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Carina Lau: It’s a beautiful misunderstanding

By on September 28th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

“I know that this beautiful misunderstanding (referring to their relationship) has been great (for the media and fans) to watch,” said Carina Lau.

Speaking at a promotional event for her latest movie, Detective Dee, in Beijing recently, the actress spoke openly about the alleged love triangle – one that has been ongoing for many years.

Carina had no qualms about praising her “rival-in love” Maggie Cheung, saying that the latter was “quite good” and “very pretty”.

“Everyone has been chasing this news for so many years (such that) it’s useless for me to clarify them now. I understand the mentally of the media and fans,” she quipped.

On her husband being constantly linked to Maggie Cheung, the 44-year-old actress expressed, “We are all smart people. Being entangled in such a relationship for all these years certainly makes for a good movie or drama script. I’m happy for Tony.”

She added, “Every girl is envious that I have such a lady-charmer (Tony Leung) beside me. If I were a guy, I would be envious of Tony too.”

In July this year, a photo of Carina Lau in an intimate pose with Chinese tycoon surfaced in the tabloids. Media reports claim that the actress was cheating on her husband.

When probed on Tony’s reaction towards the incident, the actress emphasised that their “relationship would not be crippled so easily.”

Contrary to his missus’ graciousness during interviews, Tony refused to answer questions on his private life, choosing to only talk about work during his appearance at a Cartier event in Shanghai yesterday.



Nicholas Tse’s son Lucas in tears

By on September 28th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

“Why are reporters taking pictures of little bro and not me?” cried an upset Lucas Tse.

The three year old boy had broken down in tears when his younger brother, Quintus, hogged the media’s limelight during the latter’s “hundred-day-old banquet” recently.

With such an instinctive desire for attention at such a tender age, its little wonder why grandfather – famous Hong Kong personality Patrick Tse and mum Cecilia Cheung both agreed that the toddler is set to head for a life in show business.

Speaking at the China Film Festival in New York, Cecilia Cheung expressed that she had no qualms on letting her son enter showbiz.

“The most important thing is that my children are happy, there’s no problem if their studies are not affected,” she laughed.

Earlier, rumours were rife that Cecilia would be making her silver screen return through acclaimed director Derek Tung’s new movie.

However, the actress has since denied the news and clarified that she had not accepted any movie projects.

The mother of two also emphasised that while her focus is on her family right now, it does not mean that she has decided to leave the entertainment scene for good.



Della Ding caught between two dudes

By on September 28th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

One’s a dashing actor, while the other’s a talented musician. How’s a girl to choose?

Little wonder why China-born-Taiwan-based singer Della Ding can’t decide between the two and acted coy when reporters probed her about her feelings towards actor Xiu Jiekai and singer Ga-ga.

“It’s a different feeling!” answered Della, looking flustered.

While Xiu Jiekai is an actor whom the songbird got to know through her music video collaborations, Ga-ga is one-sixth of newbie band Magic Power from Della’s record company.

The latter confessed his love for Della during her concert in Taiwan recently, much to the singer’s surprise.

In town last Saturday with her juniors, Della and band Magic Power performed at a music showcase held at Dragonfly.

So, how does the singer feel about dating her ‘junior’ – Ga-ga?”

“It’s the feeling between the both of us that are more important. If the feeling is right, I’m actually ok (with dating),” Della replied bashfully.

The singer had once openly expressed her liking for Xiu Jiekai, and the Taiwanese media has since been linking the pair.

Recently, Della invited Xiu once again to collaborate on a second music video with her.

But she denied they are together and explained that her interactions with both lads are on a different scale – she spends more time with Ga-ga and his band members on singing while moments with Xiu are restricted to only filming for work.

“The second time I collaborated with him (Xiu Jiekai), I felt that he’d become more man. Only after filming Yang Cong (the MV) did I realise that he doesn’t know how to dance and needed me to lead him. In this aspect, Ga-ga has the upper-hand,” the 27-year-old analysed seriously.

Romance aside, Della Ding has her sights set elsewhere.

The up and coming singer, who has become more popular ever since her successful weight loss, plans to scale the ladder towards the title of “Queen of Mandopop”, and hasn’t been resting on her laurels.

A self-professed dance enthusiast, Della reveals that she hopes to have a good grasp of both singing ballads and dancing, and looks up to singers like A-mei, Beyonce and Jolin Tsai.

Likening herself to having the undying spirit of a cockroach, the ambitious one concluded, “If others can do it, so can I.”

Della Ding latest album Fu Good (Best and Selection) is available at all major record stores now.



Jimmy Lin and Barbie Hsu named biggest earner

By on September 28th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Taiwanese celebrities Jimmy Lin and Barbie Hsu are certainly getting a fat paycheck this year.

In a recent research conducted by a Taiwanese magazine, both Jimmy and Barbie are champion moneymakers in the male and female category respectively.

Jimmy Lin had raked in an estimated TWD 120 million?SGD 6 million?from an upcoming clothes endorsement deal, where he replaces Andy Lau as the new spokesperson, as well as two drama and movie projects in China.

Popular idol drama actor Mingdao took second place with an income of TWD 100 million?SGD 5 million?while model-actor Peter Ho came in third, earning TWD 85 million (SGD 4.25 million).

On the female celebrities side, actress Barbie Hsu took home the throne, reaping an estimated fortune of more than TWD 80 million (SGD 4 million) from three movie projects and nine endorsement deals.

Actress Joe Chen from the popular Taiwanese series Fated to love you and Ady An ranked second and third, earning TWD 77 million (SGD 3.85 million) and TWD 48 million (SGD 2.4 million) respectively.



Hossan Leong’s a ‘serious actor’

By on September 28th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

You may find it hard to believe but before Hossan Leong, Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (The Order of Arts and Literature) became the entertaining comedian he is today, he was first a ‘serious’ actor who ‘never did any comedy’ on television.

Sharing in an interview with xinmsn, the funnyman said: “It was all serious dramas, you know. Wah die ah, cry ah…”

Three years into his acting career he took his first shot at comedy in local TV sitcom, Under One Roof, and has never looked back since.

Once tipped to be “too niche” for the masses by an industry insider, Hossan seems to be at the top of his game right now. He was recently awarded the Order of Chevalier and was knighted by the French government in July for his achievements and contributions to the French culture, helms his yearly no-holds-barred talk show, deejays for Gold90 FM’s Gold Breakfast Show, and even doubles up as a motivational speaker and host.

The stage actor’s widely-received The Hossan Leong Show, is returning for a second installment in late September.

One of the show’s popular characters is the effervescent Peranakan Bibik Lily Lee nee Lim, who hosts a cooking segment in the reality TV-like talk show, also pens a weekly column in a local publication.

Role-played by Hossan, who inherited a teeny-weeny bit of Peranakan blood from his great-grandmother, the 41-year-old decided to coin the birth of this Bibik as he felt that the Peranakans are a good representation of society and “are basically what Singapore is — a mish-mash of everything and everybody.”

Deeply fascinated by their culture, he added, “I know a lot of Peranakans so I watch how they behave, how they speak, all the mannerisms. In a way, you have to caricaturize something. I’m not out there to make fun of the Peranakans, it’s just part of the skit.”

The stand-up comedian admitted that the hardest part of doing a sequel show would be to make the show “funnier and funnier and funnier” each passing year, though he pointedly remarked that “it is not tedious but a part of the job.”

“That’s how we as comedic actors, and the writer and director deal with it. You know where we get the benchmark from is when our crew laughs. We know it works because they are the most thick-skinned, seen-it-all, been-there-done-that, oh no, another joke from Hossan. If they laugh, we know it’s okay,” he chuckled.

The crew will be taking out stuff that didn’t work from last year’s show to make it more “sketch-skit-comedy based”. As said by the funnyman himself, think “Jay Leno meets the The Carol Burnett show.”

It’s not easy being in Hossan’s shoes – he juggles a day job and rehearsals that sometimes stretch from noon to night. He tries to sleep by nine at night, gets up at four in the morning every day to be fresh and ready for his early morning radio show which hits the airwaves at six in the morning.

Despite that, he optimistically chattered on, “I’ve learnt how to rest when I can, take a break when I need to. Leave the country when I need to cause sometimes, you just need to get out and get away. Turn off the phone, don’t bring your computer – otherwise I’d be constantly working – that’s one of the bad things about me.

“I think tedium is something that you tell yourself ‘Oh, not another rehearsal. If you want to be tedious about it then I say ‘Don’t do’. That’s the kind of mentality I always set for myself. If I get bored and I find it tedious, I don’t want to inflict that on my audience,” he quipped.

he Hossan Leong Show opens on Sept 23 at the Drama Centre, Theatre, National Library Building. Tickets are available at all SISTIC outlets.



Matilda Tao and Regine Wu to meet heads on

By on September 27th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

The heat is on.

The nomination list for the upcoming 45th Golden Bell Awards was released yesterday, and a stiff competition is in store.

Top Taiwanese variety show female show hosts Matilda Tao and Regine Wu were nominated for the best variety show host category – the fourth time for both ladies.

Both their works are also in the running the best variety programme award.

Other competitors for the best host award include the “variety big brother” Chang Fei, Harlem Yu and veteran comedian Zhu Geliang.

On her nomination, Matilda Tao expressed that she does not mind being compared to Regine, and said that she had benefitted a lot from watching determined young people while hosting talent show One Million Star.

When reporters asked Regine about her thoughts on making the list, the host said that she will “view the award (win) with a peaceful mind,” but admitted that she was disappointed that her programme, Hot Queen Palace, did not make the cut.



Jolin Tsai admits to holiday with male model

By on September 27th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

The pair has gone on a holiday together, but they are not lovers, claimed Princess Jolin Tsai.

Speaking to the media prior to a television show recording yesterday, the singer admitted that she had indeed gone on a trip to Tokyo with Eurasian model Vivian Dawson.

“I was on a holiday then. We are good friends and we had a great time,” said Jolin.

Vivian was one of CLEO Singapore’s most eligible bachelors in 2009, and is touted as the “Asian Keanu Reeves”.

Standing at 1.9m tall and sporting a perfect six-pack body, the model was said to have started a romance with the singer after starring as the male lead in the pop princess’ latest MV ‘Love Player’.

Jolin has declined to comment further on their relationship.



OMG! Tay Ping Hui and The Flying Dutchman don’t see eye to eye?

By on September 27th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

All done in the name of providing television audience with a healthy dose of mirth and entertainment, conflicting views ensued when the production team of Ch 5′s newest reality programme, One Moment of Glory, sat two mature and opinionated individuals together on the show’s judging panel.

While Tay Ping Hui has a keen eye for details and goes right down to the technicalities, his counterpart, Mark van Cuylenburg (also known as The Flying Dutchman or FD – for short), tends to view contestants in “a broad-based manner”. One’s a veteran deejay who rules the morning airwaves with his wicked sense of humour while the other’s a veteran artiste with 11 years of acting experiences under his belt.

Their contrasting opinions have sparked off a little “friendly” discourse which was good-naturedly laughed off by Ping Hui over a phone interview with xinmsn.

“We agree to disagree. It’s always good that the judges disagree with each other. If we are always agreeable, there wouldn’t be beneficial to the contestants.

“All of us are free to voice opinions. When we discuss backstage, you can’t imagine the criss-crossing that takes place. It is always done in good spirit though, for the better of the contestants,” he explained.

Dispelling any possibilities of a standoff between him and FD, Ping Hui sets the record straight and clarifies that the both of them are “pretty cool” with “no existing animosity.”

His sentiments were echoed by FD over a phone interview. The Class 95 Morning Express deejay shared, “We have a different approach. He looks at technicalities, and I look at how you can entertain me in that 90 seconds. I thought this show is not about how technically good you are, but on how entertaining you are.

“Disagreements like this are necessary. You can’t have all four judges agree and go ‘Great!’ all the time. When judges disagree, it makes a good show,” FD added.

In an attempt to justify their different judging styles, Ping Hui, 40, said, “I tend to go into little details and FD might get the impression that I’m nitpicking. FD looks at the overall performance as a whole. He looks at it as a broader performance and judges based on the feeling it gives him.”

“I look for details. For example, when I watch a performance, I naturally zoom in on this sort of little details. How the voice caresses the notes that you don’t just hit the notes, you caress it and go around the note. Doing it with style and utter confidence [for dancing], that would be the main thing.”

And Ping Hui’s not trying to pull a Simon Cowell, American Idol’s acid-tongued judge. The recently-married actor does not do personal attacks and tries to “remain respectful” all the time. He expressed admiration towards the contestants’ decision and courage to “put themselves out there” and believes he is “not there to put them down.”

“In the role of a judge, we provide them with an immediate assess of their performance. They can either choose to listen to it or adopt it next time.”

Speaking with experience from his past stints in various charity shows performing stunts and different dances, Ping Hui agrees that he is better equipped with the capabilities to empathize and understand the contestants’ performances. He has tried his hand at vertical dancing on a vertical pole and a piece of cloth, roller blade acts, and fire performances, just to name a few.

“With experience, I understand that it is not as easy as it looks. It may be technical and very difficult and I understand the technical side of it. Past experiences in charity shows absolutely helps, I speak knowing what I’m talking about,” the guest judge chuckled.

Catch Ping Hui’s stint as a judge on One Moment of Glory on Ch 5, Wednesdays, 8.30pm.



Boygroup BEAST teasing again with “SOOM” Radio Teaser!

By on September 26th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Previously catching the fans’ attention with their MV Teaser for upcoming title track “SOOM” a.k.a “Breathe”, boy group BEAST is once again teasing their fans via different media and this time they use radio.

The radio teaser for “SOOM” was firstly released through KBS Cool FM ‘Narsha’s Raise the Volume’ on 25 September and instantly became one of the most searched not long after released.

Source: K-Bites


SBS Inkigayo 26.09.2010 – BoA comeback stage + 2NE1 wins 2nd Mutizen with “Can’t Nobody”

By on September 26th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Today on SBS Inkigayo, girl group 2NE1 won their 2nd Mutizen award with their comeback title song “Can’t Nobody”.

Also go under the cut for the comeback stage for BoA with performance of ‘Copy&Paste’, as well as goodbye stage by FT Island with ‘Love, Love, Love’.

BoA Comeback Stage

FT Island Goodbye Stage

Other Stages

Source: K-Bites


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