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Rumoured couple Felicia Chin and Zhang Yao Dong speaks up

By on March 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

For a whole two years, the rumour mill has meticulously spun claims of links between local actors Felicia Chin and Zhang Yao Dong. The speculation is that Felicia was won over by Yao Dong’s caring ways.

The photogenic pair made their couple debut in the 2007/2008 Ch 8 mega-drama series, Love Blossoms, and since won over the likes of viewers at home.

The duo however has been adamant with a resolute “we’re only just friends” stand. But as garnered wisdom or just a whole load of skepticism will tell you, while a boy and a girl can be friends, there is no such thing as just friends.

For the first time, the pair agreed to an interview together during filming for the ongoing Ch 8 cooking variety programme, Three Plus One. On set, the pair displayed not just their culinary skills but a tacit understanding of one another.

Yao Dong could not stop praising his female compatriot to the skies. “She even sent me a text message and told me that she knows what she would like to cook [for this show]. She said that she had two dishes!

“Her strong points are the many changes she made since she first joined showbiz. Despite going through many trials, her sincerity has not changed. She is very sincere towards people and is very serious about her career. Felicia has a heart of gold.”

He then turned around to face Felicia and encouragingly said, “This is really good. Keep it up!” His random outburst was met with an abashed look from the lady herself.

The menu, he added, was “wholly decided by Felicia” and he complimented it as being “inventive” with “many different creative ideas.” Apparently, Felicia specially sought help and cooking tips from her maternal grandmother in order to prep for the show.

“When we first collaborated together, the impression she gave me was like a deer caught in the headlights. After one year of trials and tribulations, she has become more matured. She might have been training herself in secret,” he continued.

The jovial showers of praise ended hastily, though, once their alleged romance was put to question. “The both of us seldom meet up,” he clarified. “The relationship between the both of us can only be described to be ‘jun zi zhi jiao dan ru shui’ (meaning a normal friendship in Chinese).”

Felicia, on the other hand, was far more coy with her answers. She declined to comment on Yao Dong’s positive traits and instead, directed the questions back to viewers, “That is for you guys to slowly understand [him] and discover.”

However, she was quick to throw in a failsafe compliment of Yao Dong saying “At least his culinary skills are pretty good!”

Catch Felicia Chin and Zhang Yao Dong on Ch 8′s Three Plus One and watch them cook up a storm on May 12 at 8pm!


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