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Kira to Strike During Gillian Chung Press Release

By on February 10th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Kira’s message

Following the numerous conspiracy/triad/extortion theories and speculations spouting everywhere on the web on Kira’s motives for posting the sex photos, reports that a new message from someone posting on behalf of Kira appeared on the Chinese forum at We were not able to find the original post to get the full message, but from what we gather from the cropped image of the message by We found the original post at, the message roughly translates:

[--begin post--
To Tianya's forum friends:

Greetings. First, thank you to the netizens of Hong Kong and the Mainland for the support of 'xiao di' (male reference to self as 'younger brother') in these past few days. Here, I'd like to clarify a few things:

1) I have never used these photos or videos to exchange for money. What someone said of $50,000,000 (currency is unknown) is false.

2) Today's comments by 'Big Brother' (Jackie Chan's nickname in the HK entertainment circle) in an interview made me very upset. (Perhaps in reference to Jackie Chan's comments that the public should care more about the victims of the snow storms in Mainland China than the sex scandal) I can now tell everyone why, because the video's dialogues involves/affects 'Big Brother'.

3) Tomorrow when Miss G (reference to Gillian) makes her public appearance, I will at the same time release the video for everyone.


Prank by a bored forum member or from the real Kira? I guess we’ll find out.

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