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Rigged News About Gillian Chung Exposed

By on February 14th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Giilian Chung back to work

Ming Pao recently uncovered a false piece of news circulating on the web where someone reported that Gillian Chung attended a Christian event in 2006 promoting post-marital sex. Someone had apparently taken an original article written by Ming Pao and tacked on Gillian’s name to it before reposting the content. This rigged article was cited by many websites as a source, falsely stating Gillian as a hypocrite who didn’t practice what she preached.

It seems idol hatred can go a long way, or maybe there are just too many bored people out there. The most interesting question raised though from this incidence is how much can readers trust news reported on the web, especially when anyone, including a 6 year old, can be blogging nowadays? My opinion is that unless it’s cited as coming from a link from some established, news source, don’t take everything you read on the web at face value.  Even then, don’t be a mindless reader and let someone tell you what the truth is.  Google it.

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