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Park GaHee speaks up on celebrity ex-boyfriend

By on June 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

After School’s eldest sister Park GaHee is flustered as the talk of her previous celebrity boyfriend.

After School members made guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 30th June.

When asked about her previous celebrity love relationships by the MCs, GaHee commented, “It got me flustered, awkward and at a loss of what to do.” GaHee also requested netizens who posted up photos of her and her previous celebrity boyfriend online, “Please delete them.”

Back then on a broadcast program aired last May when asked if her previous boyfriend was a celebrity, GaHee had not denied and had garnered much interests from netizens for that.

Meanwhile, on the show that day Son DamBi also did guest appearance with After School memberes Nana, JungAh and GaHee.

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Source: K-Bites

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