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IU-SeulOng to start promotion for song “Nagging”

By on June 21st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Singer IU and group 2AM member SeulOng is set to deliver lots of nagging to fans on stage at music programs.

The two’s duet song “Nagging” is a song about the lovable nagging a person sends to their boyfriend/girlfriend, and has garnered interest and popularity with the 1st place spot on online music charts and mobile charts. “Nagging” was a song that fans were interested in about promoting on music programs, but due to the busy schedules and schooling of 2AM’s SeulOng and IU, the news that promoting was very difficult was delivered, disappointing fans.

IU’s entertainment company, Loen Entertainment, said, “At the time, balancing schedules was difficult so we thought about other ways to solve the problem, but we thought that standing on stage was a way to repay the fans for their love so we decided to have a stage. Currently, we’re trying to coordinate schedules.”

For fans who have waited for the duet stage of IU and SeulOng, this is good news. IU, who is awaiting the upcoming stage with 2AM’s SeulOng, said, “Thank you for sending us love. We will show you a good performance, so please have interest and expectations in us.”


Source: K-Bites

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