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Wu Chun honoured by Lee Byung-hun’s gesture

By on January 19th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed, Taiwanese Entertainment

The muscles of Taiwan meet the muscles of Korea. And they seemed to have rubbed off each other the right way.

Wu Chun and Lee Byung-hun were at the 2010 Asia Model Awards last Friday. Both won for their respective countries. Wu was also taken aback and pleasantly surprised when the Korean superstar proposed that they work together in the future.

It was the two’s first meeting, but due to a common passion for hitting the gym, the musclemen continued chatting after leaving the stage.

Wu said that when it comes to acting and experience, he has a lot to learn from his counterpart, but when the topic came to their physique, the member of Taiwanese boyband Farenheit assumed more confidence.

“His figure is quite good, but we’re different. He’s toned, while I’m bulky.”

Lee, who showcased his six-pack in his Hollywood debut G.I. Joe: The Rise of…

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