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TVB Burning Flame III makes opening record in last 3 years

By on July 8th, 2009 | Hong Kong Entertainment, TVB

Burning Flame III

The third installment of TVB’s firefighters drama, “Burning Flame III”, starring Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, and Myolie Wu aired on 7/6/09 Monday and made viewership record history for a drama’s opening day in TVB’s last 3 years. It tied with the 2006 TVB drama “The Dance of Passion”. “Burning Flame III” averaged 36 points on the first day and reach 38 points since, the equivalent of over 242,000 viewers. And Myolie doesn’t even show up yet until episode 2.

Kevin Cheng seemed ecstatic over the news and when asked if he would don a swimsuit to celebrate if the drama reaches 40 points, he jokingly said it would be weird if he did it by himself and that Wong Hei and Bosco will have to do it together.

Source: Sina

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