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Mayday concert relocated to National Stadium Singapore

By on March 31st, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

At a press conference held in Beijing a few days ago, the quintet announced a brand-new upcoming concert tour titled as ‘DNA Mayday World Tour [2010 Limited Edition].’ Apart from performing in Asia, the band will also throw the same concert in various states in Australia and America.

A regular fixture in the local concert scene, Taiwanese rock band Mayday started promoting their DNA World Tour concert last May in Hong Kong. Since then, they have thrown close to 30 shows and have hopped to 10 different cities all over the world.

With 90% of tickets sold for the upcoming DNA MAYDAY 2010 World Tour concert [Limited Edition] in Singapore, concert organizers decided to shift the concert venue from the originally-slated Padang Stadium to the National Stadium, a much bigger location.

The decision to relocate Mayday’s April 17 concert to the National Stadium came about due to multiple factors. To constantly up their game and present a more wholesome performance, the perfectionist group had high requests and standards for the stage, lighting and sound effects.

With 90% of tickets sold, the lack of space was the main driving force behind the concert organizers’ decision to move from Padang to the National Stadium. The concert organizers shared that the National Stadium committee was very supportive and gave Mayday the green light in use of their venue.

Rock records have ensured that the concert’s seating arrangements will not be affected by this change. They shared that concertgoers holding onto the original ticket stubs for Mayday’s concert at the Padang Stadium ticket stubs will have no problems entering the National Stadium venue.

For further questions, please call 6286 5066.

Concert details:
Date: April 17, 7,30pm
Location: National Stadium, Singapore
Ticket prices: $88, $118, $138, $168 (Not inclusive of $3 sistic booking fee)


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