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Three Kingdoms 2010 Trailer

By on July 12th, 2009 | Chinese Entertainment

The highly anticipated remake of Three Kingdoms is due out in 2010. The 1994 series by Mainland China “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” was wonderful in how faithful it was to the original source material and some of the key characters were casted superbly – especially Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, and Cao Cao. However, it suffered from cast replacements midway in the series because of the tight scheduling and severe conditions the actors were under while filming so that many fell sick. The producers also didn’t dramatize it in more layman dialogue and plotting and instead followed the novel’s approach of event storytelling, which can be confusing because of the many characters that come and go and the many events that happen over a long course of time. For purists though, this series was a masterpiece.

Now that John Woo had released the two-part “Red Cliff” movie, it seemed like the right time to remake this ambitious series. Hopefully, the series will adapt the novel more fittingly this time around so that it is more mainstream. Casting seems satisfying so far, especially Lu Yi as Zhuge Liang from videos – he has that cunning look. Peter Ho will be interesting as the powerful Lu Bu who falls for the maiden trap while Ruby Lin will once again be compared to the same role that Zhao Wei played in the movies.

Shu Han:
Yu Hewei (于和伟) as Liu Bei
Nie Yuan (聂远) as Zhao Yun
Yu Rongguang (于荣光) as Guan Yu
Lu Yi (陆毅) as Zhuge Liang

Eastern Wu:
Zhang Bo (张博) as Sun Quan
Sha Yi (沙溢) as Sun Ce
Ruby Lin (林心如) as Sun Shangxiang
Victor Huang (黃維德) as Zhou Yu
Zhao Ke (赵柯) as Xiao Qiao

Chen Jianbin (陈建斌) as Cao Cao

Peter Ho (何润东) as Lü Bu
Chen Hao (陈好) as Diao Chan
Lü Xiaohe (吕晓禾) as Dong Zhuo
Liu Jing (刘竞) as Da Qiao

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Part I:

Part II:

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