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Bobby Tonelli the accidental radio DJ

By on September 14th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Some guys do, indeed, have all the luck. And Bobby Tonelli is one of them.

In January this year when this reporter ran a story on the 10 promising TV stars to watch for in 2010, this man-candy ang moh from FLY Entertainment was on the list.

Well yes, turned out it was a spot on for boy, eight months later, Bobby has certainly lived up to the prediction.

Not only has he had gigs on Channel 5, Arts Central, Suria and the Asian Food Channel, he’s now gone on to conquer the airwaves.

Story goes like this: Good friend – actress Wong Li Lin – commented about Bobby’s great voice for radio over dinner one day, she sent a text to Erina Cook (Class 95FM’s senior programme director), voice test was set up, everything worked out, and the rest is history.

“I’ve always been interested in radio but just never knew if I’m cut out for it,” said the 34-year-old who added that he is “honoured and humbled” to be asked to co-present Class 95FM’s prime-time show.

“So I went in for a voice test, they liked it but weren’t sure where to place me initially. And then Erina called one day to say they’ll put me on ‘Cartunes’ with Jean, and I went like ‘huh?’ because I really have no experience at all.”

As it turned out, the radio newbie has nothing to fret over as his apprenticeship under veteran radio babe Jean Danker means Bobby is in very good hands.

“Jean has been great, really patient with me and we’ve been doing a lot of mock shifts prior to my debut on-air so it’s ok although still a little nerve-wrecking but I think it’s all about getting used to it.”

“The first day Jean and I sat on air, it was like a first date. What do we say, or not say, it’s all about the initial energy but we try to let it flow, let it be natural.”

So two days into his radio gig, how is the chemistry between him and his co-presenter?

“We get along really well. I’m surprised our chemistry has been working quite well so far. We tend to do really well on ad-hoc topics and we just bounce off each other.”

And well, it seems Bobby has been such a fantastic student, so much so that Jean sings nothing but praises for her “extremely enthusiastic” new radio partner.

“Bobby is very quick to ask questions and extremely willing to learn, which is what I really appreciate about him.”

“He shows a lot of potential. And, he’s a very good looking boy, as you can tell. He’s a sight for sore eyes every day when I come in to work!”

“We did a few test runs and he scored very high marks in my book since I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to work. For somebody brand new, I’ve to give him a 7/10 for having the basic makings of a good radio deejay.”

Does he enjoy his new gig so far?

“It’s been really fun. Especially when I talk to callers, I can hear the energy in their voices, and it’s interesting.”

“Being a radio DJ means you have to open up but in real life I’m a very private person. So I think with this job, it teaches me to treat every listener as a close friend. That’s how radio works and I’ve to switch off the mind-set of being shy otherwise you create a distance between yourself and the audience.”

What did girlfriend Joanne Peh say about his radio gig and does she tune in to Bobby’s show?

“She’s happy about it and thinks it’s a wonderful opportunity. She’s like, ‘yeah, go for it’. Well, Joanne is actually out of town working and she just got back today but working again. To be honest, I don’t know when she’ll get a chance to listen in! (Laughs)

Catch Bobby Tonelli on ‘Cartunes’ with Jean Danker, weekdays from 5-9pm on Class 95FM.


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