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Godfrey Gao refutes rumours between him and Jolin Tsai

By on December 31st, 2009 | Taiwanese Entertainment

Taiwanese artiste Godfrey Gao appeared bemused when he cleared the air on his alleged May-December relationship with Jolin Tsai and said that the rumours were “rather hilarious”. The 26-year-old artiste was recently in town to participate in a Channel 8 variety programme, 3 Plus 1 and appeared to be troubled by his alleged relationship with Jolin.

“I am not really familiar with her! We were introduced by friends .We were out with a group of friends that day, we were not dating! There is no relationship!”

He further clarified his stance and said, “Nobody shot [photographs of] the both of us being alone too.”

Apart from his refutations, the 1.94m-tall actor praised Jolin for being a very professional singer with a serious working attitude and gave her the nickname, “Taiwan’s Diva”. When the reporter asked if he was a fan of Jolin, he obligingly replied, “She can…

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