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‘JaeBum’s sister’ T-ae is actually member from upcoming girlgroup RaNia

By on June 15th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Casted as Park JaeBum’s sister in upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’, T-ae from newcomer girlgroup RaNia garners interests from netizens.

DR Music who is in charged of the promotions of the movie revealed, “T-ae will be taking up the role as JaeBum’s sister in the movie. Other that Hype Nation, T-ae belongs to girlgroup RaNia. They are set to reveal cool performances.”

It is known that RaNia is currently working on their debut album. The girls were recommended to be casted for ‘Hype Nation’ by Teddy Riley. The directors to the movie also referred to T-ae as one, “With great singing and dancing capabilities. Even though she is a newcomer, the potential for her to grow is infinite.”

T-ae said, “I am very excited that I get to appear in a Hollywood movie even before my debut. I know how big an opportunity this movie is to me. I will work hard.”

Meanwhile, T-ae is known to have modeled for Skoolooks brand with C.N Blue as well as in other CFs.

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Source: K-Bites

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