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Fann Wong called her Valentine’s Day "tragic"

By on February 25th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

This year’s overlap of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day won’t occur again until 2048 (the last time the coincidence happened was 1953), so Fann Wong can rest assured the two days shall be apart for a while.

With the biggest day in the Chinese calendar clashing with the most romantic day for lovers, some folks like Fann and her hubby Christopher Lee had to sacrifice one occasion for the other. In the end, the couple, who have been married for less than a year, decided to forego the roses, much to the actress’ dismay.

At the press conference for her new movie Happy Go Lucky, Fann complained that there was no celebration or even a gift from her husband, and described her Valentine’s Day this year as “tragic.”

Due to the death of Christopher’s father in February last year, the couple did not distribute red packets this…

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