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Jolin Tsai spotted in Tokyo with mysterious Singaporean man

By on September 23rd, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Eurasian model Vivian Dawson is one lucky guy.

The “tall and hunky” stylish man, whose identity was uncovered by netizens, was recently sighted touring parts of Tokyo with Jolin Tsai. The New Zealand model was also the male lead in Jolin’s latest MV for ‘Love Player’.

According to sources, they flew to Tokyo together without the accompaniment of Jolin’s entourage. It was said to be an intimate affair for the pair as they toured the city on their own.

The voluptuous Mandopop starlet reportedly traveled via business class to Tokyo on September 12 and was seated apart from Vivian, who flew economy.

The unsuspecting Jolin let her guard down once they arrived in Japan and the lovebirds was seen holding hands after collecting their respective baggage.

One of CLEO’s most eligible bachelors in 2009, Vivian grew up in New Zealand and is equipped with minimal conversational skills in Mandarin.

The 1.89m-tall Vivian once told his friends that he preferred Asian women over blonde babes and has no problems communicating with Jolin, who majored in English Literature at Fu Jen Catholic University.


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