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Michelle Chia and her (mild) self-hoarding habit

By on December 30th, 2009 | Chinese Entertainment

If you’ve seen episodes of RenovAid, you’ll know that the reality show, which combines charity and home renovation for the less fortunate, featured a family of six which lived in flat crammed with items.

When we caught up with Michelle Chia at the filming, the host described in a serious tone the entire home to be “just stuffed with stuff.

“Like things that you’ve had for years but just left aside. It’s packed from the floor to the ceiling. And none of the wardrobes can be opened because the doors are all blocked by boxes and stacks of clothes or whatever, we don’t even know yet. We only just cleared the corridor, and now we’re moving into the living room next.”

Michelle shared that during her visits to the house, she “felt very uncomfortable and a lot of discomfort. It was just not good energy. We needed…

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