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Justin Lo doesn’t mind drinking with Gary Cao again

By on January 29th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Since the unpleasant and much-publicised drunken brawl in Hong Kong last year between Malaysian-Chinese singer Gary Cao and Hong Kong singer-songwriter Justin Lo, both men have maintained a low profile.

But the two drinking buddies may once again continue their booze merry-making, according to Justin.

At an award ceremony held two nights ago, the 33-year-old gave his first official statement on his Gary’s one-year probation after he was placed on bail for S$200. “I know the details of the sentence but I have yet to contact Gary as there are a lot of paparazzi following him now, I will not look him up in the time being.”

Gary, 31, had previously said that he plans to “quit being drunk and not quit drinking”. Justin commented on his friend’s stand, saying, “Actually it is okay to drink one or two cups of red wine. I have also stopped drinking…

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