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Gillian Chung’s comeback movie showcases her first kiss and bedroom scene

By on January 8th, 2010 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Hong Kong Movies, newsfeed

The post-scandal Gillian Chung from Cantopop duo Twins, whose virginal image was irreversibly shattered with the eruption of Edison Chen’s online sex photo mayhem of 2008, has been keeping up her quiet hiatus for more than a year.

But Ah Jiao (as her fans call her) is slowly stepping out of the shadows and making inroads back into the entertainment scene.

The 28-year-old singer-actress will make a film comeback with Former, a Chapman To movie produced by Emperor Entertainment Group.

The Hong Kong star is taking a three-pronged approach for her comeback that will certainly be under the media spotlight. Besides a return to the silver screen, she will also release a new music album and film a Mainland drama series in China.

At the prayer ceremony conducted for the movie, which she attended with fellow cast members including William Chan, Michelle Wai, and Lawrence Chow, reporters commented…

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