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WGM Khuntoria couple enjoys some sweet skinship on their newly wed vacation

By on July 31st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Nich Khun and Victoria enjoy some skinship and show the features of a happy newly wed couple.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 31st July, Nich Khun and Victoria went on their newly wed vacation together. And with the recommendation of the pension owner, the 2 tried pottery.

In the studio while Victoria was looking around, Nich Khun had called out her name by mistake by calling her Krystal and Victoria had seem obviously hurt by that. The 2 then decided to make couple cup with their faces on it. In the midst, Nich Khun works hard on cheering his wife up for calling her a wrong name.

The 2 then began to work on making heart shape cups. Throughout the episode, Nich Khun has shown mannered features despite little hiccups along the way, and the couple also enjoyed some sweet skinship.

S: Asiae

Source: K-Bites

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