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Gillian Chung Makes First Public Appearance Since Sex Scandal

By on February 10th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Gillian Chung makes first public appearance since scandal


Gillian Chung of Twins makes the first public appearance for upcoming Twins fans event since the explosion of the recent sex photos scandal. She is the first implicated female in this scandal to face the public. This move has garnered support and praise from many of Hong Kong’s celebrities, including from Lisa Wang and Joey Yung.

Lisa Wang was quoted: 「係囉!叫佢勇敢面對,咁大個人,都係要面對硇喇!總好過逃避。」
Roughly translated: “Yes, she (Gillian) should courageously face this, she’s a grown-up and should face it all! It’s better than avoiding.”

Charlene Choi of Twins also claimed that she would stand by Gillian no matter what. They’ve partnered for 6 years now and Charlene considers Gillian as her real sister and would support Gillian through thick and thin.

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