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Hong Hui Fang, Ann Kwok endures weird stares and abuse

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It was a case of the lawyers versus the common folk.

Even their attires were conflicting.

At the press conference for The Family Court, when Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yu Wu, Eelyn Kok, Chris Tong and Yao Wen Long stepped out in spiffy suits and ties, Hong Hui Fang and Ann Kwok looked like misfits in their casual garb.

This is no wardrobe malfunction — the other artistes play lawyers the show while Hui Fang and Ann are the only ‘non-lawyers’ among them, hence the difference in the way they are dressed.

Hui Fang even brought her character to the press conference, talking and behaving like her character, an irresponsible mother who ends up a prostitute.

When interviewed, xinmsn told the two stars that they had really stolen the limelight from the lawyers.

“It’s really boring playing a lawyer; I acted as one before I would know. They’re only good in court; outside of it they can’t do anything!” joked Ann.

However, she denies that they have stolen their thunder.

For her part as a sex-trade worker, Hui Fang had to go down to famous red-light district, Geylang, where she had to endure stares from men looking for pleasure.

Ann thought that it was unfair for Hui Fang to take the role and that the role has vilified her. However, Hui Fang was not as concerned about that.

“Ai yo, if I don’t take the plunge then who will? I’m not young anymore; no one wants to look at me anyway.”

Hui Fang is not the only one with difficult scenes to film. In The Family Court Ann plays Ping Hui’s ex-girlfriend who goes berserk after being sexually abused by her her on-screen husband (played by Alan Tern).

She had to film a few scenes where Alan abuses her on the bed and also had several physical tussles with Ping Hui and Qi Yu Wu, leaving her with bruises on her arms.

“Given another chance, I probably wouldn’t have taken up the role; it’s too nerve-wrecking! In the span of one month I have to endure torture, beatings and going berserk, it’s really tiring.”

The Family Court debuts 1st September and airs every Monday to Friday at 9PM on Channel 8.


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