the mistress. Everybody out. Come see my sworn brother. Do you know who my sworn brother is? Heheh... What I say is guaranteed to shock you.”

    The driver looked at them, his eyes on the verge of tears. His heart is sour, not knowing if this is happiness or sadness.

    Only now did the freckled man take another breath, feeling his head while saying, “Oh my God, he’s actually Li... Li Tan Hua. I heard even this house was his present. Yet I wouldn’t even let him inside. I... I really deserve to die.”

    That red kid Long Xiao3 Yun was just surrounded by several people, sitting on the big couch in the living room. He also now understand the relationship between Li Xun Huan and his dad, and became so scared he even afraid to cry.”

    Yet just as Long Xiao4 Yun took Li Xun Huan inside, two people standing on Long Xiao3 Yun’s side suddenly came over, yelling while pointing at Li Xun Huan’s nose, “Are you the one who injured young master Yun?”

    Li Xun Huan responded, “Right!”

    That man said, “Nice, you really do have a lot of guts!”

    Two people one right one left, both came to attack Li Xun Huan at the same time.

    Li Xun Huan did not move at all, but Long Xiao4 Yun suddenly shot out his palm, then jumped up with a kick, finishing off those two attackers. Then angrily yelled, “You dare to attack him? You really have a lot of guts. Do you have any idea who he is?”

    Those two people never thought that their kissing up backfired.

    One of them can only stutter, “We only want to help young master...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said with authority, “What do you want to do? I’ll tell you, Long Xiao4 Yun’s son is Li Xun Huan’s son. Forget about simply teaching him a lesson, even if he took that bastard’s life, it’s still not a problem.”

    He then added, “From now on, no one will bring this up again. The person who brings this up again is deliberately making an enemy of me!”

    Li Xun Huan’s still standing there, not knowing how he feels.

    If Long Xiao4 Yun had yelled at him, or break off their friendship, then maybe he’d feel better. But Long Xiao4 Yun instead so values their relationship, making him even more guilty and distressful. “Big brother, I really didn’t know...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun tapped his shoulders, saying with a smile, “Brother, since when did you become so timid? This bastard’s been coddled way too much by his mother. I really shouldn’t have taught him kung fu.”

    He then added, “Come, come. Get some wine in here. Whoever can get us brothers drunk gets 500 taels of silver.”

    When he mentioned money, who in the room didn’t become greedy? Everyone immediately came up to toast the two.

    Only to hear someone say, “The Lady is here.”

    Li Xun Huan finally saw Lin Shi Yin again.

    Although Lin Shi Yin is not a perfect woman, no one would deny that she’s a beauty. Her is face too pale, her body is too thin, and although her eyes are very bright, they’re also very cold. Yet her stature, her gracefulness, are unparalleled.

    No matter the situation, she can make her presence felt. No matter who sees her, will never forget her.

    This face has appeared in Li Xun Huan’s mind tens of thousands of times. Yet each time it’s so far away, so very, far away.

    Every time Li Xun Huan wants to embrace her, he would wake up from this dream, sitting in his own cold sweat, looking at the dark, cold night outside, then wait painfully until morning. Yet even when the morning comes, he’s still just as in pain, just as lonely.

    Now, the woman of his dreams is finally in front of him. Yet reality can be so much more cruel than dreams. In reality, he doesn’t even have the choice to run away, but can only use his smile to cover his true feelings. So he forced a smile, saying, “Sister-in-law. How are you?”


    The woman in his dreams suddenly became his sister-in-law. The driver turned his head, could not bear watching anymore. Because only he knows how painful it is for Li Xun Huan to say this “Sister-in-law”.

    He doesn’t know if he can say those words if he were in Li Xun Huan’s shoes. Doesn’t know if he has the courage to accept such a reality.

    If he didn’t turn away, he’d be in tears by now.

    Yet Lin Shi Yin didn’t even seem to notice this greeting.

    Her sadness seems to be concentrated fully on her child.

    End of Chapter 8

    Not kidding. This is a short chapter.

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    Err... Forget I said that. This isn't the end of chapter 8 yet. I'll add the rest when I'm done translating it.

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