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Zhang Ziyi drops out from English movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

By on January 28th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Directed by Wayne Wang, filming for the English movie, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which is an adaptation of the bestselling Chinese novel by Lisa See, was slated to begin earlier this month but was repeatedly delayed. A few days ago, the media released news that Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the movie producer and lead actress of this film has decided to drop out from the production.

Apart from that, Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun, who was supposed to take on the role of Lily in the movie, has decided to back out from the film following Zhang’s decision to dropout. Zhang’s manager has confirmed the news and cited that “she is too busy filming Wong Kar Wai’s upcoming movie, The Grand Master” and is “unable to account for her work schedule”.

Previous rumours which stated that the male lead will be acted by one of the members…

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