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Cantonese expert needed to decipher

---Quote (Originally by MieJueXMaceWindu)--- This is the greatest Chinese song I have heard in my entire life. Please tell me what it is about? This song saved me when I was depressed and about to commit suicide. ---End Quote--- I'm curious. How did this song save you from your depression when... read more

Posted on Oct 13 2015 | 2:16am

What SongS are you listening to NOW? v2.0

I am listening to Suzy's OST songs ( non-stop today. I am a huge fan and she has a very angelic voice really. read more

Posted on Sep 6 2015 | 12:53pm

F.I.R songs? T.T

Have FIR made any new music recently? read more

Posted on Sep 6 2015 | 8:21am

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