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MC Mong to press charges against media for releasing reports alleging him of deliberate avoiding of army enlisting

By on June 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Amidst allegations for avoiding the army, MC Mong’s agency released their official stand.

OBS TV ‘News 755′ ran a report on 30th June saying “MC Mong has been summoned on 1st July for investigation on 1st July.” The report also covered on how MC Mong was exempted from the army about 7 years ago, MC Mong was exempted from army insufficient teeth count. The report also reportedly said that MC Mong has plucked out teeth unnecessarily to avoid from army.

The report said, “The police confirmed that MC Mong has plucked out teeth unnecessarily back then by comparing the x-tray photos and his medical records.” With that MC Mong’s agency IS Star Entertainment Media Group has denied such allegations against the singer.

The agency said, “Even though it is true that MC Mong has been exempted from army on reasons of his teeth, but the contents to the report is not true. MC Mong has received army exemption on a valid reason, and there is nothing illegal in the process at all. We will be revealing more about the case soon.”

It was also clarified that as the case is still under investigation and MC Mong’s agency will be pressing charges against OBS  for releasing the report before any finalised evidence and information is released.

S:TVDaily, Newsen

Source: K-Bites


Gan MiYeon ‘Going Crazy’ full MV ft MBLAQ Mir and Lee Joon released

By on June 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

After all the tease with the previews released, singer Gan MiYeon reveals the full MV to her comeback song ‘Going Crazy’ featuring MBLAQ members Mir and Lee Joon.

Gan MiYeon first debuted as part of Baby V.O.X and this will be her comeback after 3 years. She is set for her comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July.

Source: K-Bites


BEAST unwilling to leave Singapore

By on June 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Shrill screams of adoration for BEAST — from their music showcase to various events — never quite stopped as fans went gaga over the boys.

In their short stopover here, BEAST not only had a press conference, they also tried to arrange for one-on-one interviews with various publications and media.

During the interview with xinmsn last Friday, members of BEAST were endearing and tried their best to answer the questions despite the language barrier.

BEAST, which stands for Boys of East Standing Tall, gives the impression that members are ferocious and ‘beastly’. Son Dong-woon explains that while they call themselves BEAST, they are not ‘beastly’ at all.

“What BEAST refers to is that we are powerful and charming when performing on-stage. Sometimes we really regret calling ourselves BEAST because the six of us are actually very nice and gentle people,” said Son.

Indeed, the boys of BEAST are gentle, even to the extent of coming across as shy, according to xinmsn’s observations. When asked to describe their own individual characters, most of them admitted that they are rather reserved when in the company of strangers.

As it is their first time in Singapore, leader Yoon Doo-joon said that the fans left a deep impression on them. One fan even took the effort to travel to the Philippines to support BEAST and when Doo-joon saw her again in Singapore, the fan told him that she will go down to Malaysia too, which is BEAST’s next stop.

“The time and effort the fans spent on us is really flattering and we appreciate that. We will do our own best in performing to show our gratitude.”

When Doo-joon told xinmsn that the thought of leaving Singapore saddens him, Jang Hyun-seung, who was sitting beside him, suddenly teared up and the interview was momentarily halted as he dabbed away his tears with a piece of tissue.

It turned out that Hyun-seung was not crying – something got into his eyes, causing him to tear up. The cheeky members even patted Hyun-seung’s shoulders, as if to comfort him.

Each member of BEAST has their own special charm that attracts different groups of fans. This is the reason why BEAST managed to build up such a large base of fan support in a short time.

When xinmsn asked BEAST who do they think is the best with girls, Doo-joon got the most votes.

“I’m flattered, but I think they chose me because I’m the leader. Actually I think Yo-seob should be the one because he has the most number of fans. He’s very cute and ‘noona’(which means slightly older females in Korean) fans like him the most.”

While most of BEAST’s fans are females, the boys revealed that they are not good at getting along with girls. When asked on how they would humor a girl, most of the boys could not come up with an answer.

Yong Jun-hyung, however, came up with a hilarious reply. He said that besides taking care of his appearance and making sure he appears gentlemanly, he might even consider opening up his wallet to make the girl happy.

While most Korean artistes are banned from dating, BEAST told xinmsn that their company does not have that restriction. In fact, the boys really hope that they can find suitable partners to date, but would have to concentrate on their budding careers first.

Talk about Singapore’s famous local delicacy, chili crab, got the boys all riled up. They animatedly gestured the size of the crab they ate and how it was the biggest crab they have even seen.

When asked if BEAST would be returning to Singapore, Doo-joon said that while they do not have plans to do so yet, he would be “more than happy to come back to Singapore for the chili crab!”

BEAST will be heading to Malaysia and Japan for their promotional tour. Their second album is scheduled to be released in August.



Moses Chan makes public appearance with Bernice Liu

By on June 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Hong Kong artistes and rumored lovebirds Moses Chan and Bernice Jan Liu appeared publicly together for the first time in two years.

The pair was modeling for the official opening of a famous European brand in Hong Kong and had cat-walked as a couple on stage.

When reporters joked that the pair was made for each other when Bernice uncannily drew Moses’ name while drawing lots for the event’s lottery, Moses shrugged off the connection, saying that he has not worked with her for close to two years.

For a few years, speculations of the pair’s on-off relationship has been talk of the town; it all started when they met and worked together on their first collaboration Love Bond back in 2005.

To complicate matters, his recent back-to-back collaborations with Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh created a stir amongst the media and rumors of Moses dating Charmaine began to spread.

When reporters quizzed the 39-year-old about his rumored new squeeze, the award-winning actor denied any connections with Charmaine, saying that it is none of his business.

“I rarely read the news, so I don’t really care about the news.”

The actor avoided further questioning about the rumors and instead, talked about Bernice’s performance in her recent drama, The Mysteries of Love.

While the veteran actor praised Bernice on her improvement and maturity in acting skills, Bernice replied modestly that she sees Moses as a ‘mentor’ and often goes to him for advice.

When asked if Bernice had approached Moses for lessons on kissing to prepare for her various kissing scenes in The Mysteries of Love, the actress denied allegations while Moses laughed at the question.

“I have no idea how to teach kissing,” he said.



Eason Chan: David Tao’s album is not good enough

By on June 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

The 21st Golden Melody Awards held on Saturday in Taipei Arena was a night filled with both triumphs and upsets.

All eyes were on the top awards for the Best Male Singer and Best Female Singer category, traditionally the categories with the stiffest competition.

In the category for Best Female Singer, judges’ votes for pop diva Chang Hui-mei (popularly known as A-Mei) were unanimous, allowing her to clinch the award.

This is the veteran songstress’ second award in the same category since first winning it in 2002. A-Mei then went on to win five more awards, making her the biggest winner that night.

Over on the other side for Best Male Singer however, results came as a surprise to many as the hot favourite this year, Eason Chan, did not win.

After judges’ voting, singer-songwriter David Tao received ten votes whereas Eason only managed seven, making David the winner of the category. David was not present at the ceremony to receive the award though.

After the awards show, the disgruntled Eason was spotted having supper with fellow Hong Kong singer, Karen Mok, who also lost out to A-Mei on the Best Female Singer award.

While Karen tried covering up her disappointment when interviewed, Eason could hardly keep his discontentment to himself.

“His (David) album is not good at all,” said Eason, who later withdrew the remark and instead, said that he is actually “a big fan” of David’s music.

When reporters asked about why Eason pulled a long face throughout the whole evening, the eccentric star explained that that is his ‘default’ look and his flu that made him look unhappy that night, not because he was unhappy over losing the award.



Jolin Tsai urged to get hitched soon

By on June 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Taiwanese pop princess, Jolin Tsai’s only sister was officially engaged to boyfriend-of-10-years, Jerry Lin, yesterday.

The star was dressed in an eye-catching bright red dress for the engagement ceremony, prompting Jolin to quip that she “felt like the mother-in-law”.

30-year-old Jolin admitted that witnessing her sister’s marriage gave her a tinge of envy, but the star did not respond when reporters asked if she might get hitched to rumored beau, Jay Chou.

The pair’s surprise collaboration a few weeks ago has generated a fresh round of speculation by the media that the two ex-lovers might have patched things up.

While Jolin’s mother was very satisfied with her son-in-law, she was still concerned for her other daughter’s love life. After the ceremony was over, she told Jolin that it “should be your turn next”.

When reporters asked if she thinks that Jay would make a good pair with her daughter, she cheekily replied, “What do you think?”

Jolin is set to perform at Jo’s wedding coming August 9th.



Cecilia slims down for her return

By on June 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Rumors of Cecilia’s return to the silver screen have been rife and the star was said to be actively slimming down after her pregnancy for a showbiz comeback

A photo showing a radiant and slim Cecilia dressed casually in jacket and sneakers with her colleagues was recently posted online, seemingly confirming Cecilia’s return.

According to reports, the photo was taken when Cecilia was attending a photoshoot for a magazine in China. The star will be going to Shanghai after that to attend a product endorsement event.

The doting mother reportedly will be flying back to Hong Kong on the same day as she does not want to be away from her children for too long.

Earlier Cecilia had attended actor-director Stephen Chow’s CJ7 2 press conference and the two was reportedly discussing plans for a sequel to King of Comedy .

When quizzed if he is offering Cecilia the leading role for the sequel, Stephen denied allegations.

“We have yet to discuss anything at all,” he said.



SNSD TaeYeon chosen as the most anticipated ‘variety show MC idol’

By on June 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is chosen as the #1 idol most anticipated as ‘variety idol’.

On community portal site DC Inside, a survey was done from 22nd till 29th June and the question was asked to netizens on ‘Most anticipated variety idol as variety MC’. Out of the total of 29,151 votes, about 8,319 (28.5%) went to So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

TaeYeon is known for her great speaking and variety sense through her various variety shows appearances including being the DJ on MBC radio ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ radio show which ended previously in April. During her time on the radio show, TaeYeon has remained #1 for the listener rate during her show’s time slot. She is currently MC-ing on KBS 2TV WinWin.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon – 8319 votes (28.5%)
  2. Super Junior Lee Teuk – 7,103 votes (24.4%)
  3. SHINee MinHo – 3879 (13.3%)
  4. 2PM WooYoung
  5. KARA Goo Hara


Source: K-Bites


WGM new couple Nich Khun-Victoria receives overwhelming response and interests on first airing

By on June 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

It has been revealed that the response regarding MBC We Got Married new couple 2PM Nich Khun and f(x) Victoria has been beyond imagination.

According to TNms, the viewership rate for the new couple when they made their first appearance on the show was 15.5%, a spike of 3% from the usual viewership rate for the show.

A iMBC official told the media, “On the day of the show on 26th June, we received over 500 comments, 2 times the usual number of comments,boug on our forum. And the number of people who bought the episode rewatch on our website the next day was 2 times higher than usual. Even though we don’t have the exact figures now, it is higher than the first episode for SeoHyun-Jung Yonghwa couple.”


Source: K-Bites


SS501 without Kim HyunJoong “4-member group? New member? It has not been decided yet”

By on June 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Without Leader Kim HyunJoong, SS501’s future activities have not been planned yet.

Management company Key East revealed on 29th that “Kim HyunJoong has signed an exclusive contract with Key East.”

Following that, Kim HyunJoong will move his activities from DSP Media to Key East. And with the change of management company, naturally he will be dropped out of SS501 too.

SS501 management company DSP Media said to Newsen through a telephone conversation today “Whether they are going on as 4-member group or adding a new member, we have not decided on SS501’s activities yet.”

Currently, SS501 members besides Kim HyunJoong, are approaching the ending of their contract with DSP Media which is the top priority rather than the planning for the activities.

Kim HyungJoon’s new management company Key East holds artistes like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Kang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Kyu, Lee Ji Ah, Park Ye Jin, So Ee Hyun, Hong Su Hyun, etc.

Key East in cooperation of their affiliated company DA (Digital Adventure, a Japan public listed company) which has a lot of know-hows, will make aggressive support for his overseas activities. DATV, a cable channel which specializes in Asia Entertainment will also help in various promotions for Kim HyunJoong.

Key East representative Yang Geun Hwan said “We will foster his diverse potential as a singer and actor, in order to show an even better side of him, he will have a fresh start. Considered to be the Hallyu star of the next generation, we will help him to develop himself to cross over the Asia stage and be a world class entertainer, with specialized and intensive support from us.”

Source: K-Bites


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