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Zhang Yaodong will strip if ratings "score"

By on October 11th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Zhang Yaodong’s promise to viewers: If ratings for The Score exceed millions in viewership, he’s going to strip down to his swimming trunks.

The agreement was made when main leads of The Score, Zhang Yaodong and Paige Chua attended Y.E.S. 93.3FM afternoon programme, Suntan Da Bai Sha, for promotions on Tuesday.

Hosted by impish duo Dennis Chew and Ivy Chen, Yaodong promptly relented when the two deejays incited the actor to attend their radio show in swimming trunks – on the condition that The Score breaks record ratings held by household hit Taiwanese drama, Love.

If it does happen, the act will be broadcasted “live” via webcam.

“We will broadcast the radio show through webcam for everybody to watch!” 93.3 DJ Dennis quipped.

Not to be outdone, co-star Paige has also agreed to giveaway shower foam and lozenges – products she endorses – as prizes for listeners.

When xinmsn contacted the handsome Malaysian actor in a phone interview days earlier, he expressed jitters about his possible impending “flesh-parade”.

“There’s truly a lot of pressure!” Yaodong laughed.

“I haven’t had the chance to watch the edited version of the show. Paige and I are anticipating for the drama to air,” he added.

Albeit aware of the unpredictability of viewership ratings, Yaodong was confident about the quality of the production.

“The Score is a melodramatic thriller, and will bear a striking difference to other family-oriented dramas produced, “he explained.

The Score will be aired on Ch 8, weekdays at 9pm starting October 4.


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