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Ariel Lin’s smile confirms dating rumours

By on February 26th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

All it took was a glowing smile on Ariel Lin’s face that confirmed media speculation about her love life.

Although the Taiwanese actress tried her best to evade queries about it, she eventually beamed and admitted to being newly in love.

The actress was a guest at the launch of actor and label-mate Figaro Ceng’s new book on Tuesday, but the press was more interested in quizzing the starlet on recent photos of her on a date with an unidentified man.

The actress repeatedly attempted to deflect the questions, while Figaro was powerless in trying to help his friend out, interjecting with “She’s always had many good friends!”. Eventually she relented, “I will work hard and hope that everything will turn out well.” She said that relationships would be one of the things she hopes to nurture this year.

Ariel was recently voted third by girls in a…

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