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Smooth sailing for Jolin Tsai

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Life is looking good for Jolin Tsai.

The Taiwanese pop princess celebrated the success of her new album and even got a gold bracelet from the Warner Music’s head honcho Chen Ze Shan.

To top it off, Jolin happily told reporters that she has a prospective suitor wooing her.

When pressed for more details on this mysterious suitor, Jolin turned coy and refused to divulge anything, apparently afraid that the relationship might wither under the glaring spotlight from the media.

Seeing Jolin receive an expensive accessory as a present, reporters asked Jolin about another expensive accessory – a Cartier Love series white gold ring – which she reportedly received from Jay Chou.

“I can afford to buy these things for myself. If it’s a present from someone I like, anything will do; if it’s from someone I don’t like and overly expensive, I’ll just return it to them.”

On reports of Jay splurging at a casino in Singapore, Jolin appeared sceptical, saying, “This is unlike him to spend so much; should be over-sensationalizing by the media.”

Jolin has extended contract with her current company for another two years and is reportedly paid TWD120m(S$6m) to do so.

Chen Ze Shan confirms the signing.

“The contract is inked and signed. But what drew Jolin back to us is not the money but the understanding we have with each other.”


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