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Wing Fan confesses to be "mentally ill"

By on April 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It was a joke gone wrong on April’s Fool day this year when Wing Fan decided to post up a series of intimate photographs taken seven years ago with his ex-lover Cyndi Wang. Following that, he proceeded to reveal that the sweet and innocent-looking singer was already not a virgin when she was 17.

The actor has been condemned and lambasted by netizens for his “despicable” treatment towards Cyndi, with many requesting for him to “leave showbiz.” In response to that, the 26-year-old expressed his passion for work and replied that he will continue to stay on in showbiz. He also said that he is willing to “bow before Cyndi and apologise.”

“I really loved her. She really loved me too. When we decided to go our separate ways, we hugged each other while crying,” Wing added.

After apologizing to both fans and ex-girlfriend, the actor revealed that he has been diagnosed with a mental condition for the past six months. He is currently on medication and has been seeing a psychiatrist for his illness.

On the other hand, Cyndi, who reportedly stayed home for more than two days before leaving for her mother’s place with her dog, decided to express her feelings on her blog.

“I thought that everything will come to pass if I took away some of the beautiful memories to escape an unhappy relationship. However, there is a need to face the good and bad in a relationship. You won’t be let off just by saying you’ll forget about it,” she wrote.

The petite one did not blame anyone and optimistically shared, “I cried, had a meal, and played with my dog. A new day begins.

“We will all meet right and wrong people. We have to learn how to accept the joys and sorrows brought by love.”


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