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Seo InYoung, Park GaHee and JiYeon casted as members for upcoming new SBS variety show

By on June 28th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Seo InYoung and After School GaHee will come together as fixed members for new program to take over the time slot for SBS ‘Miss Gold Digger’.

According to an official on 28th June, “Seo InYoung and GaHee will be appearing for the new show to replace ‘Miss Gold Digger.”

It is added that T-ara JiYeon will also be making appearances on the show and the 3 will be working together as members to the new program. Much anticipation is for Seo InYoung to return to the variety show scene as ‘variety show queen’.

The new show will be tired ‘Heroes’ and the first shooting it set to be done on 5th and 6th July.

S: MTStarNews

Source: K-Bites

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