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FT Island Lee HongKi has a new ‘goddess-like’ hairstyle

By on July 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

FT Island Lee HongKi’s new permed golden locks garners interests.

Lee Hyori posted up new photos of himself with his new hairstyle on his minihompy on 29th July. Lee HongKi has always been keeping straight golden hair, but with his new permed hairstyle, many fans and netizens have grown interested.

Netizens commented, “Like goddess hairstyle”, “Prettier than girls”, “Like a princess” , “Please maintain this hairstyle” etc.

S: IS Daily

Source: K-Bites


Narsha, “After I revealed my age, Seo InYoung and I grew awkward”

By on July 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

On the upcoming airing of variety show ‘Hero Girls’ on 1st August, the members on the show revealed that they have been worried even before the show because of Seo InYoung.

With the participation like Yoo InNa, Jung GaEun, Narsha etc, the female stars said, “During the casting before our filming, we are already worried because of Seo InYoung.”

They said, “This is because of Seo InYoung’s strong image.” Yoo InNa said, “I don’t know how I should call Seo InYoung since she is younger than me,” and Narsha said, “After I revealed my age on Strong Heart, our relationship became awkward.”

But the members continued, “However after spending some time with her, we got close to her because Seo InYoung is actually very easy going and kind.”


Source: K-Bites


2AM can do no wrong with dancing

By on July 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

With the K wave riding strong in Singapore, the next Korean group to touch base following F.T. Island, SHINee, Super Junior, U-Kiss, Wonder Girls and Beast is the up-and-coming four-member ballad boyband, 2AM, who were here for a one-day only showcase.

Although the group initially made their debut under the moniker ‘One Day’ with fellow Korean group, 2PM, they branched out and formed a separate entity, specializing in romantic love ballads. But sappy love tunes aren’t all there is to them as proved in a press conference held with the quartet at Fairmont Hotel yesterday afternoon.

Dabbling with techno-inspired music in their latest album, I Did Wrong, it seems like the boys are stepping out of their ballad personas, bubbling with eagerness to branch out into different types of song and dance for their upcoming album. It’s time for the melancholic tunes of emotional confessions and unrequited love to stand aside — the boys are coming out of their shells.

Looking suave and charming in matching crisp white suits accentuated by a mish-mash of green cropped blazers and little bowties, the boys went through rigorous training regimes in their salad days before taking the stage in 2008. As leader of the group, Jo Kwon shared that he had to undergo eight years of both vocal and dance training.

They had to practice being ballad crooners even before they became singers. Being multi-talented was a requirement and believe it or not, Seulong, the second youngest of the group also revealed that they received “acrobat training” during their newbie days.

Going by their heart wrenching love tunes, one would reckon the boys’ love lives to be teeming with romantic encounters and bittersweet first loves. However, their coy answers aptly displayed the group members’ tender ages when they were quizzed about the most romantic gesture done for a girl.

With their average age standing at 22 years old, Jinwoo, the youngest of the group (he’s 19) shared that he once “planned a surprise event with flowers and cake for a girl” while Changmin — the oldest at 24 — presented a girl with a music video comprising of edited photographs.

Moving on, Seulong, who shared that he doesn’t mind dating a younger or older woman, was quick to deny any romantic buzz in his life. However, the 23-year-old later admitted that he once serenaded a girl with a tune — strikingly similar to what Jo Kwon did for his onscreen ‘We Got Married’ wife, Ga-in (from Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls), clearly maximising the most of their vocal talents.

“The second song I performed for Ga-in called ‘Confess’. It is currently very popular in Korea,” Jo Kwon quipped.

The spontaneous leader who stars as a make-believe couple with Ga-in on the Korean variety programme, We Got Married, is famous for his parody take of Brown Eyed Girls’ hit song and dance called ‘Abracadabra’.

Together with Seulong, the pair nicknamed themselves the ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ and the spontaneous 2AM leader was more than willing to oblige reporters with a short performance of the hip-gyrating dance move.

He pulled it off effortlessly, adroitly displaying his strong dance foundations with each swagger and sway. If the boys had desired to “show something different” to them from their usual soulful love ballads, you can be sure they most definitely did so yesterday.



Quintus Tse’s grand day out

By on July 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Action speaks louder than words.

Cecilia Cheung puts the old adage to work by appearing in public with her mother-in-law Deborah Li, refuting previous reports of animosity between the two.

In a previous report, Deborah was reportedly unhappy at Cecilia over an interview in which Cecilia appeared to hint that Deborah was an unreasonable person.

At a restaurant in Hong Kong with Lucas and Quintus Tse in tow, the two behaved nothing like what the reports claimed as they tend to the two children.

This is also Quintus’ first public appearance since Cecilia gave birth in May.

When reporters asked about Quintus, Cecilia smiled and replied, “He’s very good and rarely makes noise at night.”

Deborah also chipped in, praising her daughter-in-law for successfully slimming down.

As cameras clicked away at the famous family, little Lucas got angry, prompting granny Deborah to ask the reporters to leave.

When asked if she minds being hounded by the media, Cecilia said that she knows the rules of the fame game well enough to play at it too.

“I’ve been in showbiz long enough to know what the media wants and needs and I don’t really bother with what they write.”

“As long as it does not affect my kids, I’m fine with it.”



New mom Gigi Lai doing well

By on July 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Gigi Lai is one happy mom and wife.

The former actress recently gave birth to a pair of twin girls. According to reports, hubby Patrick Ma had already splurged on a luxurious HKD800,000 (S$160,000) ward for Gigi to stay in.

The doting husband was also said to have spent over HKD1m (S$200,000) on tonics such as bird’s nest and abalone for Gigi to begin her recuperation and promised that she can have whatever she wants as a present.

The couple, however, did get a little scare from their daughters.

Weighing in at only 1.36kg, doctors had declared the younger daughter underweight and kept her under observation in an oxygen box.

Patrick later told reporters that although underweight, his younger daughter was healthy and may be discharged in two days.



Daniel Wu sings to Lisa S. every day

By on July 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Hong Kong celebrities have a habit of getting married secretly and Daniel Wu is not an exception.

Earlier in April, Daniel tied the knot with long-time girlfriend, Lisa S. in far-flung South Africa.

Yesterday, the couple held a make-up wedding dinner in Hong Kong, inviting 450 guests to share in the joy. Daniel’s celebrity buddies Terence Yin and Andrew Lin were present. 24Herbs and Daniel’s own band were the guest performers that night.

Over 100 reporters were there to cover the event and more than 10 security personnel were activated to keep the situation controlled.

When interviewed, Daniel quipped that he did not dare to sing on-stage although his friends tried to goad him into doing it. Lisa then cut in, saying that Daniel sings to her every day!

Apparently, Daniel is a shower room singer and often sings Mariah Carey songs.

When asked about their future plans, Daniel joked that he will start trying for a baby beginning the next day. As for whether he wants a boy or girl, Daniel hopes for both a boy and a girl.

The couple has yet to go on their honeymoon although they only resume work in September. They have one more make-up dinner to throw in Las Vegas in August.

The lovebirds will go off to the Maldives only next year for their honeymoon.



Jay and Show face off

By on July 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

They are kings of the stage but in the court, it’s no longer a one-man show

Taiwanese princes of pop Jay Chou and Show Luo participated in a basketball match organized by basketball star Yao Ming. The match is part of the Yao Foundation Charity Tour to raise funds.

In one of the segments in the basketball event, celebrities take on a shooting contest: for every basket made within 24 seconds, TWD 10,000 (about S$400) will be donated to the Yao Foundation.

Jay was the first to go to the line and the usually-composed star quipped that he felt “more nervous than singing in a concert”.

He managed to make seven shots although the boy who was passing the balls to him hit him in the face. Show also managed to make seven baskets, tying the score with Jay.

With the host goading him on, Yao Ming also took on the challenge, except that he was shooting from the three-point line instead of the two-point line. Although three-pointers are not his specialty, Yao still managed to get three shots in.

After the shooting-segment, Show and Jay led their respective teams for a friendly match.

Jay’s flashy dribbling entertained and got thunderous cheers from the stand, although the nervous star made quite a lot of mistakes. Show was not willing to back down and did a few tricks in his lay-ups.

Eventually, although Jay only scored two points while Show got four, Jay’s team trumped Show’s 23 to 12 thanks to his teammates, winning the friendly match.



BoA reveals photo of her comeback stage practice, “cute”

By on July 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Ahead of her comeback, BoA reveals photos taken during her practice session for her comeback stage, heightening fans’ anticipation.

BoA reveals on her Twitter on 30th July, “I’m working hard on the first broadcast^^ But me and Rino unnie wore the same clothes” and posted up 4 photos. In the photo, BoA was seen together with her dance-choreographer Rino practising.

Netizens commented, “BoA unnie is pretty and cute”, “Please comeback quickly. I’m waiting so much my neck will break”, “Rino ssi is also participating. I’m looking forward to this. Hwaiting for practice”, etc.

Meanwhile, BoA will have her comeback stage on 6th August on KBS Music Bank.

S: EDaily

Source: K-Bites


Netizens’ overwhelming response to Se7en’s comeback stage, “Is this really live?”

By on July 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Coming back after 4 years, Se7en received overwhelming response from fans.

Se7en had his comeback stage on 30th July on Mnet M!Countdown performing 2 songs ‘Better Together’ and ‘Digital Bounce’, and even won #1 on the show with the title song ‘Better Together’.

After the performance of the songs, some netizens posted up MR-removed versions of his comeback stages online and it had received overwhelming responses from fans who commented, “This is Se7en after all, respect”, “I can tell just how much he had prepared to present such a good stage”, “This is what we call good vocal capabilities”, “This is one singer who is good in both dance and singing” etc.

Se7en will be performing this week on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 31st July and 1st August.

S: MTStarNews

Source: K-Bites


[Photo Spam] Close friends Luna and IU spotted at the theme park

By on July 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Singer IU and f(x) Luna were spotted at the theme park together.

Photos of the 2 at a theme park was posted up on an internet community site on 30th July, attracting much interests from netizens. The 2 93-ers, known to be close friends, were seen without makeup and wearing hairband with ribbons in the photo, looking like any other teenage girls.

The 2 were also very spontaneous, posing for photos when fans spotted them at the theme park. Netizens who uploaded the photos commented, “They look like normal high schoolers”, “They look cute” , “They look amiable in those features” etc.

S: TVDaily

Source: K-Bites


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