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987FM DJ Rozz walked out of her own radio show

By on March 31st, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It appears that they have achieved exactly what their boss had set them out to do – “spice up the evening show”. Barely two days into the newly set-up Shan, Rozz & Ris show, and drama unfolded last evening, when Rozz stomped off her own radio show, seemingly furious over her co-host, Ris Low.

It seemed like Ris not only showed up two hours late on her first day [citing the slip-up over military time 1600hrs as 6pm], she also ended her shift two hours earlier on her second day. Too much of a coincidence you think?

The brouhaha, as heard over the airwaves, started off with Rozz talking about “I know people think that I shouldn’t let emotions get in the way of work but I’m just like that” and “I’ve decided to leave the show because at least the angry one is not here.”

Apparently, before she made her sudden exit, Rozz had sounded rather unhappy when she spoke about Ris’s comment to reporters [on her 1st day at work] of her seemingly frostiness toward the ex-beauty queen.

According to Shan, who told his listeners that all efforts to reach Rozz through phonecalls and text messages were unsuccessful. During the “Muttons to Midnight Show” hosted by Justin and Vernon, the radio DJs were also heard discussing about the drama and spoke about Rozz sending a text message to her boss, requesting for a transfer.

Spotted on another 987FM radio DJ, Desiree Lai’s twitter page, she posted: “So Ris left early. Roz was pissed off. She left b4 show ended. Roz wants a transfer. Tom its juz Shan & Ris. Roz nw refuses 2 pick up fone.”

Question remains now, if this is for real or just another publicity stunt. Creative or outrageous – we’ll just have to wait and see. Either way it’s got everyone talking and all the media buzzing did spice up their evening show after all.


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