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All things go wrong for Huang Jing Lun’s first hosting gig

By on October 13th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

The replacement host from 100% Entertainment is finally getting his own hosting segment in the Taiwanese variety programme, Super Taste.

Huang Jing Lun will be partnering Zeng Zi Yu for Super Taste and has sacrificed many “first times” for the show.

On the first day hosting his first gourmet show, the Singaporean singer-host had to soak half-naked in the cold springs in front of the camera.

That was not all. Apart from encountering a typhoon on the first day of filming, Huang’s streak of bad luck continued and he was struck with stomach flu after consuming food presented to him by the restaurant owner.

The Momo Love actor was admitted into the emergency ward and even received an injection on his bum.

Filming will take place every alternate week for three days two nights. The Warner Music artiste shared that he is definitely looking forward to going around Taiwan with his partner Zeng.


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