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Richie Jen cancels Manila concert

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

In response to the Manila hostage crisis, which resulted in the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists, Hong Kong singer Richie Jen will be cancelling his concert.

The singer announced this on a memorial event held by East Asia Records recently. Artistes under East Asia Records attended the event to mourn the unfortunate victims of the hostage crisis.

Richie revealed that he only heard the full account of the crisis a day before and despite the preparations already in place, he felt inappropriate to go on with the concert in Manila.

“Even thought the concert is meant to raise funds for local Chinese schools, I don’t think it’s appropriate in the current situation for me to go on so I would want to cancel it; we’ll find some other way to raise funds.”

Also present at the event was Shawn Yue, who felt indignant at how the hostage crisis was handled.

“I’m not criticizing how they do things but that was an emergency and I wished they could have worked faster. I was angry initially but after thinking about it, I might not have handled it better.”

Miriam Yeung, who was also at the event, did not comment much as she is still unclear on how the whole crisis unfolded; the star however, admitted that she feels “extremely unhappy and angry”.


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