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More Kpop idols’ Twitter accounts authentified

By on March 31st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

There has been several cases of unauthentic Twitter accounts set up which apparently seemed like the real Twitter accounts of various Kpop idols.

Of which, there is one which seemed like is the Twitter account of MBLAQ leader SeungHo. And on 31st March, an announcement posted up by the JTune Ent officials on MBLAQ’s official Daum fanclub confirms the authencity of the Twitter account.

Go under the cut for more authentified Twitter accounts of Kpop singers.

An announcement was posted up on MBLAQ Daum fan cafe:

10.03.31 20:31

Hello, this is Jtune Camp.

At the moment, there are many questions about Yang Seungho’s Twitter.

It is not a impersonation or fraud, and we confirm it is actually his but there has been no decision as to whether he will use it officially.

There have been many personal phone calls about the Twitter matter but please refrain from doing so as it is disturbing our work.

Thank you

Seungho’s tweets 100331

  • - 처음트위터를 가입하고 아무것도 모르는상테입니당….
    Its the first time I’ve joined twitter , I still don’t know what to do….
  • - 이렇게하는건가요??
    Is this how I do it??
  • - 아직까지뭐가뭔지모르는상테입니당당당….^^^^^^^ㅎ
    Still don’t know what I should do….^^^^^^^ㅎ
  • - 행사가는중휴개소입니당 유후~~~~^^
    Resting on the way to the event
  • - 충북대행사를마치구서울가는길별밤에서만나용!!!!!^^^^^^^^^
    Just ended the event at ChoongBook uni on the way back to seoul See you at Starry Night!!!!!

Source: MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe
Notice Translation: leira @
Tweets: Seungho’s Twitter
Tweets Translation: whatthecheryl @

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Source: K-Bites

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