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Faye Wong rules the household?

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Queen of pop Faye Wong proves that she rules – both on stage and at home.

At a charity press conference held at Beijing last week, hubby Li Yapeng told reporters that Faye had ‘punished’ him by making him keep the laundry when he returned home late the night before.

The press conference was held to announce plans for a charity run for the Smile Angel Foundation, a charity Faye and her hubby established in 2006 to provide poor children born with cleft lips with free surgery.

Faye and elder daughter from her previous marriage, Dou Jing Tong, was also present at the event.

True to her low profile ways, Faye opted not to speak at the event, but was visibly in high spirits as she smiled and waved to the audience in attendance throughout the press conference.

The singer, who has been busy with preparations for her comeback concert this October, has left household chores in the hands of her spouse.

But Li has no complaints.

“We work on a roster. She (Faye) has already been staying at home for six years, it’s a good thing her concert does not have complicated choreography, that saves time.”

When probed by reporters if he felt frustrated at having to answer questions about Faye all the time, he replied, “With a wife like her, I cannot just accept what I want to accept. That’s impossible, that’s why I understand.”

Yet, Li admits to having a chauvinistic side. The actor had rejected a suggestion on getting Faye to sing the theme song of his film Something about Love.

“It’s a matter of pride, even if Faye had initiated it, I would still reject,” he explains.

Li, together with step-daughter Jing Tong, then hopped onto an ambulance headed for Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang immediately after the press conference ended.

It is reported that father and daughter would be embarking on a 10-day rescue operation for clefts sufferers in more than six cities.


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