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Edison Chan Not Back to Face Scandal Yet

By on February 21st, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Edison Chan

Despite media speculation and rumors that Edison Chan was supposed to fly back to Hong Kong last week to face the media and help police investigation in catching Kira, he has delayed his return.  Some news report that the reason may be due to Hong Kong police turning down his three terms: 1) guaranteed status as a ‘witness’ and not a ‘suspect’ in this case  2) 24 hour protection  3) arrangement to have a ‘safe house’ (heavily guarded?) for him to stay at.

If these terms are true, it may seem that Edison may have reason to be scared of linked triad relations between Albert Yeung of EEG and Cecilia Cheung’s daddy.  Or maybe his return was made up by the media, his lack of return made up too just to keep feeding us more news.

For the first time since the sex photos scandal exploded too, Edison Chan did not make the covers of tabloid magazines due to the unfortunate and sad departure of Lydia Shum on Tuesday.

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