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Ethan Ruan nominated for Best Actor in Golden Horse Awards

By on October 12th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Ethan Ruan has secured a Best Actor nomination for his role in Monga, while Mark Zhao’s lackluster performance cost him a nomination in the release of the 47th Golden Horse Awards nominations last Friday.

Director Chang Tso-chi’s When Love Comes is the hot-favourite with a total of 14 nominations including Best Director and Best Film. Bodyguards and Assassins is another heavyweight contender with nine nominations, including Best Supporting Actor nominee Nicholas Tse who is expected to turn up at the awards with his wife and kids.

Taiwan Box Office Champion Monga, with only four nominations, has failed to enter the Best Film and Best Director categories. Ethan Ruan’s nomination makes him the only Taiwan representative for the Best Actor category.

Based on his role in Black & White, Mark Zhao clinched the Best Actor during the 44th Golden Bell Awards, but failed to impress the judges this time for Monga.

Director Doze Niu assured fans not to get too frustrated over this matter as netizens felt that the movie did not get the credit it deserved as a whole.

Mark expressed that he did not feel disappointed over the nominations and thanked his fans for the support. Asked on Ethan’s nomination, the 26-year-old said that he is definitely rooting for him to win.

47th Golden Horse Awards Nominations:

Best Feature Film: 7 Days in Heaven Bodyguards and Assassins When Love Comes Judge The Forth Portrait

Best Director: Teddy Chan, Bodyguards and Assassins Chang Tso-chi, When Love Comes Liu Jie, Judge Qin Hao, Spring Fever

Best Leading Actor: Ethan Ruan, Monga Wang Xueqi, Bodyguards and Assasins Yi Da, Judge Qin Hao, Spring Fever

Best Leading Actress: Lu Liping, City Monkey Rebecca Tang, Crossing Hennessy Xu Fan, After Shock Sylvia Chang, Guan Yin Shan


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